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Tuesday - Th Writer's Life - Settings #MFRWauthor #settings #writing

Once you have the characters, you might think you're ready to put your story into action. You know what they want and why they want that particular thing. You know the reasons others want to keep or assist them in reaching their dreams. So you start to write. You have dialogue and action between the characters.

You have scenes with beginnings middles and ends but don't make the mistake I did. The very first rejection I received said. Your characters operate in a vacuum. I'd ignored or just put bits of the setting into the story. She walked to the kitchen. But I didn't show much of the kitchen. So I tried again.

This time I had descriptions of each room or each place the characters were in. They were long and had lots of phrases and clauses. So I sent the book off to another publisher. Rejection. The settings are wooden and way too long. You need to consider what the character sees, hears and the rest of the senses. I tried again.

During the third time, I had setting down pat and sent the story off again. Was I accepted. No. This editor found another place where I could improve the story. After many times and revisions, I sent the story off an the book was accepted.

So don't forget the senses and the setting go hand in hand.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #writing #poetry

Meander 1 - Poem Tiger Cat

He walks with solow, mincing steps.
Miniature tiger slinks through the grass.
His coat is golden brown, black striped
And eyes that mirror memories of past days.
Teeth no longer swords, blunted from tamer use.
Stalking in imitation of a larger beast.
Hiding on a tree branch to pounce
On the victim down below,
A baby doll left in the rain.

Meander 2 - The shirt - My favorite shirt is wearing out and I will miss it. The shirt attracts attention everywhere I go. Perhaps it's the word on the front - Murder. I received the shirt when I spoke at a conference about combining mystery with romance many years ago. I feel sad but I'm a Cancer and we tend to cling to old things. I even cling to myself who is always one day older than I was the day before.

Meander 3 _ Writing.- Coming to the end of the next to last draft of The Cancer Capricorn Connection and hopefully I'll finish it before long. I started to outline a five book fantasy series. The first book has chapters prepared but it will be awhile before I can write this book. First I must get two stories out of the computer and onto the publisher and then re-format around thirty books. What a chore but for many of them there are jsut a few things to add to make them perfect again. Actually, not perfect. Though we try, no book is perfect.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday's Book - Horu's Chosen #MFRWauthor #Egypt #alternatehistory

Horu's Chosen (An Alternate Egypt Book 2)

Seth, an undercover cop has been betrayed by his handler. To escape he calls a number on a flyer and is transported to an ancient Egypt he doesn’t understand. He must rescue the Daughter from the evil priests of Aken Re.

Merin is the Daughter. She must find the man who by wedding her will become Pharaoh. She plots to escape the priests of Aken Re and flee to those who years ago saved her life.

Can Seth and Merin find a way to defeat the priests? Is love the answer to their problems? Can they join with the Warrior of Bast and of Horu to bring unity to the Two Lands?

RT Review
Following on the heels of The Warrior of Bast, this story is filled with magic and fascinating characters. Those interested in ancient Egypt will find this an enthralling tale. A satisfying ending is presented for the hero and heroine, with a promising lead-in to the next story.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday's Blurbs - featuring Books by JQ Rose #MFRWauthor #Mystery #vegetables

Dangerous Sanctuary by J.Q. Rose
Back of the Book:  Pastor Christine Hobbs has been in the pulpit business for over five years. She never imagined herself caring for a flock that includes a pig, a kangaroo, and a murderer. 
Detective Cole Stephens doesn't want the pretty pastor to get away with murdering the church music director. His investigative methods infuriate Christine as much as his deep brown eyes attract her.
 Can they find the real killer and build a loving relationship based on trust?

Available at amazon

Deadly Undertaking by J.Q. Rose
Back of the Book:  Lauren Staab knew there would be dead bodies around when she returned home. After all, her family is in the funeral business, Staab and Blood Funeral Home. Still, finding an extra body on the floor of the garage between the hearse and the flower car shocked her. Lauren’s plan to return to her hometown to help care for her mother and keep the books for the funeral home suddenly turns upside down in a struggle to prove she and her family are not guilty of murdering the man. But will the real killer return for her, her dad, her brother? Her mother’s secrets, a killer, a handsome policeman, and a shadow man muddle up her intention to have a simple life. Welcome home, Lauren!

Quick Tips on Vegetable Gardening: Starting Your Garden by J.Q. Rose and Gardener Ted
Back of the Book: Do you want to savor vegetables grown in your own back yard? Save money on food? Add healthy vegetables to your diet? This vegetable gardening guide can help you with quick, practical tips on growing a vegetable garden. Learn how to get ready for gardening, how to plan a garden for four seasons of eating enjoyment, how to start seeds, and more. Quick Tips for Vegetable Gardening is dedicated to offering you quick tips and advice for you to grow veggies in a garden plot, container, raised bed, or vertical gardening. This eBook is written with clear and concise tips to get you started. 

