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Friday DV Stone is Visiting and talking about Who She Was Before #MFRWAuthor #What She Was

1.     What were you before you became an author? Did this influence your choices as a writer?
I became an author later in life. One of my first jobs was driving a dump truck. I’ve been a janitor, maid, waitress. The job that began the change in my life was as an attendant for the developmentally disabled. This led to a career as an Emergency Medical Technician, both at the developmental center and later in a women’s state prison. I also volunteered with my local squad. Do to cut backs in the state, I was laid off from the prison and subsequently opened a coffee shop and small restaurant running those for several years. Then I found myself working in a veterinary emergency hospital. 2011 the economy was not good. I found myself unemployed once more. That’s when I took advantage of bad situation and began writing.

2.     Are you genre specific or general? I don’t mean major genres but subdivisions or romance, mystery or paranormal.
I love to read different things, so I do write the same. I consider myself a romance writer who enjoys penning a variety of genres. So contemporary, fantasy, suspense, and I even published a mid-grade paranormal

3.     What is your latest release?
Rock House Grill Book One in the Impact Series is a contemporary romance with suspense. It uses my background as an EMT and restaurant experience.

4.     What are you working on now?
Soon I’ll have a release date on a novella titled Rainbow Sprinkles it’s a contemporary with light paranormal. I’m also working on Jazz House the second book in the Impact Series

5. Does your reading choices influence your choice of a writing career?
 Absolutely! Back in the day, I passed a bookstore while traveling between High School and one of my jobs. Almost daily I stopped and picked up a romance novel. Phyliss Whitney, Rosemary Rogers and Victoria Holt to name a few. But I also love children’s books. Heidi, Black Beauty, the Narnia Chronicles. J.R.R. Tolkien is a huge influence in my fantasies.

5.     Where can we find you?
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Wednesday Children of Fyre #MFRWHooks #BWLAuthor #Romance #Dragons #Wizards #Fantasy

Children of Fyre (Island of Fyre Book 4)

Join the authors at #MFRWHooks here  for some great books. Mine is Children of Fyre

In this return to the Island of Fyre, each of the heros and heroines of the three previous books have children. Lorton is the youngest son of the Wizards of Fyre and he has bonded with the yellow dragon.

The dragon through the magic of the stones has been rejuvenated and is now green. Dragon sends Lorton to travel to where the Dragons of Fyre are raised. There he meets Arkon son of the hero and heroine of the Dragons of Fyre.

There have been four eggs laid and there must be two young men and two young women found to bond with them. On the island where the evil wizards were exiled, Cerene has grown up as little more than a slave. She can use all the fyrestones unlike her father. She learns about the kidnapping of Riara, daughter of the hero and heroine of the Temple of Fyre and vows to save her.

The four must unite with their dragons and finally destroy the evil.

2019 Book Hooks

So the wizards meet. She would hear their plans.
With stealth she found the spot in the wooden fence where she had loosened boards. She slid them aside and slipped into the yard. When she reached the rear entrance, she stepped into the narrow hall. A smile curved her mouth. Once inside the passage, ten steps would take her to the place where she could see and hear the wizards.
Her fingers found the pattern on the stone. Silently the wall parted revealing a wide area that became a narrow passage. She entered and paused to allow her eyes to adjust to the dim light. Walking into the passage, she counted her steps and took care not to raise dust to make her sneeze. Her first visit to these passages had nearly revealed her presence. She’d removed the cobwebs and swept most of the accumulated dust.
At the tenth step, she halted and pressed her face to the wall where a pair of holes allowed her to view the happenings. She saw the conference table and the eight remaining wizards. Since their exile here on the isle where they had once lived had begun, most of the wizards from the captured Citadel had died. Of the nine, only two were first level.
Cemon, chief wizard and her father entered the room. He raised his ironwood tipped wand. The white stone on the tip remained unlit. He rapped the table. “We are gathered here to find a solution to our problems. Our supply of white fyrestones dwindles. Soon there will be none.”
Zondo, her father’s second snorted. “All such stones are found on the Island of Fyre. This small isle has no more to mine. Our trader cousins have reported finding no other sources.”
Her father nodded. “For the present we must learn ways to keep the ones we have active.”
One of the second level wizards shook his head. “Yet you call on us to join in calling a trader’s ship.”
Zondo leaned forward. “You must listen to Cemon. If we join our powers none of the stones will die. We must call our kin.”
“Even if a trader arrives, what can they do to help us?” the protester asked. “They are banned from landing on the Island.”
Cemon pounded the table. “Two decades and five years have passed since we were driven from Fyre. Those who drove us away have forgotten our existence.”
The sole dissenter laughed. “Do you propose we retake the Citadel? Impossible.”
“In due time we will live there again,” her father said. “First we must amass a store of white fyrestones. I have a plan.”
“Where will you find such a treasure?”

