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Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishingLTD #Poem #New Year #Writing

Meander 1 - Poem -Ask A Nurse  -

Nurse. Nurse?  Nurse! Nurse,
The cries come from all around.
Buzzers sound and patients shout.
Ask a nurse, now.
She will know all.
What time is my surgery?
Can I have a pain pill?
Bed pan, please.
I'm going to be sick.
Please hold my hand.
I'm scared.
Please stay with me.
When is Mommy coming?
How's my baby in the second incubator?
Do you think he'll make it?
Why can't I have breakfast?
Can I get out of bed?
But mostly I'm afraid.
Will it hurt?
Nurse, why me?
Nurse, Nurse?  Nurse!

Meander 2 - New Year - Tomorrow is the start of a new year. I don't think there will be much change in my life. But that's all right. I'll still be writing and taking care of my husband.  Though this does cut into my writing time, I'll be pushing to achieve more. The passing year has been filled with many things and some of them not too pleasant. Like the state of the world and the country. Hoping next year will see some positive things come to pass. One can only hope.

Meander 3 _ Writing - I'm now into push mode on my book plus trying to write two CAFs for two other books I would like to put out this year. Going interestingly at this point so we will see.



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Sunday's Book Seducing the Photographer #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishingLTD #Romance #Hudson Valley #New York #Photos

Seducing the Photographer (At First Sight Book 2) Kindle Edition


Meg is sure she’s made a mistake when she agrees to pick up and Injured Steve, the magazine group’s photographer from the airport. The first moment she saw him, the Blakefield Curse took effect. She fell in love and she was a forever woman. He wasn’t. Spending time with him over the weekend only cements her feelings. She has rules of life and she breaks everyone of them even the new ones she added that weekend.

Steve has been intrigued by Meg and he enjoys her blushes. He’s found ways to raise them but something more is happening here. When she leaves abruptly, he wants to track her down but his broken leg makes pursuit difficult. Now he must find a way to win her over and that takes some time and clever moves.


December 27, 2016
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase



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Saturday's Blurbs featuring books by Joanie MacNeil #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishing LTD

Desperate and Dateless

Desperate and Dateless
Desperate and Dateless? Not Liam Reynolds. He has no time in his busy schedule to foster a romantic liaison. But when his teenage brother, Dan, surprises him with a ticket to the Desperate and Dateless Ball, Liam couldn't resist the temptation to attend.....merely to satisfy his curiosity, of course.
Desperate and Dateless? Certainly not, Zoe O'Malley declares. How dare her girlfriend send her a ticket to the Desperate and Dateless ball! No way will she go anywhere with a computer-matched date. But fate intervenes and when Liam and Zoe are drawn together over a business arrangement prior to the ball, their lives become irretrievably entangled. Can they live by their golden rule---never mix business with pleasure?

Sapphire Kisses
Alexandra Jordan doesn’t anticipate the challenge ahead of her when she agrees to spend the summer as a research assistant for acclaimed author, David Meredith, who is gradually losing his sight.
 David feels threatened by her presence in his home, his sanctuary, the only place he can be independent. He is determined to prove he doesn’t need help and wants Alex out of his life. She is equally determined to do the job she’s been paid to do. Once he accepts Alex isn’t like other women, her beguiling ways soon intrigue him…until he discovers her secret.

The Trouble with Natalie
Natalie Harrigan knows from past experience that men are trouble, and having a man in her life is not on her agenda. She'd much rather focus on her career. Success in her new appointment to the coveted position of CEO in the recently established Training Advisory Council is her number one priority and she intends to prove she will be the best CEO ever. 
Enter Luke DeMarco: newly appointed Director of Public Affairs in the Training Advisory Council, and her young brother’s best friend. Luke DeMarco has always loved Natalie from the moment he first set eyes on her at eight years old. Now, twenty years later, she’s more woman than ever, and Luke’s not too worried about the twelve years difference in their ages. Surely his gentle wooing will convince Natalie that age is no barrier to love? But Natalie is his boss. Will she allow him to move from their boardroom to her bedroom? 

