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Thursday's Third Scene - Moon Summoned #MFRWauthor #Books We Love LTD #Fantasy #Sword #Sorcery

New Moon

The Seat of Judgment

Fighting tears, Catherine Wheeler slumped on a bench at the end of the hospital corridor. The smell of disinfectant mingled with the odors of human suffering, fear and death. Ever since the young doctor had come to her husband’s room and pronounced Tommy dead, she’d felt like a ship torn from its moorings. She glanced at the wall where peeling green paint told of age and neglect. Place is old, like me, she thought.
The elevator creaked to a halt and the doors opened. A gurney with high sides and a dark cover emerged. As two grim men pushed the cart past her, the wheels squealed.
Though she’d told the nurse she was leaving, Catherine had needed to wait until her husband left the unit. Pain like the gnawing of a mouse bit into her heart and brought waves of dizziness.
The pain faded. The squeaking gurney returned. She half-rose and sank back. Why couldn’t she take this final ride with him?
The rules, she thought. The unfairness of a system that kept people from their dead angered her. She should have been the one to wash his body and to close his eyes. A momentary desire to challenge the rule the way she’d fought other edicts years ago arose. But she was too old, too tired.
She sucked in a shuddering breath and watched the gurney disappear behind the closing elevator doors. Tommy had been four years her senior and she was glad he’d gone before her. He would have been lost without her, just as she would be without him. Sixty-three years of living with the same man made thoughts of being alone frightening. He’d been her life. Together they’d faced problems and found solutions. With a sigh she rose and pressed for the elevator.
Outside the humid air, redolent with exhaust fumes and the stench of garbage, made her cough. Pain circled her heart. Before crossing the street to reach the bus stop, she paused to catch her breath. When her strength returned she plodded to the other side. There she glanced at a display of bears in a toy store window.
The images wavered. She pressed her hands against the glass. Three dolls formed a tableau against a painted backdrop showing a mountain lake and a pale moon in a dark sky. The center figure captured her attention. The doll wore a deep amber robe and golden brown boots. In her hand, she held a staff topped by an amber crystal.
The need to hold the doll burned as hot as the pain in her chest. As she opened the shop door, a bell tinkled. The young woman behind the counter looked up, then began buffing her nails again.
Catherine lifted the doll from the case. Why this urgent wish to possess this doll? She had no child or grandchild. Pain, agonizing and exquisite, exploded in her chest. She crumpled to the floor.
The clerk jumped to her feet. Why had the old biddy wandered in? The young woman knelt beside old lady. “Hey, are you all right? When there was no answer, she searched for a pulse. Her eyes widened. The woman was dead.
She reached for the phone and called for an ambulance. Had the old lady taken something from the window? A check of the bears showed none were missing.
Moments later the ambulance arrived.

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Wednesday The Cancer Capricorn Connection #MFRWHooks #BooksWeLoveLTD #Medical #romance #Astrology

The Cancer-Capricon Connection (Opposites in Love Book 4)

I'll be blog hopping here with some other great authors.
My book is a medical romance

She’s a Cancer and he’s a Capricorn. She has a secret she wants to keep but moments after they meet again, he realizes that her daughter is his, and he wants to be part of their life.

Memories of the past and her hurt brings Cate’s old anger back to the surface but Rick realizes what a fool he was in his single-minded desire to follow his dream. He now has the medical degree he desired enough to set his love for Cate aside. His guilt and her anger clash as they try to find ways to show their daughter how much they love her.

