Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday - The Writer's Life - Decision #MFRWauthor #Decisions #am writing

To become a writer - This all begins with a decision. I do hope if you read this you will share your decision to start writing as a career.

Now for me. I made the decision several times. When I was in high school, I started a dozen books and most were never finished. What I did then was try to imitate those who were my favorite stories. Did you try this, too?

Unfortunately, nurses' training took most of my interest. I still read but mostly textbooks and little for pleasure. The decision had been put on a shelf to be taken out later. I graduated, got married and the second time came when I decided to become a writer.

Think of pneumonia and being sent home from the hospital with prescriptions to a lonely attic apartment. My husband was in medical school so he was gone all day. I had stopped at the library before walking home and picked up a number of books, as many as they would let me take at one time. I also bought yarn so I could make afghans for people for Christmas. My father and aunt brought me books to read. Then my sister-in-law sent a shopping bag full of sweet nurse romances. I settled down to read these and after the first five, I decided I could write a better book. Unfortunately that decision didn't stick.

The sticking one came when my husband and I, along with our first child ended up on an Indian reservation with the Public Health Service. The library there had a lot of western books and I read them all. There was little else as far as books were concerned. Though I did read a few classics, or re-read them. Then came the day I went to a college library not far from where we shopped and nearly an hour from the reservations. This time, I bought books about writing and that's when the real decision came. Learning all the things a writer has to know started then. I filled notebooks with information on plot, character, settings. So the decision had been made. I would become a writer. Several years later, I sold my first short story and the decision was finalized.

How about you? How did you decide to become a writer? Let me know.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #Poetry #Second Floor #Writing

Meander 1 - Poem - Children's game jingle

One and two and three and four
Bouncing up and bouncing down
On the way to London town
Five and six and seven and eight
Bouncing so we won't be late
On the way to London town.
Nine and ten - start again
Bounding high and low todays
On the way to London town.

Meander 2 - Second Floor - My study is on the second floor of our house. DH has just returned from a hospital and rehab stay. He is unsteady on his feet which means I must go up and down those steps maybe twenty times a day. Exercise is good. I keep telling myself that. Perhaps tomorrow when I do the weekly weight I will see some loss.

Writing - Now I know what I must do to put my stories into the proper form to send to the publisher. Am up to Chapter 8 on the last rewrite of Cancer-Capricorn. That's good. Much to go on Past Betrayals but I'll get there. Will also finish Moon Summoned check with the new formatting. I feel pushed but good.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday's Book - The Aries Libra Connection #MFRWauthor #Medicalromance #Astrology

The Aries Libra Connection (Opposites In Love)

Jenessa is Aries, a nurse, union advocate and likes a good fight.

Eric is Libra, Director of Nursing, and believes in compromise.

Can these two find a way to uncover the underhanded events at the hospital? They’re on opposite sides but the attraction between them is strong. She’s a widow who fought to save her husband’s life during a code. She feels guilty because the love she and her husband shared had died before his death. He assisted at the code but he feels guilty since he was the one who was responsible for the short staffing the night her husband died.

Now they face falling in love and trying to solve the problems between the nurse’s union and the president of the hospital’s Board who wants a take over of the hospital by his hospital group. Is their connection strong enough to survive?

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Rosemary Morris #MFRWauthor #Historical #Regency

Tangled Love set in England during the reign of Queen Anne Stuart 1702-1714

Tangled Love is the story of two great estates. The throne has been usurped by James II’s daughter Mary and her husband William of Orange. In 1693, loyal to his oath of allegiance, ten-year old Richelda’s father must follow James to France.
Before her father leaves, he gives her a ruby ring she will treasure and wear on a chain round her neck. In return Richelda swears an oath to try to regain their ancestral home, Field House.
By the age of eighteen, Richelda’s beloved parents are dead. She believes her privileged life is over. At home in dilapidated Belmont House, her only companions are her mother’s old nurse and her devoted dog, Puck. Clad in old clothes she dreams of elegant gowns and trusts her childhood friend, a poor parson’s son, who promised to marry her.
Richelda’s wealthy aunt takes her to London and arranges her marriage to Viscount Chesney, the new owner of Field House, where it is rumoured there is treasure. If she finds it Richelda hopes to ease their lives. However, while trying to find it her life is in danger.
Tangled Love is available as an e-publication and a paperback from www.amazon.com  www.amazon.co.uk  Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.  and www.amazon.com.ca

Sunday’s Child. Heroines born on different days of the week Book 1.
Regency Romance set in England from 1813 – 1815. PG.
Georgianne Whitley’s beloved father and brothers died in the war against Napoleon Bonaparte. While she is grieving for them, she must deal with her unpredictable mother’s sorrow, and her younger sisters’ situation caused by it.

Georgianne’s problems increase when the arrogant, wealthy but elderly Earl of Pennington, proposes marriage to her for the sole purpose of being provided with an heir. At first she is tempted by his proposal, but something is not quite right about him. She rejects him not suspecting it will lead to unwelcome repercussions.

Once, Georgianne had wanted to marry an army officer. Now, she decides never to marry ‘a military man’ for fear he will be killed on the battlefield. However, Georgianne still dreams of a happy marriage before unexpected violence forces her to relinquish the chance to participate in a London Season sponsored by her aunt.

