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Sunday's Book Seducing the Baker #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Romance #Contemporary #Cupcakes

Seducing the Baker (At First Sight Book 6)

She was the only girl to turn him down. What will happen when business and a wedding bring them together again.

Jules Grayson was a player as a teen and that hasn’t changed. Business and a friend’s wedding join to bring him to the place where his life had imploded and where his trust issues began. A Ponzi scheme and a suicide forced him into a group home he hated. For ten years he has avoided returning.

Grace Sutton is faced with a dilemma added to by the appearance of Jules in her Sweet and Spicy Cupcake bakery. Years ago she turned Jules down but she had a crush. His appearance erodes the vow she made years ago. Men had used her mother and led the woman into drugs and alcohol. Grace vowed to forego relationships with men until she could support herself. Though the bakery is making money, she doesn’t feel secure. When Jules arrives with a contract for a magazine feature, she is conflicted and attracted.

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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Saturday's Blurbs feature Books by Joanie MacNeil #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Romance

The Trouble with Natalie

The Trouble with Natalie
Experience has taught Natalie Harrigan that men are trouble, and having a man in her life is not on her agenda. Her priority is to succeed in her recent appointment as CEO.
Enter Luke DeMarco, Director of Public Affairs and Natalie’s young brother’s best friend. Luke has loved Natalie from the moment he first set eyes on her. Now, twenty years later, she’s more woman than ever, and Luke’s not too worried about the twelve years difference in their ages. Surely his gentle wooing will convince her that age is no barrier to love? But Natalie is his boss. Will she allow him to move from their boardroom to her bedroom?

No Boundaries
Attractive Paige Delaney is more woman than Jack Shannon wants in his life, though he's in serious need of her award winning skills in web design.  Paige believes her sexy new boss thinks he's God's gift to woman.  Both are single parents with shattered dreams and damaged hearts, having suffered betrayals of trust in previous relationships. Each desires a loving relationship though are cautious about trusting the opposite sex again. 
When Jack moves into his new house and discovers Paige is his next door neighbor, their protective barriers and personal goals are under threat.  Is it fate or their teenage children conspiring to push them together?

Sapphire Kisses
Alexandra Jordan doesn’t expect the challenge ahead of her when she agrees to spend the summer as a research assistant for acclaimed author, David Meredith, who is losing his sight.
David feels threatened by her presence in his home, his sanctuary, the only place he can be independent. Unwavering in his belief he doesn’t need help, he wants Alex out of his life. She is just as determined to do the job she’s been paid to do. Once he accepts Alex isn’t like other women, her beguiling ways soon intrigue him…until he discovers her secret.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Friday, Joanie MacNeil is visiting and talking about Who She Was Before #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthoe #Romance

What were you before you became an author? Did this influence your choices as a writer?

My career has always been in an office environment. I was a mature age student at university when my three children were born. Talk about doing things the hard way! After completing my degree, I worked part time, returning to full time when my youngest was three. My roles were as an Executive Assistant at a university and in government. For a while I worked as a Temp in a variety of office environments and enjoyed the change away from long-term office politics.

In a small way my career influenced my writing. No Boundaries and The Trouble with Natalie are set in office environments. 

Other elements in my life have filtered into my stories or characters including familiar locations, motherhood, travel, university, and people I’ve met during my years in the workforce.

2. Are you genre specific or general? I don’t mean major genres but subdivisions or romance, mystery or paranormal.

I write contemporary romance, a range of sweet to sexy stories, about new love and second chances.  I also write the occasional short romance story.

3. What is your latest release?

Mandraki Magic, a novella set on the Greek Island of Rhodes. Following a brief visit to this fascinating island I knew it was the right setting for the story I was working on. When I switched the location the magic flowed.

4. What are you working on now?

I’m enjoying working on one of my previous releases, A Traditional Affair. Following a visit to Scotland very early in my writing career I couldn’t resist writing a contemporary Scottish hero on my return home.

I’m also working on another earlier release, a short story set in Scotland.

5. Does your reading choices influence your choice of a writing career?

As a child I was an avid reader of adventure novels, including those written by Enid Blyton. My favorite series was The Famous Five. Later on I devoured Agatha Christie novels. Years later I began reading historical romances. I loved the romance, suspense and adventure, the pure escapism into another era, into the lives of the characters. The romance element influenced me in my decision to write romance. I settled on writing contemporary romance and switched to reading more contemporary stories.