The purpose of sharing these gardening tips is not only to advise you on best gardening practices, but also to afford you the opportunity for a satisfying and fulfilling experience with a garden that produces delicious vegetables for your eating pleasure year after year.
The authors have years of experience growing their own vegetable gardens, producing plants in commercial greenhouses, and owning and operating a garden center. They know how to grow a productive garden. Order the first book in the Vegetable Gardening Series, Quick Tips on Vegetable Gardening: Starting Your Garden, and watch for more eBooks in the series jam-packed with information to help you produce delicious vegetables for your dinner table.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday's Guest - Featuring J Q Rose Talking about Genres #MFRWauthor #Genres

1.      What's your genre or do you write in more than one?  I write fiction and non-fiction books—eBooks. My fictional stories are mysteries because I like reading mysteries. Coming from a freelance writing background, I enjoy sharing information with non-fiction titles e.g. a vegetable gardening guide, a writing tips book, and a book to inspire and empower girls by sharing stories of the lives of 15 wonderful role models for girls.

2. Did you choose your genre or did it choose you? I believe mysteries chose me. Figuring out the puzzle to determine who the bad guy is caught me. I liked the challenge. Now I’m challenged to put together a puzzle for a reader without revealing too much, but adding enough clues to make sense at the end. Quite a balancing act to accomplish.

3.  Is there any genre you'd like to try?  Or is there one you wouldn't? I would never want to write erotica. I think readers would probably giggle reading the bedroom scenes. Nor would I want to write historical fiction because there is so much research to be done to get the facts and era correct.

4.  What fiction do you read for pleasure? I like reading mysteries to escape from reality for awhile and put off cleaning the refrigerator and chores!  Sue Grafton’s alphabet series and Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. I like humor in the stories.

5.  Tell me a bit about yourself and how long you've been writing. After we sold our floral business, I screwed up my courage and asked the editor of our regional newspaper if he’d like articles about the local area. I gave him some ideas, and he said yes! Although I’ve written since I was in second grade, this was the first job to have a byline. What a thrill to see the article published in the paper with my name on it. I learned a lot about newspaper writing from him. When we decided to travel full time, I wrote articles for local papers, RV magazines, and online magazines. After 15 years of freelancing, I decided to try writing fiction for fun. Loved that too. My first fictional e-book was published in 2011 by a small press.

6.  Which of your characters is your favorite? At this point, I would say Henry, the shadow man in Deadly Undertaking. I could let my imagine fly when developing his ghostly, but caring and mischievous personality. The best part was keeping the secret as to why he was in my main character’s life.

7.  Are there villains in your books and how were they created? Yes, there are bad guys in my books, but not bad all the way through. I like them to be kind of likable by readers so they won’t suspect right away he/she is the bad guy.

8.  What are you working on now? I’m tearing apart my first e-book, revamping it with new scenes and characters, so I can re-issue it this winter. It’s a mystery but with light horror. Yes, horror. When I was writing it, I never dreamed it could be classified as horror. It’s pretty mild and is filled with humorous situations.

9.  What's your latest release and how did the idea arrive? Dangerous Sanctuary is my latest release from Books We Love. The story is about a female minister in a small town church in Michigan. The choir director is found murdered in the church basement and the handsome detective suspects the pastor. Besides figuring out the mystery, I think the reader will enjoy reading about the pastor caring for Abraham, the pig, and Katy, the kangaroo, in the back yard of the parsonage. (Maybe I should have chosen Abraham as my favorite character. So much fun to write these scenes.)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday's Second Scene - Bast's Warrior - An Alternate Egypt Book #MFRWauthor #alternate history #Egypt

