Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Anti-climax complication #MFRWauthor

As you're nearing the end and the moment of decision for the main character or characters there should be an anti-climax moment that forces the decision. This complication is the revelation of a truth or truths forcing one of the characters to make a decision. This leads the hero or heroine to make a decision that resolves the major complication of the story.

When doing this in a character driven story the character must be the one to make the decision. A plot line story the decision could be caused by an outside event,

Casually related events have some influence on the major character or characters. This allows for minor complications that will build toward the major one. Use minor events to show character, to progress the plot or show how the setting impacts the story. There are many forms of minor events but don't try to use every one you can think up or the novel might become a never-ending story making the book more like an encyclopedia than a novel.

Try to make the major conflict in the story character against character, character and an obstacle or character and a disaster he or she must face.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - From a Quote by Judith Krantz #MFRWauthor

"I can't write an article called "How to Write a Best Seller" because there is no magic formula." Judith Krantz.

How true! Writing a best seller is something most writers dream about. There are some who manage to achieve this goal. How do these people go about this? Part may be writing the right book at the right time. Another is via word of mouth. One person tells another about this great book they just finished.

This hasn't happened to me but hope remains. How about you? Do you sit down and start a book hoping this is the one that will bring you instant fame.

Ms. Krantz goes on to mention several things she's learned in her career. The first one really appealed to me. Don't be intimidated by the work of other successful authors. You're not them and what you bring to a story is taken from yourself. But we've all written books that we wish we'd written. There are some I find I wish I'd written but when I look at what they've written, I know those stories aren't ones I care to try. As for imitating them, I really can't. Some people can.

One thing Ms. Krantz advises is to outline. This is something I love to do. Little snippets written down start to form patterns and patterns lead to story.

So lock yourself in a place and leave orders not to be disturbed. Many years ago, my sons put up a roll of numbers and told everyone who came into the house to take a number and when their number was called they could talk to me. My oldest granddaughter once told her mother "Be quiet. Grandma's making words."

So write the story and then re-write it because you've grown as a writer with each version of the story you write.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander 1 - I remember when Memorial Day had a specific date. May 30th. So no matter what day of the week that was the point of celebration. Now I have nothing wrong with a three day weekend but of course I don't work so having three days doesn't matter to me. Times and customs change so now Memorial Day sort of floats around a number of dates so people can have the long weekend. Does it matter. Probably not.

Meander 2 - Crazy week the past one when I realized I didn't have anyone scheduled for the weekend on the blog. I celebrated the 6 books I had released since the first of the year. Three contemporary romances. Two fantasy romances. 1 Just fantasy with perhaps a hint of a romance that ends not in a wonderful way. I was then looking at what needs to be done since these are series. There are 3 contemporary romances to complete that cycle. There are two to complete the fantasy romance cycle and one book to tie up all the loose ends of the fantasy. Seems to be a lot and perhaps I'll finish and perhaps not.

Meander 3 - Writing schedule. Am still typing Divided Dreams so I can decide which chapters need a lot of revision and which don't. Better to do this as a unit so one can be sure of the time sequence and also which scenes need more work. Love scenes definitely and so do some of the others. Have been outlining a fantasy romance that belongs with the two released this year. Wizards of Fyre and it's a rather tricky one to work out the details but I will manage.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday's Book -Melodic Dreams by Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

When Maria and a child she says is his arrives on Jay’s doorsteps, he is in the middle of composing a musical. Though the four year old has his eyes, Jay can’t be sure this isn’t a scam. He believes his dead wife took steps to rid herself of the child. A need for his assistance to help with childcare while she works is Maria’s reason for arriving in Fern Lake. She also believes her nephew should know his father. Can Jay accept and learn to love his child and deal with the attraction to a woman who physically looks like his dead wife? Can Maria deal with his trust issues and a threat from her own family?

By Alice Orr on May 4, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
This story tugged my heartstrings. Part of that is because I identify so closely with the heroine Maria. I've was a single parent once myself and I know how demanding that can be. Maria takes on the same demands to parent her nephew Jamie. He's a lovable four-year-old for sure but I still admire her. Especially when she extends herself even further and tries to unite the boy with his estranged father Jay who misunderstands her intentions entirely. Which is maybe understandable since she's financially distressed and he's wealthy. Meanwhile Maria and Jay are attracted to each other from the start but that only complicates the situation more. Plus Maria injures herself and... Well I'm not going to spoil the story for you. I was rooting for this trio to become a family from the start. Each of them needs the other and they all need to be together. But there are obstacles to overcome. Substantial obstacles. That's what makes this such a compelling read. That and the chemistry between Maria and Jay which is hot and gets hotter still all the way through. I recommend this as Janet Lane Walters' best novel yet.
By Kat Taylor on March 24, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Janet Lane Walters has done it again. Another sexy read. I always look forward to her books. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Three More books Released this year by Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #Books We Love

Sanctuary's Ending

In the beginning the goddesses Sola and Luna shone on their sister bringing forth all life. Erda grew rich and fat and the people loved the Three. Some began to lust for the treasures buried beneath Erda’s skin. She offered them freely but men began to dig and plunder her riches. Sola and Luna hated what they saw. With floods, winds, fires and earthquakes they punished the children Erda had raised.