Some years ago I had an idea for a time-travel story, but haven’t developed it any further. Writing contemporary romance remains my favorite.

Now I don’t read as much as I’d like to, but still enjoy a good romance, mystery/suspense stories, and Icelandic Noir. I downloaded a few books prior to visiting Iceland late in 2017. I enjoy reading novels set in areas I’ve visited.

6. Where can we find you?

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Thursday's Fifth Scene from Seducing the Attorney #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Eomance #Attorney #Occupational Therapy

He nodded. She could have the kid every weekend. A frown tightened his forehead. Was that a good idea? Might put a spike in her ability to earn a living. He leaned against the back of the sofa. Perhaps another arrangement was possible. Like the one she had fled from moments before.
Laughter reached him. Lauren appeared with the infant in her arms. She dropped a blanket on the deep blue carpet and crouched to straighten the cloth. She added toys and rattles.
“Watch him while I start laundry.” She ducked upstairs and returned with a basket. She entered the area near the door into the garage.
“We need to talk,” he said.
She peered around the wall. “I know.”
“I’ll be staying for the weekend. Since I must be at the office Monday morning I’ll leave Sunday evening. You should plan to move out of here by next weekend. I want to sell the condo and put the money in the bank for the boy.”
The look on her face puzzled him. She stepped toward the couch. “I don’t live here. I’ve stayed because it’s important for Jamie to be in familiar surroundings. I’ll ask my landlady if she minds having a baby in the apartment. I can move his crib and dresser there.”
“Wrong. I’m taking the boy to the city. I’ve arranged for a nanny.”
“Jamie. His name is Jamie.” She strode forward. “Did you forget we have joint custody? I refuse to allow my nephew to be in a dark cell with a strange woman so you can forget he exists.”
Tony clamped his lips together and sought an answer. He didn’t trust her. He knew what she was. “I refuse to allow you to drag a different man into his life every night.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I know how you earn a living. If you’re hurting for cash I’ll pay you for tonight and tomorrow night.”
“Excuse me.” She fisted her hands on her hips. “You know nothing. You’re making assumptions and that makes you an ass.” The words shot like bullets.
The baby cried. Lauren scooped him into her arms and held him close.
“Mama. Dada.”
“No love, not today. Just Auntie.”
His sobs slowed. “Tee.” He buried his head against her shoulder.
Tony stared at his hands. He didn’t understand her anger. Couldn’t she admit the truth? Guilt for making the infant cry swamped him. “We’ll discuss this later.”
“Just remember I want what’s best for Jamie. If I must I’ll fight you.”
“I want the same for the child. If you fight I’ll win and you’ll be exposed.”
“His name is Jamie.” She whirled and walked away. Her black slacks fit perfectly showing her narrow waist and delectable rear. His cock surged to attention. He rose and then sank back. He wouldn’t chase her and prolong the argument. He gulped deep breaths. No way would she win the battle over custody. He would have sole charge of the baby and he would have her body where he wanted it.
The phone rang. He grabbed the receiver on the first ring. A man spoke. “See you tomorrow at eight.”
“There’s no need.” Tony hung up and chuckled. He would handle the situation when she learned she had no date. But the lady wouldn’t be disappointed.

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Wednesday Choices #MFRWHooks #BWLAuthor #Hospital politics #romance #kitten


Join the authors at #MFRWHooks here  for some great excerpts. Mine is from Choices and deals with romance and hospital politics

Johanna Gordon devotes her time and energy to her job as Director of Nursing at Hudson Community Hospital. With budget cuts hanging over her head, Johanna suspects the CEO of scheming a plan that threatens her job as well as the hospital, and she’s determined to find out why.

The choices she’s made for herself and her career leave her with no social life until she meets Dylan Connelly. He’s everything she’s always wanted, loving, devoted to his kids and everything she’s never had. Just when she finds love with the new man, an old flame returns with promises of a life together. Johanna has to decide between security and companionship, while trying to recapture the past, or moving forward with her new life.

Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2016
Verified Purchase
Janet Lee Walters has provided her many fans with still another conflict-driven story that's filled with a realistic, edgy medical setting, a plucky proactive heroine, and a cast of secondary characters that portray all the foibles of the human condition. Joanna Gordon, Director of Nurses at a community hospital is faced with tough choices. She must stand up to the unscrupulous CEO, doing what she knows in her
heart is right, even if it costs her her job. Joanna grapples with choices in the romance department as well. While she is the epitomy of a driven career woman at the hospital, when it comes to matters of the heart, she's much more the soft kitten, just like her pet kitty at home. The book held my interest right until the end as I kept reading to know which man would win out. I wasn't disappointed!

All-in-all, this an enjoyable read that deserves a 5 star rating.

2019 Book Hooks

JOHANNA GORDON RAKED HER fingers through her short curls and glanced at the clock centered on the wall between her diplomas. Seven-thirty. No wonder her shoulders ached. She’d been hunched over the desk since four.
            With a sigh, she closed a folder and added it to the neat stack on a corner of the desk. She pursed her lips. For two weeks, the budget for the nursing department at the hospital had consumed her time. Unfortunately, money would remain her focus until she found areas to cut costs without compromising patient care or breaking the current contract with the nurses. Not that Hudson Community’s CEO cared about either option. She stretched to ease the tension between her shoulder blades.
            “Why couldn’t I...” An idea occurred and she smiled.
Something to consider. Richard Jamison didn’t care which programs were dropped as long as his pet 
projects remained intact. Just this morning he’d reminded her she belonged to administration and to remember where her loyalties lay. Not with him. She’d risen through the ranks and saw more than the profits and losses he tossed around.
            The loudspeaker on the wall crackled. “Dr. Red to the Emergency Room.” In staccato fashion, the operator repeated the message three times.
            With a well-honed response, Johanna rose, grabbed her briefcase and, in three strides, reached the door.
 The call for any surgeon meant an emergency requiring immediate surgery. Her body quivered with excitement.
 She dashed through the empty outer office, crossed the hall and hit the call button for the elevator.
            Just like an old fire horse, she thought. The alarm clangs and I’m off running. She stepped into the empty car. What was her hurry? How much help would she be? She’d been away from the bedside for ten years.
            As she exited on the first floor, she nearly collided with Rachel Hill. Her friend’s dark hair had slipped from
 the neat bun at her nape. Like a sail, Rachel’s lab coat flew behind her. She carried two units of blood.
            Johanna frowned. Rachel usually worked the day shift. “Bad accident?” Johanna asked.
            “The worst. A six-year-old hit by a car. And to think I volunteered to switch.”
            As Johanna matched strides with her friend’s half-running gait, the soft leather briefcase slapped against her thigh. “Need an extra pair of hands?”
            “Hardly. If there was another body in the room, they’d be standing on the patient. Be glad you’re out of the 
zoo. Not that I blame people for caring about a child, but if the patient was old, indigent or dying... Don’t let me get started.”
            “Want to talk?” Together they dashed up the five steps to the emergency room level.
            Rachel straight-armed the door. “Maybe I do. Dinner on—” The door closed and cut off the rest of her words.
            Johanna frowned. By the time they found an evening to fit Rachel’s schedule, she would have forgotten the incident that had triggered her anger. Instead of talking about the hospital, she would discuss her children. Despite their closeness, this topic always added to Johanna’s aching knowledge that she had no one.
            She continued to the exit. For the past few months, she’d wondered if the climb up the administrative ladder had been the right choice. Ten years ago, she’d been an ER nurse, meeting challenges and solving a dozen crises every day. The decision to leave the ER had been made for financial reasons. The higher salary had paid for her sister’s and  her parents’, home health aides. Six months ago, the family obligations had ended, leaving Johanna
 with an empty social life.
            For a moment, she stared at the red brick building. The hospital’s center section was five stories, while the angled wings were four. The sight always made her think of a bird in flight. Lately, her office here had seemed more like home than the house eight blocks away.
            A reluctance to move held her prisoner. Spray from the lawn sprinklers misted on her face and arms. She studied the bank of peonies along the walk leading to the hospital’s front entrance. Their sweet scent mingled with
 the aroma of wet earth. With a sigh, she overcame the inertia and crossed the street.
Brisk steps carried her down the hill. In the distance, the Hudson River reflected the colors of the setting 
sun. At the bottom of the hill, she turned the corner. She hurried past houses dating from colonial days to a turn-of-the-century Victorian that towered over two houses built in the last ten years. Each house had a unique 
            She paused beside the yew hedge surrounding the yard of the house where she’d lived all her life. As she strode up the walk, her hand brushed the clipped edges. The scent of roses reached her. Red, pink and white
 blooms covered the trellises at either end of the porch.
            She climbed the steps, turned and paused. With arms crossed on her chest, she stared at the street. As though trying to erase a chill, her hands moved along her arms. A soft sigh escaped. The ice of loneliness couldn’t
 be rubbed away like frost from windows on a winter morning.
            Her hands dropped to her side, but she made no move to go inside where shadows of the past gathered.
 She had no desire to face memories of the years when she’d been a devoted sister and a dutiful daughter.