Kashe of Mero sat on his bed in his chamber of the family compound.  His head pounded.  When he opened his eyes he saw the day had progressed into late afternoon.  The bright light made him wince.  He recalled the past night’s celebration for the retirement of the family’s arms master.  Tuten had been Kashe’s mentor and friend.  From the older man he had learned the skills of a warrior.  Last night Kashe had finally defeated his mentor with weapons and a capacity for beer.
“Kashe.”  His father’s voice stabbed like a dagger.
He groaned and sat up.  The drum in his head banged.  Leave me alone, he wanted to shout.  The nomarch of Mero’s anger toward his middle son was nothing new.  What did he want now?
As second son Kashe had been marked for the priesthood.  He had no desire to become a priest.  He found satisfaction in his role as a warrior.  Yet, duty called for obedience.
If any other temple had been chosen he might have agreed.  He had no taste for this newly risen cadre of men seeking to force their god into the circle of goddesses and gods of the Two Lands.  Aken Re had been unknown until the invaders had arrived.  The army of those men had been defeated so why did their priests linger?
The beaded curtain jangled adding cacophonic notes to the beating in his head.  “Answer me.”  The nomarch entered and halted at the foot of Kashe’s bed.  “Rise and present yourself in the central hall.  We have guests.  Your older brother has news of importance.”
Kashe groaned.  He and Pian were a year apart in age and generations in philosophy.  In embracing the new religion Pian had seen an advantage for bringing his ambitions to fruition.  He believed the priests would smooth his path to the pharaoh’s chair.
Kashe sat on the edge of the bed and considered his brother and his plans.  Pian was slender and shorter than Kashe.  Pian fit the picture of an ideal pharaoh in appearance but not in character.  He was cruel and selfish.  His sense of justice and honor were lacking.  He had no love for Kashe.  “Throwback” was the mildest of the names Pian used as needles to jab his younger brother.  Kashe had strengths Pian lacked.  Every match on the training field had ended with Kashe as the victor.
He rose.  He couldn’t help that in stature and build he resembled the Nubian ancestors his father and older brother chose to forget in their desire for power.  If Pian became pharaoh the nomarch of Mero would become his son’s chief advisor.
“Are you coming?”  his father asked.
If he said no who knew what would happen.  Kashe stretched.  “As soon as I wash and dress.”  Though he would rather have bathed he would make do here.  He glanced in the polished metal mirror.  His warrior’s braid was neat enough.  He poured water from a pitcher into a basin and washed.  After donning a fresh kilt he fitted wrist and arm bands and selected a collar necklace.
As Kashe left the family sleeping quarters he braced for the evening meal, the main one of the day.  He entered the central hall and hid a desire to duck behind one of the pillars.  On the dais his parents sat with a pair of priests.  Their gold medallions glittered in the torch light.  Pian stood before the men.
As Kashe neared the platform he noticed the robes were embroidered with gold-rayed discs representing their god.  The pair were opposites.  One was rotund, smiling and fluttering his hands while speaking.  The other was lean with a hawk-like nose and a somber expression.  Kashe noticed his younger brother lingered in the shadows near the dais.  If anything was to be learned Namose would know.
The nomarch gestured.  Kashe strode past his sisters who were engaged in a board game and gossip.  When Pian’s voice took on a tone both servile and arrogant Kashe grimaced.
“My lords, Oris Aken Re and Hebu Aken Re, has the daughter been found?  I so desire to look in her face and claim her as my chief wife.  The honor you offer humbles me.”
The rotund priest’s smile broadened.  “As yet we have not found her but the signs point to where she is hidden.  When the auspicious hour arrives we will claim her.”  He turned from Pian to the nomarch.  “You know the price.”
The nomarch pointed to Kashe.  “My lords of Aken Re, this is Kashe, my middle son.  He is skilled with weapons and has a vast knowledge of strategy.  He will enter your temple as a priest.”
Both men studied Kashe.  Their gazes moved from his head to his feet.  Embarrassment and shame over the avidity of their appraisal made him flush.  He was not some piece of livestock or a slave to be purchased.  A cauldron of anger bubbled.
Oris Aken Re rubbed his fleshy hands.  “Indeed, he is magnificent.”
The thin priest’s eyes narrowed.  He addressed his companion in an unfamiliar language.  “Nomarch, he will do nicely,”  he added.
Kashe wanted to rub his arms to ward off a sudden chill but he wouldn’t allow the pair to see his distaste and fear.  He kept his gaze steady and examined the thin priest.  Hebu’s eyes were serpent-like, dull and flat.  Kashe’s hands formed fists.  Though Oris had been named as the chief priest, his companion was the more dangerous of the pair.  Another thing became clear.  Hebu belonged to the defeated enemy.  Kashe had heard that language from a prisoner his father had brought to the compound as a slave.
Oris nodded.  “He will be the perfect battle leader for our men.”
Pian made a face.  “He will be yours when I become pharaoh.”
The nomarch shook his head.  “He will be theirs when I decree.”
Kashe drew a deep breath.  “Father, I beg you to change your mind.  I have no desire to serve in any temple.  I’m no scholar and have no knowledge of portents and omens.  I’ve no wish for easy living or in having my days ordered by rituals that allow no freedom.”  He turned to leave.
His father grasped his arm.  “You will obey.  Your sacrifice will undo all your willfulness and the shame your tainted heritage has brought to me.  When this new moon completes the cycle you will enter the temple of Aken Re.
Though Kashe remained until the evening meal ended his thoughts centered on finding a way to escape his father’s command.  He had to leave home but where would he go?  He listened to his father, older brother and the priests as they made plans.  Finding the missing daughter of the last pharaoh was their goal.  The priests sought her.  So did his father.  The one who found her first would control the future of the Two Lands.
