Monday, October 18, 2021

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #BWLauthor #MFRWAuthor #Reading #Writing #Thoughts #Porch decoration

 Meander 1 - Reading - This week reread some of Mary Jo Putney's Regencies and enjoyed visiting old friends. Also read Charlotte Gray by Victoria Chatham - A Regency with a twist and a suspenseful story. As always her books are great reads.  Also read Much Ado about Dragons by Graeme Smith - lots of laughter provoked by Idiot, not just any Idiot but the Royal Idiot.

Meander 2 - Thoughts - Halloween decorations on my porch. Just a few pictures. Some how I was unable to put in any of the pictures. But visit the Books We love blog for viewing the pics. @https:BWLAutors,Blogspot.Com

Meander 3 - Writing - Am working on Committee of Angels and will be doing so for thenext few months. Need to sketch out the chapters to come.

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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunday's Book Whispers Out of Yesteryear #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Romance #Reincarnation #Time travel?


“Not the children.” Willow Carey is awakened by the remnants of a dream she hasn’t had for years. Today she is to return to Indian’s Sorrow, a house she inherited from her aunt. The inheritance has caused a rift with her twin sister. Her father and stepmother have died in an accident. Though she doesn’t want to go to Indian’s Sorrow, she must take charge of her young half-sister and brother.

Reid Talbot, a man she once loved lives near the house with his family. Now a widower, he lives with his sons. Learning to trust him again is difficult but he also has dreams.

Together, they must learn the meaning of the dreams before the whispers of yesteryear destroy their newfound happiness.


Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2019
Verified Purchase

Reviewed in the United States on December 1, 2019

Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2019

Top reviews from other countries

Rosemary Morris
5.0 out of 5 stars The Past Cast Long Shadows that Reach the Present
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 1, 2019
Verified Purchase

Kindle Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Gripping timeslip novel
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 26, 2019
Verified Purchase

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Saturday's Blurbs Feature Books by Eleanor Webster #MFRWAuthor #Regency #Romance #Husband return #Scandal #Debutant #Disguise

 Eleanor Webster Book Blurbs and Buy Links


Caught in a Cornish Scandal


Will saving a stranger
Start a scandal?

With her family facing ruin, and desperate to avoid an arranged marriage, Lady Millie Lansdowne must work with smugglers. Millie knows smuggling isn’t going to be plain sailing, but rescuing a mysterious gentleman in a storm embroils her in a thrilling family drama! Helping handsome stranger Sam recover is a risk to her plans—and her emotions. He makes her feel alive, but she will be gambling on her family’s future if she goes with her heart…




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A Debutante in Disguise


A society lady
…with a secret!

Determined to help people, Letty Barton has a double life—she’s a trained doctor! No one must know “Dr. Hatfield” is actually a woman. Called to an emergency, she comes face-to-face with her patient’s brother, Lord Anthony Ashcroft… They’d once shared a spark-filled flirtation—now he’s a brooding, scarred war hero. But how long will it be before he recognizes her beneath her disguise and the sparks begin to fly once more?



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Her Convenient Husband’s Return


Her husband is back!
And everything has changed…

After Beth married her childhood friend to escape from debt, he swiftly returned to his life in London. But now Ren’s back as lord of the estate, and Beth’s heart pounds whenever he is near! She’s wary of expectations to produce an heir, for fear of passing on her blindness. But Ren’s hidden sensitivity is a surprise—could their arrangement become something much more passionate?




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Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Eleanor Webster is Visiting and Talking about Panster or Plotter #Panster #Regency #Romance #Ballrooms #drawing rooms


Are you a panster or a plotter or perhaps a bit of both? 


I am definitely a Panster. I fly by the seat of my pants which is why, on occasion, my plots can be a tad convoluted. Also I’ll never write a mystery. Everyone would either know ‘who done it’ from the first line or else be totally confused by its unlikely conclusion.


2. Which comes first - characters or plot for you? The characters always come first. I hear their voices and dialogue. I struggle with the action piece.


3. What are you working on now? Is this a book in a current series or something totally new? I am working on another regency novel. It features a rather prim governess a little driven by duty. However, the hero helps to overcome those prim moments as she falls into scrapes and, eventually, love.


4. Do you have some kind of object or place that figures in most of your books? I use gems a lot, hospitals, and caves. I write regency historicals, so ballrooms and drawing rooms are a must. I love repartee regency times provide wonderful opportunities.


5. Do you write every day or just when the spirit hits? I force myself to write something everyday. If I waited for the spirt, the screen would be blank.


6. Where can we find you? You and find me on Facebook @eleanorwebsterauthor, and on my



7. Who are your favorite authors? What about a book you’ve enjoyed? I read for pleasure and laughter. I work as a school psychologist and find that I shy away from the sad or heavy during my days off. I love Sophie Kinsella. Twenties Girl is my favorite title. Who can resist a 1920s ghost story with an adorable, wonderful, humous ghost?




Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday's Opening Scene from Heart Throb #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Romance #Medical


Magda Malone jammed her hands in the pockets of her white lab coat and felt the fabric rip. Just what she needed to add a bit of anger to what she’d just been asked to do. Why wouldn’t he understand no meant absolutely not?

Her jaw clenched. The temptation to commit an act of violence hovered like a giant thunderhead. She stared out the window of her office on the fifth floor of Rivertown Memorial Hospital and shoved her fury into a corner of her mind.

Sucking in a deep breath, she turned to her colleague and friend. At the moment, she wasn’t sure friend was operative. "Would you repeat your question?"

"Could you come to dinner tonight?" the cardiologist asked.

That wasn’t the portion of the original question she wanted to hear. "I believe there was more."

"Like I said. Nothing formal. It’s not a party or anything."

"Come on. Say what you said before. I need to be sure I’m not going deaf."

"Lin and I want you to meet my new partner. He’s her cousin and a really great guy."

Magda glared. "Ben, I’m not letting you off the hook. What did you want me to do with this man?"

He studied his hands. "Was just a suggestion, not an order."

"And that was?"

"You can show him a good time." He joined her at the window.

She arched a brow. "A good time as in.…" Her voice trailed away. She thought she had grasped his suggestion, but she wanted to hear the words repeated. Then she would stomp. "Does your wife know you’re soliciting?"

"What?" His round face reddened. "That’s not what I ... well, maybe ... just ... couldn’t you make him happy to be in Rivertown? If you two don’t click, you could show him around the ... dating scene. You know what I mean. Lin and I want him to settle here."

Magda shook her head. "Spit it out, Doctor." Anger oozed from the dark corner and colored her voice. "Just how do I accomplish your purpose?"

He stared at the window. "Anything it takes."

"No deal." She clipped the words. Would he understand why she was so angry?

"Mag, come on. Wasn’t I there for you when you needed a shoulder. I need a partner who will stay, especially now."

Magda sighed. Ben and Linda had been there when she’d needed them, but he was asking for too much. "Why me?"

"Men like you. You like them and --"

"Don’t say it." She stalked to the desk and stared at the stack of folders needing her attention. "I don’t want to lose a good friend, but you’re treading on the brink."

"I didn’t mean you had to ... you know.…"

She rested her hands on the cool metal surface. "Let us set the record straight. I choose the men I want in my life. I don’t need anyone, not even a good friend, fixing me up with a man."

"I hear you." He sank on the chair across from the desk. "Lin said you’re bored with the local dating scene. Come to dinner. If you don’t like Eric, you can leave. If you do, who knows what will happen. Give me one good reason you’re being so stubborn."

Was the invitation his idea or his wife’s? Sure she’dtold her friend about the lack of interesting and eligible men in the area. Did it matter who had dreamed up this scheme? She wasn’t about to accept. Her friends had heard her views time and again. She wasn’t about to repeat them. "What do I always say?"

"You don’t play where you work."

"Sounds like you’ve heard me."

"But --"

"Been there. Done that. Got burned."

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Wednesday Choices #MFRWHooks #BWLAuthor #Medical #romance #hospital politics


Joun the authors at #MFRWHooks here for some intriguing excerpts. Mine is from Choices a story of love and hospital politics


Johanna Gordon devotes her time and energy to her job as Director of Nursing at Hudson Community Hospital. With budget cuts hanging over her head, Johanna suspects the CEO of scheming a plan that threatens her job as well as the hospital, and she’s determined to find out why.

The choices she’s made for herself and her career leave her with no social life until she meets Dylan Connelly. He’s everything she’s always wanted, loving, devoted to his kids and everything she’s never had. Just when she finds love with the new man, an old flame returns with promises of a life together. Johanna has to decide between security and companionship, while trying to recapture the past, or moving forward with her new life.


JOHANNA GORDON RAKED HER fingers through her short curls and glanced at the clock centered on the wall between her diplomas. Seven-thirty. No wonder her shoulders ached. She’d been hunched over the desk since four.

            With a sigh, she closed a folder and added it to the neat stack on a corner of the desk. She pursed her lips. For two weeks, the budget for the nursing department at the hospital had consumed her time. Unfortunately, money would remain her focus until she found areas to cut costs without compromising patient care or breaking the current contract with the nurses. Not that Hudson Community’s CEO cared about either option. She stretched to ease the tension between her shoulder blades.

            “Why couldn’t I...” An idea occurred and she smiled.

Something to consider. Richard Jamison didn’t care which programs were dropped as long as his pet projects remained intact. Just this morning he’d reminded her she belonged to administration and to remember where her loyalties lay. Not with him. She’d risen through the ranks and saw more than the profits and losses he tossed around.

            The loudspeaker on the wall crackled. “Dr. Red to the Emergency Room.” In staccato fashion, the operator repeated the message three times.