The rumble of a motorcycle clamped a vise on Cate’s shoulder muscles. Every time she heard a bike she hated this conditioned reaction. In the city there’d been hundreds of these near panic attacks. She glanced at her friends and hoped they hadn’t noticed. Questions would follow and she had no intention of answering. She drew a deep breath. Her hands clenched. Her heart fluttered like the wings of a humming bird.
The image of a dark-haired, dark-eyed man leaped into her thoughts. He’d stolen her heart and tossed the discarded remains in the garage heap. Rick Somers had been the only male member of the Gang.
When the bike pulled into the driveway of a large house on the other side of the street her vision blurred. How could she live in this house having to hear that sound night and day?
The rider dismounted and pulled off his helmet revealing dark curly hair. He turned and she knew his identity. She froze. He stared for a moment and then waved.
“Is that who I think it is?” Jenessa asked.
“Didn’t you believe me when I told you what Dad said?” Megan asked.
Cate jumped to her feet. She had to hide Maddie. She paused at the door and turned to look at her friends.
“Are you all right?” Liz asked.
“Yes…No…” She opened the door.
“Do you mind if we ask him what he’s doing here?” Jenessa asked.
With a nonchalant gesture Cate waved her hand. She needed to be alone and to think about what this would mean to her and to her daughter. “Go ahead.”
“Are you coming?” Megan asked.
“I’ll pass.” Once the panic ebbed anger rose. Had anyone known he was coming to Eastlake? Did he know the people who lived in that huge house across the street?
Megan, Jenessa and Lauren strolled across the street. They engaged Rick in animated conversation.
Cate faced Liz. “Did you know?”
The older woman nodded. “I did and probably Megan did too but I had no idea he would be living near Lauren’s house. Had I known, I would have warned you.”
Cate drew a calming breath. "Which unit will be his?” With luck she could avoid him.
“He’s no longer a nurse. He’s an orthopedic surgeon.”
“So he found a med school,” she said. “Looks like I won’t be able to avoid him.”
Liz nodded. “He’ll be a regular on my unit. I’ll let him know he’s not to annoy you.”
As if that would stop him. “I’ll be cool.” At least she hoped she could contain the bubbling anger.
“What are you going to tell Maddie?”
“Only what I’ve already said. That her father disappeared and I thought he was dead.” She recalled the nights when she had envisioned an accident with his bike. Those thoughts hadn’t abated her anger and hurt. She still prayed for indifference.
“What happened back then? You both seemed so in love. Did you quarrel about the pregnancy?”
Cate shook her head. “He didn’t know. I only learned the morning of graduation. I told him we needed to talk but when I went to find him he was gone.” She bit her lip to keep from crying as hurt and sorrow from the past welled in her thoughts. In a flash the desire for tears vanished and anger bubbled to the surface.
“Are you going to tell him?”
Cate stared at her hands. “Why should I? He doesn’t deserve to know.” She looked away. As if anyone seeing her daughter could fail to recognize the identity of the child’s father.
“What about Maddie? She might want a father.”
“She hasn’t missed having one. Sometimes she asks a question and I tell her I don’t know. I didn’t miss having one.” The few times she’d asked her mother about her father the bitter rants had made her resent the man she’d never met.
“Liz, Cate,” Megan called.

“You go.” Cate gathered the pitcher and glasses and carried the inside. She loaded the dishwasher and slumped into a chair at the kitchen table. She had no idea how to handle this new problem.

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Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Show and Tell Check List #MFRWauthor #Books We Love LTD #Becoming Your Own Critique Partner

Last week we talked about the differences between show and tell. Today, I'll give you a check list to use when revising your manuscript.

Dialogue - Tell can sneak in here. One was for tell to become evident is when the characters are telling each other what they both know. Check your dialogue to make sure you've used it to develop your characters, to give needed information or to advance the plot. One is good. Two is great. Three is marvelous.

Narrative - Check to see that you haven't gone on and on, especially when describing people of places. Give the reader enough to whet their appetites and stimulate their imagination. Bring some action and reaction into the narrative passages by showing how the characters feel or react.

Make sure you haven't wimped out on a scene that needs to be shown to have a dramatic effect and to increase the tension.

Make sure your scenes aren't generic. This means scenes that can happen to any characters in any story. Make the scenes character focused to your characters.

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Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAuthor #Books We Love #Poem #Arrangements #Writing

Meander 1 - Poem The Garden Part 1

The garden gate is locked.
The bolts are fastened firm.
Outside I stand without a key
Rejected and forlorn.