As soon as the meal ended Kashe retreated to his sleeping chamber.  He had no desire to listen as more schemes were hatched and scenarios developed.  He thought of escaping to his favorite beer house but not tonight.  The entourage accompanying the priests was quartered on the roof of the house and in the garden.  He had no desire to have his departure noted.
Kashe parted the beaded curtain and strode into his chamber.  A pile of scrolls stood on the low table.  He opened one and crushed the thin papyrus sheet.  “The Ways of Aken Re, the True and Only God.”
Distaste curved his mouth into a scowl.  He wanted to burn the scrolls or slash them to shreds.  Not a good idea, he decided.  Know your enemy.  His mentor had repeated those words until they were engraved in Kashe’s mind.  Though Tuten had meant this advice for contests of arms Kashe believed they applied to his current situation.  He would read the scrolls but not tonight.  The crescent moon didn’t provide enough light.  Neither would the saucer lamp.  He retired to bed for a night’s sleep filled with dreams he wanted to forget.
For two days Kashe read.  The contents of the scrolls disgusted him.  The priests of Aken Re had diluted and twisted the teachings of the temples of the Two Lands and skewed them to fit their version of the world.  They intended to make their god supreme.  There were tales in the scrolls telling how Aken Re had defeated the ancient goddesses and gods of the Two Lands, major and minor and eaten their essences.
He finished the last scroll.  What now?  Did the rotund priest intend to remain here until the moon ended?  The serpent-eyed one had vanished.  Most of the entourage was now housed near the river.  The departure of the strangers had relieved some of Kashe’s fears.  Not all for he had no plan to escape the fate his father had decreed.
With a scowl he scooped the scrolls and carried them to the west loggia.  There, he dumped them in a heap on one of the low tables.  As he neared his chamber he heard two of the slaves speaking.  Their gossip made him smile.  The remaining priest planned to leave in two or three days.
Kashe returned to his chamber and went to the window.  When a large hawk landed on the sill he stepped back.  He stared at the avian.  The bird made no attempt to attack.  Kashe held out his arm.  The hawk dropped a scroll and an amulet that landed on the floor with a click.  The avian settled on Kashe’s wrist cuff.  He stared into its eyes.
“Horu,”  Kashe said.
The hawk’s head bobbed as though in answer.  “Horru.”
Did hawks have names?  “I’ll call you Horu Ba, soul of the god of the skies.”  The bird returned to the window.  Kashe picked up the gold amulet.  A grin crossed his face as he read the hieroglyphics.  “Chosen of Horu.”  Here was the perfect reason to refuse his father’s plans for him.  Would the nomarch and Pian accept the calling?  Kashe was sure he would learn.
He lifted the scroll and read the words.
Three will come from afar, warrior, ruler and advisor will be joined by three from the Two Lands.  United they will drive away those who seek to destroy the land and the people.  Success brings prosperity.  Failure means death.  During the time when each pair works to complete their task they may not join flesh to flesh.  Celibate they must remain until their quest ends lest disaster strikes the Two Lands.
He walked from his chamber into the central hall where the family and the priest had gathered for the evening meal.  His father gestured.  “You’ve been hiding in your chamber for days.  Have you decided to obey?”
Kashe shrugged.  “I’ve been reading the scrolls.  They’re in the loggia.  The words left me with no desire to become a priest of Aken Re.  What I read sounded like lies.”
Pian jumped to his feet.  “You will not usurp my place.  I will be pharaoh.  All the power and wealth of the double crown will be mine.”
“I have no wish to rule or serve the priests.”
The nomarch glared.  “You have been promised to them.  Your battle skills will be needed to bring the stubborn people of this land to worship the one and only god.”
Oris Aken Re smiled.  “You cannot resist.  You are ours.”
Kashe sucked in a breath.  We’ll see, he thought.  The amulet burned against his chest.  He leaned forward and wondered why they didn’t see the medallion.  Was it invisible for a reason?  He ate and fled to his room.  As he walked down the hall he heard the slap of sandals on the stone and braced for an attack.
“Kashe, you must listen to them,”  his younger brother said.  “If you disobey Father, the priest will send serpents after you.”
“Don’t fret, little brother.  Come to my chamber.  I’ve something to show you.”  Kashe parted the curtains so Namose could enter first.  “This is why I can’t go.”  He held out the amulet.  “A hawk brought this to me.”
Namose studied the gold circle.  “Chosen of Horu.”  He looked up and gasped.  “At the window.”
Kashe grinned and extended his arm for the bird.  “Horu Ba, this is Namose, my younger brother.”  The hawk tilted his head.  “As you see I’ve been selected by the god of the skies.”
Namose nodded.  “And you will leave home.”
“I believe I must.”
“I want to go with you.”  The youth’s dark eyes held a plea.  “If you can’t serve them I fear Father will send me or one of our sisters to their temple.  The priests have a son or daughter from every nome except Mero in their service.  They want Father and Pian to follow their orders.  Our nome is the largest and richest of all.  I don’t trust the priests.  If I must serve a god I would choose Toth, the god of wisdom.”
Kashe looked away.  Since he had no idea where to go, how he could take a boy who had just reached his fifteenth year?  “You must remain here until I can find a safe place.  Then I will send for you.”
“Do you mean that?”
“Yes.”  Kashe studied his younger brother.  Here was the male member of the family with a strong knowledge of the land.  If only their father didn’t favor Pian.  The oldest son was their father’s favorite.  Namose, the youngest, was ignored by the nomarch and favored by their mother.
“When are you going?”
“Not tonight.  I’m going to a beer house to think.”  He pushed Namose to the door.  “Better if you don’t see me leave.  If they discover I’m out you can truthfully say you left me in my chamber.”
Namose paused outside the curtain.  “Good thinking.”
Kashe waited until his brother vanished before crossing to the window.  He slipped out and crept across the garden to the rear gate.  Once beyond the wall, the hawk landed on his wrist guard.  Kashe strode to the riverside village.  A few mugs of beer and a good fight might be an outlet for the energy coursing through his body.

