Thursday, November 20, 2014

Friday's Blogs of books by Victoria Chapman

A London season is the last thing bright, beautiful Emmaline Devereux wants. But her grandfather knows he is dying and insists that she find herself a husband and secure her future. But Emmaline has a past that, if revealed, will undoubtedly bring disgrace on her and those with whom she associates.
Lucius, Earl of Avondale, has sworn to not marry until he is forty, but fate brings Emmaline to his door. Intrigued by her, Lucius swears to unravel her mystery even if it does mean a marriage of convenience with her to appease her grandfather. But then Emmaline’s past catches up with her and she is abducted. Will Lucius want to find her and will the truth tear them apart or strengthen their love?

Lady Serena Buxton follows her husband from England to Cold Creek, a gold mining town in northern California. But, when she arrives, Randolph is missing.
The sheriff seems to be keeping a watchful eye on her. She cannot trust Douglas King, the mine manager who treats her as if she is already a widow. The bank manager refuses her request for access to Randolph’s funds. With no husband and no money, what is a girl to do?
Serena has an unsuspected and quite shocking talent. Two enterprising local ladies help her prepare for a public performance but the only suitable venue in town belongs to King with whom she strikes a bargain. The whole town turns out to see the show, the venue is packed.
But who is in the crowd watching? Will King insist on exacting his fees and will Serena be reunited with the husband she loves?

Lord Randolph and Lady Serena Buxton’s orderly lives are upset by Pinkerton Agent Stuart Montgomery’s unexpected arrival at their estate in England. And this is no ordinary social call!
Montgomery is investigating four suspicious deaths at an American aviation company, and of the two remaining partners one is the old friend of Lady Serena’s. Can Montgomery convince his friends to return to America with him in hopes of finding the missing piece to the puzzle that will help him close the case?
Serena has her doubts. Her concern for her friend, Sir Hilary, is overlaid by her fear that Randolph may once again find his life in danger from an old adversary who once left him for dead. Does Montgomery really want their assistance? Or is his case just an excuse to renew a potentially scandalous association with her?  Time is running out as events escalate revealing more secrets than ever suspected.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thursday's Heroine - Zelda from Pursuing Michael West MD #MFRWauthor

Zelda Carter wanted to pinch herself, but she knew Michael’s arrival wasn’t a dream. She’d heard rumors, but hospital’s grapevine bred stories as fast as mold multiplied in a dungeon. She sat at the desk and stared at nothing. Co-workers bustled past. The loudspeaker crackled. The phone rang. She sighed. He had returned home to practice surgery. She would see him every day.

Maybe this time he would open his eyes to the possibilities. Perhaps the strange and awful occurrences wouldn’t happen. Could she find a crack in his stone heart and prove she was the right woman for him?

Never had.

You’re wrong.

This time she would find a lure he couldn’t resist. She sucked in a breath and swore the citrus scent of him overpowered the sharper hospital odors.

“Ms. Carter, lab on line one,” the unit clerk said.

Zelda grabbed the receiver and jotted some values she’d wanted checked. She turned to the clerk. 

“Karen, if anyone wants me I’ll be in my office.”

“I’ll let them know, boss lady. You need to call Nan.”

“Will do.” Zelda strode down the hall. She needed to let the staff recruiter know there would soon be an opening for a nurse on the unit.”

She shut the door, reached for the phone and punched her friend’s extension. After Nan answered, Zelda mentioned the opening. “Need someone with dynamite qualifications. I’ll email you the specifics.” A gasp burst free when she saw the paper airplane perched on the edge of her desk.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Her heart hammered. What did he want? Visions of Michael filled her thoughts. She drifted into a dream. His green eyes glittered with interest. He asked for a date.

“Zelda, are you there.” Nan’s shout shredded the daydream.

“Just spaced out for a moment.”

“What’s he like?”


“The new surgeon. The house is buzzing with rumors and more. Thought I’d come to the one who has surely met him.”

Zelda laughed. “I have first dibs. Don’t you remember him?”

“If I knew his name I might.”

“Think four years ahead of us in school. Think red gold hair, though now it’s a dark auburn. Think broad shoulders, football, basketball, and baseball. Think handsome as sin.”

Nan chuckled. “Michael West.”


“Good luck.”

“Thanks.” Zelda hung up. She smoothed the paper airplane. He remembered the hundreds of notes she’d sailed over the back fence.

