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Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Dialogue Outer #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #dialogue

 Dialogue in fiction must serve a purpose. There are also several things to be aware of The choice of words, the pacing of what the speaker is saying and the tone. How do people choose their words in real life conversations. Take time to listen to people as they talk.

Different career choices bring certain words to a dialogue. Medical people choose words the average person might not. Cops have a distinct vocabulary. So when you're writing two people talking think of who they are, and what they are.

Men and women tend to speak differently. Women often use longer sentences and men shorter ones. This isn't always the case but be aware when you're doing dialogues.

Some characters use flowing sentences. They almost sound like poets. Others use terse remarks. Also what is happening will add  to the tempo of a sentence. Danger can cause terseness. Making love can evoke longer sentences. Dialogue is a good wat to show what the person is feeling.

Tone is part of dialogue and can be difficult. Sure adding an adverb like seh said lightly. He asked angrily. These give the idea but sometimes when writing dialogue putting those adverbs in can be intrusive. This can be done by putting a bit of action. For example "What are you doing here?" Mary asked angrily.  or What are you doing here?" Mary's hands fisted on her hips. Both set a tone but the second one brings the reader's imagination into the story.

There will be something next week on how to use dialogue in your story.


Monday, June 18, 2018

Meandering on Monday With Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #Poem #writing

Meander 1  Poem

Stolen moments from my day
Are ones i spend with thee.
I eagerly await those hours
When reality becomes fantasy.

To your deep and steady words
I listen with soft ear.
Entranced, I cannot move
All I can do is hear.

nd wish i could become a stone
To be a statue in your garden
Where I could look on you
And whisper sweet amen.

Meander 2 - Father's Day - Comes and children will be calling my husband. Even the grandchildren will call. Since out oldest granddaughter isn't here this year, I've decided to bake the cake she would have baked. Chocolate with chocolate icing. His favorite.

Meander 3 Writing. Finally finished the rough draft of Virgo Pisces. It's really rough and some of the scenes are really unfinished. In the next month, I'll finish them and then get on to the revisions. I'm sure some of the chapters will need no work and others will need to be re-written. September isn't that long from now.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday's Book - The Amber Chronicles by Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #Fantasy #Amber

The Amber Chronicles

Amber Chronicles Collection: Emme, a witch and the heir to the throne of the world called Amber is banished from her home to find love. She believes she can command a man to love her but this does not work. Angry at being told no by the crown prince of Rivand she casts a spell on the Riva family. Every hundred years when the moon is full at the summer solstice she will call the crown prince. If he refuses to cede his love to her he will enter the amber orb and vanish. Four times she fails and the princes find adventure on other worlds. One turns an enchanted amber dragon into a princess. The second is imprisoned in an amber tower and must select a bride. The third must free the heroine from an amber cage. Emme slowly learns her lesson and returns to spend her childhood with the fourth prince. Hoping knowing each other will help. She has fallen in love with the crown prince and enters the amber orb in his place. Can Emme who is Cast in Amber be freed and gain the love she has sought for all those years?

FOUR STARS! The witch's curse of zapping princes into an amber orb is one of my favorites. This story is the fate of the very first prince. It reads much like a fairy tale, where at least one moral is to be learned. An enchanting fantasy. **** Detra Fitch

Customer Reviews

Top customer reviews

April 18, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

July 1, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

March 8, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition

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Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by J. S. Marlo #MFRWauthor #BWLLTD #Mystery

Voted Out

Voted Out by J. S. Marlo

To unravel the mysteries in the election office and protect the integrity of the election, Liliane risks her reputation, her heart, and her life.

Liliane's mind is reeling, not from the ramifications of her secret love affair, but from the unethical behavior, the blackmail, and the extortion taking place in the election office.

Coaxed into exercising damage control and assuming responsibilities beyond her role as finance officer, Liliane longs to spend time in her art studio, but when election officers begin to vanish and die, she cannot dismiss the events unfolding around her and her lover.

To unravel the mysteries and protect the integrity of the election, Liliane risks her reputation, her heart, and her life.

Where to buy?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Salvaged by J. S. Marlo

The discovery of a submerged Model T blurs the line between dream and reality, exposing a young scuba diver's past and threatening her future.

Star Fisher refuses to let the scar marring her face dictate her choices or the dreams haunting her nights affect her life. A skilled scuba diver and underwater investigator, she assists in the salvage operation of a sunken Model T, but will it reveal its secrets?

Captivated by the feisty diver, captain Hauk Ludvikson struggles against his attraction as they explore the old automobile linked to the unsolved disappearance of a rich heiress. As past crimes create new ones, he must decide if he wants to protect Star or protect his heart.

With danger lurking under and above the water line, Star fights for her future — a future she may not salvage twice.

