Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday's Inspiration - Freedom and Limitations #MFRWauthor

"Don't you wish..." As a writer, sometimes one starts to wonder what would happen if I had complete freedom to hide away and do nothing but write? What would happen if there were no limitations?

If there weren't limitations we probably wouldn't write. One has to have the desire to weave words to paint pictures. But if one didn't have to steal time to write or to even dream up the plans. I've heard people say hwo they envy writers and who feel they could do the same if they had time, I doubt they will because they can't embrace their limitations and find those moments when they can.

Limitations can be a number of things. There are writers who have demanding jobs, who have families with young children or older ones who need their attention. There are all kind of limitations but these writers don't stop writing. They find those moments or they use the moments stolen to think and to plan a story.

Think of the writer who has written a book that becomes a massive best-seller, but that person never writes another story. Why? They have the freedom to create but the limitation of having no money or time or whatever pushed them to write is gone. Instead of looking for another limitation they use their freedom in a sad kind of way.

Another way of having freedom is to retire from the daily job, have the children leave home. Many people then suddenly find themselves without that limitation to goad them to write. What happens is often nothing. So when freedom beckons, find a new set of limitations. Wishing for total freedom is a dream that could turn into a nightmare.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander 3 - going to do this backwards today. Sort of like a count down to the main event. Working on revisions on an old story and that's going well. Should have it finished close to the end of next month. The amount of change in the medical field since I first wrote the book amazes me. And not that much happens at the hospital in the story but really like Michael and Zelda.

Meander 2 - Am thinking about gathering all my books together in one place and will be working on that as the months fly past. Then life may be less complicated.

Meander 3- Book Signings - If I sell one book, the signing will be a success. A friend and great writer told me this and that's what I always think about before I go to a signing.
    Join HVRWA members signing books on Saturday Oct.4 from 12 to 3 PM at http://www.palaiavineyards.com/

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday - Talking About My books Moon Summoned #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

Initially I was going to write a trilogy but found that I needed to wind the story of these three women together. The story began with a dream, a newspaper article and my love of medicine. This story uses part of a myth about the three stages of a woman, the young woman cast here as a warrior, the mother figure who is a healer and the crone who became the seeker of justice.

The dream was of an old woman who had been a patient and her husband had just died. They'd been married for 60 years, had no children and she mentioned how she wanted to die. The article was about a gymnast who nearly became a wheelchair person after a fall. And the medicine goes back to my nursing.

The story unwound from there and developed until bringing the three heroes, three heroines and three villains together for a magical battle that rather exhausted me to write. Writing action usually does that to me. But writing fantasy was fun for me. I've read fantasy for years and enjoy putting my won twist when I develop my worlds. Building worlds is fun.

Three Moon Summoned women. Ashiera the Seer who controls the winds and sees into the thoughts of others. Dian the Warrior who controls fire and fights with the sword. Egeria the Healer who controls fluids and heals those who are injured. They are joined in their battle by Sieper a sailor who knows the winds, Kobe once sworn to the Lord of Shadows and Jetan a healer of animals. These three vow to help the three women against those sworn to Evil.
Lugal the Cabal reads the winds and thoughts. Sargon the Gladius controls fire and the armies of the Lord of Shadow. Lugal the Cabal has knowledge of herbs and uses them for evil. These three with their cohorts will face the three and three sworn to the Mistress of the Moons.

If you want to read more about how three dying women are summoned by the moon and are given new life, shared and integrated by three women of a world beyond time and space.

Moon Summoned   

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Juliet Waldron #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

ANGEL’S FLIGHT ~ A Revolutionary War Historical Romance
Forced to trust a mystery man who pledges to escort her on a dangerous war-time journey up river to her Albany home, Angelica expects to encounter brigands, Tories and Indians. What she doesn’t expect is to lose her heart along the way.
ROAN ROSE ~ English Medieval/Wars of Roses 
Loyalty Binds her! From childhood, maid-servant Rose bears witness to the passions, betrayals, battles and the reversals of fortune which shape Lady Anne Neville’s life—and, for better or for worse--her own.
RED MAGIC ~ Historical romance/fantasy
 Forced to marry a man she despises, Caterina, an impulsive, horse-mad teen, must grow up fast. Abduction, adventure, and a touch of magic, change this rebellious girl into an adored and adoring wife.
MY MOZART ~ Companion to Mozart’s Wife
Mozart was her teacher, her mentor, her rescuer--and, finally, fatally, her lover. A tragic and passionate love story, set in 18th Century Vienna.
HAND-ME-DOWN BRIDE ~ 19th Century traditional romance
Sophie agrees to marry a wealthy older man in far off America. Less than twenty-four hours after she arrives in German’s Mill, Pennsylvania, events take a stranger turn than anything she had imagined.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday's Guest Juliet Waldron - Talking about Heroes, Heroines and Villains #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

1. Do you write a single genre or do your fingers flow over the keys creating tales in many forms? Does your reading choices reflect your writing choices? Are there genres you wouldn’t attempt?