I hear the sounds of laughter.
I would that I could join.
But the gates are closed and bolted
Rejected and forlorn

Through a knothole, I see people
Loving and finding joy.
I beat my fists upon the gates
Rejected and forlorn.
No answer comes, no welcoming
No arms reach out to me
I stand without and look within
Rejected and forlorn

Meander 2 - Making arrangements - Spent the morning finding rides for husband to dialysis in June when his transport will be in Florida. I've found the place. Now I need to look at my insurance to see if they will cover part of the cost. Then I must get the two other riders providers on tap and we will be set. Hopefully by Tuesday, all will be set.

Meander 3 - Writing. Still struggling with my latest WIP the Virgo Pisces Connection. I think I'm finally coming to the point of being able to make this one word since it's a bit different from each of the others and am bringing in abuse this time. We will see how this goes. Having four of twelve chapterswill help but I must do each one separately so I can keep the momentum going.

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Sunday's Book - Moon Summoned #MFRWAuthor #Books We Love LTD #Fantasy #romance #healing #strong heroines

Moon Summoned

Three Moon Summoned women. Ashiera the Seer who controls the winds and sees into the thoughts of others. Dian the Warrior who controls fire and fights with the sword. Egeria the Healer who controls fluids and heals those who are injured. They are joined in their battle by Sieper a sailor who knows the winds, Kobe once sworn to the Lord of Shadows and Jetan a healer of animals. These three vow to help the three women against those sworn to Evil. Lugal the Cabal reads the winds and thoughts. Sargon the Gladius controls fire and the armies of the Lord of Shadow. Lugal the Cabal has knowledge of herbs and uses them for evil. These three with their cohorts will face the three and three sworn to the Mistress of the Moons.
      Previously published as Mistress of the Moons Janet Lane Walters has written a story that will take you to another time and place. She gives vivid descriptions of her characters and their role in this story. Ms. Walters has constructed a civilization so real that you will feel its very existence. A place where men rule women as chattel for their sexual needs, and three evil rulers who drain their bodies of their very essence for spells and to gain power. There is betrayal and treachery inside of plots, as each priest plans to rule alone. Ashiera, Egeria, and Dian are bound to the spirits of the ones who came before them. They discover a truth that will astound them, and have them doubting their chosen path. They will experience a love that is forbidden and discover that two stand together better than one. I could feel the emotional struggle between love and destiny, described so passionately by the author. I hope Ms. Walters plans to continue this story. I could feel that this is just the beginning of this tale. Janet Walters book, Moon Bright, Moon Dark will go on my keeper shelf, beside such authors as Charlotte Boyett-Compo and Nancy Gideon. I give this story Five Hearts and recommend it highly. Enjoy!

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Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Karla Stover #MFRWauthor #Booksweloveltd #Mystery #Historical #Tacoma

A Feather for a Fan

New Tacoma, Washington Territory was a rough, frontier town in the 1870s, a community of barely 300 people, where life was centered on the waterfront, and revolved around the Northern Pacific Railroad.  It was a place magazine articles described as having a climate just like that of the Mediterranean. This is the town to which the Bacom family, Ira, Verdita  and their three children, Hildy, age 12, Reuben, 8 and Dovie 1 1/2 have come, leaving behind friends, family and the coal-dust air of Johnstown, Pennsylvania in hopes that Ira will regain his health.
            A Feather for a Fan is Hildy’s story of her first year living on Puget Sound. The family has to find a place to live; Hildy and Reuben start school where Hildy meets, among others, Nell,ildHi
 an outspoken girl of overwhelming poverty who wants Hildy’s mother to teach her how to be a lady.  While Nell becomes Hildy’s closest friend, she gradually builds a community of eclectic friendships:  Mrs. Money, who runs a stationary shop where she also raises birds, Mr. Peak, a laborer who gives her a chicken and buys bread she makes, and the Misses Violet, Lily and Rose, ladies of the night who save Hildy’s life during a violent storm. 
            Living in New Tacoma means learning to walk on streets where the mud is more than a foot deep, or on wooden sidewalks under which pigs wallow and vermin thrives, a town of massive mudslides that close the school, not to mention trigger happy gamblers. But it’s also a place of great, unspoiled beauty—a bay full of steam ships, bateaus, two and three-masted schooners and the occasional Chinese junque, of so much seafood no one need ever go hungry, and Mrs. Wilkeson’s amazing hat, the talk of the town. And even twelve-year-old girls have romances.  Samuel is an enigmatic boy, part French Canadian and part Indian who is in and out of Hildy’s life everytime something important happens.
            The book ends with a fire that burns a good portion of one whole street, after which some of her friends move away, and which finally reveals the secrets Samuel has been keeping.
Wynters Way