Where to buy?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Hot Water (Heart & Endurance #3) by J. S. Marlo

Can Agent Sullivan repress his feelings for the woman he secretly loves and use her as bait to catch a serial killer?

Nineteen-year-old varsity swimmer Maxime Tremblay is leery of the string of fatal accidents involving female athletes, but after she thwarts an attack, she can no longer ignore the connection between the victims.
Special Agent Ross Sullivan investigates the deadly events on campus only to discover they are not accidents, the athletes are not targeted at random, and the killer is only warming up.
To protect his only witness, he goes undercover as Maxime's boyfriend, but as pretense and reality begin to blur, Sullivan faces the dilemma of putting her in harm’s way to stop the killings.
Where to buy?

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Friday's Guest - J. S. Marlo Who She Was Before #MFRWauthor #BWLLTD #Who She Was

1.     What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

If I look back, I was always a writer. When I was in high school, I was writing short stories for my friends to read, but to be honest, that was the extent of my interest in language. I was a math and science girl with an overactive imagination. Eventually I got a degree in finance/accounting and I became a military wife. I moved back and forth across the country many times, I learned English (my first language is French), I raised three kids, and I experienced—and survived—many memorable adventures.

After my kids left the nest, I faced a major health crisis. Writing became an escape from the surgeries I had to undergo, but then it took a life of its own. I couldn’t stop writing, and eventually I got published. I guess I draw inspiration from all the adventures and misadventures in my l

2.     Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above. 

At the beginning, I was writing a blend of contemporary romance, mystery & suspense, but with my next series “Unraveling the Past”, I’m also stepping into the past and adding paranormal elements to my usual blend. I’ll know in a few months if it’s working for me, so Stay Tune.

3.     Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres? 

Not really. For the longest time, I was a science-fiction reader. The first ever short-story I wrote (back when I was a teenager) was a science-fiction story. Now I read many different genres in many different time periods. If a story grabs me, I’ll read it to the last page.

4.     What's your latest release? 

My latest novel is Voted Out. It came out in Fall 2017. Ever wonder what happen behind the scene when you go vote in an election office? Voted Out will transport you in a world of secret affairs, blackmail, revenge, romance, extortion...and murder.

5.     What are you working on now? 

I just finished “Unwanted” (Duty Bound #4) and I’m currently doing edits. It should be released in Fall 2018. “Unwanted” takes place in a nursing home where a doctor must decipher the secrets locked in a ravaged mind before more elderly residents—and the woman he loves—succumb to strange accidents.

I also started the first book of my Unraveling the Past Series. “Misguided Honor” takes place in 1941 in Nova Scotia and is based on an oral legend I heard when I lived there. I’ve never written an historical or a ghost story before, so this is fun.

6.     Where can we find you? 

Twitter -> @JSMarloAuthor

Email  -> JSMarlo@shaw.ca

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Thursday's Third Scene - Sanctuary's Ending - Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BWLLTD #fantasy

On the late afternoon of the day of the spring equinox celebration, Deborah sat on the women’s side of the meeting house with the Healers. The hardness of the stone bench made her wish for a cushion. She shifted so she could see the open wooden doors. Would her twin arrive in time? Would he join those who had been his childhood friends?
Ruth sat with the Sensitives. Deborah saw her friend’s ashen skin and the way she bit her lower lip. Deborah wished they sat together for courage and reassurance. The roiling meotions in of the gathered people must responsible for Ruth’s tensions. 
She turned from the door and glanced at the platform where the Singers and Elders sat. She spotted Gabriel with the Singers and Paul on a chair beside the eleven older men. In the center of the stage the Seat of Judgment stood beneath the round glass window.
Where was her brother? He had to arrive. There were few reasons any man, woman or child could be absent from one of the four ceremonies. Punishments were always meted out. A night in the stocks could be ordered or banishment with a stoning was also possible.
Paul had vowed they would leave the community without her twin. Could they survive without someone used to living away from the village and their sheltered houses? Her fingers tightened into fists as a frission of fear walked her spine. What if Paul had been mistaken? What if an accident had prevented David’s arrival?
Deborah turned her head toward the door. Her gaze met the icy blue stare of Paul’s older brother. In that instant she saw lust and anger. Her gut lurched. He would be glad if her brother failed to arrive. Elder Jeremiah’s older son had hated David and would have used his position as Teacher to somehow undermine the testing process.
The first peal of the summoning bell rang loud. David, where are you? She tried to  reach him on the long unused connection of their childhood. She failed.



Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday Affinities Havens #MFRWHooks #BWLLTD #Fantasy #adventure #earth, #air #fire #water

Havens (Affinities Book 2 - Young Adult fantasy, Books We Love)

Today my post is Havens second book in the Affinities series. Captured children need help to aid their escape.  Join me and other great Authors here http://mfrwbookhooks.blogspot.com

The four teens, led by the mysterious birds they believe are their parents seek a place of safety where they can learn to control their affinities. They find a place of refuge with Doma Jandia, grandmother of their friend Zand. The doma plans to take them to the highlands but news of the capture of two of their friends by Dom Senet, sends them on a rescue mission. Their powers are not strong enough to defeat the evil dom. They must find a way to succeed or their friends will be corrupted forever.

Available from Books We Love

JL Walters – Affinities Series

Affinities Book 1 – Escape
Affinities Book 2 – Havens
Affinities Book 3 – Searches
Affinities Book 4 – Confrontations

March 8, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase


Alizand prowled about his bed chamber.  He paused beside the window and pushed the heavy draperies aside.  Another day of confinement.  Since the day his step-brothers had invaded the suite, forcing Alizand to reveal his affinity for Fire, he’d been a prisoner. 
     At least the guards at the door believed he couldn’t leave.  They didn’t know about the hidden sections and the secret rooms and passages to be found beyond the walls.  Though Alizand could slip away, he should wait until night lest his room be checked.  Dom Senet often made random visits during the day.  Only when Alizand’s personal guard appeared could he escape these chambers. The corridors and places he could go had to be kept secret. 
     He was bored.  He even missed the tedious lessons he’d been given by the clan elders during the short time he’d been acknowledged as his father’s heir.  Having his affinity exposed had ended the dream of being deemed fit to become a prince.  No one who could use one or all of the elements could rule the princedom of Wesren.
     He stared at the tray on the table.  A maidservant had delivered the food a short time before.  Though he had eaten nothing since yesterday’s midday meal, he had no desire to break his fast.
The back of Alizand’s neck prickled.  Trouble approached.  Which of the many enemies he’d collected in his fourteen years of life came to upset his day?
     The door opened.  Before the guard could announce the visitor, a tall man entered.  His ash blond hair hung in a single braid.  Black leather riding clothes gleamed in the light from candles set in glass-shielded sconces on the wall.  His dark green eyes sought and held Alizand’s gaze.
     A smile appeared on Dom Senet’s face.  Alizand felt like a tabby surrounded by a pack of ratis.  He forced himself to breathe.  How could one man raise such a high degree of terror?  Though Alizand’s legs felt unsteady, he forced himself to remain on his feet.
     “Dom Senet.”  A sense of pride filled Alizand’s thoughts.  His voice hadn’t cracked or risen to a high pitch to reveal his inner quaking.
     The dom stroked the multi-colored gem he wore about his neck.  The gold chain glinted.  “I have questions for you to answer.”
     Questions, Alizand thought.  What kind of trick was this?  He couldn’t relax his barriers or forget his suspicions of the dom.  Was this a new way to fool him into becoming the dom’s puppet?  Alizand needed to respond.  To remain silent would expose his fear.  “What do you want to know?”
     “About your kin, the children of your father’s step-brother.  I have a great need to find them.  Poor lost children who need a home and a guardian.”
     Alizand’s hands clenched.  His friends had saved his life when he’d been injured in the aftermath of the destruction of the henge.  With them, he’d been Zand, a person and not a creature to be used.         “I don’t know where they are.  I told my father I didn’t and I say the same to you.”
     “I think otherwise.”  The dom moved closer.
     Alizand clung to his determination to resist.  He felt icy touches trying to push beneath his surface thoughts and invade his memories.  He pressed his hand against the gem beneath his tunic and strained to hold firm against Dom Senet’s invasion.  “How could I know where they’ve been or where they’re going?  I’ve been a prisoner here for weeks.”



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Tuesday's Writer's Tip - More on Dialogue - Internal #MFRWauthor #Dialogue #Writing #Jane Toombs #Janet Lane Walters

There are two kindof dialogues. Internal and External. Today, we're looking at internal dialogue. Internal dialogue deals with thoughts. As I'm typing this, I'm engaged in internal dialogue with myself. Often stopping to decide what to write. We do this all the time.

In a story, internal dialogue can have a different kind of use. Often a character can be in a situation they like or don't like. Snippets of internal dialogue and can help the reader learn much about the character. I've often used this as a devise for the character to say one thing but thinking the opposite. Internal dialogue can be self-congratulatory. Some people think in fully formed sentences and some in phrases. A phrase or two internally can say a lot.

While internal dialogue is great for showing a character's true nature, internal dialogue can also give the reader information as in the character holding a secret from those they are interacting with. This form of communication can also show the character planning and thus advancing the plot.

So use internal dialogue for effect, using it to add depth to your story.