For five hundred years has passed since a group of the goddesses followers retreated behind the Gap. Almost twenty years ago, five children were born. They were tested for gifts of the goddess and to enter training. One became a Healer, one a Singer, one a Sensitive and one an Elder. David’s test was conducted by a Teacher who hated him and he was assigned to the lowest class and became a shepherd. Though he accepts this, he is angry especially when some of the talents begin to emerge. He has healed animals and can sense the emotions of others. The five had always talked about leaving the sanctuary.

On the evening of the spring equinox, the four are to be inducted into their specialties. The Elder trainee among them has plans to leave. He invites David to join them. David’s enemy offers to accompany them and is given permission. What will they find when they enter the world? A Seer gives a forewarning. Of the six only four will return. Who will be left behind and why? Can David prove he has at least a touch of all of the talents?

The Temple of Fyre

Sold by her family to the priestesses of the Temple of Fyre, Ria soon masters using each of the four fyrestones, white, yellow, orange and scarlet. Her curiosity leads her to the archives and there, she learns things that disturb her. There are no men serving as priests but in the past there were. Men are kept in the harras where the priestesses visit. On the day of her testing she is ordered to perform a task she dislikes and refuses to destroy a town. Many of the priestesses fall into unconsciousness. Melera, the chief priestess, beats and banishes Ria for the carrion crows to consume.

Ari was abandoned as a child and found by two elderly firestone miners. He has pursued this and is the best of the finders. He goes to the temple to sell the stones he has gleaned. On leaving, Ria attempts to steal the fyrestone he has worn since the day he was found. He thinks she is a boy and a thief and he takes her to his room at the inn. On discovering her identity, he refuses to turn her over to the priestesses and they leave town. They are searching for the fabled blue fyrestones. They also learn to use them they must be bonded physically, emotionally and spiritually. Can they learn to master the blue stones and defeat Malera so they can rule the temple with love and understanding?

The Dragons of Fyre

After escaping from the temple of Fyre, Drakon returns to his home to find only two people and a yellow dragon. He and the Old One learn as much as they can about the land at present. The lord of Sea Cliff Tower has gathered the remaining dragons at his keep. On learning the High Peaks Tower’s red dragon is with egg they arrange her escape and rescue her eggs. Now they must find a way to defeat their enemy and return the dragons to the other towers.

Arana, sold by the temple priestesses to the slavers is bought by the lord of High Tower and made a part of the family. Before they are able to adopt her the lord of Sea Cliff Tower invades and destroys the family, taking her and her friend prisoner. Drakon is sold. Arana because she can speak to the dragons is made a slave care-giver. She saves a green egg and raises the green dragon. After helping the High Peaks Tower’s red dragon escape she is in danger and must find a way to escape. Her attempt to ride the green dragon succeeds and she arrives injured and ill. Once she recovers she and Drakon attempt to find a way to rescue the other dragons of Fyre.

Friday, May 22, 2015

My releases this year so far. Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

Since I forgot to schedule someone for the weekend. Looked at the calender and pulled dates from who knows where. Today and tomorrow, I'll put up a bit about the books I've released so far this year. Now many of them are re-releases but that doesn't mean I took what was already there and just slapped a new cover and or a title on them. What it means is that I practically re-wrote them by making changes and updating some of them going page by page to make them better books. Three are contemporary and three are fantasy so I'll start with the contemporary ones.

 This is medieval.” That’s Carrie’s response to the reading of her grandfather’s will. The money will allow her to provide for her ill mother and give her the chance to give up one of her full time jobs as a nurse. The money won’t be hers until she marries. This creates a dilemma. She has no time for dating and doesn’t know who would marry her until she thinks of her former best friend, Tony. But can she ask him? Two months later time is running out and she decides to take the plunge.

Three years ago, Tony and his wife divorced. Last year he obtained custody or their child. When Carrie asks him to marry her he decides since this won’t be a real marriage, he can accept. Years ago, he loved Carrie but never said anything to her. Now burned, he doesn’t believe in love. To help her uncomplicate her life he agrees.

Can Tony and Carrie get past the reason for the marriage and find love and make a home for his son?