In the 19th century, a twenty-two year old, unmarried woman was on the shelf—already an old maid, destined to live on the charity of a family member. For Jane Heath, this is not an option. Disappointed in love and determined to make a life for herself, she takes a job at Wynters Way, the remains of a burned manor house deep in the country near the little town of Yearsley. The Wynters family is returning from India and Jane is hired to make their home habitable.
From the day she leaves home, Jane begins encountering the locals: a mute named Billy, a little person named Bright who is destined to become her closest friend, and the aggravating local doctor. And as if her job isn’t difficult enough, Wynters Way feels inhabited by the presence of a mysterious family member, one the Wynters won’t talk about. What are the strange sounds Jane hears? Bright says they’re just birds on the roof and mice in the wainscoting. But that doesn’t explain pockets of frigid air that suddenly appear, or the scent of apple blossoms only Jane encounters.
Wynters Way combines life in a brooding country house from the housekeeper’s perspective with a love story, and a family mystery with a solution destined to change lives.

 Tahuya Daze

     Mercedes Mackaill is on a month’s leave of absence from work, and has arranged to dog sit for her parents at their Hood Canal home near the little town of Tahuya, Washington while they are away. It will be the perfect time, she thinks, to write the “Great American Novel.” Surely someone who reads as much as she does can write a book. The day she arrives, Mercedes meets retired school teacher Alice Thorndyke over a table of used books and, a few days later, watches as Miss Thorndyke’s body is pulled out of the canal. From then on, nothing goes as planned. Something, or is it someone, sneaks around the house at night, trying to get in. During a quick visit to her apartment in Tacoma she learns that a man was seen picking the locks on her door. Her car is broken into, she can’t figure out why. It contained nothing of value. However, when someone loosens the plug in her boat and she nearly drowns, things start to get serious. Mercedes’ life is further complicated by Dorsey Finch, the man she saw with Miss Thorndyke a few days before the elderly lady drown. Finch had been working as the retired teacher’s handyman, and asking the old timers a lot of questions about the area. Mercedes and Finch’s love/hate relationship leads them to The Lady of the House, a used book Mercedes bought at the Tahuya Days festival, and a whole lot of questions about who Alice Thorndyke really was and, more importantly, who wanted her dead and why..

Karla's Books can be found here

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Friday's Guest Karla Stover #MFRWauthor #Books We Love LTD #Who She Was Before

  1. What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

I worked for 42 ½ years at Merrill Lynch where my favorite job was a salaried stock broker. The job included complaint desk problems which, believe it or not, I loved—except, sadly, trying to fix problems occasionally made me loose respect for some of the brokers. Also, I was a “Me Too,” as were many. In my case, I had my fanny patted. It’s funny, I left Merrill many years ago, but I recently stumbled on some notes I’d taken about abuse, and I felt my innards start to tighten up as if it were yesterday. But back to my job, I had to keep a list and turn it in weekly of everyone I’d talked to, their issues, and how they were resolved. I wish I’d kept a copy. People were so forthcoming, I think I could have written a book. After all, taxi cab drivers, sex trade workers, ER workers do it. I consider it an opportunity lost.


2.                 2  Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above. 