Must mean something.

Sure it does. Maybe.

The voice of doubt sounded again. She stared at the words he’d written and started the process of deciphering the scrawl. How could he? She’d loved him for years. Granted he’d ignored her years ago.

Professional. An order. As if she was anything but a professional here. A glance at the signature and she burst into uncontrollable laughter. Your former neighbor.

Tears rolled down her face and she gasped to catch a breath. She couldn’t wait to see his face when he learned she lived in the same building. Heavens, their bedrooms were separated by a very thin wall.

She folded her arms. Michael West, you’re in for a surprise. She brought the note to her nose and inhaled the citrus scent permeating the paper, or maybe her imagination. She tucked the note in her pocket. This belonged in her box of Michael mementos. Had he saved the notes and other items she’d given him over the years? Hope grew like bacteria in a Petrie dish. The missive proved his interest. So did the way he’d watched her this morning. His stares had ignited her body.

Michael, watch out. She would find a way to capture more than his sideways glances. She knew something he was too blind to see. She was his perfect mate.

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Step 2 From First Draft to Finished Novel #MFRWauthor

 In From First Draft to Finished Novel, Karen Wiesner talks about after brainstorming comes Research. Her take on research is more extensive than my take but more on that later.

During this phase of the story the first thing is to discover the areas where you'll need to do Research before beginning. The place you've chosen, the occupations of the main characters, the era you've chosen. Anything that needs to be discovered about person, place or thing. Once you've discovered all the things you'll need to discover while writing the book, you can Collect the material you need. For me, this often means books or on-line sites marked to return to again and again. Those are written down, though I do love books to leaf through and force myself not to start reading and reading. Reading is the next step in the process Karen speaks of. This is not a good time for many writer since one interesting fact leads to another. From here you go to Using. How and where in the story you're planning to write will you use this material? You may also find doing this research ideas for other stories. That's a good plus.

For me, I begin my stories by fitting a set of characters to plot and the plot to the characters. Then I decide what I might need to know and do my research after the story is roughed on paper. There are notes throughout my first drafts that say things like. Look up. Talk to. Find what can be used. But I always know before I begin what the story features, where the story takes place.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Inspiration - Words from John Donne

"Go and catch a falling star." Those words are ones that live in my head every day. They remind me of times spent with my grandfather. He taught me how to read. The poems of John Donne were among his favorites and this one especially.

I remember him saying after reading a poem or a story to me something that has stuck with em as well. "Words are magic." And words are, taking you to a new world or an old one seen by someone else's eyes.

Each author creates a world that is new and different and theirs. This may be the world we see every day but it's not really that wold. I believe if a dozen writers were given the specifics of a world, city, town or rural place, each would use those elements to make a different world.

So, "Go and catch a falling star. Get a child with mandrake root." Words are magic and use that magic to create a new world.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Meandering On Monday With Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor

Meander 1 - Talk about a busy week and weekend. Three books to do the final edits on. Then the releases surprised me. Pursuing Michael West MD was released late on Saturday and is now available at Amazon. Then Toth's Priest is released on Sunday and will be available on Monday. The third revision is for me since I'll be re-releasing it one of these days. Will be good to get back to writing.

Meander 2 - Novellas. I've been disappointed lately with some of the novellas I've been reading. Not that the story isn't a good one or that the writing isn't great. What's been bothering me is that the endings seemed rushed and rather leave me cold. Would like to say something to the authors but I won't since they are given a word count to restrain them. So I won't be buying many more novellas. That's a shame since some of the stories are good.

Meander 3 - My writing has almost come to a standstill because of revisions but not completely. What I did was tear up seven roughed in chapters since the book I was working on looked to be 70 to 80 thousand words and there's wasn't enough plot for that size of a book. Aiming for 40 to 60 thousand so what I had to do was go in and take out some of the subplots that were taking over the story. I'm back on track now and I'll see where it goes. This is called Divided Dreams and is part of the Moon Child series. The heroine of course is a Cancer and this Hero is a Gemini. That may be where the subplots came in because I was doing divided thinking like a Gemini.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday - Talking About My Books - A Double Opposition #MFRWauthor

When I began writing books about Astrological opposites, I came to the Gemini woman and her opposite in Sagittarius. What I knew about those born under Sagittarius is a good bit since I have a son and several male friends who were born under this sign. One thing they do is open their mouths and put their feet into the opening. Geminis are often looked upon as having split personalities. Not necessarily so but they do like things to be in pairs. What better than to make my heroine a widow with twin sons. Her former husband was a volunteer fireman who lost his life being a hero. Liz doesn't want any heros in her life. She doesn't want to be married again but the hero finally changes her mind.