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Friday;s Guest featuring Joanie MacNeil #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing LTD #Romance

1.      Are you a pantser or a plotter or perhaps a bit of both?

In my early writing days, I was always a pantser, but these days I see the benefits of having a framework to carry the story elements. I don't see myself as a dedicated plotter. I tend to do a bit of both.  With Sweet Temptations, after completing the first few chapters, I was stuck on how to move the story on.  I wrote the last few chapters which helped me work my way through the middle. I already knew how I wanted the story to end.

2.      Which comes first - characters or plot for you?

It depends on the story. With some stories, the idea comes first; with others, it's the characters. There have been times when I've had two separate stories in mind - one has no more than a hero/heroine, the other is an idea. Though I tried to keep them separate,  the idea and the characters merged into one story. Desperate and Dateless is an example.

3.      What are you working on now? Is this a book in a current series or something totally new?

My current work in progress is set on the Sapphire Coast, and is a friends to lovers story, and a quest for forgiveness.  My characters each have to negotiate several emotional issues, including danger for the heroine. The burning issue is the hero’s awful secret; and the heroine has a secret of her own.

My local writing group, Canberra Romance Writers, plans to release a second anthology in mid 2019.  I am in the early stages of planning a story for inclusion in the anthology.

4.      Do you have some kind of object or place that figures in most of your books? I use gems a lot, hospitals and caves.

Three of my novels are set on the Sapphire Coast, along the far south coast of New South Wales.  The area is known for its clean beaches and clear water. From Canberra, where I live, it’s a three hour drive over the mountains, or a six to seven hour drive from either Sydney or Melbourne. I began writing my first novel while staying in that area.

I was an executive assistant for most of my career which influenced the settings for The Trouble with Natalie and No Boundaries.

5.      Do you write every day or just when the spirit hits?

When I’m on a roll, I write almost daily and stay focused. Sadly, I can’t always keep up the routine due to other distractions which absorb time and energy. My intention to write is always there. I hope to do better in 2019.

6.      Where can we find you?

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Thursday's Fourth Scene Seducing the Chef #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishingLTD #Contemporary romance #Food

