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Friday - Retreat #MFRWauthor #writing #retreat

I'll not be posting my usual blogs today and nothing tomorrow. I'll be off for a retreat and returning on Sunday morning. Once a year, the Hudson Valley Romance Writers get together for a weekend where what we do is spend all day Saturday writing. I'm kind of the rebel in the group since I don't write on my computer and I rather need less company to distract me. I will do a little writing, but two of the group are bring pages for me to edit and critique. I really enjoy doing this. This is one way I have to help others.

So be patient and I'll return on Sunday with another book to promote.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday's Third Scene Confronting the Wizards #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #fantasy #swordand sorcery

The Law of the Brotherhood

Every male with a talent belongs to the Brotherhood of Wizards. When a boy is taken from his family or chooses to become a Wizard, he must learn his old life is dead. His total obedience is to the Brotherhood and all Wizards become his only kin.

He groaned. Thunder pounded in his head. Had he fallen and hurt himself? He moved his arms and legs. Pain shot through his body. His stomach lurched. He swallowed convulsively to keep from spilling its contents. Who was he? He struggled to remember his name.
Lajin. I am Lajin. What more? ’Twas like a stone wall blocked him from his memories. Where was he? Where had he been? Who was he other than a name?
Someone fed him broth and kaf. He drank but kept his eyes tightly closed. To open them would propel him into a nightmare. He heard men’s voices and recognized none of them.
Someone called his name. The cry resounded in his head. He tried to answer, but his words rebounded from the wall.
Time passed. At least he thought it did. He felt as though he was moving. He smelled leather and scents he didn’t know.
Laughter rose on the wind. Jindera. Who was she? A face tickled his thoughts and vanished. If he would find her, he would know who he was. He opened his eyes, saw twin moons and the stars.
“Finally awake,” a gruff voice said. “Been near a day since you got lost in dreams. All this from a knock on the head.”
“Who are you?”
“Wizard Dumor. Drink this. Will give you strength and ease the ache in your head.”
“Where am I?” Lajin grasped the mug and gulped. As the liquid burned a path down his throat, he choked. “Vile. Bitter.”
Wizard Dumor chuckled. “I know.”
“Where are we?”
“At a crossroads.”
“A troop of Wizards on the way to the stronghold. You’re one of us now, little brother.”
Lajin frowned. The man’s words triggered a stab of pain. How could he be a little brother when he had no older ones? There was just ... just ...  He couldn’t remember and the attempt sent shards of lightning through his temples. “What did you do to me?”  He studied the man’s smooth-shaved head and the black robe he wore. A sense of unease rolled over Lajin. Black robes meant danger.
“Me. I never harmed you. Senior Wizard Selor bade you come with us. You tried to hit him. He blasted you. Your talent is needed by the Brotherhood.”
“Talent?”  Lajin asked. “What do you mean? I don’t remember.”
“When we reach the stronghold, one of the Masters will test you.”
“Why did this Senior Wizard hurt me?”
“You refused the honor you were given. The man who sold you to us hit you.”
“Was I a bondservant?”
Wizard Dumor laughed. “What you were in the past has no meaning. Your talent makes you ours.”  He turned away. “You stabbed the man who sold you.”
“With what?”
Dumor tossed him a knife. “With this.”
Lajin frowned. Had he? Wouldn’t he remember doing a thing like that? But memories of the time before he woke were lost. He left the knife on the ground. If he’d harmed someone with the blade, he didn’t want to touch it.
He drained the remainder of the liquid in the mug. The drink had contained ...  He almost remembered. How did he know?
“Who am I?”  He hadn’t meant to speak aloud. He feared the Wizard wouldn’t tell him.
“Who? You have named yourself Lajin. Perchance you are the expected one.”  Dumor clasped Lajin’s shoulder. “Forget the past. Seek not memories of what once was. To remember brings pain. To forget is bliss. After we eat, Senior Wizard Selor will begin your instructions. When we reach the stronghold, you will be made one in spirit with us.”
The throbbing pulses beat against Lajin’s skull. Something the Wizard had said was wrong, but Lajin couldn’t seek the wrongness. He pushed to his feet, fought a swirl of dizziness and then shambled to the fire. A dozen black-robed men sat on one side of the circle. Two boys were seated in the shadows beneath a tree.
One of the Wizards handed Lajin a bowl of stew topped by a slab of bread and cheese. Lajin dipped kaf into a mug and found a place beside the boys. Their faces seemed familiar. Did he know them? Pain seared. He nearly dropped the food.
“Lajin, good to see you awake. You were out a long time.”
“Why did you fight them?”  The second boy grinned. “We’re now part of the Brotherhood. Won’t have the village elders pushing me no more. Going to rule Earda, we are.”
Lajin swallowed a mouthful of the tasteless stew. He looked from one boy to the other. “Do I know you?”
“You gone witless?”  the second boy asked.