The hero is a widower but he had a happy marriage and hasn't looked for love since his wife's death. There was a dark night at the lake when he shared sympathy and a bit more with a woman. The lack of moonlight kept him from really knowing who the person who offered him a chance to talk about his wife and their love.

Writing the story was fun, especially keeping her twin sons from taking over the story and being the catalyst for joining the couple together. The villain in this case, another nurse who had her eyes set on the hero and also on the nurse manager position the heroine is given gets what she deserves and also plays a role in bringing the couple together.

Writing about nurses and doctors is fairly easy for me though I do have to look up the latest developments and make visits to look at computers and all the latest. I kind of avoided those things in this book for a number of reasons. First the book was written before these things became prevalent. The second was most of the action takes place away from the hospital.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday's Blurbs featuring books by Liz Matis

Playing For Keeps (Fantasy Football – Season 1)

     Journalist Samantha Jameson always wanted to be one of the boys, but Ryan Terell won’t let her join the club. Fresh from the battlegrounds of Iraq, reporting on a bunch of overgrown boys playing pro football is just the change of scenery she needs. If trying to be taken seriously in the world of sports writing wasn’t hard enough, Ryan, her college crush, is only making it harder. As a tight-end for the team she’s covering, he is strictly off limits.
     Ryan Terell is a playmaker on and off the field, but when Samantha uncovers his moves, he throws out the playbook. Just as he claims his sweetest victory, Samantha’s investigation into a steroid scandal involving his team forces him to call a time-out to their off the record trysts. But then a life threatening injury on the field will force them both to decide just how far they’ll go to win the game.
Winner of the NECRWA First Kiss Contest.

Going For It (Fantasy Football – Season 2)

     Pro football player Jake Miller’s game plan for winning back supermodel Hannah Hahn is play action in the bedroom. Once he sees beyond the swimsuits and lingerie, feelings of love blindside him, changing the rules of the game.
     Hannah owns the runway, but that success came with a price and a secret that’s kept her from trusting a man until Jake crashes through her defenses.
     The paparazzi love the beauty and the beast couple but the tabloid rumors turn ugly and test the fragile trust between them. Then Hannah loses an ad campaign to fashion’s new ‘it’ girl. Her desperate reaction will cause Jake to challenge everything she’s ever believed about herself.

RT Book Reviews: Readers will wholeheartedly enjoy the cat-and-mouse game the main couple plays. Expect a large dose of spice, surprises, and a story that's perfect for the front page of a tabloid. The sequel to Playing For Keeps is a touchdown!

       Book Junkie: I loved GOING FOR IT because falling hard        
       and fast for two witty, feisty and completely honest  
       characters that do nothing if not capture your heart and
       take you on the wild ride that is their love story.

Huddle Up (Fantasy Football – Season 3)
     When Angel O'Malley is left penniless by her deceased father's gambling debts, she is forced to sue pro football player Billy Burner for child support. Blindsided with a five-year-old daughter, he tackles fatherhood with the same commitment he gives to the game, but he has his eye on a bigger prize: Angel's heart.

     She agrees to Billy's plan to play house to ensure the new father makes no rookie mistakes. Though their passions burn hotter than ever they must overcome old betrayals, past hurts, and new insecurities if they are to prevent history from repeating itself.

    Can a long ago summer love turn into an everlasting one?

The Quarterback Sneak

A recovering alcoholic, football player Liam McQueen seeks redemption on and off the field. So when the team's owner, the man who gave him a shot at a comeback, demands that Liam pretend to be engaged to his wayward daughter, it's a favor the reformed bad boy feels he can't refuse.

After violating her probation, heiress Hayden Middleton must prove to the court she's changed her wild ways. To appease the judge, the tabloid queen agrees to a fake engagement, but there's nothing fake about the heat that sizzles between her and her father's saintly star quarterback.

Mastering the sex playbook isn't a problem for this wild couple. Outside the bedroom, this mismatched pair must plan a game strategy to confront their demons if their temporary arrangement has any chance of going long.

Will love come into play as the sinner and the saint go head to head?