            With a well-honed response, Johanna rose, grabbed her briefcase and, in three strides, reached the door. The call for any surgeon meant an emergency requiring immediate surgery. Her body quivered with excitement. She dashed through the empty outer office, crossed the hall and hit the call button for the elevator.

            Just like an old fire horse, she thought. The alarm clangs and I’m off running. She stepped into the empty car. What was her hurry? How much help would she be? She’d been away from the bedside for ten years.

            As she exited on the first floor, she nearly collided with Rachel Hill. Her friend’s dark hair had slipped from the neat bun at her nape. Like a sail, Rachel’s lab coat flew behind her. She carried two units of blood.

            Johanna frowned. Rachel usually worked the day shift. “Bad accident?” Johanna asked.

            “The worst. A six-year-old hit by a car. And to think I volunteered to switch.”

            As Johanna matched strides with her friend’s half-running gait, the soft leather briefcase slapped against her thigh. “Need an extra pair of hands?”

            “Hardly. If there was another body in the room, they’d be standing on the patient. Be glad you’re out of the zoo. Not that I blame people for caring about a child, but if the patient was old, indigent or dying... Don’t let me get started.”

            “Want to talk?” Together they dashed up the five steps to the emergency room level.

            Rachel straight-armed the door. “Maybe I do. Dinner on—” The door closed and cut off the rest of her words.

            Johanna frowned. By the time they found an evening to fit Rachel’s schedule, she would have forgotten the incident that had triggered her anger. Instead of talking about the hospital, she would discuss her children. Despite their closeness, this topic always added to Johanna’s aching knowledge that she had no one.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Patterns in Stories #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #amwriting #Patterns #Stories

 Discussions of Melodrama and its uses is finished. Now we'll start to talk about Patterns in stories.

 All stories make promises. The writer has something to tell the reader. When you write a story, the details are yours to create, the characters, the setting, the characters and the problems they face and the way these problems are solved. As the story builds events happen. People in the stories may grow and change. The story may emerge as a formeless series of incidents that may or may not relate. A pattern has formed but one of confusion. Finding a pattern to fit your story helps organize the incidents into a story. Good thing is there are many patterns to choose and to form the story. Rather than a formeless one, having a pattern helps make the story become clear. We'll be looking at the kinds of patterns and their uses in the weeks to come.

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Monday, October 11, 2021

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Reading #Writing #Thoughts

 Meander 1 - Reading - Still reading Jennifer Fallon's series. Took time out for several other books. The sispects by Joan Havekange - The girls are at it again. This time on a Nordic vacation including a trip to Russia and of course finding a body. Nice tour guide and lots of hints about what is to come. Also read Almost Broken by Edan Monroe - what a powerful story about a man falsely accused of assault and his release still on parole. Lots of emotion and anger and also showing the person who falsely accused him - his mother. This book is intense and manages with twists and turns of emotion.

Meander 2 Thoughts - Am looking at my front porch that is already ready for Halloween. My granddaughter decided the porches in the neighborhood were boring. Now I have a cemetary and creature in my rose garden. There are spider weks and various halloween figures hanging fron the roof edges and other halloween objects on my porch. This has been up since the end of September. She does like Halloween.

Meander 3 - Writing - Have one chapter to type in and then get the book ready to send off to the publisher. I've been slowly working on Committee of Angels and must start thinking beyond the chapters already written.

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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sunday's Book Features Heart Throb #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Romance #Medical #Sensual


Magda Malone likes men and has no desire to marry. She’s been there, done that and got burned. She’s happy with her position as coordinator of the cardiac unit at the hospital. A new neighbor promises many nights of steamy sex.

Damon also has no desire for marriage. He had too many steps as a child and sees marriage as a serial sort of game. He doesn’t want to play. When Magda learns he’s a cardiologist, she blows him off. The problem is Damon has fallen in love and he must convince Magda there’s more between them than sex.

Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2020

Magda Malone is satisfied with her very active love life and marriage is definitely not in her plans. When she tried forever, it blew up in her face. As coordinator of the cardiac unit at the hospital, she feels fulfillment, too. When she meets her sexy hot new neighbor, Damon, she can't wait to feast on him. They enjoy a mind-blowing weekend, and she hopes it lasts for a while. When Magda learns he’s a cardiologist, she ends it right away. She has strict rules about dating doctors, especially doctors at the same hospital where she works. But her heart won't listen, and neither will Damon. Can he convince her he's more than just a Heart Throb?

Heart Throb is a five-alarm HOT romance. Two frisky people looking for a fling wind up falling in love. It's a classic trope yet Janet Lane Walters adds a new spin to it. The love scenes are smoking hot yet there's a tenderness to them. I enjoyed the sparks that fly between Damon and Magda when they discover who they are, besides neighbors, that is. The pacing is good with plenty of descriptive narration. Janet Lane Walters is a prolific writer and I enjoyed this steamy romance from her. Better curl up, readers, because this story will heat your insides.