Genre-specific bores me. I have written three non-fiction books about Tacoma’s history, two murder mysteries which (or is it, ‘that’?) take place in Tacoma, a historical novel also set in Tacoma, and one taking place in late 19th century England. I love my home town and it has great history.

3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres? 

Anne (of Green Gables,) Jo (Little Women) March, and Betsy Roberts (of the Betsy, Tacy and Tib books) were always my favorites and the heroines wrote books which meant, I had to, too.

Many years ago, I had a friend who was editor of a local, monthly newspaper. At that time, the daily paper had discontinued its history column, so she asked me to write a column for her paper. At the time, in addition to working, I was going to night school, finishing my BA, and working at the Western Washington Fair every September to pay for it, so I walked to the library on my lunch hour to research, and then wrote the column at night after I’d finished studying. She eventually, left the paper but I continued writing for it, and then I graduated which gave me time to be a columnist for a weekly paper. Boy, that was fun. I often got to pick my own stories because I heard so much about what was going on around town from our clients at Merrill. One article I wrote was on local brew pubs which had just started coming on. I drove all over the county, interviewing brew masters and taking my husband who did the sampling because I don’t like beer. That led to my being interviewed on a local radio station which led to my occasionally doing color commentary for Tacoma’s triple A ball team, which led to my own radio program. Sometimes I hosted all the programs on a four-hour shift, but mostly it was my own program. When the station was bought out, I called another local station and talked my way into a show. It’s always on Tacoma history and I’ve been doing that weekly for about twenty-five years.

4. What's your latest release? 

Wynters Way, the 19th century, historical novel set in England came out last fall. I started it after a trip to Great Britain, though we spent most of our time in Cornwall where my mother’s family comes from.

5. What are you working on now? 

A Feather for a Fan is the novel set in Tacoma circa 1878. It was such fun to write, I am now working on its sequel. All the characters are five or so years older, so their experiences are completely different. I call what I do ‘Forest Gumping.’ Remember how his face was super-imposed into pictures of groups of famous people? In as much as it works into the story line, my characters see, meet, or are involved in things that really happened. The kidnapping of Puyallup Indian children is a good example, and Gramma Staley really was the local psychic.

6. Where can we find you? 

Uh—not sure how to answer that. I’m on Facebook, and I blog for Via KLAY 1180 am where I broadcast, maybe.

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Thursday's Third Scene - Lines of Fire #MFRWauthor #Books We Love #fantasy #Romance #swords