I prefer historical to everything else, although I’ve tried my hand at S/F a few times. Something to do with Time, I guess—one way or the other. I’ve never tried to plot a murder story or a police procedural, but probably because I’ve never done the research homework necessary. The “semi-biographical” is my favorite form of historical, because the plot is already constructed for you. That form also has burdens, too. Chief among them is that you really, really must immerse in your subject’s life. That means mentally swallowing a mountain of research followed by a long digestion period in which you assemble the character from all the bits you’ve collected.   

2. Heroes, Heroines, Villains. Which are your favorite to write? Does one of these come easy and why?

Heroines, hands down! Once again for me, the easy way—write what you know. I’m female, and that’s my experience of life. Strong women fascinate me as our sex has always been swimming against the societal tide. It’s still, in so many ways, a man’s world, and to be rewarded as a woman, just like the old saw, you must be “twice as smart and twice as fast” as the men against whom you compete.  Not that I’m one of these superwomen. My bold and brave heroines, I’ve begun to suspect, are a form of wish-fulfillment. 

3. Heroes. How do you find them? Do pictures, real life or plain imagination create the man you want every reader to love? Do they come before the plot or after you have the idea for the story?

Heroes can be a pain sometimes, especially when writing romantic fiction. To some extent, these are dream guys, so they aren’t allowed to have a lot of faults. Pardon me, but they can’t fart in bed, like real men sometimes do. I have taken up the practice of studying pictures, although contemporary fashions in “good looks” aren’t the same as those in the past, so the reader and I sometimes have a conflict of interest there. I’m currently writing a fantasy historical, however, in which the hero is the chief narrator, so there’s an exception to every rule. This charming guy, BTW, ‘came first,’ long before the plot, so in a very real sense, he’s the center of this story.

4. Heroines. How do you find them? Do pictures, real life or imagination create the woman you want the reader to root for? Do they appear before the plot or after you have the idea for the story?

In romantic fiction, I often use pictures (and astrology) to build a heroine and to instantly give her a shape. When I wrote Roan Rose, a medieval historical set in the now mega-popular English Wars of Roses period, I decided that instead of using the obvious narrator, one of the doomed royal principals, I’d use a fictional woman. She would be a ‘body servant’ who would naturally be—not a social equal, but, nevertheless, an intimate. Rose, an insider, could relate a “downstairs” view of events. She appeared with freckles, so many freckles that when she displeases her masters, they call her names like “spotted cow.” She’s definitely a girl with attitude.
5. Villains or villainesses or an antagonist, since they don’t always have to be the bad guy or girl. They can be a person opposed to the hero’s or heroine’s obtaining their goal. How do you choose one? How do you make them human?

It’s a tough job, making the bad guy a little more than a cardboard cut-out, particularly, again, in romantic fiction, which has certain conventions a writer must follow. I’d prefer to write stories in which people just are people, with good and bad mixed together, the kind who make enough messes just by themselves without some deadly exterior antagonist to cause trouble and plot twists. It’s helpful, though, to imagine a villain as someone who practices one of the seven deadly sins. That’s ‘human’ as all get-out! In a romance, first choices are lust, envy and greed, with drunkenness, avarice and hubris running close behind.  

6. What is your latest release? Who is the hero, heroine and or the villain?

Black Magic should be released in October. It’s a sequel to a book I never originally imagined would have one. The first, Red Magic, is historical/romance with fantasy elements, but the second book is more ‘creature-feature’ with a shape-shifting hero and villainous vampire with a long memory and a grudge. The love interest never really jelled, so perhaps, with the addition of sufficient Marvel-type bone-crunching and wrong-righting, this one treads closer to fantasy. The hero is one of a pair of noble twins born at the end of Red Magic. Handsome, disillusioned Goran von Hagen returns to a family estate after a decade of Napoleonic Warring to embark upon the life of an ordinary country gentleman. This definitely does not happen. 

7. What are you working on now?

What next? Another Magic character has already begun talking to me, as well as another of Sophie’s German sisters for a sequel to the Pennsylvania set Hand-me-Down Bride. I have an immense semi-biographical ‘drawer baby’ (as they were once called) about Alexander Hamilton and his wife, which I must polish. Note to self: Must, per Nora Roberts, get “fanny in chair.”

Thanks so much to Janet Walters, for such a kind invitation to blog on her excellent site!

8. How can people find you?

            Website http://www.julietwaldron.com

            Blog  http://yesterdayrevisitedhere.blogspot.com/

            Twitter  (Haven’t yet made it into the 21st Century.)

            Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/jwhistfic

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday's Hero - Seth from Horu's Choice by Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

Though Horu's Chosen isn't out, the book is available for pre-order on Amazon. Come and visit with Seth and see why he has to make the choice to leave his life here.

Seth slumped in the subway seat and shielded his face with a newspaper. Of all the luck. He was on his way to a meet with his handler and he didn’t want to be recognized. With care he moved the tabloid to study Tira. Panic showed in her expression. Perspiration dotted her forehead. Her tee shirt bore dirty smudges. She snatched a piece of paper from the seat beside her and seemed to study the words. As the car slid into the third stop she jumped to her feet and followed the crowd.
Another bit of bad luck. His stop, too. Just before the doors started to close he jumped out and headed up the stairs. When he reached the surface he searched and saw her running across the street. She entered the coffee shop. Strike three. That was the site of his meet.
Damn. Not a good idea to go inside. He would be late but late was better than made. Not that he didn’t trust Tira, but Ramos wanted her and the drug dealer had ways of making people talk. Tira’s sister had been a user and seller. Luci had angered Ramos by not paying what she owed and stealing drugs.
Seth slipped into a dark doorway and waited. Five minutes. Ten. At the fifteen minute mark Tira exited and stopped to use her phone. Moments later she dropped something on the sidewalk and hurried away.
Seth dashed forward and picked up the paper and read.
            Life got you down? Have unsolved problems?
            Looking for an escape? The answer is in your stars.
            A counselor is available night and day.
            Dial 1- 800- 555- ASTR
He read the paragraph again. Truth or scam? Had this piece of paper lured Tira into danger? Should he follow her? He frowned and peered down the street. She had vanished. When he’d warned her not to go home, he’d done more than he should have. But he liked her and knew she’d done nothing wrong. Her sister’s murder had put Tira in danger. The cops would have questioned and released her. Then Ramon would have stepped in. Seth hoped she had a safe place to hide. Holding this thought close he tucked the flyer in his pocket and entered the coffee shop.
As he slipped into the rear booth his handler glared. “You’re late.
“Better late than identified.”
Bob Tolena rubbed his hand over his receding hairline. “What?”
“The girl who just left the shop was Luci Gray’s sister.”
“And you let her get away?”
Seth shrugged. He grabbed the cup of coffee and drained the bitter brew hoping a caffeine jolt would unclog his head. If he didn’t get some rest soon he would make a fatal mistake.
The waitress arrived and refilled his cup. She slammed a plate with a burger and fries in front of Seth. He glanced at the older man. “Yours?”
“Not. Eat. You look like hell.”
As soon as the waitress left, Seth looked up. “That lead to Ramos is dead. What now?”
“If you see that young woman, have her picked up.”
“Why? She’s innocent.”
“Don’t you think someone official should make that call? No matter. We’ll keep an eye on her.” The older man slid a piece of paper across the table. “There’s some new info surfacing. You still have an in at that church-run community center?”
“Sure.” Seth picked up the burger and took a bite. How much longer could he continue undercover? For two years he had slunk through the alleys passing information to his handler. Three drug busts based on what he’d learned had gone down. But the bosses wanted more and more. Ramos would be the biggest.
Seth’s hands shook. Would he ever see the end? He felt older than his twenty-five years. “I want out.”
“Not yet. You’re young. Hang in there for another year or two. About the center, Ramos is sniffing around.”
The burger dropped to the plate. A year was too long. So was a month. He hadn’t gone to the academy or joined the force for this secretive life.
Bob clamped a hand on Seth’s wrist. “You’re good at this. Pete would be proud of what you’ve accomplished.”
Seth rose. He felt sick. “I’ll let you know if I hear anything.”
By bus and on foot he made his way to one of his hidey holes. He stretched on the bed and slept.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Series - Bringing Something New #MFRWauthor

Series often have the same character or characters. Revealing how these characters change and grow is important. To have the characters remain the same can make the reader wonder why since people in real life often change. Changes can happen in many ways and show these characters can move forward one step at a time. Sometimes during a series a clue in the first of the books or something just thrown in there for effect can be sued later to show a change in the character.

One way to show a character changing would be to move them to a different location, one where they become a stranger exploring a strange land. During this change in venue the character chan show changes that will show up in later things.

Making a change in an existing relationship can give new depth to the series character can show the character maturing and growing in a new way, Bringing in a new character for interaction with the main character of characters can bring a change.

A lesson learned is also a way to show the series character changing and developing. The lesson should be what's learned in the last book in the series brought into the next.

For the writer, keeping a list or something showing how they want the character to change and develop can be a help. Having a great memory is another. Sometimes a series develops when the writer has no intention of turning the character into a series character. When this happens, there could be make the reader wonder what happened.

I write series where the characters are the same. One is easy to show the characters changing since they begin in their early teens and end up in their late teens. The other is a character who has a well-developed nature when the series begins. Changing venues and relationships are the keys here.