Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday Frank Talabar is visiting and talking about his latest release #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishing, #Ghosts #Victoria BC

1. Tell me about your latest release? Genre?

The Joining, Book one in the Ainsworth Chronicles. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Thriller.

 Basically you've got ghosts, hunky FBI agents, ancient curses, the mob, and a crazy old psychic lady claiming you've invited her, before young boys begin disappearing and weird things begin happening to the spirits and the druggies trapped in the sewers. Welcome to Victoria, BC and Carol's first day undercover at the Fairmount Empress Hotel in the most haunted city in North America.
PS. They serve great tea and the scones are to die for. Literally.

2. Where did the idea arise?

Well, from my son Rory, actually. He's a chef at the Boom and Batten restaurant in Victoria and was working at Nautical Nellies before that. When I looked into Victoria I found out it was the most haunted city in North America. So it twigged my interest. I found out where he worked had a haunted kitchen. Which he didn't seem to mind, "yes dad, pots sometimes swing on the walls and go sliding across the counter when I'm there alone." I'd have quit in an instant.
But I also found out that there's a time vortex in Victoria, on Shelbourne and Hillside for those interested. Now my muse is talking to me and asking the main question that twigs my writers mind. What If?
I also found a few claims of ghosts in the Fairmont Empress Hotel and chatted with the staff. I'm a big one for asking questions and both staff said they had ghost experiences by people staying there. The strangest one is this: the doorman said one couple told him that they had a ghost in their locked room when they were gone and the wife's clothes had been taken out and ghost clothing put in her suitcase.
I asked, "Ghost clothing?"
"Yes," he said, "really old clothing." True Story.
So, my muse has gone off on a tangent, "what if there's a ghost walking around today?"

3. How much research was involved? Did you stay on point or be distracted by wanting to look at just one more thing?

A lot, the more I researched, the more ghost stories I came across. Yes, it was easy to be distracted, but that usually lead to more questions. Like why is there a Wall of Wonders down in the sewers and claims of Satanic cults?
Usually the research leads me to more and more questions and ideas.

4. How long did you take to write the book?

About eight months. Unfortunately I also manage an automotive shop and work full time, which interferes with how much I can write. So once I begin writing I can really crank out a lot and I usually will write whole plot lines out and then switch to another plot line after that.

5. Now a bit about you. How long have you been writing? What is your Sun Sign?
I'm a Cancer, born on June 21st, the cusp as well. Some refer me to Gemini. What I know is that I find the moon calling me to write as it ascends in the night. I have been writing since high school. Took a creative writing course that really trained me to write subconsciously. 

6. Do you write in a number of genres of stick to one?

No, my publisher would like me to stick to one, but I write in several. As I find my muse doesn't like to be confined. I've done, romance, comedy, fantasy, erotica, science fiction and literary to name a few.

7. Where can you be found?

My Website is

I'm also on facebook.

And I have a short story page.

Also I'm on Linked In and Twitter. Oh, I shouldn't forget GoodReads as well.

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