            She looked at the darkening sky. Sometimes, she felt her entire life had been lived in the moments between day and night—with every instant tinged with gray, and every action controlled by duty and responsibility. Were they virtues or walls she’d erected to keep from reaching for life?

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Tuesday's Writer's Tip Revising as you go #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor $Writing #Revising

Now this isn't my way of revising but many authors find this works for them. I tried it a time or two and never got much further than the first scene and lost interest in that story. But I'll give you some reasons this might be the method for you.

Begin at the beginning and make your word changes as you go along.

Read the passage you've written yesterday and make the changes before moving on to the next scene

Sentence drafting can be liberating.

For some writers it's easier since they don't have to write a complete draft or finish the book in one big gulp.

Revision seems easier since the story is being revised sentence and scene by scene.

If a block is hit the sentence writer can go back and tinker with what they wrote before.

These are some of the advantages and this way of writing may work for you.

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Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Reading #Thoughts #Writing #Carly Phillips

Meander 1 - Reading - My reading this past week has slowed down since I'm on deadline for my next release. I did manage to read Carly Phillips new Dare world story. How cleaver of her to find more Dares. The story was a nice read, especially when one is rewriting.

Meander 2 - Thoughts.- I've been thinking about this self isolation that isn't totally self. I have a child and a grandchild who monitor my expeditions. I've essentially been at home since the middle of May except for trips to the bank. One inside and the rest through sending deposits of withdrawals through a little plastic tube into the office. I have also been to COSTCO twice with mask in place. Standing in line to wait for the elderly early admission wasn't fun but I managed. I've also been out on the front porch but it's been too chilly or been raining to sit out. I do look at the roses that have begun to bloom and the peonies that are forming and ready to bloom. The white dogwood is green and soon will be white with blooms. Staying in isn't fun and hopefully soon I'll be able to start walks. Going up and down stairs ten times a day isn't fun but it's exercise.

Meander 3 - Writing ) Two more chapters to re-write and I am really kicking myself for leaving so many scenes sketchy when I did the other drafts. Today I'll hopefully be finished with the rewrites and be able to do a final check out and get the book off to my editor and the publisher. I so want to start a new book and it's pushing to get out,

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Sunday's Book Seducing the Attorney #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Romance #Attorney #Occupational Therapy

Seducing the Attorney (At First Sight Book 5)

Lauren Grant’s first meeting with Tony Carlin happened four years ago at her sister’s wedding to his older brother. There’s been an attraction but a wary one. The handsome arrogant attorney had showed disdain. At that time Lauren had been a troubled teen with streaked hair and piercings. Now, she’s working toward her Master’s in OT and has no time for more than school and her infant nephew. The death of Jamie’s parents has left Tony and Lauren as joint guardians of the baby.

Tony makes assumptions about Lauren’s current life-style. He’s as attracted to her as he was four years ago. But he’s a player and has no thought of making any commitments other than having sole custody of his nephew. He is grieving for his brother. Lauren grieves for her sister and Tony’s brother. A moment of mutual comfort sends them on a spiraling course.

Will they solve the problem of the custody and come to admit their feelings for each other?

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Saturday's Blurbs feature Books by Joan Soggie #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Prairie Grass #Buffalo Rock

Prairie Grass
Prairie Grass. The Northern Plains and its tumultuous history act as both setting and major player in this centuries-long drama.  Like the grassland’s hidden roots, the characters’ lives mingle and support each other as they change the land and the land moulds them. Newcomer Gabriella Mackenzie enters the story as an observer. She quickly becomes a participant.
Looking for Aiktow: Stories Behind the History of the Elbow of the South Saskatchewan River.First came the land. Then came the people. Elbow’s history grows out of its location.” Just as the water of the Aiktow still flows unseen through the lake, a current from events long past still moves through life here today.