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Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - U is for Unexpected #MFRWauthor #writing

In the food world U stands for unami ( I may not have spelled this right ) but I've heard the term said to be a mysterious extra flavor to the food. In writing U is for the unexpected. There's something that happens when you're writing and something suddenly flavors the story. You can sit back and say aha, or isn't that interesting. This has happened to me a number of times. I'm writing away and suddenly I see something that has multiple connections I didn't realize I'd made. The very unexpected feeling makes the story zing.

The unexpected doesn't happen in every story and it's not something you can plan to occur. Suddenly there's this gut feeling and you know something mysterious has happened. Have you ever had one of these moments? Wouldn't writing be more wonderful if the unexpected popped in every story?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday - The Writer's Life - Do you have a system? #MFRWauthor #amwriting #system

You've finished all those books on writing and think you have a system. Don't be disheartened when the system doesn't seem to work the way you thought it should. Beginning to write a story will show you a lot of twists and turns. When all seems amiss you need to sit back and look at the parts of the story.

First you have the characters. Can you visualize them in your mind? You may need some pictures from magazines to help with this visualization. If you do, don't feel bad. That's a good way to start with seeing those tricky characters. Next, think about what they want. Is this something the reader can identify with. Do they want love, money, friends. Make your decision and make sure that's strong. Then you need to consider why they want what they have chosen. Make sure this is a strong reason. And look at all the characters who will people your story. Their wants and reasons must be strong as well. If you have a hero who's wants and reasons are weak and the heroine's are strong, the story will have problems. Next consider how they are going to go about achieving their desires. Make sure these ways fit the character you've developed. If they aren's the story will fall flat and the reader will decide the character is acting out of character.

So with characters, you need a physical description that makes the person come alive to the reader. How do they talk? What is their experience in life? What sort of job do they have? All these things and more influence the character.

You need to look at their emotional self and their manner of walk, dress and many other things. With the characters well in hand, you consider starting again. But there's one more thing you need to consider. That's Setting and next week, I'll give that a try.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters

 Meander 1 - Poem - Friendship

They had a special kind of friendship.
A drawing close in harmony,
A meeting of two kindred spirits,
A reading of each other's minds,
A union of heir secret souls.
Together they are more than one..

They joined together becoming.
Their love repressed into a friendship,
Yet each retained their ownness souls
Drawing close in harmony.
How alike are their minds
And singing are their spirits.

Meander 2 - Busy days. These days I've been busy running from home to the nursing home, bringing clean clothes, taking dirty ones home. Many other things are sort of neglected but these visits are a must. Perhaps when the days of winter end, life will change.

Meander 3 - Am nearly finished with the last heavy writing draft of The Cancer-Capricorn Connection and perhaps by the time this month is ended I will be able to send it off. Or at least before the middle of next month.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday's Book - Bast's Warrior - An Alternate Egypt Story #MFRWauthor #Fantasy #Egypt

Bast's Warrior (An Alternate Egypt Book 1)

Tira flees a threat to her life and encounters two elderly women who offer her the chance to be sent to an alternate ancient Egypt with no thought of return. She has had a fascination with Egypt and can even read hieroglyphics. Once there she will be given a task. Failure could mean death. Dare she take the chance and can she find the lost symbols of the rule before an enemy finds them? 

Kashe, son of the nomarch of Mero is in rebellion. His father desires him to join the priesthood of Aken Re, a foreign god. He feels he belongs to Horu, god of warriors and justice. He decides to leave home, meets Tira and joins her in the search for the symbols of the rule. Will his aid bring good fortune and will their growing love keep them from making a fatal mistake?

Previously published as The Warrior of Bast

"This engaging voyage into an ancient Egypt that includes power-hungry priests and hazardous treasure hunts entertains from page one. Familial intrigue heightens the tension, as does a kidnapping or two. The cast of characters is dynamic and complements the well-conceived plot." ~ 4 Stars, Susan Mobley, Romantic Times Magazine


on March 26, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

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Saturday - New Interview and Blurb featuring Suzanne de Montigny #MFRWauthor #YA #Paranormal

Day One

1.     Do you write a single genre or do your fingers flow over the keys creating tales in many forms?

I started out writing middle grade, you know, for kids 9 – 12, but lately, I’ve taken to writing YA.

2 . Does your reading choices reflect your writing choices?

No, not really. I do read a lot of kid books and YA, but every so often, I have this great need to read an adult book. Sometimes, though, they’re too gory for me.

3.      Are there genres you wouldn’t attempt?

Oh, yes. Many. Don’t even ask.

4.      Heroes, Heroines, Villains. Which are your favorite to write?

All, really. Depends how deep I go.

5.      Heroes. How do you find them? Do pictures, real life or plain imagination create the man you want every reader to love? Do they come before the plot or after you have the idea for the story?

Well … I guess there’s a lot of me living in those heroes. I know that sounds kind of uppity because I’m not that brave or great, but my heroes have a personal quality about them.

6.      Villains or villainesses or an antagonist, since they don’t always have to be the bad guy or girl. They can be a person opposed to the hero’s or heroine’s obtaining their goal. How do you choose one? How do you make them human?

I love developing villains because I get to go inside their creepy little minds, whether they be human, unicorn, and show how they got to be so terrible. Then, they either change or meet their fate. (The fate’s not usually nice.)

7.      What is your latest release? Who is the hero, heroine and or the villain?

I have a really cool book coming out in September. It’s about a young war bride who meets a soldier in Belgium during WWI. She travels to Canada after the war to marry her true love and to acquire a homestead. Then the dirty thirties hit. So my villain is actually mother nature herself.

8.      How can people find you?

Here are my links:

Day Two - Give the Blurbs for 3 of your books. 

The Legacy (Shadow of the Unicorn, book 1)

Azaria, a unicorn colt, is intrigued when the young, clairvoyant dinosaur, Darius, foresees a terrifying change to their world. When a giant fireball smashes into the earth, the unicorns struggle to survive the hurricanes and starvation that follow. But nothing compares to the danger when the creatures-that-walk-on-two-legs settle in the valley, and their leader discovers the healing power in the unicorns’ horns. Greedy and ruthless, Ishmael will stop at nothing in his pursuit of wealth – even the complete extinction of the herd. Azaria must find a way to outsmart Ishmael before it’s too late.

The Deception (Shadow of the Unicorn, book 2)

Sixty years after the unicorns’ narrow escape from extinction, Azaria's Legacy has gone wrong. The new generation barely exists, hidden in the depths of the forest. Their cruel and ruthless leader, Icarus, threatens them daily with Jaresh, an invisible being capable of taking away their powers. Angry, the young colt Ulysees, and his friend Téo rebel, following an old, abandoned trail where they’re discovered by humans. Now the entire herd must flee. But Ulysees learns there’s a far greater danger than humans when he meets a giant creature who warns him of impending doom...
A Town Bewitched
It’s tough for Kira, growing up in the small town of Hope as a child prodigy in classical violin, especially when her dad just died. And to make matters worse, Kate McDonough, the red-haired fiddler appears out of nowhere and bewitches the town with her mysterious Celtic music. Even Uncle Jack succumbs to her charms, forgetting his promise to look after Kira’s family. But when someone begins vandalizing the town leaving dead and gutted birds as a calling card, Kira knows without a doubt who’s behind it.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday's Guest - Suzanne deMontigny - Repeat #MFRWauthor #Who She Was

    Today is a repeat of an earlier post.

What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

I was an elementary music teacher before I became a writer. Did it influence my writing? Absolutely! Because I write for the very age group I taught. Plus, I began storytelling at the end of music classes as a way of encouraging students to behave. It worked. But what surprised me was how much they loved my stories.

2.      Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above.

I write middle grade or YA, although I’m thinking of writing a chapter book.

3.      Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres?

Well, I can’t really say that’s true because I liked to read a lot of historical novels back then and still do, and though my unicorn trilogy takes place 12,000 years ago, it’s fantasy. And my teen novel, A Town Bewitched, is present day.

4.      What's your latest release?

It’s called The Deception. It’s the second book of my Shadow of the Unicorn series.

5.      What are you working on now?

I’m working on Book 3 of my unicorn series. It’s called The Revenge.

6.      Where can we find you?
Here are my links:

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday's Second Scene - The Gemini-Sagittarius Connection #MFRWauthor #contemporary #medicalromance

Jeff Carter MD stood at the desk in the nurses' station of the ortho/neuro unit and stared at the order sheet. He couldn't make out the medication order, yet the pharmacy had sent penicillin. The patient had received part of a dose of a medicine he was allergic to. The reaction had been quickly countered by the nurse. For that he was thankful, but the whole situation bothered him. He hadn't ordered penicillin, but the order had been scrawled in the same shade of ink as the other orders.

He glared at the young nurse seated at the desk beneath the counter. "What happened?"

"I hung what the pharmacy sent."

He looked at her name pin. "Penny, didn't you see this?" He tapped the red allergy sticker on the front of the chart. Granted his handwriting wasn't the best and he'd been in a hurry, but someone should have called his office for clarification. "When I spoke to the pharmacist, he said he'd cleared the order with a nurse on this unit."

"Wasn't me." Tears welled in the young woman's eyes. "I didn't even see the orders."

"Where's the nurse manager?" Though Delores Forbes was the last person he wanted to see, this matter had to be resolved.

"She left early to take some comp time."

"Then who's in charge?"

The young nurse pushed strands of fair hair from her face. "I think . . . maybe Edna."

"Did Mrs. Forbes tell you she'd spoken to someone in the pharmacy?"

She stared at the desk. "She said not to bother her. She was in a rush to leave."

Jeff frowned. Had Delores known what had happened? If so, had she changed the order? "Could I see the incident report? Surely you filled one out."

"I slipped it under her office door, and it's locked."

Take ten deep breaths. He put the chart on the desk.

Though the allergic reaction had been halted immediately, there could have been a tragedy. He drummed his fingers against the Formica top of the counter. For the past two months, there'd been too many incidents involving his patients. He hoped the new nurse manager would find a way to turn this place around. Otherwise, he was going to recommend the Board close the unit.

After doing a complete examination of the patient, he returned to the nurses' station. The young woman looked up. "Is he all right?"

"Yes, and thanks for your quick action." He opened the chart. "Can I borrow your pen?"

Another nurse laughed. "Dr. Carter, surely you can afford to buy your own."

"I do, but they walk." He scrawled a note. "One more thing. If you ever have a problem reading my orders, call my office or my home."

"Mrs. Forbes doesn't allow anyone except her to make outside calls."

He handed her the chart. "Making calls to doctors when there's a question about an order or a patient's condition is standard procedure."

The girl nodded. "Yes, sir."

"By Monday you won't have to worry about Mrs. Forbes' rules. The new nurse manager will be here."

"If she stays. Mrs. Forbes says no one else wants the job."

Jeff frowned. Was Delores planning to blindside her replacement? Even if she succeeded, he would see she wasn't given the position. He wheeled and left the unit. In the hall, he collided with his daughter.

"More gray hairs, Dad. You look ready to go on a rampage."

"Don't ask. Megan, why didn't you take the position as nurse manager on my unit?"

When she laughed her golden curls bounced. "Bad enough my big brother can order me around, but my father . . . . Please. So what happened?"

"Another incident, and this time it could have been serious."

"Your handwriting, I bet."

He shook his head. "No matter what it looks like, I didn't write the order."

"Why don't you print or learn to use the computer?"

"Don't be a smart mouth. Never learned how."

She put her hand on his arm. "Computers will solve the problem. You know most of the units are already using them? This one should be next."

"I don't have time to learn how to work one."

"That's right, you're ancient. Fifty-one in December." Her blue eyes sparkled with laughter. "They're simple. Just think, you could type your orders, and no one would complain. You wouldn't have to dictate reports or scrawl progress notes only you can read."

He shook his head. "Not sure handwriting's totally at fault. Why would a nurse manager forbid her staff to make outside calls?"

"To keep them from making personal calls on hospital time."

"Even to a doctor? One would have prevented the latest incident."

She frowned. "What are you saying?"

He shrugged. "Not sure yet. See you at dinner."

"Won't be there. The gang's helping Liz move in."

"Who's Liz?"

"The woman who's going to solve all your problems."

The gleam in her eyes alarmed him. "Megan."

"Dad, she's the new nurse manager. We're helping her move into Lauren's house."

"Why Lauren bought that house still puzzles me."

"To prove a point to my thick-headed brother." She turned. "Don't you remember Liz? She's one of the Grantley gang. You talked to her at Lauren's housewarming."

Jeff frowned. He'd brought ice cream. There'd been a tall woman with long dark hair. They'd spoken for a few minutes. She'd seemed shy. "Was she at the wedding?"

Megan shook her head. "She had to work. Trust Lauren not to give her friends much lead time."

Suspicions leaped into his thoughts. "Is this woman married?"

"She's a single mother with nine-year-old twin sons. She was the oldest member of our group."

"I'll pass on the festivities." He met her gaze. Spare me from a matchmaking daughter. He refused to be her next victim. He'd spent eleven years running from women with marriage on their minds. He didn't need another wife. The one he'd had had been perfect.

"Your choice." Megan backed away.

"I'll give her time to settle in."

Megan laughed. "So you won't confront her 'til Monday afternoon." She turned to leave. "You're not the most patient of men. Just make sure you don't put your foot in your mouth."

He stared after her. What did she mean by that?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - T is for Time #MFRWauthor #Writing

T is for time. Most stories take place over days or weeks or months and sometimes for years and generations. Keeping a timeline is important. It isn't fun having an editor or a reader pointing that the hero or heroine is performing two actions miles apart at the same time. Better for the editor to catch the time glitch than a reader.

Keeping a time line schedule can be very useful. Start with the opening scene. When does it begin. Perhaps a Saturday. So you note that on your piece of paper. You also make note of the month. You can even give this a specific date of the month.

As you move the character from scene to scene, make sure you note when the day has changed. Or you could have skipped several days but make sure you note the time lapse in case you want to go back and add a scene. By keeping a record, you can also see if enough time ahs passed between incidents.

So think about your time line as you write the story so your characters aren't performing impossible feats.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday's The Writer's Life -- Plotter or Panster #MFRWauthor #Panster #Plotter

You've finished all those books about writing and you;re still trying to decide what to do. You're at a writer's group and you hear someone ask Are you a plotter or a panster?" You scratch your head wondering what they mean.

A plotter is someone who outlines their entire story before beginning to write.
A panster is someone who sits down and just writes.

I believe most writers begin as pansters. I know I did. My first book took years to write and it wasn't over 50,000 words. That's not a long novel but as I wrote and let my fingers fly I was telling a story and there were holes in the plot, deficiencies in the characters, almost no setting, dialogue with every character sounding like the other one. All these things were pointed out to me by editors who took the time to read the book. That was in the days of editors reading entire mss and making comments.

Suddenly it dawned on me that if I knew these things before I began the story the writing might go easier.  That's when I began to look at matters before I began to write. I do envy people who can sit down and write the perfect story other than for a little revision but that will never be me. Though after all my years of writing most of the planning and plotting is done in my head.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #Poetry #49years #amwriting

Meander 1 - Poem - The Dance

Dance my love, dance into the day.
Our night is coming to a close.
The time is short when we can play.

I soon will have to go away
Into the place of sleeping woes.
Dance my love, dance into the day.

I wish that I could stay
And have this moment in time froze.
The time is short when we can play.

So let our laughter be most gay.
How can we know where this life goes?
Dance my love, dance into the day.

And when we close out bodies sway,
Our love becomes a fading rose.
The time is short when we can play.

I kiss your lips and softly pray
Wait I near the horning blows.
Dance my love into the day.
The time is short when we can play.

Meander 2 - 49 years. That's how long I've been a published author. I remember the day, about this time of year when the letter from a magazine editor arrived stating they would publish my story "A Small Smile." The best thing is they were paying for the story and a check was enclosed along with a contract for me to sigh. What a thrill. One hundred dollars was mine to do as I would. Actually, I bought a new typewriter. Not sure what but it had this wheel with the letters on and was a wonderful compared to the small portable one I was using. So I'm celebrating today.

Meander 3 - Writing- I'm trying to finish two novels so I can get them off to my publisher. Then there will be dozens to get into the new format. This will take a few weeks before I can start the fifth of the Astrology series. The Leo- Aquarian Connection.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday's Book - The Gemini-Sagittarius Connection #MFRWauthor #medical #romance

The Gemini - Sagittarius Connection (Opposites in Love)

Gemini Liz seems to be following her sign. She's the mother of twin boys, she'd returned to Eastlake for the second time and she's taking her second position as a nurse manager. She feels moving from the city will be good for her sons who sometimes choose the wrong friends. What Liz doesn't want is a second husband. The death of her fireman husband made him a hero but devastated her life. She had to return to work and become a single mother. Fortunately her father-in-law has stepped in to care for the boys but he wants to retire to Florida. Though she's attracted to Jeff she wants to deny the attraction.

Jeff is a Sagittarian who often suffers from the foot in mouth disease. His wife died years ago but she was the perfect wife and he has no desire to fall in love or marry again. As a neurosurgeon he sees Liz a lot since she is the nurse manager of the ortho/neuro unit at the hospital. He also wants to deny the attraction and finds it harder and harder.

Can a pair of mischievous boys find a way to help their mother and the doctor find love again? 


Format: Kindle Edition
i found the book well written and the characters well developed. Finding love again are wonderfully romantic stories.I really enjoyed the Gemini- Sagittarius aspects of the story, too.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday's Blurb _ featuring a Book by Tess Grant #MFRWauthor #YA #Thriller

Hunter’s Moon  by Tess Grant
(Previously published as Trajectories) Kitty Irish has heard all the rumors swirling around Daniel Phinney. Most of them involve a gun, a flask, and a temper. One chance encounter with the WWII veteran over a grisly find in the woods pulls the cover off the dark secrets of their small town, and Kitty is drawn into an unlikely partnership. Armed with an antique rifle and a handful of homemade silver bullets, the two form an efficient team. Unfortunately, their game is werewolf hunting, and disaster is only a bite away.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday's Guest - Tess Grant #MFRWauthor #YA #WhoSheWas

1. What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

I spent nearly 10 years as a forensic anthropologist before I became a writer. I identified skeletal remains for local police departments and the military. This influenced my writing heavily. My stories tend to lean toward darker subject matter and are sprinkled through with science or history.

2 Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above.

I tend to write thrillers. I’m not sneaky enough to write mystery—my villains are obvious from the start—but I love to write a dark fast-paced story. I used to lean toward YA exclusively, but lately I feel my books might be better aimed at an older audience.  

3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres?

Absolutely! I adored reading Stephen King when I was younger (and getting good and scared!) and a well-done mystery always helped pass the time between digs when I worked for the military.

4. What's your latest release?

My latest release is a repub of my YA thriller, Trajectories, which is the first book in a trilogy. Books We Love has given it a beautiful new cover and I’ve renamed it Hunter’s Moon. I’m excited to say the next two books in the trilogy will be coming out soon too.

5. What are you working on now?
 I’m putting the final touches on books two and three in the trilogy so that they can be released fairly soon. I can’t wait to see their new covers!
I’m also putting the finishing touches on another YA thriller as well as just starting an adult thriller.

6. Where can we find you?

I blog about writing, sewing, and life on our farmette at tessgrant.wordpress.com. I also twitter at @tessgrantwrites.