Shocked and in pain, Georgianne goes to the inn where her cousin Sarah’s step-brother, Major Tarrant, is staying, while waiting for the blacksmith to return to the village and shoe his horse. Recently, she has been reacquainted with Tarrant—whom she knew when in the nursery—at the vicarage where Sarah lives with her husband Reverend Stanton.

The war in the Iberian Peninsula is nearly at an end so, after his older brother’s death, Tarrant, who was wounded, returns to England where his father asks him to marry and produce an heir.
To please his father, Tarrant agrees to marry, but due to a personal tragedy he has decided never to father a child.

When Georgianne, arrives at the inn, quixotic Tarrant sympathises with her unhappy situation. Moreover, he is shocked by the unforgivably brutal treatment she has suffered.
Full of admiration for her beauty and courage Tarrant decides to help Georgianne.

Sunday’s Child is available from as an e-publication and a print book from www.amazon.com  www.amazon.co.uk  Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.  and www.amazon.com.ca

Monday’s Child Historical Regency Romance set mainly in Brussels in 1815.
In March 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from exile in Elba. In Brussels, 18 year-old Helen Whitley, is aware that war with France between Britain and her allies, is inevitable. A talented artist, Helen is aware of the anxiety and fear underlying the balls, breakfasts, parties, picnics and soirees - held by the British. In an attic, she paints scenes in which she captures the emotions of daily life during the hundred days before the Battle of Waterloo.
While Helen lives with her sister and wealthy brother-in-law, Major Tarrant, she waits for Major, Viscount Langley, to arrive in Brussels and ask her to be his wife. Langley, who serves in the same regiment as Tarrant, is her brother-in-law’s closest friend, therefore she assumes her sister and Tarrant will be delighted by the match. She is grateful to her brother-in-law for including her in his household. Nevertheless, Helen regrets being dependent on his generosity, so she’s looking forward to being mistress of Langley’s heart and home.
Before Langley leaves England to join his regiment, he visits his ancestral home, to inform his parents that he intends to marry Helen. Yet, when he arrives in Brussels to join his regiment, he does not propose marriage to Helen, and her pride does not allow her to reveal the misery caused by Langley’s rejection.

Monday’s Child is available as an e-publication and a paperback from www.amazon.com  www.amazon.co.uk  Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.  and www.amazon.com.ca

Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday's Guest - Featuring Rosemary Morris Who She Was Before #MFRWauthor #Historicalromance

Q.What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

A.I have always been a writer and an avid reader. My particular interest is historical fiction and non-fiction, which inspires me to weave novels rich in history.

Q Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above.

A, I write romantic historical fiction, which is rich in historical detail, drawing room manners, food, fashion, economic, political and social history and much more.

Q. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres?

A. So many authors inspire me, amongst whom are Georgette Heyer’s historical fiction. I have read her books so often that the pages are almost ragged. I also enjoy Elizabeth Chadwick’s mediaeval novels and Elizabeth Goudge’s lyrical prose, particularly Little White Horse, Island Magic and Green Dolphin Country. My favourite classics such as Jane Eyre, Ivanhoe and Pride and Prejudice also deserve a mention. Yet, however much I admire and have in one way or another been influenced by these writers I have found my own voice. All of my novels have themes that modern readers can understand. For example, greed in Tangled Love, a woman previously misused by a cruel husband, and in False Pretences, a young woman’s determination to trace her birth parents.

4. What's your latest release?

My latest release in Tuesday’s Child. Heroine’s born on different days of the week. Book 3

Old Fashioned Romance to Savour
5* Amazon Review

Tuesday's Child is an old-fashioned romance in more than one sense of the phrase. With a firmly-closed bedroom door, the reader is able to relish details of the emotions of an emerging love story between two people - a young widow and clergyman - reluctant to fall in love, and of the drawing room manners of the Napoleonic era. In my opinion, this Days of the Week series gets better with each book.

Q. What are you working on now?

A. I am now working on Wednesday’s Child. Heroines born on different days of the week Book 4

The stories in Sunday’s, Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s Child are ‘stand-alone novels’ which are independent of each other. They are linked by a character in Sunday’s Child and the main two characters in each book have appeared in previous novels. Each one has different themes.

Q. Where can we find you?

A. The main sites where you can find me are www.rosemarymorris.co.uk and http:://bookswelove.net/  My novels are available as e-publications and paperbacks on amazon.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday's Scene - Seducing the Blakefield Brothers #MFRWauthor #contemporary romance #medicine #innkeeper

Mark pulled his luggage down the hall. One door led to a room with three sets of bunk beds. The second revealed a bathroom with a shower stall. The third door opened into a spacious bedroom with chest, dressers and a king-sized bed. The bathroom had a Jacuzzi. He opened a suitcase. As he unpacked he wondered how he could lure Christa into the bed.

Plans for a second seduction simmered in his thoughts. As the scheme unfolded his body reacted. He released a long held breath. He felt as hard as he had the first time he’d seen her. Scenes from their weekend of love-making flowed. They had spent more time in the raw than clothed. For four days they’d made love in every room of the apartment.

When he found his hand hovering over the zipped of his slacks he groaned. Though he ached for satisfaction he had to be subtle and cautious. Years ago there’d only been Christa. Now there was his son.

That thought shattered his erotic daydream. He put sweaters and underwear in drawers and hung slacks and jeans in the closet. He left his robe on the foot of the bed.