Lajin shrugged. “Remember my name. ’Tis all.”
“I’m Beder.”  The second boy pointed to the other. “He’s Audin.”
The oldest of the black robes strode to them. “No talk about what you were before. You are brothers now. Soon all your past will be gone.”  He held a tragon flask. “Hold out your mugs. You’re due a taste of the peddler’s gift to us.”
Lajin shook his head. “Not me.”  He touched his forehead. “Will make the pain worse.”
“What?”  the Wizard asked. “Where’d that notion come from?”
Lajin frowned. “Popped into my head.”
The man added tragon to the mugs of the other two. He walked away, then stopped and spoke to Dumor. He gestured toward the boys.
Lajin’s shoulders tensed. Had he done something wrong? He ate the bread and cheese, then took another bite of the stew. He spat and put the bowl on the ground.
“Food not to your liking?”  Wizard Dumor asked. “Selor will be hurt, him being the cook this night.”
“’Tis tasteless. Needs salt and seasonings. can’t remember.”  Lajin’s voice rose to a wail.
“As I told you, the past is dead. Not remembering is good. Makes your initiation easier.”  Dumor’s fingers dug into Lajin’s shoulder. “Your life begins today. After we reach the stronghold, the Masters will examine you. The oldest Master has awaited you for many years. Once your testing ends, you won’t be able to think of the past again.”
Lajin shivered. Was there a hint of malice in the man’s voice? Lajin stared at the now cold bowl of stew. “All I know is with a bit of seasoning, the food would taste better.”
“Then ’til we reach the stronghold, you’ll be cook’s helper.”  He pointed to the other two. “You will help with the steeds. Saddle, groom and feed them.”
As Dumor strode away, the names of some seasonings flowed through Lajin’s thoughts. Majoria, mintos, cimon, chokla, six kinds of scallions, peppali. Some grew wild. As they traveled, he could look for them growing along the road.
Where had he learned these things? Once more, pain stabbed his temples. Would he ever remember and, if he did, what would the black robes do?
He frowned. At the edge of his thoughts, he heard a soft voice call his name. Who? A woman, he decided. He tried to answer and met a solid barrier. He rose, cleaned his bowl and dipped another mug of kaf.
One of the Wizards beckoned. Lajin joined the other boys. “I am Senior Wizard Selor. No watch for you three tonight or any other. ’til you’re initiated into the Brotherhood, you are in my charge.”
“When will that be?”  Audin asked.
“As soon as we reach the stronghold.”
“How soon?”  Beder asked.
“Several more days of hard travel. We’ll pass through several villages. If I sniff other candidates ’twill take longer.”
“Why can’t we be sent ahead?”  Beder asked. “’Twould be my pleasure to be a Wizard, to serve the Brotherhood and free Earda from the tyranny of the Jewels.”
Selor laughed. “Would you now?”
“Oh, yes.”
“Your eagerness is noted, but you must never question my decisions.”  Selor sat on a log so they had to look up. “This is your first lesson. The orders of a Senior Wizard are to be obeyed immediately. No questions are permitted. Should you encounter a Master Wizard, you will speak only if he grants permission. In the presence of one, you will kneel with head bowed. Do you hear me?”
“Yes.”  Lajin spoke with the others.
“Let me tell you of the Brotherhood. Through our talents, we will gain power. In the days to come, this land will be ours and all people will serve us.”
Lajin rubbed his hands along his arms. The Wizard’s sonorous voice sent him into a half-sleep.
“In days far past, the Jewels were created and the Holders selected. Each Holder took a Chosen. From these unions, sons and daughters were born. These children had talents. The Holders were women and each chose a daughter to hold after her. Their sons were driven away and not permitted to hold the Jewels as was their right.”
“I thought only a woman could be a Holder and if a man touched any of the seven, he would die,” Audin said.
Wizard Selor glared. “Lies spread by women. For decan after decan, Wizards have been kept from their rightful place as the true rulers of the land, but that will change.”
Beder leaned forward. “You say I have a talent and ’tis true. I must have Holder or Chosen blood. There is no family record of such a forebearer.”
“There was or your talent wouldn’t exist,” Selor said. “You must learn control. ’Twas ill of you to set that farmhouse ablaze.”
Beder scowled. “I was scared. When ...”
“Say no more.”  The Wizard grasped Beder’s arm. “You are to forget about what occurred in your past. Those memories will be expunged. You will learn control and will use your talent for the Brotherhood and as I command.”
Lajin closed his eyes. He’d been at that farmhouse. The Wizard had ... had ... had what? “She died,” he blurted.
“Who?”  Audin asked.
Lajin shook his head. “Don’t know.”  He rubbed his forehead. “I must sleep or I will be ill.”
Selor nodded. “You are dismissed. Blankets are with the supplies.”
Lajin staggered to the pile. He carried a blanket to the grass near the fire circle. Senior Wizard Selor and several of the older men entered the shelter.
With the blanket wrapped around him, Lajin sought sleep. He didn’t belong with these black robes, but he had no idea where to go. He hoped in dreams he would find the illusive memories.



