Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday's Writer's Tip Writing ABC R is for Reasons #MFRWauthor #Writing

R is for reasons. Now this may sound strange but there are a number of ways reasons are important to writers. First, the writer needs a reason to write a particular story. Why did you choose to write a romance, mystery or a paranormal? Some times you don't know but thinking about it may show you the reason. The answer could be found in what you're reading orsome writer you particularly enjoy. Maybe you want to read what you like to read. These are some of the reasons.

Another is finding the reason why the characters who are pushing for  a story help you decide what genre this story will fit into. Many of us write stories that may be a combination of genres. Why did you decide to fit romance and science fiction together? Or to fit mystery with fantasy? If you aren't sure of the reason the story may fall flat being too much one genre and not enough of the other.

There is a third way for reasons to fit into your writing. What reason does the character have to pursue a particular goal. If the reason is unclear, so will the story fall into the unsure category. Why does Mary want to succeed in her chosen career> Why does Joe want to head for the stars?

So when you're writing think of your reasons and those of the characters.

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