Warm water cascaded over Greg. He quickly washed his body and hair. He turned the spray to cold. The impact of the chance meeting with a blazing hot woman remained evident. Hard and aching and he didn’t know her name. The more than six months of celibacy hadn’t bothered him until he looked up and saw her peering over the railing of the second floor balcony. Her smile had triggered an instant arousal. With luck before too many days had passed he would have her in his arms, his bed and a few other places he could envision.
With a wry chuckle he turned off the water, dried and dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. Who was she? How close were she and Steve? He knew the man upstairs in a casual way. Steve worked for a travel magazine and was always off on an adventure. He had never allowed anyone the use of his apartment before. Though Steve and the woman were blondes she certainly wasn’t Steve’s sister. Greg had encountered her several times.
What was the connection? Hopefully not romantic. He wasn’t a man to intrude on someone else’s relationship. This time he feared he might.
Damn, she was attractive. Her thick golden hair had brought an urge to thread his fingers through the silky mass. Her long legs had tantalized with images of beds and sex. Were her eyes blue? Was she as tall as she appeared?
He pulled his hair into a club at his nape. After slipping keys, wallet and cell phone in his pockets he headed for town. As he passed The Coffee Mug the entwined aromas made his stomach growl.
“Greg,” his senior sous chef called. “Join me.”
“Another time. I’m hunting.”
Mike laughed. “Could your quarry be a tall blonde with incredible legs? Saw her enter Peekaboo. Looks like your type.”
Greg slapped Mike’s hand. “I owe you one.”
“I’ll think of something. My anniversary’s next month.”
“You and Lisa want an evening off.”
“Something like that.”
As Greg sauntered down the street a plan unfolded. He recalled Peggy Lou’s habit of calling to a customer just as they exited the shop. Nine out of ten women turned but kept walking. With a bit of luck the intriguing blonde would do the same and end in his arms.
At the boutique he peered inside. His body vibrated with excitement. She was there and his timing was perfect. She held a pen and leaned over the counter. He admired the way her blue shorts molded her tight rear. He stationed himself near the door.
Moments later she lifted a huge ping canvas bag with the shop’s logo on the front. As she opened the door on cue, Peggy Lou spoke. The blonde turned her head and continued her escape. “I’ll definitely return,” she called.
Greg stepped into her path. When the collision occurred he caught her in his arms. She fit perfectly. “Sorry,” he said.
“My fault.” She turned her head. “You’re the man from the apartment below Steve’s.”
He nodded. “Greg. Can I interest you in coffee and a cinnamon roll?”
Her smile lit eyes as blue as he’d imagined. “Allie. Coffee sounds wonderful.”
He drew a deep breath. She smelled of vanilla and woman. He wanted her.
Whoa. Not so fast. Slow and easy is your style.
He felt like a recently ignited flambé. “The Coffee Mug it is.”
He released the hold that kept her pinned against his chest. The temptation to dive in for a heated kiss rapidly ended his good sense. Acting on a fantasy with a stranger on Main Street wasn’t cool. He stepped away. “Looks like you’ve been shopping. Research?”
She walked beside him. “In a way. Bought lingerie like a woman faced with a feast. That place is this junkie’s downfall.”
He winked. “Can I see your purchases?”
She laughed. “Maybe someday.”
He reached for her hand. Their fingers laced. The fire of a hot curry shot to his groin and returned his erection to active status. Someday had to be soon before he burst. In the past he’d been turned on by beautiful women but never with this intense desire to possess.
They reached the bakery. “Choose a table. Cream and sugar?”
“Just cream.”
“Any preference about the pastry?”
“Didn’t you mention cinnamon rolls?”
“I did.” He saluted. “At your service. Be right back.”
“I should go in. I want to buy rye bread, some sweet rolls and a pound of ground coffee.”
“I can do that and you can pay me later.”
Ten minutes later he returned with the coffee, two flaky cinnamon rolls and a bag with her purchases. As they ate; their conversation covered the town, the shops and restaurants. He gave her a rundown on what to order where, steering her away from his restaurant. He turned the conversation to books, movies and music. Their shared tastes pleased him and brought hope and desire to a peak.
She finished her roll and the coffee. “I’ve heard about a restaurant that’s supposed to be superb. At least a dozen gourmet eaters I know have mentioned Five Cuisines.”
Greg stared at the table. Great to hear a stranger talk about his restaurant. If he told her who he was how would she react? He wanted more than a one night stand. He wanted a chance to focus on them. If they headed for more he would confess.
“It’s unique and upscale. I’ve also heard a comment or two about the food.”
“Maybe we could have dinner there.” Her tongue darted to the corner of her mouth and removed a bit of icing.
Greg’s hand tightened on his cup. He’d been tempted by the dot of sweetness but he’d been too slow. He leaned forward and touched her hand. “I wish we could but I’m scheduled to work from this evening through Sunday. The restaurant is closed Monday and Tuesday.” Was that disappointment he saw in her eyes? “How long are you staying in town?”
“A week or so.” She finished the coffee. “I’d better go.”
He caught her hand. “I’ll walk back with you.”
“I would like that.”
He carried the Coffee Mug bag and she held the boutique bag. As he clasped her hand he felt the sizzle again. They entered the apartment building and paused at the stairwell leading upstairs. He had to kiss her. Instead of turning to his unit he walked upstairs at her side.
At the door of Steve’s apartment she put the key in the lock and turned to him. “We’ll have to do this again.”
“How about tomorrow morning? We’ll go to breakfast.”
She nodded. “Or we could eat in. Why don’t I do the honors since this morning was your treat?”
“Accepted.” He braced one hand on the wall beside her head. He brushed his lips over hers. One taste wasn’t enough so he dove in for another.

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Wednesday Seducing the Innkeeper #MFRWHooks #BWLPublishing LTD #Romance Contemporary #Vermont

Seducing the Innkeeper (At First Sight Book 3) Kindle Edition

Join the writers who show off their excerpts here  My offering is Seducing the Innkeeper the third book in the Love at First Sight series

A chance photograph sends Mark Blakefield to Vermont to find something he lost and didn't know about. He has a son. He also has a way to find the woman he fell in love during his last year of college. Her disappearance when he went to pick her up for dinner puzzles him. Though he searched for Christa Parsons for months and never found her. The photograph taken by one of his writers for Good Travelin' shows an inn in Vermont. He rushes off to solve the mystery and claim his son.