The challenge match had lasted longer than Alric thought possible. His opponent, one of the desert riders, had been chosen by his clan for the duel. Only one man could win. If Alric bested the other fighter, the local farmers would be spared raids on their crops and herds by the nomad band comprised of rebels against the laws of Investia. If he lost the raids would continue until another patrol arrived. Alric concentrated on the lines of fire flowing over the other man’s skin.
The younger man was agile and talented with the sword and knife. His hair, bleached by the sun, shone red-gold in the morning light. The lines flowed in changing scarlet patterns over his arms and bare chest.
Alric’s opponent’s quick responses to each move made him believe the young man read the lines, too. Someone had to make a mistake before they collapsed.
Sweat coated Alric’s skin. An occasional droplet stung his eyes and blurred his vision. The desert rider showed the same physical reactions. Exhaustion threatened Alric’s control. Then he found an opening. The lines of fire on the younger man’s sword hand faltered.
Alric lunged and caught the other sword sending the blade sailing through the air. He followed with a sweep of his leg. The desert rider sprawled on the ground. Alric pressed his knife against the man’s pulsing neck vein.
“Yield,” he demanded.
“Yielded.” The young man grinned. “Good fight. I’m Jens.”
Jens turned to the gathered clansmen and the crowd of cheering farmers. “Trade is good unless you try to cheat. We have wool, silver, gold, some gemstones, herbs and spices. We need grain, produce, honey and beer.”
“Do you have salt among the spices?” a man asked.
“We do.”
Moments later someone tapped a keg of beer. Alric opted for a mug of water. Once the formalities ended he searched the crowd for his current bondmate. Before he found her, Jens beckoned. They drew apart from the celebrating clan and villagers.
“I gather you see the lines of fire,” Jens said.
Alric glanced around to make sure no one stood close enough to hear. “It is said only those who are heart bound can see them. Among the Defenders I do not speak of my ability to anyone other than those I trust.”
“Why? I have no bondmate and my friends know of my ability. That’s why I’m chosen for these duels. You’re my first loss.”
Alric moved further from the celebration. “Seeing the lines is one of the reasons our forefathers used the mists to come to this land. Sorcerers sought to use their talents for evil.”
“An old wives’ tale I’ve often heard from the elderly riders.”
“Perhaps. I’m a Defender as I promised my father I would become. I believe what he told me when I was growing up.”
Jens frowned. “How fortunate to have known your father. As a small child I lived in the Defenders Hall. My mother died so I was fostered to a shepherd’s family when I was three. Soon as I could I ran. A penned life isn’t for me.”
Alric swallowed. “Did you have a sister?”
Jens shrugged. “My memories of the Defenders Hall are poor. What I remember is a tall man dragging me away and riding with him for days.”
Alric wished the younger man had more memories but he feared he would never know if this young man was his lost brother. “You might consider coming with our patrol. Though you’re older than most of the trainees, your skill would let you advance rapidly.”
Jens laughed. “You could leave the Defenders behind and join this clan of riders. We would welcome a man with your skills. You and I could be invincible as a team at the games.”
Alric studied the ground. There were times when he dreamed of leaving the Defenders. Some of the twelve years hadn’t been pleasant, especially when the leader placed obstacles in his way. He’d leaped over those stumbling blocks and succeeded. The promise he’d made to his father ruled his life.
Alric turned away and saw his bondmate waving. “I must go. Good riding and successful dueling.”
When Alric strode away from the younger man he scowled. The connection to Jens had been deeper than usual. Though the younger man had no memories of the past, he could be one of the missing sibs. In an instant Alric decided when he returned to the Hall he would search the Archives to see if the records held any information about his family.
His bondmate led him away from the crowd. “Where is the rest of the patrol?” he asked.
“I told them to head out and you would catch up.”
She wore no bracelet. A groan rumbled from his gut. Bracelets meant the bonding between mates stood. Since she had removed hers, that meant he’d been twice rejected. Once more and he would be banished from the Defenders. He opened the clasp on the brass one he wore.
“Seeks you won’t be returning with me.”
She stared at the ground. “I never wanted to be a Defender. I wanted to exchange bracelets with my childhood sweetheart. He’s here and wears no bracelet.”
With his thumbs, Alric tilted her head to see her expression. Though her decision was right for her, sadness shrouded his thoughts. “I wish you happiness.” He dropped the bracelet she had clasped on his wrist during the bonding ceremony into her hand. “Here’s your price.”
She shook her head. “I don’t want you to pay the fine. I never tried to see if our bond could last.”
“Neither did I.”
“You could have forced me to unite with you.”
Alric grimaced. “I wasn’t raised to grab what I wasn’t offered.”
“What will you do?” she asked.
“The patrol has finished the rounds of the southern sector of Investia. The Day of Ingathering for the returning patrols is just weeks away. I’ll ride to the Defenders Hall and choose another mate.”
“I wish you luck.”
Alric walked away. He touched the bracelet hidden beneath his shirt. His father had given him the unique piece just before his death. Perhaps this time he would find his heart bound mate.