MISTASENI: A Story of the Buffalo Rock of the Elbow. “The rock had its beginning in the age of ice.” Through the centuries it was a gathering place, a landmark and a place of worship. Today, although destroyed and covered over, its story still calls to us.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday Joan Soggie is talking about Who She Was Before #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Prairie farm #Reader

1.      What were you before you became an author? Did this influence your choices as a writer?
Before I was an author, I was a reader                                                        ,
I grew up on a prairie farm in the days before internet or television. Books naturally became my gateway to other places, other times, other ideas. But the prairie itself, its changing moods and seasons, was also a major player in my life. The world of books and the natural world together inspired me to write lots of bad poetry and unfinished stories.
 A few years at university awoke a taste for research that, combined with my love of books, led inevitably to work in libraries, which continued sporadically after I met and married my first and only husband. We grew a farm and raised four children. My writing time dwindled as my curiosity grew about this land’s pre-settlement history.  Whenever possible I scoured library archives or second-hand bookstores for stories by or about early visitors to western Canada. My first published writing were short articles based on that neglected history.

2.      Are you genre specific or general? I don’t mean major genres but subdivisions or romance, mystery or paranormal.
Because of my consuming interest in the natural and human history of the prairies, my writing, whether fiction or non-fiction, is grounded in the land. I guess you could call my genre eco-historical.
My first book was a short piece of nonfiction told as a mythical tale: Mistaseni:  Buffalo Rock of the The Elbow. My second book, Looking for Aiktow, traces the centuries-long history of this region of Saskatchewan through true stories based on historical accounts.
3.      What is your latest release?
Prairie Grass, released in January 2020, is historical fiction set in the northern plains.

4.      What are you working on now?
I’m working on a novel exploring the life of an immigrant woman of the last century. This time the story begins with her troubled family relationships, which she carries with her from the old country to her new home.

5.      Does your reading choice influence your choice of a writing career?
Yes, most definitely it does. I want to write the kind of books I love to read, books about strong characters with deep attachments and convictions that sometimes lead them into impossible situations.

6.      Where can we find you?        

Follow this link to my author page on  Books We Love
You can find me on my Facebook page Looking for Aiktow.
Prairie Grass is available from Amazon, Kobo, Indigo and all participating bookstores.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thursday's Fifth Scene Seducing the Doctor #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Medical #Home Improvemet

Thunder rumbled. Lightning cracked. The gloomy atmosphere matched her mood. Emotions roiled and changed with every sound. She refused to release the tears hovering on the threshold. The snap of wood in the fireplace threatened to spark the anger she held inside.
She raised the glass. “Here’s to how a long engagement made sense. Let’s drink to waiting until the residencies are completed. A toast to being established in the medical practice before marriage. Here’s to tonight’s bridal shower and the absent bride-who-won’t-be. Raise your glass to the fiancé who married the office nurse on his regular Thursday off.”
In a single swallow she drained the glass and tossed the flute engraved with his name into the flames. A flare of color and a loud crack made her chuckle. So much for melodrama.
The buzz from the champagne failed to raise her flagging spirits, or elevate her self-esteem. What was wrong with her? Thoughts tumbled over each other. A father who hadn’t wanted her or her mother, a first love turned into a teenage prank, a fiancé who chose another woman. Had she loved Tim or had he been a habit she hadn’t tried to break? She’d never said the L word to him. She hadn’t heard the sentiment from him either. Had being married ruled her choice?
Cassie turned from the fire. She sliced the negative thoughts and pushed them into that box. Shower, comfy clothes, chocolate and a movie chosen to provide an excuse for tears were next on the agenda.
She hurried to the bathroom, turned on the shower, undressed and stepped beneath the spray. A short steam-filled time later with a towel wrapped around her body she scooted to the bedroom she’d chosen for her stay. She opened the suitcase she’d grabbed on her way out of the apartment.
“No!” A groan rolled from her lips. She’d brought the bag she’d packed for the wedding night, the plane trip to Hawaii and for the first day on the island.
With a shrug she slipped on the sheer nightgown and a short silk robe and wished for her fleecy one. At least the slacks and sweater from today could be worn tomorrow while she searched for a store to buy a few things. She lifted a white lace bra and bikini and a red satin set. She had underwear. For tonight the green afghan on the couch would provide warmth.
When Cassie reached the main room she popped the movie disc in place, filled the second flute with champagne and selected a truffle. As she savored the rich chocolate she draped the afghan over her shoulders and reached for the remote.
A rumble of thunder drowned the opening music of the movie. A loud crash made her jump. Had lightning struck nearby? She crossed to the window and turned on the yard lights.
A heap on the ground near the end of the driveway caught her attention. A movement made her realize she saw a body.  She grabbed a yellow slicker from a hook near the door, slipped on her sneakers and opened the door.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Wednesday A Marriage Takes Two #MFRWHooks #BWLAuthor #Doctor #Home Improvement

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Tuesday's Writer's Tip Drafts and Revision #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Refision #Drafts

I am a draft writer, doing maybe five to eight drafts of a book. There are some reasons this works for me.
       !. I want to get the whole story down as fast as I can.
       2. I want to have the time later to look at each segment of the story and make it shine.

Let's look at some of the advantages of this kind of story reading. Having the rough draft gives you a place to start. For me at least while the basic story remains the same, there are changes made in subsequent drafts of the stories.

Some of the advantages of draft writing and revision can be psychological in nature. "It's only a draft and putting down the ideas is all right. The story can make sense later.

Keeping the excitement and energy that went into that rough draft on subsequent drafts is a must if you're going ot choose this way.

Doing drafts is a great way to discover where the story is headed. In one of the subsequent drafts there can be that aha moment and the draft moves ahead.

The rough draft allows you to see where you've been and where you are going in the story.

The rough draft allows for experimentation and adventures in the writing of the story.

The time between drafts allows for thought, further development and changes.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Reading #Writing #Covid vaccine

Meander 1 - I have returned to reading again Ann Mc Caffrey's Pern series. I do so love dragons and enjoyed this series in the past and again.

Meander 2 - Covid Vaccine - Everyone may not agree with me and that's find. As a nurse, I believe in vaccines but I don't believe in taking one that hasn't been proven and without knowing the side effects that can be as bad or worse than the disease. I heard the mumps vaccine took four years to develop and prove. I am concerned about a rapid giving of something that hasn't been extensively tested.

Meander 3 - Writing - Still working on Tangled Dreams's complete rewrite. I'm really disappointed on how much I've needed to develop that in past drafts I rather ignored. My critique group will be pleased that I'm looking closely at emotions and settings in this revision. Hopefully I'll finish before the due date. 4 more chapters to clean up.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sunday's Book Seducing the Doctor #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Romance #Medical #House remodeling

Seducing the Doctor (At First Sight Book 4)

ou’re next.”

Those words send Matt Blakefield fleeing his brother’s wedding. Marriage or even falling in love is the last of his desires. What he wants to learn is the identity of the owner of the house he wants to use as a make-over for the magazine he edits, Good Livin’. A fall rainstorm and a pine tree sends his motorcycle into a spin and into the arms of an old acquaintance, a girl he hurt in high school.

Cassie Moore has borrowed a cabin from one of her partners in a cardiology practice to come to terms with a broken engagement. The news came via an email. Her fiancée had married another woman just weeks before their scheduled marriage. The appearance of Matt at her door brings an old attraction into full bloom. She realizes love is lurking but he’s a player and she needs to forget the connection.

Is it possible that a weekend of love can become a lifetime?

Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2016
A K/U book.

This is a cute story. I loved Cassie and Matt's characters and I loved how his family
couldn't keep their noses out of their business.

Matt has sat around long enough and watched everyone pair off and get married. No matter
who is getting married, Matt always finds himself getting set up with someones co-worker or
friend. The last thing that Matt wants is to settle down and get married, but his family has other
plans. Going away for the weekend to one of his families cabins seems to be just what he needs
right now.

Cassie is a doctor and up until a couple of weeks ago, she was engaged to Tim. Much to her
surprise, Tim marries the office nurse, all of a sudden, out of the blue and on a Thursday no less.
Needing to escape, Cassie borrows one of her Senior Partners Cabins for a much needed get away.

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