Her mother was a hired nanny and her father the Mellwood Bank. This is the way Taurus Laurel Richmond describes her family. After burning out as a nurse with an international health agency, she returns to Eastlake, the one place she where she felt connected. She studied nursing here and made a number of friends. Her one problem is her wealth. Soon she will receive a fortune. But money hasn’t given her the things she wants, a home, a family and love. Since a chance visit after summer camp with a friend made there, her idea of a man to love has been Alex Carter.

Alex Carter is a Scorpio, a single dad with a five year old son. He’s a general practitioner at Eastlake Community Hospital. While attracted to Laurel, he has one problem. His ex and now dead wife had a lot of money and little sense. Drugs and her fast friends were her life. She abandoned their son who cried for hours until his father returned. Alex has no love for women with money. Attraction or not he refuses to admit he’s falling for Laurel.

With the help of Alex’s son, Laurel sets out to prove to Alex she’s in town for the long haul and she will make the perfect wife and mother.

Aries - Libra Connection

Jenessa is Aries, a nurse, union advocate and likes a good fight.

Eric is Libra, Director of Nursing, and believes in compromise.

Can these two find a way to uncover the underhanded events at the hospital? They’re on opposite sides but the attraction between them is strong. She’s a widow who fought to save her husband’s life during a code. She feels guilty because the love she and her husband shared had died before his death. He assisted at the code but he feels guilty since he was the one who was responsible for the short staffing the night her husband died.

Now they face falling in love and trying to solve the problems between the nurse’s union and the president of the hospital’s Board who wants a take over of the hospital by his hospital group. Is their connection strong enough to survive?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday's Villain - Hebu Beloved of Aken Re from Toth's Priest by Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLove

The priest’s grin chilled Namose. Was like staring into the eyes of a serpent. He couldn’t move. The evil one grabbed Namose’s arm and dragged him into the chariot. Namose struggled but the grip tightened.
“Kashe, help!"
Namose watched his brother turn and lunge toward the chariot. He missed. A crowd of the guards surrounded him.
“No!” Namose screamed. He tried to jump from the moving vehicle. The priest’s fist smashed into his jaw. Namose fell to the wicker floor.
“Be still. You are mine.”
“Return my heir,” the nomarch shouted.
“He is mine.” The priest laughed. “I am Hebu, beloved of Aken Re.”
The chariot raced through the barley field crushing plants beneath the wheels. The clatter over the bridge hurt Namose’s ears. He huddled on the floor expecting some disaster during the frantic flight to overturn them. His body slammed against the sides of the car. The jostling brought acid into his throat.
Why had this priest taken him? Namose couldn’t think of a reason. He remained a boy in years, just sixteen years, though in four lunars he would gain another year. Then he would be considered a man.
In time the chariot slowed. Before Namose stood, the priest pressed a foot against his back. He bound Namose’s arms behind his back with a length of leather cord.
“Why did you take me?”
“In time you will learn.” Hebu bent closer. “I have a use for you.” Hebu’s laughter showed no trace of humor. “You’ll serve me and in time you will swear allegiance to Aken Re, the true and only god.”
Never. The words reverberated in his head. Though he didn’t voice his denial, thoughts of defiance filled him with purpose. He would never swear to the god of the Hykons. Of the Three of the Two Lands, Toth had his loyalty. For that reason he had struggled to learn how to read some of the words written in the ancient language he’d discovered in scrolls his father had “borrowed” from the Toth temple guarding the Valley of the Pharaohs,
Hebu waited while the horse drank from an irrigation canal. Namose wished the priest would offer him a drink. Instead the man emptied the water sack and tossed it aside. Hebu took his place and urged the horse forward.
Namose dozed and woke when the chariot stopped a second time. He rolled to his side and peered through the woven side of the cart. The sun was far to the west.
“Who goes there?” a gruff voice asked.
“Hebu, beloved of Aken Re. Is the boat ready to cross the river?”
Hebu prodded Namose with a booted foot. “Up. If I free your arms will you follow my orders?”
Since he had no idea where he was and he had no weapons, what choice did he have but to follow the priest? He nodded. He wished he was more like his brother. Kashe understood strategy and planning. As the youngest son, he hadn’t been trained in the ways of a warrior or like the oldest son to rule.
Hebu pulled him from the chariot and freed his arms. Namose sucked in a cry of pain. He refused to let the evil man see him cringe. Needles of pain pricked his hands and arms. He rolled his shoulders to ease the stiffness.
“Pick up the bundle and carry it to the boat,” Hebu said.
Namose obeyed. He limped to the small river craft and stepped on board. He placed the bundle in the tiny shelter near the rear of the deck. Hebu entered the shelter. Namose sank on the deck and leaned against the side.

“Wake me when we near our destination,” Hebu said.