Cemon’s laughter filled the room and seeped into Cerene’s hiding place. A chill washed through her. “The temple priestesses have all the whites we could desire. They even allow commoners with a tinge of power to use those stones.”

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Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Other Peoples' Lives #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #People #Lives #John Gardner

Once again while reading John Gardner's On Becoming a Novelist, I came upon a bit about how an author must learn to live other people's lives. While our characters might have some bits of ourselves they must become alive in their own unique way. This takes a step into another person's life and his emotions. Perhaps hard but reading can help but also observing other people at various times of their lives.

Does this make the writer a psycholgist? Perhaps. How does one learn to do this. For me, it's a matter of imagination and also Astrology. I've been a student for years and when developing my characters, I know three things about them other than the usual character traits. I look at their Sun sign, their Moon sign and their Rising sign. Knowing the traits of all these from books and also from people I know with these signs, I'm able to step into my character's shoes.

Finding the way that helps you do this can be a number of ways. When you do, the characters come alive.

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Monday, April 27, 2020

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAUthor #BWLAuthor #Reading #Writing #Shopping

Meander 1 - Finished reading my own books and am eagerly awaiting the time to start writing four fantasies. Am now reading Marilyn Meredith's Rocky Bluff series. They are really nice police procedure stories and are filled iwth interesting and some nasty characters as well as some great ones.

Meander 2 _ Shopping - Lately, my granddaughter has taken over doing the grocery shopping. There are some things I must do. The first is to make sure everything is on the shopping list. If not she has to return to the store. The other thing is to make sure my phone is free. During the expedition, there are a few phone calls, "What kind of lettuce do you want?" "They don't have that kind of cheese. What should I get?" "There never is any toilet paper." "The soda was three cases on sale? Should I do the sale?" And so it goes. I guess that would be called keeping connected.

Meander 3 - Writing. = Am almost ready to start the last re-write of the current book. Then all that will be left is the revision section. Then I can start something new.

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Sunday's Book Seducing the Chef #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Romance #Chef #Magazine

Seducing the Chef (At First Sight Book 1)

Seducing the Chef - Allie Blakefield, editor of Good Eatin' wants to do a feature on Five Cuisines a restaurant across the river from NY City. Her father forbids the feature and won't say why. She's not one to sit back and be ruled by someone. She borrows a friend's apartment.

While leaning over the balcony she sees a handsome dark haired man doing a Yoga routine. He looks up and she is struck by the Blakefield curse. Love at first sight.

The pair start a hot and heavy romantic interlude. She visits the restaurant and is recognized by Greg, the chef's mother. The woman goes ballistic and the affair is broken. Can Allie learn what's going on and rescue her love?

Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2016
***I received a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review***

I’m not a grammar freak so the few typos I found didn’t make me shave off one star in my rating. However, some story line issues did. I don’t like spoilers so, as an example, I’ll just say that bondage requires intimacy and trust, which partners only achieve as a relationship progresses. Also, the blurb mentions a Blakefield curse: love at first sight. That wasn’t exactly how things happened so I was a bit disappointed.

Because this is a short-story, I expected things to progress fast so the timeline of Greg and Allie’s affair didn’t bother me. After all, I could see many elements from Romeo and Juliet in Seducing the Chef. It’s almost like a modernized version where you’ll find the balcony, instant passion, an old feud, and misfortune fueled by misleading information. Although it isn’t a tragedy as the classic story of the star-crossed lovers, it’s also not a romantic comedy as its category describes it. But it’s a story that will make you feel good, hot, and bothered in the best way possible. The sex scenes are mouthwatering just as I like them. After all, being an erotica writer, sex scenes are my domain and I know how hard it is to write good ones. Janet Lan-Walters did a great job here. Kudos.

I recommend Seducing the Chef if you’re looking for a quick, entertaining read to heat up your summer nights.

Reviewed in the United States on July 19, 2016
Smoking hot!

Wow … when the blurb says “love at first sight” it isn’t kidding. The relationship between our hero and heroine goes from zero to 60 in about two pages.

I read this story knowing it was short, so I understand that it’s tough to fully develop a plot or characters in so few pages. I’ve tried to figure that into my feelings about the book, and into my rating. The author is definitely talented. Her skill is undeniable and her voice is fun and easy to read, and I have no issue with that at all. And, although there were a few editing errors and wrong word use, technically, it was a good story.

My issue was the speed of the relationship development. “Love at first sight” doesn’t have to mean leaping into bed moments after meeting someone (and before knowing anything about them … integral to the story is the fact their families are enemies, but since they barely get each other’s first names before getting naked, they have no idea). They progress quickly to a little very light bondage, which felt out of place since that requires a bit of trust and how do you build real trust in a day? I’m not adverse to a story with plenty of sex (especially well-written sex, which this was, though a bit less descriptive than erotic romance), so it wasn’t that abundance that was frustrating, just that I felt as if the plot suffered because so much space was given to sex instead of story.

Still, I really did appreciate the author’s voice and I would definitely pick up another one of her books to try. And if you prefer lots of heat in your stories, this may be a great choice for you to read.

originally posted at long and short reviews

Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2016

“Seducing the Chef” by Janet Lane-Walter is part of the ‘At First Sight’ series. This contemporary romance centers around chef Greg Ramsey and review magazine editor Allie Blakefield whose searing attraction threatens to become disrupted by a tragic family feud between their respective parents. Navigating the tricky challenges to find a way to be together may require a very special dish…of crow.

This relatively short story is a quick and breezy reworking of the traditional family feud theme a la Romeo and Juliet but given a wonderfully sensual twist. I had trouble believing that the offspring could be so ignorant of the feud and would have liked a bit more depth to the characters but I enjoyed the descriptions of the culinary journey (yum) and appreciated the setup for the next story in the series, in addition to the very long preview. The author has nice imagery and I think this was an enjoyable light story.

A copy of this story was provided to me for review

Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2016
If you enjoy hot and steamy romances, here's a fast-paced one you're sure to enjoy!

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Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Liese Sherwood Fabre #MFRWAuthor #Sherlock Holmes, #mysteries

The Adventure of the Murdered Midwife (The Early Case Files of Sherlock Holmes Book 1) by [Liese Sherwood-Fabre]

The Adventure of the Murdered Midwife
Before Sherlock Holmes became the world’s greatest consulting detective...
Scandal rocked the Holmes family. 
Only weeks into his first year at Eton, Sherlock ’s father calls him and his brother back to Underbyrne, the ancestral estate. Mrs. Holmes has been accused of murder. Not only had the village midwife been found in the estate’s garden with a pitchfork in her back, Mrs. Holmes had argued with her about some of her practices just days before. The midwife’s husband demands justice and will not be satisfied until Mrs. Holmes is convicted. Can Sherlock and his family collect and unravel the evidence in the short time available to save her from the gallows?
Available for Pre-Order:

The Adventure of the Murdered Gypsy
Before Sherlock Holmes became the world’s greatest consulting detective…
Murder followed the arrival of unexpected guests to the Holmes family estate.

Shortly after one of his Uncle Ernest’s old acquaintances joins Sherlock and the extended Holmes family for the holidays, a dead man is found in the barn. This marks the beginning of the disruptions of the family Christmas celebrations. Sherlock’s young cousin reports hearing footsteps outside the nursery, the family learns that their guests are not who they appear, and Mycroft suddenly falls head-over-heels in love. Are there more murders to come, or will Sherlock prevent them by determine how a body materialized in the barn?

Available for Pre-Order:

The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes: 
Essays on Victorian England
Volume Two
“[P]repare to delve into a charming set of illustrated guidebooks to Holmes and his 1895 London.”
          - Carole Nelson Douglas, Bestselling Author 

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle references many everyday Victorian activities and aspects that are lost on the twenty-first century reader. These short essays provide modern readers a better understanding of Victorian England and greater insight into the world of Sherlock Holmes. His cases take on richer meaning when the reader grasps the subtleties of such details as the blue ribbon mentioned in "The Adventure of the Cardboard Box," the doss houses Shinwell Johnson knew about, or how one contracted brain fever. 
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Friday Liese Sherwood Fabre is visiting and talking about Plotter or Panster #MFRWAuthor #Mystery

Panster or Plotter

Day 1

1. Are you a pantser or a plotter or perhaps a bit of both?
I’m a big-time pantser. I have no idea where I’m going beyond a vague idea of the overall motive or conflict. With a mystery, as I’m writing now, I know that it must be solved, and I may have that part worked out. Most, however, evolves as I write. This, of course, can lead to some frustration or “dead ends.” I just wrote one scene in my current work-in-progress three times before I thought I got it right. At the same time, the characters or events surprise me in ways I wouldn’t have considered had I plotted it out. I admire plotters who have a strong idea where they are going. They probably don’t experience most of the frustrations I have.

2. Which comes first - characters or plot for you?
In my current series with a young Sherlock Holmes, the characters had to come first. I knew he had a family (country squires), a brother, and a grandmother who was the sister of the French portraitist Vernet. I also had a good idea of Sherlock’s personality. Given that Arthur Conan Doyle didn’t provide more than what I’ve just listed, I had a pretty free reign to make up more about his family. Letting them run the story is just part of pantsing—as far as I’m concerned.

3. What are you working on now? Is this a book in a current series or something totally new?
I’m in the final production stages of Case Two: The Adventure of the Murdered Gypsy. It will be available for pre-order in May and will be published in late July/early August. I’m finishing Case Three: The Adventure of the Deceased Scholar with pre-orders scheduled for June and publishing in August/September. After that, I will be releasing my third volume of essays: The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes: Essays on Victorian England for October/November. In between all this, I have plans for one or two short stories—also related to Sherlock Holmes.

4. Do you have some kind of object or place that figures in most of your books? I use gems a lot, hospitals and caves.
I can’t recall a particular object or place, but in this current series—because it occurs in the mid-1800s—I throw in a lot about the medical and scientific discoveries of the time. Sherlock’s mother is a brilliant woman who had been hindered by Victorian standards for women. She would have become a medical doctor had she’d been allowed. She did study some in France and keeps up her knowledge by reading the latest scientific journals. All this she imparts to Sherlock. It’s interesting to see when certain practices (such as the idea of sterilizing hands or instruments before touching a patient) where recognized (if not widely used or accepted).

5. Do you write everyday or just when the spirit hits?
I retired in October and set a deadline for myself for finishing the third book in my series by this summer. I have truly disciplined myself to write everyday. A deadline helps a lot.

6. Where can we find you?
My books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple. I also provide links to each book on my Website: 

7. Who are your favorite authors? What about a book you’ve enjoyed?
Oh dear, there are too many to list. I just finished Emma by Jane Austen. I have enjoyed Sherry Thomas’ Charlotte Holmes series as well. It’s fun to see how someone imagined Sherlock as a woman.

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Thursday's Fifth Scene Sanctuary's Ending #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Fantasy #Romance