* * *

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Tuesday's Writer's Tip - The Scenes in the Middle - Time of Discovery #MFRWauthor #Writing #scenes

Once the introductory scenes have been completed. This could take a chapter or two of the book since you're bringing in a lot of information in this area. The characters, a setting or more, the characters' initial wants and the internal and external complications have all been touched upon. Then comes the middle of the book. Now this part of the book can sag but preventing that is thinking about the middle of the book as a time of discovery.

In a romance, the hero and heroine are learning things about each other and how their own wishes and desires effect each other. They are also having to look at the external conflicts. In one of my stories, the hero and heroine are very attracted but they're on opposite sides. She's union and he's management and this can be problems. During this time while their romance slowly develops, they also isolate the external problem and find they're both on the right side. Now they must work together.

In a mystery, once the crime has become evident the characters must work through the initial investigations to find the real root of the problem. Here there are usually one of more characters in direct opposition. The detective and the criminal. So the middle scenes will pit the against each other while they learn just what is at stake.

The middle pattern of discovery follows through all kinds of genres. The middle can's sag if you remember that the characters are learning more about each other and about the vaious conflicts both internal and external.

Wednesday Amber Chronicles #MFRWHooks #BooksWeLoveLTD #fantasy #dragon #witch

The Amber Chronicles

Join me with other great authors on a blog hop.

My book is a collection of novellas


Amber Chronicles Collection: Emme, a witch and the heir to the throne of the world called Amber is banished from her home to find love. She believes she can command a man to love her but this does not work. Angry at being told no by the crown prince of Rivand she casts a spell on the Riva family. Every hundred years when the moon is full at the summer solstice she will call the crown prince. If he refuses to cede his love to her he will enter the amber orb and vanish. Four times she fails and the princes find adventure on other worlds. One turns an enchanted amber dragon into a princess. The second is imprisoned in an amber tower and must select a bride. The third must free the heroine from an amber cage. Emme slowly learns her lesson and returns to spend her childhood with the fourth prince. Hoping knowing each other will help. She has fallen in love with the crown prince and enters the amber orb in his place. Can Emme who is Cast in Amber be freed and gain the love she has sought for all those years?

FOUR STARS! The witch's curse of zapping princes into an amber orb is one of my favorites. This story is the fate of the very first prince. It reads much like a fairy tale, where at least one moral is to be learned. 


The Amber Orb

Strains of music wafted from the ball room of the Amber Palace into the garden. Emme tapped her foot against the flagstone walk in an angry counterpoint to the dulcet tones. With each passing moment, the realization of another failure strengthened. Four times a prince had appeared at the palace seeking her hand in marriage. Four times the prince had chosen one of her younger sisters. Tonight the last prince would name her youngest as his chosen bride.
With great effort Emme capped her anger. Lysanda would pay just as her other sisters had. As the oldest, she should have been the first to find a bridegroom. Envy twisted with jealousy to form a rope binding her thoughts. This prince should be here for he was the last of the eligible ones in this world called Amber suited for training as a wizard and destined to sit on the amber throne beside Emme’s.
The scent of roses, jasmine and bluet filled the air with their sweet breath. The heavy aroma pressed against her forcing Emme to gasp.
She heard light tapping of slippers on the stones and knew Lysanda approached. Her sister expected to find Prince, what was his name, waiting to declare his love. Then amber lights would radiate across the night sky announcing Emme had failed again. That would not happen.
Lysanda came into view. Her hair, a few shades darker than Emme’s pure amber tones, hung in ringlets down her back. “Where is Rendel?” she asked.
“Looking for you,” Emme said. “I sent him to the Tower of Sighs.”
Emme stepped toward her sister. She smiled at the alarm in Lysanda’s pale blue eyes. Only Emme’s matched the blue of a summer sky. “You stole him. He was to be my prince.”
Lysanda asked. “He fell in love with me. His heart once given can never change.” She stepped closer. “Don’t think to take him from me. That is impossible.”
Emme fisted her hand on her hips. “I have no desire for a man who chose another over me. I’m sure he believes he will be able to rule you for your power is small and you can never sit on the amber throne. You have taken my last chance for love and rulership. I will take what he feels is important from you.”
Lysanda tore her gaze from Emme’s face. “What do you mean?”
“Face me, sister. Power against power or are you afraid?”
“I fear no one. I am a witch with power equal to yours.”
Emme heard a slight tremor in her sister’s voice. Knowledge filled her. She would drain Lysanda and leave her weak. Three times before she had faced a sister and won. She would win this time as well.
She drew the wind to eddy around Lysanda in wispy bands to speed and tightened them. One by one Lysanda broke the restraints. With each snap, Emme absorbed the power of the breaking.
Emme set the torches of the garden blazing. Tendrils of fire flowed toward her sister.
Lysanda gathered the flames and sent burning orbs toward Emme. “You will not win.”
Emme pulled water from the fountain. Fire and water met turning to steam shrouding the air with sizzling vapor. With slow steps Emme moved through the mist. The earth shook beneath her feet. Lysanda’s body wove in an attempt to remain standing.
Emme grasped her sister’s wrist. “Cede to me.” She drained the essence of magic from her sister’s cells.
“A curse I cry.” Lysanda’s shrill voice pierced Emme’s concentration. “Long will you search. Until you can give with forcing and demanding you will be alone.”
Those words forced Emme to release her sister. Lysanda slumped to the ground. Four times one of her sisters had shouted the same curse. Four times a sister had survived. She raised her hand and released all she’d taken from Lysanda. Brilliant flashes of light colored the night sky with all the colors possible except for amber.
She heard the sound of pounding boots. The prince stepped into view. “What have you done?”
“What I had to. Lysanda remains a witch and in a hundred years or so she will recover. You will never become a wizard. You will never rule the world called Amber.
The prince drew his sword and stalked toward her. “Why have you done this to my beloved?”
“You chose the wrong sister as those before you have done. Take her. Announce your betrothal. You can’t defeat me. You are the last to try.”
The sword slipped from his hands. Lysanda stirred. He lifted her into his arms. “My love.” He glared at Emme. “You will never find love until you love another more than you love yourself.”

Emme turned and strode from the garden. Why didn’t triumph fill her? Her life had been destroyed. There would be no chance to take her rightful place. She hurried to her tower. Why did the shimmer amber walls seem cloaked with gray? Instead of going to her room at the tower’s peak where the city spread before her, she fled to the dark basement and sat in a shadowed corner.



An enchanting fantasy. **** Detra Fitch

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Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #poem #writing

Meander 1 - Poem - Spellbound

On a frosty night
A couple strolled
Not touching, not reaching
Yet caring. Rain misting
And blurring their eyes.
They stopped and turned
One look - Spellbound
Enchanted frozen pair
And statued there
Reaching with a glance
To pierce each other's souls.

Meander 2 - Restless - Lately, I've been feeling restless, not exactly afraid but anxiety about the world follows me daily. Not sure when this will end but hopefully soon. Perhaps the world can settle into peace instead of selfish pursuit.

Meander 3 - Writing - So far the writing is going slowly. Want to finish the last of the Opposites in Love series. One problem is, I think I need more chapters so perhaps as the story mores forward, I will find more than I have foreseen.

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Sunday's Book Confronting the Wizards #MFRWAuthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #Fantasy #Jewels

Confronting the Wizards of Erda (Jewels of Erda Book 2)

Two of the Jewels have no Holders and they must be found. The Brotherhood of Wizards also seeks to find them. Jindera is one of the pair and she must escape her cruel uncle. She wishes to find her twin brother taken by the Wizards who will use him in their attempt to destroy the Jewels of Erda. As twins, they can speak via the Inner Path. The Wizards hope to use this.