With unpacking completed he set up his computer in the dining alcove and plugged in the charger for his phone. He needed to check emails, call his brother to cancel their weekend plans and start his attorney searching for information.

There were no voice messages. As he started to leave one for his brother, Matt came on the line. 

“What do you mean you’re out of town indefinitely?”

“Exactly what I said. Something I need to deal with barged into my life.”

Matt laughed. “Something or someone?”

“You could say both.”

“Interesting. Thought you were a love them and leave them kind of guy. Want me to join you and aid in the hunt?”

“Leave off, bro. I’ve found her and this time I plan to keep her.”

“Whoa. You’ve gone weird.”

“I’m serious.”

“Then good luck and be careful. Remember hunts can be traps.”

“Not this time. I’m doing the trapping and I’m always careful except once.” Years ago he had been captured. After that weekend he’d been granted immunity to the women he’d dated. “How’s the Home Make-Over contest going?”

“One more place to check. I’ll head there next weekend.”

“Have fun.” Mark laughed. “Maybe this time instead of a house you’ll find the woman of your dreams.”

“Doubtful. I’ll leave love and marriage to our sisters.”

“Don’t count us out. You never know when the Blakefield Curse will strike. Ciao.” He hung up and hit speed dial for his attorney.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - Q is for Quests #MFRWauthor #Quests #Writing

One usually thinks of quests in stories as belonging to the world of fantasy. I've had friends tell me I'm great with these kind of stories. But there is more to quests than fantasy.

A quest is a search for something. In romance the hero or heroine is questing for love and a happy ever after. In mysteries, the hero or heroine seeks to find the criminal and the villain is seeking to avoid capture. In science fiction, the space crew is searching for a world or there are many other things they can be searching for, In historical novels, the quest can be the search for many og the above seekings.

So when writing, think of what the characters are seeking and know that the quest is the journey to reach the place they are seeking.

What's your take on Q as far as writing goes?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday - The Writer's Life #MFRWauthor #amwriting

 Tuesdays have been set up for Inspiration. It's not that I've run out of Inspirations but I thought I'd choose something different for awhile. This is a look at the Writer's Life and I may be asking fellow writers for a bit of help with this segment. Now comes the start of this process.

I've heard everyone thinks they can write a book. This is probably true. I know many friends, past and present, who have decided to write a book. Someone once said there are one book writers and those who write many books. This could very well be true.

These are some things I'll look at while writing these blogs.
Deciding to write a book.
Starting the book.
Running into problems.
Finishing the book.
What to do after the book is done?
Following the road to publication.
How to reach a publisher?
Finding an agent?
Promoting the book.

I'll see how this goes but I'd like to give it a shot. What do you think?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #writing #poetry #U-Tube

 Meander 1 - Poem - The Lady's House

The road winds up
Past houses,
Bleak buildings on postage lots.
The road winds down
Past farms,
Lush greening reaching for harvest.
The road winds round
Past bars,
Brightly lit and glaring.
The road turns sharp
And you reach
The lady's house.

Meander 2 - The interesting bits on U-Tube - My granddaughter learned how to braid her hair by watching on U-Tube. A second one learned how to do the wax guard on her grandfather's hearing aid. I watched a clip of my sister playing some game and a man who had his house lights sed to work with the Steelers' Fight Song. I'm sure there are millions of things to watch on this platform. I do wish I had timebut I have work to do,

Meander 3 - Writing - I'm part way through the last of the writing drafts of The Cancer Capricorn Connection. Then there will be the final revision and the added parts that need to be done. Some times scenes expanded or contracted. Then I will be done. As to Past Betrayals, Past Loves I'm working on segment seven and there is one to go once I finish this. Writing times have been cut because of the trips to the hospital and the Rehab Center to see my husband but I continue pushing to finish both since there are two more stories taking shape and many of my files to up date.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday's Book - Seducing the Blakefield Brothers #MFRWauthor #Contemporary #architecture #travel

Seducing the Blakefield Brothers

Seducing the Doctor
“You’re next.” Those words send Matt Blakefield fleeing his brother’s wedding. Marriage or even falling in love is the last of his desires. 

Dr. Cassie Moore has borrowed a cabin from one of her partners in a cardiology practice to come to terms with a broken engagement. The news came via an email. Her fiancĂ©e had married another woman just weeks before their scheduled marriage. The appearance of Matt at her door brings an old attraction into full bloom. She realizes love is lurking but he’s a player and she needs to forget the connection.

Seducing the Innkeeper
A chance photograph sends Mark Blakefield to Vermont to find something he lost and didn't know about. He has a son. He also has a way to find the woman he fell in love during his last year of college. Her disappearance when he went to pick her up for dinner puzzles him. Though he searched for Christa Parsons for months and never found her. The photograph taken by one of his writers for Good Travelin' shows an inn in Vermont. He rushes off to solve the mystery and claim his son.

Christa Sommers runs the family inn left to her by her mother. Besides making the inn successful, she is raising her nine year old son, Davy. She has to deal with her younger, selfish half-sisters and she has reached the end point of her patience with them. 

When Mark arrives she is stunned. Now she has to explain who she never told him about Davy. Part of the reason was her attempts to find him were foiled by a secretary and the other was being swamped by work. One sight and she fears falling in love with him or losing custody of her son.

Can Mark figure why he was looking for someone with the wrong name? Can he persuade Christa he has loved her for all those years and convince her to share her life and her son with him?

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Joan Yarmey-Donaldson #historical #youngadult #Canada #HudsonBay

Gold Fever
Also available as a print book in Coles, Chapters, and Indigo bookstores
Boni Baldwin is taken out of the city and thrust into an environment she dislikes-- camping. Her mother, Elsie Wiggins, is on a quest to find information on her father who disappeared fifty-five years ago in the mountains of southern British Columbia and Boni is the only one of her children who is able, but reluctant, to accompany her.
The first person they meet is Rick, a mountain man who has a claim on the Salmo River and is prospecting with his grandfather for gold. He offers to show Boni around the area hoping to convince her that being in the bush is not a terrible thing. They also meet Jerry, who is the one Elsie contacted about camping on his gold claim. Jerry offers to show Elsie how to pan for gold during her stay. Boni and Elsie are threatened by other prospectors along the river and told to leave. When they don't, their campsite is trashed, twice. This scares Boni but only makes Elsie mad. No Rambo wannabees are going to frighten her away. They do discover some new clues about Elsie's father after all these years, but all that comes to an end when the man they are scheduled to interview is murdered before they get to his house. As much as they hate to admit it, both Rick and Jerry are on their list of suspects for the trashing of their campsite and for the murder.

Crazy Cat Kid
Lilly Thornton is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives on an acreage just outside Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. She owns four rescued cats and has helped find homes for many more. Her mother belongs to a dragon boat race team and some of the team members have decided to go camping around the island with their families.
Lilly is considered too young to be left at home alone. Since one of Lilly's cats is diabetic and needs an insulin shot twice a day she has to bring her along. The other three have never been left alone before so Lilly convinces her parents that they have to come, too. It sounds like a simple solution until they begin to drive away from their house and the cats start howling.
While camping the cats try to find ways to get out. They hover at the screen door waiting for it to open. One checks every open door searching for the magic way outside and spends the night pawing at the metal window blinds so she can look out. Are they going to ruin the camping trip or is boredom? The first day there is no one Lilly’s age and by the afternoon she wants to go home. And then she meets Jesse, the fifteen-year-old Metis son of another team member.

West to the Bay

Available as a print book from Chapters, Coles, and Indigo bookstores.

In 1750, Thomas Gunn, along with three friends, join the Hudson's Bay Company and sail from Stromness on the Orkney Islands of northern Scotland to York Factory fort on Hudson's Bay. They believe they are starting a new and exciting life in what is called Rupert's Land, but tragedy follows them, striking for the first time on the ship. At the fort Thomas finds his older brother, Edward, who had joined four years earlier. He also meets Little Bird, sister of Edward's wife, and her family.
During the first year Thomas takes part in the goose and duck hunts, the fishing, the woodcutting, Guy Fawkes Day, the Christmas celebrations, and the burial of a friend. He also deals with the snowfall, the cold, the boredom, and a suicide, and learns how to survive in the lonely and sometimes inhospitable land.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday's Guest - featuring Joan Yarmey-Donaldson - Who She Was Before #MFRWauthor #Mysteries #historical

1.      What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?
I have worked at a variety of jobs in my life: bank teller, press operator, bookkeeper, prospector, and meat wrapper to name a few. I began my writing career with travel and historical articles. I then progressed into travel books about the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, the Canadian territory of the Yukon, and the state of Alaska. When I wrote my first mystery novel, I made my main character a travel writer. She runs into a mystery every time she is working on articles for travel magazines.

2 Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above.
I am what I call a cross-genre writer. My mystery novels combine travel and romance with the mystery, my sci-fi novels include mystery and romance, and my historical novels also have romance and travel in them.

3.      Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres?
I love to read mystery novels; I like surprise endings and I am disappointed when I have figured out the ending part way through the book. So when I began fiction writing I wrote a mystery.

4. What's your latest release?
My publisher is bringing out a Canadian Historical Brides Series to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. There will be twelve books, each one based on a piece of history that took place in each of the ten provinces plus The Yukon and The Northwest Territories/ Nunavuk. I wrote a novel set in 1896, the year that gold was discovered in The Yukon, the year before the great Klondike Gold Rush began.

5. What are you working on now? I am researching another historical novel and outlining another mystery. My sister and I wrote a holiday romance that came out last fall and we are discussing another one.

6. Where can we find you?

My website is: www.joandonaldsonyarmey.com

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday's Second Scene - Seducing the Baker #MFRWauthor #Bakery #romance

Grace Sutton stared at the check Tony had left on his way to the city. She’d been so involved with setting up the shop for the day’s business she hadn’t had a chance to look at the amount. She reached for her cell phone and dialed his number. Moments later she heard his voice.
“Are you out of your mind? ” she asked.
He laughed. “Not today.”
“The check.”
“Is for the cupcake display at our wedding.”
“It’s too much. I gave you a fair quote.”
“And you’re doing this at your busiest time of the year. Consider any extra as a bonus. Oh, Lauren said to use some of the money for new tires for the van.”
“I will.”
“Soon, I hope. Sorry you can’t make dinner and the play on Saturday night.”
“Too much to do here. Like figuring how to finish all the holiday orders to be filled. I need a plan. Also choosing a selection for you to taste on Sunday. Then there are the books.”
He chuckled. “See you Sunday. You are your plans. I have a friend who plans his time step by step, too. What do you do when the plan nosedives?”
She hung up and stared at the check. Enough to buy the supplies for next month and to consider hiring a part-time baker. She jotted notes for an ad.
Another idea occurred. Bonnie, her clerk, was interested in learning about decorating. There were two girls at the group home who might like to work Friday evenings and Saturdays. The money they earned could help them save for when they aged out.
Pass the opportunity forward. She’d learned to cook at the home. The high school home ec teacher had encouraged her to try for a scholarship allowing her to attend culinary school.
“Coffee’s ready,” Bonnie called.
Grace left her office and joined her clerk. She filled a cup and sipped. “Perfect.”
Bonnie pointed to the empty space in the display case. “We need refills.”
Grace carried her mug to the office, finished most of the brew and entered the kitchen. Before opening the gleaming cooler, she donned gloves. She handed Bonnie a tray of cinnamon bun cupcakes, the steadiest seller. She carried a tray with three chocolate varieties. Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Heat and Chocolate Mint. “How are the Candy Cane, Winter Snow and Ginger Houses holding out?”
“We’re good there.”
While they stocked the shelves several customers arrived. Grace joined Bonnie in filling orders. When the rush ended Grace went to the kitchen to make several small batches of cupcakes she wanted for Sunday’s tasting. She set the trays in the oven to bake. Mingled aromas soon filled the air.
Working automatically, her thoughts drifted to the coming wedding. Though happy for Lauren, Grace felt a tad envious. She had dreamed of finding her own special love. Years ago, she’d thought she had found him but he’d disappointed her the way most people in her life had.
She’d been almost sixteen. He’d been two years older. Tall with dark hair and dark chocolate eyes. He’d been labeled a “bad” boy but beneath his smoldering anger she’d seen sadness and grief. She’d dreamed about him, spun fantasies until the day he’d climbed over the fence separating the two group homes. He’d kissed her and in crude terms told her what he wanted. She’d turned him down.
He had laughed. “Your loss.”
She thought, “not mine. Yours.” Grace’s hands tightened. She couldn’t stop the roll of memories from the past from forming. Drunken screams and laughter. Her mother and her guest for booze, drugs and sex appeared. Grace had vowed to have a different life but she feared the seeds had been planted years ago. She wouldn’t be like her mother. Could she hold this determination?
A buzzer sounded. Grace pulled on her long padded oven gloves and removed pans of cupcakes from the oven and placed them on the multi-tiered cooling racks. She filled more pans and started the cycle again. When the second batch cooled she entered the sales room. The number of empty spaces made her grin.
In a small way I’m a success. She prayed nothing would happen to poke holes in her ballooning confidence.
For a moment she considered the offer from Good Eatin’ Magazine. She’d been tempted but afraid. Growing too fast would see her dreams hurtling downhill in an avalanche.
Bonnie grinned. “Been a good morning and afternoon. Five orders for the holidays and look at the empty spaces.”
Grace looked at the clock. “Go to lunch. I’ll handle the front.”
“Want me to bring you something?”
“I brought a sandwich from home. I’ll eat when you return. This afternoon I plan to tackle the fruitcake recipe again.”
“How many times have you tried?”
“Maybe fifteen.” Grace pointed to the door. “Goodbye.”
“Yes, boss.”
Moments after the door closed behind Bonnie, the chimes announced a customer. Grace turned. Her hands tightened. Charlene? Why?
The bleached blonde sauntered to the display case. She ran a finger over the glass. “Good.”
“There are plenty of cupcakes. Mama needs two dozen. She’s entertaining some friends this afternoon.”
Tension gripped Grace’’s shoulders. Her foster sister had been a bully years ago. “What about the dozen I gave you last night?”
“The girls raided the pantry. Mama is so angry with them she’s going to punish them. I figured you would find a way to stop her.”
Charlene’s nasal voice made Grace’s stomach clench. She’d been fortunate when she’d lived at the group home never to face Mrs. Paton’s punishment. Lauren had too often been given meticulous cleaning chores and too often Charlene’s lies had been the cause.
“What do you want?”
“The cupcakes.” Charlene tapped the case with a blood red fingernail. “You owe Mama for taking such good care of you. You should make her a partner in the bakery.”
Grace shook her head. She owed the Paton’s but she’d given them money again and again. “Which ones?” She opened a large box and filled it with the other woman’s selections.
The bleached blonde carried the box to the door. “See you at closing time.”
Grace drew deep breaths. The group home had been a safe haven where she’d escaped her childhood fears. She’d learned to file nightmares in a mental storage block. Now she needed to discover a way to end the need to constantly repay the people who had saved her.

* * *

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - P is for Plot #MFRWauthor #Writing #Plot

 P is for Plot. There are probably other writing tips for this letter but for me Plot is important. A plot is a road map that takes you from point A, the beginning to point B, the end. Knowing how the story starts and having an idea of the ending. Sometimes the beginning changes as the story is explored. The ending can also change. I usually have a very general idea about the ending. This may be something like the bad guy is caught. Or the heroine gets the hero. Or the space ship reaches it's destination.

Having a general idea of where the story is headed can then be blocked out. There are times when I see the ending as a clear picture. Then I know the beginning has to have clues of the way to reach the ending.

Since plot is a road map, sketching the important points happening to take the characters from that beginning moment to the end helps. As with any story, there can be changes along the way. The initial hero or heroine may be wrong for each other as the story progresses. Sometimes while writing a mystery, I have no idea who the villain will be. This is good since mysteries need red herrings along the way.

So when you sit down to tell your story, think ahead from that beginning to what will happen at the end. For most stories, the story will flow easily. But don't forget you can change the direction, as long as you don't end up in a dead end.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday's Inspiration - Reviews #MFRWauthor #reviews

Receiving a new review on one of my books always inspires me to think about what I'm writing. I received one the other day from someone who usually doesn't like the very spicy kind of books I sometimes write. She liked the book and moments of the review made me laugh.

Even the reviews I receive that are rather negative do inspire me. Not that I let them bother me but they can inspire me to write better.

What reviews do to me is make me know someone has read the book whether they love or hate what they've read. The only reviews that disappoint me are the ones who are lengthy and give the ending of the story away.

How about you? Do reviews make you happy, sad or angry? What you need to remember is that the review is one person's opinion.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #Poem #writing

Meander 1 - Poem - Baptism

The water drops onto the child
In tiny drip, drip tears.
My mind drops to a lower gear
Into unconsciousness shifts.
An ageless meaning
Coming clear
In dedication hoping
That the water symbolizes
The endless washing of our fears.

Meander 2 - Hospital visits - No longer in the hospital but in rehab, we go to visit. The room seems to be about half a mile from the front entrance of the center. And if you have to park on the lower level, it becomes a mile. But I go and hopefully the patient will gain strength and be able to come home.

Meander 3 - Writing. Going slowly again this past week but I have gained some on the two current projects. I will be so glad to finish both but at least I'm not bored yet. When I'm bored that mans it's time to let go.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday's Book - Seducing the Baker #MFRWauthor #cupcakes #contemporary #romance

Seducing the Baker (At First Sight)

She was the only girl to turn him down. What will happen when business and a wedding bring them together again.

Jules Grayson was a player as a teen and that hasn’t changed. Business and a friend’s wedding join to bring him to the place where his life had imploded and where his trust issues began. A Ponzi scheme and a suicide forced him into a group home he hated. For ten years he has avoided returning. 

Grace Sutton is faced with a dilemma added to by the appearance of Jules in her Sweet and Spicy Cupcake bakery. Years ago she turned Jules down but she had a crush. His appearance erodes the vow she made years ago. Men had used her mother and led the woman into drugs and alcohol. Grace vowed to forego relationships with men until she could support herself. Though the bakery is making money, she doesn’t feel secure. When Jules arrives with a contract for a magazine feature, she is conflicted and attracted.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday's Blurbs - Books by Victoria Chatham #MFRWauthor #regency #romance

Tilly McCormack is thrilled when her application for a position at the prestigious Banff Springs Hotel, one of Canada’s great railway hotels, is accepted. Local trail guide, Ryan Blake, is sure she is the girl for him. When a bride-to-be, whose wedding is being held at the Hotel, disappears, Tilly has an idea where she might have gone. Will they find her, and will Tilly accept Ryan’s proposal?

His Dark Enchantress http://amzn.com/B00BOW42QG

Her grandfather is dying and insists she marry. Emmeline Devereux is under no illusion that her marriage to Lucius, Earl of Avondale, is one of convenience. When her past catches up with her, will the truth tear them apart or strengthen their growing love?

Ship-wrecked Lady Juliana Beamish is rescued by Captain Drake O’Hara. He serves no master and only one mistress— the sea—but undermines her every notion of what desire is. Uncertain if she is still a wife or already a widow, Juliana is unwilling to dishonor her marriage vows. Will she continue to resist Drake, or will she surrender to the unrelenting passions he has stirred in her?

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday's Guest - Victoria Chatham - Who She Was Before #MFRWauthor #writing

1. What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

I’ve always been a writer since I could hold a pencil, but along the way I’ve been many things from a groom in a hunt stables to wife, mother, and grandmother. As far as an actual career is concerned, I’ve mostly worked in administrative or public relations positions. I think the organization needed for administrative work influenced the way I organize my writing, and I know meeting many, many people has given me insight when I’ve needed it for my characters.

2 Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above.

I mostly write historical romantic fiction, but I have also written contemporary western romance. I have many ideas and plots for just about every genre except fantasy and science fiction. I’m not a fast writer so I don’t know how many of these books will ever actually get written.

3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres?

Yes, definitely. I loved the Regency romances of Georgette Heyer and was so influenced by that era that when I started writing novels that was my first choice. I also love everything western, especially books by Linda Lael Miller and Jo Goodman, which brought me to write my western romance, Loving That Cowboy.

4. What's your latest release?

My publisher, Books We Love, is promoting the Canadian Historical Brides series, one bride for every province and territory to celebrate Canada’s history and 150th birthday in 2017. My book is Brides of Banff Springs, set in Banff, Alberta. I loved writing this book. Banff is not too far from where I live, so I made several day trips and spent a couple of weekends there for my research. It’s such a beautiful area it I sometimes forgot what I was there for.

5. What are you working on now?

My next book will be the third in my Berkeley Square Regency series, His Unexpected Muse. The first two in the series had some quite adventurous action scenes in them, but this book will be a little quieter with an unusual hero/heroine. They are two characters from His Dark Enchantress, the first book in the series. He is not the strong, athletic alpha male, she is not the usual beautiful and enigmatic heroine. They intrigued me when I was writing that first book and I decided I had to write about them, too.