David watched Chief Elder Jeremiah and Simon walk from the meeting house. The pale blond hair of the older man had been clipped short. Simon’s brushed his shoulders. The brighter color of his didn’t detract from their similarity. Their body shape and their walk seemed identical. The older man draped an arm around the younger man’s shoulders.
How did Paul feel about the rejection? His expression hadn’t changed. Did the inclusion of his older brother in the group leaving Sanctuary trouble him?
David didn’t like the idea of Simon being part of the exploratory group. Though subtle in his words, Simon was a trouble-maker. Just thinking about traveling for weeks and months in his company caused David to swallow against acid rising in his throat.
Tension peaked. David left the stage. To give himself a feeling of peace he paused near the colored glass windows. With a finger he traced the green circle representing Erda, the rayed scarlet orb of Sola and the yellow crescent of Luna. Would the Three protect them on the journey? Did the worship of the goddesses remain anywhere but in Sanctuary?
Elder John and the other elders marched down the steps. Paul started to follow but was waved back. He joined David and the three others followed. As a unit they stepped outside into the deserted moonlit courtyard.
“We need to implement our plan.” Paul led them to the benches beneath the barren sugar maples. “We’re free to go.”
David crouched in front of the bench where Paul, Ruth and Deborah sat. Gabriel leaned against a tree. “What plans have you made?”
Paul shrugged. “We pack and leave.”
“Do you have any of the old maps?”
“Why?” Gabriel asked. “Surely the land has changed.”
“What about supplies? How much can we take?”
Paul laughed. “I’m glad you’re with us. The goddesses knew you were needed for practical matters.”
“I’ve been gathering and packing medicines,” Deborah said. “I have an entire kit a Healer needs including instruments and material for casts.”
“I have copies of every song of praise for each ot the four celebrations and a collection of every instrument I can play.”
Ruth grinned. “There’s nothing special I need.”
Paul shrugged. “I have a few books but that’s all. I suppose we’ll need food and maybe a cow, chickens and a goat.”
David sucked in a breath. He didn’t believe their lack of knowledge. Were they that na├»ve? How could he tell them they were fools? “Just how do you plan to transport all you think we should have? We’re an exploratory party not settlers.”
Paul shook his head. “I figured we’d each have a riding and a pack horse. They owe us that much.”
David leaned forward. “Maybe they do but have you seen the land beyond the Gap?”
His four companions shook their heads. “Have you?” Gabriel asked.
“I have.”
“I figured a way to banish me would be found. There are boulders as big as a cow blocking the way. The trail through is narrow. To move horses through the passage, we would have to move those rocks. The Elders wouldn’t permit the barrier to be open. Though you want to have wagons, the slopes are steep and rocky. We can take what we can carry on our backs.”
“Maybe there’s another way out,” Deborah said.
“Would they tell us?” David asked.
Paul rose. “David, take care of the supplies. Thinking about what to take and what to leave makes my head ache.”
“Is that the only reason…” David began. He stopped when Paul slapped his shoulder.
“You know I’m not practical. You always were.” He waved to the others. “We’d better go to the kitchen before all the food is gone.”
David remained beside the bench. He felt more alone than ever. He watched them walk away. He had no family to sit with. His mother was banished and forbidden to  enter the village. Deborah would sit with the Healers. He rose and walked toward the community kitchen. The long building was mostly wood except for the stone cooking area.
He entered the dining area. Narrow tables along the wall held a variety of food. David joined the line and took a platter. A slab of bread with the center cut into a bowl he filled with a savory stew. He selected cheeses, slices of ham, chicken and several sweets. With a mug of tea he carried his meal to a table in the corner with a single chair. He ignored the waves of his fellow herdsmen. He needed to be alone to think of the change to come and to plan for the trip.
Questions abounded. Why had Paul waited to reveal his plan? Why had the elders agreed? If David had known about this, he could have found the things they needed weeks or months ago.
For so long he’d been isolated from his childhood companions. How well did he know them now? Paul was a dreamer who had infected his friends with a vision of what he believed should happen in Sanctuary. David wondered if he’d been spared the infection and how long his immunity would last. Someone had to think of the practical aspects of the venture. If he hadn’t decided to join them he feared they wouldn’t have survived the journey through the Gap.
His emotions bounced like a fabled rubber ball from hope to despair and back. Though he welcomed the chance to leave Sanctuary, the presence of Ruth and Deborah in the group brought risks. All of his friends had spent the past five years in studies, not learning how to live where there was no support from those who shared their talents. Could he keep them safe?
David’s thoughts raced. He tried to list all they needed to carry. How much weight could each person carry? He needed Ranger packs with their metal frames that had many uses. Lined and oiled ponchos could double as blankets. Food, clothes, weapons.
How could he remember everything? What if he forgot something vital to their survival? He needed a slate. The moment he finished the sweets he carried his platter and mug to where people washed the dishes.
Then he sought the head stockman. “I won’t be working with the flocks.”
The older man nodded. “May the Three protect you. You have been an excellent shepherd.”
“Thank you for the blessing.”
“Keep your eyes open for pastures and grassy hillsides. We need room for our expanding stock.”