Mara, is a clanless desert dweller and faces life as the abused plaything of a future clan leader. She flees into an unknown future. On the winds, the crystals call this pair.



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Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Joanie MacNeil #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #romance

Sweet Temptations

Sapphire Kisses
Alexandra Jordan doesn’t anticipate the challenge ahead of her when she agrees to spend the summer as a research assistant for acclaimed author, David Meredith, who is gradually losing his sight.

David feels threatened by her presence in his home, his sanctuary, the only place he can be independent. He is determined to prove he doesn’t need help and wants Alex out of his life. She is equally determined to do the job she’s been paid to do. Once he accepts Alex isn’t like other women, her beguiling ways soon intrigue him…until he discovers her secret.

No Boundaries
Attractive Paige Delaney is more woman than Jack Shannon wants in his life, though he’s in serious need of her award winning skills in web design.  Paige believes her sexy new boss thinks he’s God's gift to woman.  Both are single parents with shattered dreams and damaged hearts, having suffered betrayals of trust in previous relationships. Each desires to love and be loved, but they are afraid to trust the opposite sex again. 
When Jack moves into his new house and discovers Paige is his next door neighbor, their protective barriers and personal goals are threatened.  Is it fate or their teenage children conspiring to push them together?

December Heat Wave
Following the death of her husband, Nicolette Oliver concentrates on re-establishing her career as a dancer, though still dealing with emotional issues relating to her life with Mark. When his friend appears on her doorstep, Nicolette honors her late husband’s invitation and invites Jake to stay.
Jake Harrigan has always been attracted to Nic and sees her as untouchable, even though she is now on her own. They are opposites, their lives and expectations literally worlds apart. Drawn into a romantic interlude, the parting is difficult when Jake returns to Europe to resume his career as TV news journalist and Nic moves to Sydney to begin rehearsals for the show that will resurrect her career.
Jake returns to Australia to see Nic again and also to finalize details with his network to sail around the world making documentaries. Will Jake follow his heart and ask Nic to give up all that she’s worked for and sail away with him?

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Friday's Guest Joanie MacNeil Talking about Who She Was Before #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #Australia

What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

Thank you Janet for inviting me to be a guest on your blog today.

I worked as an executive assistant throughout my career, at a university and in government, with a brief stint as a temp EA in private enterprise. I began my writing career in the mid-nineties, when my children were pre/early teens. I continued to work full time as I learned the craft of writing romance novels.

My office career influenced a couple of my novels, The Trouble with Natalie and No Boundaries, in that I was familiar with office routines, and used locations of a couple of places where I’d worked.

2. Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above. 

Contemporary romance is my preferred genre to write. I like writing shorter novels, around 50,000 words, give or take a few thousand. Some years ago now, I entertained the idea of writing a time-travel set in modern Glasgow and the Hebrides. I look at my notes every now and then. Now is not the right time. Maybe one day…

3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres? 

My first foray into romance reading was in my early forties. On holiday with family at the Gold Coast, I was in much need of some R&R and escapism. I picked up a historical novel by Rexanne Becnel, My Gallant Enemy. From the front cover, through battles, with brooding hero and resourceful heroine, and the mysterious workings within the castle, to the very last page was the pure escapism I sought. Could Lilliane and Corbett ever be together? Such tension! I was hooked on historical romance and couldn’t read enough of it. I still have that book, have promised myself to read it again sometime, and though I haven’t, I’m pleased to say it has survived a few house moves, and many culls of my bookshelves.

While reading and absorbing the wonderful adventures within historical novels, I often thought how much I would like to write a novel, but discounted the idea as too hard, and something other people did. Not me. I wasn’t clever enough. And where to start? Those were my excuses. The need to write wouldn’t go away, and I realised there were occasions during my life that I’d considered writing, but had dismissed the idea.

I enrolled in a six week freelance writing course at a local evening college, the only writing course I could find locally. Better than nothing. It was the session on writing romance that appealed to me the most. By accident, I stumbled on a couple of articles by a well-known Australian romance author in magazines I’d borrowed from the library; saw an ad for a romance writers workshop in my city, hosted by visiting writers. Though the workshop didn’t eventuate, I phoned one of the contact authors and discovered my local romance writers group. I told myself I was meant to be a writer. I found out about a one day workshop in Melbourne, and having never been to Melbourne before, flew down for the day. The speakers were truly passionate about writing and so inspirational for this budding author who was so starved of information about the genre and market and how to write a novel. Through reading a couple of newsletters I discovered an American online romance writers discussion group, signed up and later joined an associated online critique group. A great learning experience, and at last, I could seek answers to all my questions from those who knew about writing romance. At that time, Australia did seem to me to be a long way from the rest of the world.

4. What's your latest release? 

Sweet Temptations – released this week.

Zachary Cordell returns to New South Wales to search for his estranged father’s young widow. Zac is certain that Elizabeth Marshall married his father for his money and he wants revenge.
Elizabeth is looking for a quiet lifestyle away from the notoriety the press associated with her name following the death of her husband. All she wants is a quiet, secure home in her old hometown. When her uncle Max recommends Zac as a handyman, she is nervous about hiring a drifter. She soon begins to trust him and finds herself attracted to Zac. Little does she know his relationship to her late husband, his reasons for coming to New South Wales, or the sweet temptations which will follow.

5. What are you working on now? 

My current work in progress is set on the Sapphire coast, and is a friends to lovers story, and a quest for forgiveness.  My characters each have to negotiate several emotional issues, including danger for the heroine. The burning issue is the hero’s awful secret.

My local writing group, Canberra Romance Writers, plans to release a second anthology in July 2019.  I am in the early stages of planning a story for inclusion in the anthology.

6. Where can we find you? 

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Thursday's Third Scene Search Fir The White Jewel #MFRWuauthor #Fantasy #BooksWeLoveLTD #swordsandsorcery

From The Armsmen's Guide
    Beware the hidden enemy for he lurks in your heart.
    Brader pulled a tunic over his head. The strains of music drifted through the open window. He leaned on the sill and thought about tonight's festival honoring spring's return. Last night, a lass newly arrived in the village had flirted with him each time she and her cousin had strolled past. Alas, he'd already promised another to be her squire for the evening. Perhaps tonight.
    He frowned. Maybe he should remain in the keep. There'd been a subtle tension in his mother's voice when she had sent him for Liara. The news brought by the afternoon's visitors had troubled the Yellow Holder, but she hadn't shared her concerns with him. Had she told Liara?
    He pressed his hands against the stone wall. His mother held a Jewel, but he could never follow her. Not that he wanted to stay here. He wanted to go to Pala and join the Queen's Guard. Too often, the villagers sought to use him to gain his mother's attention. He wanted to be liked for himself and not for his mother's position.
    He strode to his bed and grasped the sword, his last name day present from his mother. That had been a day of triumph. He had bested his trainer with the sword, knife and bow.
    The door rattled. He crossed and lifted the latch.
    "Brader, your mother wants to see you."
    Liara leaned against the door frame. Her crystal blue eyes were rimmed with red. "What's wrong? Is she worse?"
    "Not that she'll admit."
    "And you, is something wrong?"
    She shook her head. "I'm tired and confused. Go to Tana. Then we'll talk."
    "In the morning. I've plans for the evening. 'Tis the festival."
    As he walked away, he shook his head. Liara, the stoic, had been crying and there could be but one reason. He smashed his fist against the wall. "Not yet." After swallowing the lump in his throat, he entered his mother's room. He strode to the bedside and took her hands. Their iciness deepened his concern. "Has the Healer been summoned?"
    "There is naught she can do for me and I have no time for a Healing. Liara must leave at once and you must go with her."
    "How can I desert you? Who will close your eyes and who will speak the final blessing? You cannot embark on your journey to the next plane alone."
    "I won't be alone. Listen... Liara is niece to the Queen. When she dies, Liara must hold the White or there will be great destruction throughout the land. Even the High Sanctuary will fall."
    Brader slumped on the chair beside the bed. "Liara? I thought she would hold your Jewel. What do you mean by the White?"
    "'Tis the true ruler of the Jewels."
    "And Liara will be the one to hold it? That means she's..." He shook his head. Liara was his foster sister, a foundling his mother had given a home. What would happen to their friendship now? "And your Jewel."
    "Another will come for mine. You and Liara must leave. Go to Thanis and find a ship to Quato. She needs your strength and your skill at arms to keep her safe until she bonds with her Jewel. On the table are maps. Study and burn them."
    A dozen protests formed and were swallowed. He reached for the maps and studied the route marked with dark ink. Quato to Stone Mountain, across the Great Desert to the Screaming Hills. When he had the route memorized, he burned the maps in the fireplace. "When must we leave?"
    "I should have sent you a tenday ago. You must be gone before dawn. Take care. Guards have been sent. They may be accompanied by mages." She reached beneath her pillow and handed him a leather pouch. "Coins for the journey. Go not as yourselves but as villagers seeking a better life."
    He kissed her cheek and held her close. "Do you want me to fetch your maid?"
    "Let her sleep. I will be fine."
    As he left the room, he began to plan. Two mail vests. Armsmen's clothes for him. Dark cloaks. A sword with a plain hilt rather than the jeweled one he wore. Knives, ropes, bow and arrows for Liara, trail rations and hill ponies.
    The plans helped still his anxiety about his mother. And though he wanted to stay, he'd heard the command and concern in her voice and knew he had to obey.
    Second room had risen by the time he would finish with preparations for the journey. He strode to his foster sister's room. She stood at the window. "Liara."
    She turned. "She told you."
    "Aye. Be ready to leave within the hour. Wear your oldest clothes. I'll come for you."
    Liara shook her head. "I'll await you at the postern gate. 'Tis too much to understand."
    "I know. Seems strange to me as well."
    For a moment, he stared at her. She was beautiful, and he had never noticed. Until tonight, she'd been his playmate and his friend. What was she now?
    He changed into travel clothes, then returned to his mother's room. As he paused in the doorway, he knew she had lied, a thing she had never done before. At the bedside, he knelt and took her hand. "'Tis not my choice to leave you before the parting ceremony, but since you believe Liara and I most go, so be it."
    He cleared his throat. "Farewell, Mother. May the sun shine on your days and the moons light your nights. When the quest ends, I will return and tell you how we fared so your shade will no longer hover between this plane and the next."
    He closed her eyes and left the room. He would keep her parting a secret until he and Liara were well away from the keep, for he knew she would want to return.


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wednesday The Leo Aquarius Connection - Janet Lane Walters -New Release #MFRWHooks #MFRWAuthor #Medicalromance #BooksWeLoveLTD

The Leo-Aquarius Connection (Opposites in Love Book 5)

With my new release, I'll be joining other writers in a blog hop. Click here


The nurses stare as he exits the elevator on the Pediatric Unit. “Enter the handsome doctor.” Those are Doctor Caleb Winstone’s words as he steps off the elevator. Though he’s embarrassed, this Leo doctor rolls with the punches. 

He’s returned home to join an older doctor in the practice. Before long he learns the new nurse manager of the unit is a woman he knows. Of all the women in the world, she is the last one he wants to see. How can he manage to work daily with her? Before the day ends, he discovers his mother has decided who he should marry and the woman is quite willing. Not for him.

Suzanna Rollins is an Aquarian and now the guardian of her half-brother who was badly injured in a car accident. She takes the position as nurse manager of the Pediatric unit for several reasons. One is the move from the city re-unites her with college friends, the Grantley Gang. The other is for the excellent Rehab Center. On the day of her arrival, she encounters Caleb. What is he doing here and why? Can she work with the man she fell in and out of love with the night he offered her less than marriage?

Caleb’s interest in helping her half-brother gives them more together time than they imagined.


As Caleb Winstone rode the elevator to the fifth floor of Eastlake Community, the familiar aromas shouting hospital engulfed him. Though slightly different from the scents of his last placement, they smelled of coming home. Exhaustion threatened to swamp him but he had places to visit and things to accomplish before he sought sleep.

The indicator flashed five. The doors parted and he stepped out to face the nurses’ station. A half dozen women stared and collectively sighed.

“Enter the handsome doctor.”

Gasps and giggles greeted him.

Caleb felt his face heat. Had he really said that? He considered a strategic retreat but the elevator doors had closed. Though he’d been called handsome often enough, he had no reason for the blatant announcement.

A burst of male laughter interrupted his swirling thoughts. “Hello, Caleb. You certainly know how to make an entrance.” A tall blond man rounded the end of the desk and offered his hand,

“Alex Carter, good to see you again.”

Alex clasped his hand. “Are you in town for good?”

“Looks that way. I’ve joined Joe Grogan’s practice.” Caleb grinned. “Blame my announcement on jet lag. Arrived this morning from London where I spent three months studying respiratory diseases in children.”

“Have you been home?”

Caleb shook his head. “Came straight here. Decided to complete the paperwork and get my parking pass and then go to the office before I go home. I’m meeting Joe at one thirty at the office. Actually, I’m in no hurry to reach the stone mansion.”

Alex nodded. “Are they still upset over your career choice?’

“Naturally. They equate my straying from the financial sphere as a betrayal like they did when I chose swimming over football in high school.”

“Shame. Let me introduce you to today’s crew.” Alex walked to the desk.

The nurses smiled. Were they hiding laughter? He felt sure his appearance and words would make the rounds.

Alex grinned. “Ladies, this is Caleb Winstone, the newest addition to our staff. He’s joining Dr. Joe and vying for the handsome doctor award.”

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Tuesday's Writer's Tip - More on How - Scenes - Opening #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #amwriting #Scenes #Opening

From now on, I'll be looking at some of the scenes needed to make a book complete. Remember, scenes have three purposes.
1. To show character development
2. To provide information
3. To advance the plot.

Hopefully, the Opening Scene should fulfill one of these purposes. In this scene, you are introducing a character and showing a bit of what they are like. This scene can be just one of the main characters or more than one can be shown but focus on one character. Here, is where you can introduce what kind of plot the story will follow. and give a bit here about the what and why. If you can manage it you need to provide information like when and where the story is taking place.

I looked at some of my own stories and saw how different the openings can be. In one, a medical suspense, the shadow character opens the story. There is no name given nor a description but through his thoughts you learn a lot. This scene also establishes one of the important places of action, the hospital and also the reader learns a bit about the plot. The kind of story is established.

Other openings can be a meeting between the hero and heroine or the villain and one of the main characters. You can establish the hero or the heroine and give lots of hints about what the story is to become.

Also the opening scene needs to give the reader the type of story it will be. Is it a mystery, a suspense, a romance, a fantasy or science fiction story. I judge contests and what I find is often the beginning writer will have a great first line but then nothing happens or they head into the backstory without moving the story forward. Often the information given could come in later during a conversation or some other mention. Often it is something the writer needs to know and not the reader.

So when you're starting a story, remember the three things a scene can do. If you achieve one, good, two, great and three fabulous. Keep the tome of the story to the genre you're writing. There's nothing worse than thinking you're going to be reading a comedy and find it turns into a tragedy partway through the book.

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Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #Writing #poetry

Meander 1 Poem -Yearning


Sweet treats are stored inside the glass.
Displayed but far beyond her reach.
Enticing, pulling in tantalizing rows.
A face pressed tight against the candy store
Against the glass a flattened nose.
Two sad eyes peer inside
Yearning and reaching for the treats.
Why not for me, the things inside?
I can taste. I can want but never have.
Two sad eyes release their tears.

Meander 2 - Wishing for success- Today, one of my fellow writers wished for that instant success other writers seem to have had. What they don't understand is success isn't earned in a day and what often looks like instant success doesn't come on the first book. What makes the success is writing many books. Not in that instant one. Will they learn, I hope so. Writing and producing new books and having faith in yourself as a writer is what counts. and gives you that magic time when you don't have to have another job. All you have to do is write.

Meander 3 - My writing. The edits have been done for The Leo-Aquarius Connection. All needed is the cover. Am trying something new with this book since it's the fifth of a sixth book series. Have begun once and will start again the Virgo-Pisces Connection to finish the series. Looking forward to putting Megan and Dave through the hoops. And in this book a bit of suspense creeps in.

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Sunday's Book - Search For the White Jewel #MFRWauthor #Fantasy #Young adult #BooksWeLoveLTD

Search For The White Jewel (Jewels of Erda Book 1)

When the Holder of the Yellow Jewel dies, her ward Liara believes she will become the new Yellow Holder. The dying word of the elderly woman astonishes the young woman. She will hold the White Jewel. This fabled gem has been lost for years since her mother and her sister fought and her aunt took hold of the Black Jewel.

Liara, accompanied by her foster brother set forth to find the jewel, escaping the soldiers sent by the Queen and Black Jewel Holder. During their escape, Liara meets Valmir who saves her and her foster brother during a shipwreck. During their journey, they meet other holders of the Jewels, including Reena, daughter of the now dead Queen. Though she has the Black Jewel, Reena has no idea how to use the gem.