6. Where can we find you?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday's Second Scene - Seducing the Attorney #MFRWauthor #law #occupationaltherapy

Tony stood at the foot of the stairs. What had just happened here? He would have taken her like an animal in rut. The moment she stepped into his arms and cried an urgency to claim her had driven every thought but possession. Not his style. Slow seduction with every move orchestrated brought great rewards. His body throbbed with desire and frustration. He wanted her beneath him while he pounded his way to completion.
Whoa! What had brought on these thoughts? He didn’t know her. He didn’t like her. There’d been a single meeting four years ago at Jim’s and Carrie’s wedding. Granted Lauren had changed, at least in appearance. Still he wondered if a runaway rebellious teen changed into a solid citizen. Not likely.
Sure her blonde hair no longer had blue and green streaks and didn’t flow to her waist. The nose and lip rings were gone and she didn’t wear skirts so tight and short little was left to the imagination. The first time they’d met she’d dressed like the hooker he believed she was. He’d been sorely tempted.
Still was. He had to fight this insane attraction. Why had Jim allowed her to be named as one of his son’s guardians? From all he’d seen she seemed to have a rapport with the boy he didn’t have. Babies had never been his thing. But he couldn’t permit Lauren to have custody of the child. Not with the lifestyle he believed she followed.
On Wednesday and Thursday evenings he’d called the condo. Both times the phone had been answered by a person claiming to be the sitter. When he’d asked when Lauren would return, the answer was late. He definitely knew what that meant especially when the sitter refused to give him Lauren’s location.
The opening notes of Beethoven’s Fifth sounded. He pulled the phone from his pocket. “Mark…You heard the message. Thanks…I wish I could…Matt or Jules can take my place…Tell them the teacher and the shopkeeper are hot…Good luck…Call me when you return.” He laughed. “I’ll be playing Daddy…Not sugar…To my nephew…Ciao.”
He broke the connection and sank on the couch. He would miss his best friend’s wedding but leaving here before his right to the baby’s custody was established wouldn’t do. He groaned. Visions of the hot babes he’d met the last time he’d stayed at the inn in Vermont danced in his thoughts. While he was stuck here instead of scoring with one or both women Matt would enjoy the pair. That was an event to regret.
No sense thinking about what might have been. He called the number of the agency he hoped would provide an instant nanny. The second one was in place the happier he would be. The moment the news about the accident and the deaths had reached him, the search for a nanny had begun.
"Tony Carlin calling for Mrs. Bunche.”
A moment later the pleasant voice greeted him. “Mr. Carlin, I’m sorry there’s been no action taken on your request. You haven’t visited the agency to complete the paperwork so I can finalize the choices.”
“Why can’t I do this over the phone and through emails?”
“Agency policy. If you can stop by the office on Monday at one we can complete your application and I can arrange interviews with our current available candidates.”
“One PM, I’ll be there.”
“Just to warn you. Since the nanny will be a live-in she must have her own room, one separate from the child. Most of our employees insist on either Saturday or Sunday off plus one other day during the week.”
The moment she stopped talking he hung up. He had no choice except to accept the agency’s demands. How soon would the boy be ready for nursery school? When that day arrived the nanny would only be needed for evenings and nights. He found paper on the counter and made a to- do list. There was another option. He could let Lauren share custody.
He nodded. She could have the kid every weekend. A frown tightened his forehead. Was that a good idea? Might put a spike in her ability to earn a living. He leaned against the back of the sofa. Perhaps another arrangement was possible. Like the one she had fled from moments before.
Laughter reached him. Lauren appeared with the infant in her arms. She dropped a blanket on the deep blue carpet and crouched to straighten the cloth. She added toys and rattles.
“Watch him while I start laundry.” She ducked upstairs and returned with a basket. She entered the area near the door into the garage.
“We need to talk,” he said.
She peered around the wall. “I know.”
“I’ll be staying for the weekend. Since I must be at the office Monday morning I’ll leave Sunday evening. You should plan to move out of here by next weekend. I want to sell the condo and put the money in the bank for the boy.”
The look on her face puzzled him. She stepped toward the couch. “I don’t live here. I’ve stayed because it’s important for Jamie to be in familiar surroundings. I’ll ask my landlady if she minds having a baby in the apartment. I can move his crib and dresser there.”
“Wrong. I’m taking the boy to the city. I’ve arranged for a nanny.”
“Jamie. His name is Jamie.” She strode forward. “Did you forget we have joint custody? I refuse to allow my nephew to be in a dark cell with a strange woman so you can forget he exists.”
Tony clamped his lips together and sought an answer. He didn’t trust her. He knew what she was. “I refuse to allow you to drag a different man into his life every night.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I know how you earn a living. If you’re hurting for cash I’ll pay you for tonight and tomorrow night.”
“Excuse me.” She fisted her hands on her hips. “You know nothing. You’re making assumptions and that makes you an ass.” The words shot like bullets.
The baby cried. Lauren scooped him into her arms and held him close.
“Mama. Dada.”
“No love, not today. Just Auntie.”
His sobs slowed. “Tee.” He buried his head against her shoulder.
Tony stared at his hands. He didn’t understand her anger. Couldn’t she admit the truth? Guilt for making the infant cry swamped him. “We’ll discuss this later.”
“Just remember I want what’s best for Jamie. If I must I’ll fight you.”
“I want the same for the child. If you fight I’ll win and you’ll be exposed.”
“His name is Jamie.” She whirled and walked away. Her black slacks fit perfectly showing her narrow waist and delectable rear. His cock surged to attention. He rose and then sank back. He wouldn’t chase her and prolong the argument. He gulped deep breaths. No way would she win the battle over custody. He would have sole charge of the baby and he would have her body where he wanted it.
The phone rang. He grabbed the receiver on the first ring. A man spoke. “See you tomorrow at eight.”

“There’s no need.” Tony hung up and chuckled. He would handle the situation when she learned she had no date. But the lady wouldn’t be disappointed.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - O is for Organize #MFRWauthor #Writingtips

There are a lot of writers who might disagree with me about this. O is for Organize. These are the writers that don't do an ounce of planning but sit down and let the characters take over. But do they really not plan. I think they don't put their plans or organize their books on paper but they do in their heads.

Or they don't. Then they end up with a draft that goes every which where and they have to sit down and look at the book from the beginning and try to decide what works and what doesn't work. Why not try to organize?

Organizing a book isn't hard and doesn't take much time. First you need to know what kind of book you're writing. Say you decide on romance but there are many kinds of romance. Is this a  contemporary, historical, paranormal or other kind of romance. Say you're writing a romantic suspense and then you decide if it will be a sensuous or a sweet kind of romance.

Next comes the characters and if you've chosen the romantic suspense sensual or the sweet, you know you'll need a hero, a heroine and a villain. Once you know their names and their motivations, you're well organized but you need a bit more to be organized

You need a setting and this includes time, season as well as the place.

Your organization is nearly done. You need to know how the story begins and how it ends. This is important, al least it is to me. When you have both of these, you can sit down and write remembering that you need to stay on the road that takes you to the end.

So organize whether on paper or in your head and you'll find you won't be tearing up page after page.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday's Inspiration - Lemons #MFRWauthor #inspiration

There's this cliche I've often heard. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Now that does take a bit of work. First you need a knife to cut the lemons and either your hand or a gadget to squeeze the lemon. Water and sugar need to be added. Or you can open a can of frozen lemonade, or buy some in a bottle at the supermarket. One is easy and the other is hard.

Which do you choose? Let's put this in the mode of writing. You can reach a point in your writing when you think the story has become a lemon, sour and unappealing so you need to sit down and decide what to do. Of course you're going to make lemonade out of this story.

Maybe the plot needs tightened. Then give it a squeeze. Or the characters arne's the best you can add water to dilute those traits you don't like or add some sugar to make the character a more rounded one. Sometimes you need to slash scenes where you've gone off track. So you get out your knife and slash those scenes. You finally sit down and attempt to squeeze every bit of drama or comedy from your story and

Like magic, you have made lemonade from that sour unappealing story.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #poem #hospitals #writing

Meander 1 Poem - Pele

She lives within the heated depths,
The goddess of the burning flows
And now and then she comes to life
And walks the haunted shores.
Her hair is flame and with each toss
It crackles energy.
Her body moves with flowing grace
Down to the haunted shores,
There are times when she appears.
She may be old or young.
She asks for food and flowers
Along the haunted shores.
They are given freely,
Then she returns to her bubbling nest
For Pele loves a generous gift
From those on the haunted shore.
But when the gifts are withheld
Her hair becomes a fire
And she returns to her deep set home
To curse the haunted shore.
Her anger quakes and shakes the earth
Her fire hair melts the rock
And she sends forth her angry tears
Upon the haunted shore.

Meander 2 - Hospitals. I've discovered something while not unique, it certainly is odd. Years have passed since I worked as a nurse in a hospital but somethings remain the same. My recent experience to gain this knowledge came at a hospital where I once worked. My husband came into the emergency room at around ten thirty AM. Tests were done. Doctors saw him. He was to be admitted. At around three a bed was found for him. And he waited and waited. He finally reached that room around 9PM. Why do I say nothing has changed. When I worked as a nurse, there always were the same excuses given to delay the patient's arrival. The bed had to be cleaned. The nurses were receiving patients from the OR. It was change of shift. The excuses I once used remained the same.

Meander 3 - Writing is going though slow. Can't do as much as I would like to do but The Cancer Capricorn Connection is going well. Am on the last draft where segments must be re-written. There should be only one more draft after this one. Past Betrayals is also moving along and doing well.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday's Book - Seducing the Attorney #MFRWauthor #attorney #contemporaryromance #occupationaltherapy

Seducing the Attorney (At First Sight Book 5)

Lauren Grant’s first meeting with Tony Carlin happened four years ago at her sister’s wedding to his older brother. There’s been an attraction but a wary one. The handsome arrogant attorney had showed disdain. At that time Lauren had been a troubled teen with streaked hair and piercings. Now, she’s working toward her Master’s in OT and has no time for more than school and her infant nephew. The death of Jamie’s parents has left Tony and Lauren as joint guardians of the baby.

Tony makes assumptions about Lauren’s current life-style. He’s as attracted to her as he was four years ago. But he’s a player and has no thought of making any commitments other than having sole custody of his nephew. He is grieving for his brother. Lauren grieves for her sister and Tony’s brother. A moment of mutual comfort sends them on a spiraling course.

Will they solve the problem of the custody and come to admit their feelings for each other?