Christa Sommers runs the family inn left to her by her mother. Besides making the inn successful, she is raising her nine year old son, Davy. She has to deal with her younger, selfish half-sisters and she has reached the end point of her patience with them. 

When Mark arrives she is stunned. Now she has to explain who she never told him about Davy. Part of the reason was her attempts to find him were foiled by a secretary and the other was being swamped by work. One sight and she fears falling in love with him or losing custody of her son.

Can Mark figure why he was looking for someone with the wrong name? Can he persuade Christa he has loved her for all those years and convince her to share her life and her son with him?


Mark Blakefield sat behind the desk in his office. He listened to his senior writer describe his New England vacation. “Found the Green Mountain Inn on our last day of exploring places for a feature in Good Travelin’.
“Impressive was it?” Mark asked.
“Owned by a single mom. Been in her family for generations. Lots of history. An inn for all seasons. Fabulous food. Scenic vistas. Spring, leaf peeping, lake with boats, fishing, hike and riding trails. Snapped a bunch of photos.” He slid a stack across the desk. “Have a look. Owner’s easy on the eyes.”
Mark stared at the stack. Why did Jonas insist on using a camera with film when phones and digital cameras were available? Mark tapped the desk. “What did your wife say?”
The older man winked. “She liked the idea of you heading there.”
Mark rolled his eyes. “The pair of you on another match-making junket?”
Jonas shrugged. “She thought you’d like the lady.”
“I’ll check the photos and see if the place deserves a feature.”
“And I’ll wait to hear.” Jonas strolled to the door.
Mark turned the photos over one by one. The leaves on the hillside had just begun to turn. Another showed a lake shimmering in the sunlight. He studied several shots of a large inn. Another showed a garden, a two story house and several cottages. Buried near the end of the stack he found a picture of a boy around nine or ten mugging for the camera. He stared at the next picture. A woman stood beside the boy. Mark’s jaw clenched.
“Damn her.” What was Christa Parsons doing at this inn? Mark opened his laptop and started a search for directions. Was the woman really Christa? Could he be mistaken? Had he forgotten what she looked like? Not possible. Her face and her body were engraved in all his cells. He printed the directions. With the photo of the boy in one hand and his laptop in the other he strode to the door. He stopped at his secretary’s desk. “I’ll be out of town for several days. Maybe a week.”
“Where should I say you are?”
“Just a phone call, a text or an email away.”
He didn’t wait for the elevator but took the stairs to the basement parking garage. He sped from his spot into a traffic nightmare. Honking horns, screeching brakes and raised fists and middle fingers sent him on his way until he reached the saner major highway. When he reached his condo he felt as if he’d fought a war. He dashed inside, packed and settled at the kitchen table. After zapping a frozen burger he headed to the living room and removed a picture form the photo album on the coffee table.

Back in the kitchen he stared at the two pictures. Had to be. Why hadn’t she told him? He intended to learn the answer to that and to a dozen other questions. He tucked the photographs in his jacket pocket, grabbed a six pack and a tin of cookies. With the burger in a hand he loaded everything in the trunk of his silver sports’ car. He slid behind the wheel. Christa Parsons had some explaining to do.



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Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Patterns in Books #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing LTD #Patterns #Books

There are many patterns fictional works fall into but I'll talk about four of the most common ones. Knowing the pattern you've chosen for your book can help as you plan the fictional journey for your characters.

The steady progression. In this version, the story gradually unfolds. Beginning with the introduction of the characters, setting and time. At the start the real meat of the story isn't shown but is gradually introduced. Background is woven in along with hints about what the characters will face and discover.

The spiking pattern. In this version the story rises to a high pean and then descends into a deep valley. The spikes show the main characters facing some kind of conflict. This can be physical or mental or a problem the character or characters must face. The valley shows the characters coming to grips with the decisions made. Each peak is higher than the last and the valley may be deeper or shallower. until the characters reach the end. Often this means a final dramatic scene, ending with a satisfactory ending to the story.

The roller coaster pattern. Here the tension begins with the first scene and continues until the story reaches a high peak. Then the story moves rapidly down to the ending giving the reader little time to do more but keep turning the  pages.

The circular pattern is one that's hard to accomplish. The final scene must echo the opening scene. Maybe not being completely the same scene but one that reflects like a mirror showing the same feelings and emotions as the opening scene. There may or may not be a happy ending but the ending must be satisfactory.

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Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishingLTD #Poem #Writing

Meander 1 Poem -- Harbinger --

She comes into the room.
A nurse - white uniform
Fading smile and tightened lips.
A sideways glance -
A measurement - perhaps
Of how you'd fit a coffin.
Her fingers brightened tips,
Talons bright blood red.
A floral scent pervades the room.
The whole garden comes inside
To test your lungs.
Her face, a painted mask.
Fluttering eyelashes
Flick her glance on everything
But you.
Cousin of Florence Nightengale
Surely a daughter of Sairy Gamp

Meander 2 _ Questions - Last night the government shut down. To me there seems no real reason for this to happen. Seems a bit like spite. He owns it. He said he was proud. I don't understand why we need a wall.Brings to mind the Berlin wall of years ago. Doesn't seem like something I would appreciate. There are better ways to protect our border. Put some technology in place. I'm old eighty two and have seen the rise of technology so why not use it. I'm not a political person. I'm not sure there is an honest politician. But we have them and they should learn to think of others and not their power.

Meander 3 - Writing - is moving forward. Still trying to get in the 600 words a day between getting ready for the Christmas holidays. So far so good. Am now blocking in chapter 8 of eleven. Some of the early chapters will need little work but the later ones a lot.

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Sunday's Book Seducing the Chef #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishingLTD #Romance #Contemporary #Food

Seducing the Chef (At First Sight Book 1) Kindle Edition

Seducing the Chef - Allie Blakefield, editor of Good Eatin' wants to do a feature on Five Cuisines a restaurant across the river from NY City. Her father forbids the feature and won't say why. She's not one to sit back and be ruled by someone. She borrows a friend's apartment. 

While leaning over the balcony she sees a handsome dark haired man doing a Yoga routine. He looks up and she is struck by the Blakefield curse. Love at first sight. 

The pair start a hot and heavy romantic interlude. She visits the restaurant and is recognized by Greg, the chef's mother. The woman goes ballistic and the affair is broken. Can Allie learn what's going on and rescue her love?

July 11, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

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Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Seelie Kay #MFRWauthor #Romantic Suspense #Lawyer

Snatching Dianna (Feisty Lawyers Book 1)

The President’s Daughter


Be careful what you wish for because it just might send your life into a tailspin from which you may not recover.

When presidential candidate Jamisen Powell meets volunteer Sarah Lee Pearson, he is shocked to discover her eyes mirror his own. But Sarah was raised by two loving parents and has no questions about her heritage. Instead, after their death, she merely longs to find an extended family. She becomes convinced that Powell could be a distant relative. Powell, on the other hand, has spent twenty-five long years haunted by the memory of a daughter kidnapped from her bed. He suspects Sarah could be his long-lost daughter. As both launch separate covert searches for the truth, Sarah is found by the estranged parents of the man who raised her. Suddenly, the truth will no longer set her free. It could destroy the happy memories of her childhood. Hang on to your seat, and more importantly, hang on to your heart, as one woman discovers the true meaning of family.

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Snatching Dianna (10/19)


The hours are counting down as investigators try to prove that Dianna Murphy has been snatched. Unfortunately, without witnesses and solid evidence, all the police really know is that she is missing.

When suburban Milwaukee law student Dianna Murphy fails to connect with her roommate, there is no real evidence that she has been snatched. Until Law Professor Janet MacLachlan, a former covert agent, discovers a single clue, one that points to a taking by a slave trafficking cartel. In a race against time, Janet recruits her husband, secret agent Cade Matthews, small-town Police Chief David Manders and his wife, criminal defense attorney Julianna Constant, and other law students to uncover the truth. Can they prove she has been taken, before Dianna disappears without a trace?

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Kinky Briefs, Cinque (6/2)


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