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Wednesday Gemini Sagittarius Connection #MFRWHooks #BooksWeLoveLTD #Medical #Romance

The Taurus-Scorpio Connection (Opposites In Love)

Join me along with other terrific writers as we present some bits of stories for you to read. My book is a medical romance. Click here:  

Gemini Liz seems to be following her sign. She's the mother of twin boys, she'd returned to Eastlake for the second time and she's taking her second position as a nurse manager. She feels moving from the city will be good for her sons who sometimes choose the wrong friends. What Liz doesn't want is a second husband. The death of her fireman husband made him a hero but devastated her life. She had to return to work and become a single mother. Fortunately her father-in-law has stepped in to care for the boys but he wants to retire to Florida. Though she's attracted to Jeff she wants to deny the attraction. Jeff is a Sagittarian who often suffers from the foot in mouth disease. His wife died years ago but she was the perfect wife and he has no desire to fall in love or marry again. As a neurosurgeon he sees Liz a lot since she is the nurse manager of the ortho/neuro unit at the hospital. He also wants to deny the attraction and finds it harder and harder. Can a pair of mischievous boys find a way to help their mother and the doctor find love again?


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Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Tell or Show #MFRWAuthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #am writing #Hints

I'm revisiting a book written by Jane Toombs and myself and seeing what inspiration I can find. Becoming Your Own Critique Partner was planned one evening at a conference when we had nothing else to do and had enjoyed a drink or two. We only sat and devised the titles for the chapters and then forgot about the project. One day, I was at my critique group and one of the members read her pages, I was bored. The entire bit she was read was in tell mode and I thought I was a child again being educated rather than entertained. I pulled up the list of chapters Jane and I had jotted down and saw the title Does Your Tell Need Showing. Just the thing for my critique partner. I rough drafted the chapter and sent it to Jane. Back it came with a lot of notes scribbled on the side but also came another chapter for the book. This is hoe it began and during the next few weeks I'll be using this as my inspiration for the writer's tips.

First- Tell is facts. Think of the nursers stories you were read when you were a child. Just a picture of what happened next. As a child, these stories pleased you but as you grew older , you needed more.
Take the Three Little Pigs Each of them builds a house. Along comes the wolf. He huffs and puffs and blows two of the houses down. He fails the third one. Story is fine but what could be missing.

Second - Show is emotions, actions and reactions, If you want to show the story of the Three Little Pigs, you need to add some of these. How did each one of them build their houses. Did the one who made his of wood bang his finger. Did they sweat? Where they afraid as they worked hoping to finish and be safe before the wolf came? How did they react when he arrived? All these things add to a story.

So when writing yours look at those tell passages adn try to intersperse a bit of show there or vise versa. Both tell and show have a role to play when you're writing a story.


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Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #Books We Love LTD #poem #dance recital #writing

Meander 1 Poem Wishes

I'd like to put my friends on shelves
And keep them there like books
To only take them down to read
When I need their companionship
To keep them neatly all in rows
In alphabetic order
To pick and choose for different moods
Would be a splendid thing.
There are times when I resent
Their intrusion into my thoughts
But friends won't stay when they want to play
Conveniently away.

Meander 2 Dance recital - I'll be going to the grandchildren's dance recital. This year I'm sad because in the nine performances there isn't one where they are in the same performance. One of the three will be left out and that doesn't really suit me. Must think about this next year if it happens again. I really enjoy these recitals. They are professionally done, especially the older dancers.

Meander 2 - Writing. This latest book is driving me crazy. Hopefully I have it on track now. There's a bit more in the outside influences and that does need some consideration. Goal is to finish before September first. I do hope I will make the cut.


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Sunday's Book - Lines of Fire #MFRWauthor #Books We Love LTD #fantasy #action adventure

Lines of Fire (The Guild House - Defenders Hall)

To honor a promise made to his dying father, Alric trains as a Defender. For some reason the Swordmaster wishes him gone and his first two bondings end in failure. A failed third one will see Alric banished. His meeting with the older daughter of the Swordmaster reveals a double heart bond, but she has been promised to Petan, the Swordmaster’s favorite. A duel is fought and though Alric can read Petan’s lines of fire, the other dueler cheats and nearly kills Alric. Petan is banished but he knows secret ways into Defenders Hall. Kalia, his now bondmate’s lines are tarnished. Not only do Alric and Kalia need to find Petan, they must learn how to cleanse her lines.
January 20, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

July 19, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase