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Sunday's Book - Seducing the Attorney #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublihing LTD #Romance #Law #Occupational Therapy

Lauren Grant’s first meeting with Tony Carlin happened four years ago at her sister’s wedding to his older brother. There’s been an attraction but a wary one. The handsome arrogant attorney had showed disdain. At that time Lauren had been a troubled teen with streaked hair and piercings. Now, she’s working toward her Master’s in OT and has no time for more than school and her infant nephew. The death of Jamie’s parents has left Tony and Lauren as joint guardians of the baby. 

Tony makes assumptions about Lauren’s current life-style. He’s as attracted to her as he was four years ago. But he’s a player and has no thought of making any commitments other than having sole custody of his nephew. He is grieving for his brother. Lauren grieves for her sister and Tony’s brother. A moment of mutual comfort sends them on a spiraling course. 

Will they solve the problem of the custody and come to admit their feelings for each other? 

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Saturday's Blurbs Books by Shannon Nemechek #MFRWauthor

It’s against Army regulations—I know that. But whenever I look into his eyes, I lose my ability to think straight. 

He’s a Chief Warrant Officer, and I’m a mere Non-Commissioned Officer. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about him every night, dreaming about how my body would react to his touch. 

But I won’t allow myself to be another notch on his bedpost. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep our relationship professional—especially since we are teamed up to investigate a terrorist organization.

There’s no margin for error. I can’t allow my midnight fantasies to jeopardize my day job, to discredit my reputation. 

But there’s one major problem. Raleigh Fitzgerald is known to get what he wants, and right now…that’s me.

I met her, the girl of my dreams. We shared a kiss, we fell in love…and then I was deployed.

Now I’m back, but I’m no longer the man I used to be. I’m injured, scarred, and chances are I might never fully recover.

My heart still belongs to her—Annabelle—but my love for her demands I let her go. She deserves more than a broken man’s love, more than what I can offer.

But now, as I stare at her beautiful face, the sight of her cracking my heart in two, I pray I can be strong enough not to succumb to temptation. Both of us need time alone with our thoughts, so we came to the one place that made us feel whole again.   

Now we’re trapped in her family cabin, and I can’t help but wonder whether being snowed in with Annabelle is a wonderful mistake…or a disaster waiting to happen.

It’s been six months since all hell broke loose. Six months since I killed the organization’s leader. And six months since I fell for the love of my life.

Samantha and I thought the worst was over, that we would be able to move on—together. But we were wrong.

What we thought was in the past has now come back to haunt us. We’ve only managed to scratch the surface of this war raging against terrorism, and we have no idea who to trust anymore.

But one thing is for damn sure. I won’t let anyone hurt her. I will keep Samantha safe…even if it kills me.chek

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Friday Shannon Nemechek is featured at and Talking about Who She Was Before

  1.  What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?
Before I became a writer I served 23 years in the US Army. I also hold a masters in clinical psychology and Bachelors in Law Enforcement. 

2.    Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above. 
Well I write Military Romance, historical time travel romance and well I learned a long time ago to write what you know so that’s why I write military romance but I am also a huge fan of history and of historical shows like game of thrones and outlander

3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres? Not really I read a lot of different genres. I love just about everything.  There are some I won’t read but that is personnal preference.  I hard core erotica I haven’t been able to get myself to read, it doesn’t speak to me.  

4. What's your latest release? Rules of Engagement Ares Team Book 1

5. What are you working on now? I am currently working on a historical romance called Colm & Eleanor, the prequel the O’Donnell’s of Savannah that is the prequel to The Book which is a historical time travel Romance. I am also working on a contemporary romance 

6. Where can we find you? 

Amazon Author Page
Author Website
Social MediaLink
FB Page
Street Team Nemo's Nuts
Review Team
Limitless Publishing page
Facebook Men of the 9th

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Thursday's Fourth Scene Seducing the Doctor #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishingLTD #Medicine #Romance

Cassie avoided his question. He couldn’t dislike weddings any more than she did but she felt no need to speak about Tim and the aborted ceremony. Matt’s arrival coupled with her ex-fiancé’s actions had brought her past into the present. She curled her hands into fists.
The voice message to her had turned her world into tatters. “I married Rhonda this morning. Could you cover my patients tomorrow?”
The one to the partners had omitted the request for coverage and added he would be in on Monday to explain.
She had fled to the cabin in upstate New York not far from the Vermont border.
After sliding from the couch she glanced at her watch. Six thirty. She needed a way to divert Matt’s curiosity and to aid her resistance to his appeal.
“Are you hungry?” The flare of interest in his eyes made her regret the question. “I mean for food.”
He winked. “Among other things but I can eat.”
She entered the kitchen area. “Won’t be fancy.”
He followed. “Most of the time I eat out or order in.”
She opened the chest freezer. “Chicken or fish?” She had brought them with her.
He closed the distance and stood close enough for her to feel warmth radiating from his body. “What about the steaks?”
“Belong to the owner. I’d rather not use them.”
“We can replace them.”
She removed a package of chicken strips. “This is healthier. The cardiologist speaks. I’ll do a stir fry.”
At the refrigerator she removed an assortment of fresh vegetables. Tomorrow she would need to shop for more than clothes. She started a pot of wild rice, gathered herbs and spices, defrosted the chicken and chopped vegetables. Keeping busy held temptation at bay.
“Am I allowed one of the beers in the fridge?”
“Go ahead.” Dr. Evans had said she should feel free to use anything she found but she decided the gourmet steaks were too pricy.
Cassie finished the vegetables and cut and seasoned the chicken. A bit of oil into a skillet and she was ready to cook. A wok would have been better but she could improvise. Before long the food was ready to serve. She carried the dishes to the table and discovered Matt had found plates and silverware.
He served himself, tasted and grinned. “Seems you like spice.”
“In my food.”
“We’ll see.”
The cocky challenge alerted her. They would see. She feared she would take the dare. She stared at her plate. Had he seen the flash of interest she couldn’t deny.
Enough. You’re not in high school. Nothing has changed. You’re the same person he rejected back then.
Matt cleared his throat. “So why don’t you like weddings?”
Cassie drew a deep breath. “I just don’t.”
“That’s no answer. I’ll keep asking until I know. Are your friends dragging man after man into your life telling you each one is perfect for you?”
“Spill your reasons. You’ll feel better.”
Would she? A bubble of anger surfaced. “Why do you want to know?”
“Curiosity and maybe I can help.”
He seemed sincere. As yet no one would know until she didn’t show up at the shower. “Tonight would have been my wedding shower.”
“At a colleague’s home. As you can see I won’t be there.”
“Did you call the wedding off?”
Cassie shook her head. “No.”
A frown wrinkled his forehead. “Why skip the shower?”
Her face burned. “He married our office nurse yesterday.”
Matt half rose. “That man’s an idiot.”
“Or he realized he’d made a mistake and found someone more interesting.”
“No way.” Matt clasped her hand. “How long has he been seeing this woman?”
“Socially I don’t know but four days a week at the office. When we needed a nurse, he recommended her so we hired her.”
“And you didn’t ask him any of these questions.”
Cassie pulled her hand free. “Not when you receive the news by voice mail.” Her fork clattered on the table. Her chest felt tight. Tears burned her eyes.
Matt groaned. “Then I crashed back into your life and reminded you of another incident.”
“You could say that.” She pushed her chair back. Before tears erupted she had to hide. She dashed away.
Matt caught her and pulled her into an embrace. “Listen to me. The man is a jerk and a fool. So was I all those years ago.” He turned her to face him and tilted her chin with a thumb. His lips touched hers.
Cassie felt ribbons of heat sweeping along her skin. Before she’d realized who Matt was she’d been attracted to his voice and his body. There were high school days and the fantasies woven before and after the move. Could she trust herself not to dive into another relationship headed nowhere. But she had thought Tim was safe. Then he walked away.
She could refuse what Matt offered. That was a wise choice but being in his arms felt good. Could she handle the storm of emotion she would experience when he walked away? Dare she take a chance?
He deepened the kiss running his tongue over her lips and slipping inside her mouth to stroke. All logic fled. She didn’t want to fight the fires of passion.
His hands slid down her back to circle her waist. His tongue danced along hers and slowly withdrew. He raised his head and drew a breath. “I want you.”
“Are you sure?” She hated the shakiness of her voice. She could handle this.
“Feels right to me.” He met her gaze. “The moment I saw you crouching beside me I wanted you. Let me show you how much.”
She closed her eyes. Sex wouldn’t mend a broken heart. Had hers been broken? Her pride had been shattered and her self-esteem bruised. Had Tim’s action really surprised her? He’d been reluctant to name a wedding date until the senior partners had pushed. Deep down she’d expected him to walk away. She’d refused to admit his actions had been reminiscent of her father’s lack of affection and his neglect. She had never met him.
Anger bubbled to the surface. She’d wasted years waiting for Tim to agree on a date. Then he had lied. She drew a deep breath. Matt was honest. He wanted sex and no promises of more than one night.
Matt nibbled on her earlobe. “How long were you engaged?”
“Five years.”
“And you never pushed for marriage.”
She shrugged. “Several times.”
“What was he waiting for?”
“The right time. We had to finish our residencies since long distance marriages don’t work. We had to be established in our practice of medicine. Then we had to be made full partners. Was to be a wedding present from our partners.”
He stroked her nape. “Did you live together?”
She shook her head. “We each had our own place.”



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Wednesday Seducing the Baker #MFRWHooks #BWLPublishingLTD #Romance #Cupcakes #Detective

Seducing the Baker (At First Sight) Kindle Edition

Visit #MFRWHooks here  for some great excerpts. Mine is found at  Seducing the Baker brings old friends together.


She was the only girl to turn him down. What will happen when business and a wedding bring them together again.

Jules Grayson was a player as a teen and that hasn’t changed. Business and a friend’s wedding join to bring him to the place where his life had imploded and where his trust issues began. A Ponzi scheme and a suicide forced him into a group home he hated. For ten years he has avoided returning. 

Grace Sutton is faced with a dilemma added to by the appearance of Jules in her Sweet and Spicy Cupcake bakery. Years ago she turned Jules down but she had a crush. His appearance erodes the vow she made years ago. Men had used her mother and led the woman into drugs and alcohol. Grace vowed to forego relationships with men until she could support herself. Though the bakery is making money, she doesn’t feel secure. When Jules arrives with a contract for a magazine feature, she is conflicted and attracted.


Jules Grayson sat behind the mahogany desk in his office. “Why me?” He propped his elbows on the leather desk pad.
“Trust me,” Tony said.
Jules glared at his friend. Trusting others might be someone else’s nature but not his. “Why can’t one of the others be best man at your wedding?”
“They come in pairs. Lauren doesn’t want her friend to feel out of place. You’re the only bachelor left in our circle.”
And he intended to stay that way for a long time. “Why do I have to meet her now? The rehearsal will suit me.”
Tony grinned. “Trust me. The trip will be worth the time. You’ll like Grace.”
Jules straightened. He had once known a girl named Grace. She’d been the only female to turn him down. Just thinking about her brought memories of a time and place he didn’t want to remember. “I really don’t want to cross the river until the trip is absolutely necessary.”
“Just for the weekend meet and two days for the wedding. You can manage.” Tony rose. “What do you have against the village?”
“Do you have to ask? The group home. Remember how your father had to rescue me from that…that…her accusations.” Jules grasped the steel letter opener. “I’ll come. Some time on Saturday, do the meet and greet and leave Sunday morning.”
Tony paused at the door. “There is a plus. To reach my house you don’t have to enter the village.”
“Go. Let me finish some work.”
“Yes and I’ll bring the wine. Found a new shop.”
Moments after Tony left Mrs. Jamison entered with a stack of mail. She dropped the pile on his desk. “Buzz when you need me.”
“Will do.” He slit the top envelope and groaned. Not what he wanted to see. Before leaving for her honeymoon, Allie Blakefield, editor of Good Eatin’ had given him an assignment. Having contracts signed wasn’t his usual chore for the Good Magazine Group but he’d agreed. Allie wanted the owner of Sweet and Spicy Cupcakes to agree to a feature.
With three letters and four phone calls the woman owner’s answer had been no. A visit to the bakery might do the trick. He didn’t want to go there. The bakery was in the village he didn’t want to visit. Allie returned on Monday. Today was Friday. He sucked in a breath. Never leave a job undone was his rule.

His hand hovered over the phone. A call hadn’t worked. When Allie had asked he’d figured obtaining the contract signature was a no-brainer. What bakery wouldn’t want to be featured in a national magazine? He’d had a failsafe plan. Mail the contract. Make a phone call or two. Answer questions. Contract signed. Hadn’t happened. The time had arrived to use some personal charm.



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Tuesday's Writer's Tip The Bouncing Heads #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishingLTD #POV #Writing

When a writer sets out to tell a story, one thing to be chosen is point of view or POV. What this means is whose head is the writer to be in as the story unfolds. There are a number of choices. Choosing the right one helps. The thing to be is consistent. So let's look at the number of ways to do this.

There is the single character viewpoint. Though this can be done in third person, usually a writer chooses first person. This helps the reader really get into a characters head. Usually done in past tense. Sometimes writers use the present tense. Nothing wrong with that. I don't enjoy this kind of telling since most of the time I can't get into the character since they're so not me.

There are a number of ways to use multiple character viewpoints. One often used in romances is the hero, heroine way with each getting time on stage. Sometimes here a third person leaps in' Usually this is the villain and can add a depth to the story.

Then there is the use of multiple viewpoints and here there can be problems. The reader can become confused when the viewpoint character shifts too frequently in the middle of a scene. I've even seen it done in the middle of a paragraph and once in the middle of a sentence. This can also become more of an outside force or the author telling the story.

But these are the general ways. Later we'll look at them to help you find what works best for you.



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Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishingLTD #am writing #poem

Meander 1 Poem -- The Men in the US Steel Ward --

Mill workers with loud voices
Used to speaking over crashing noise.
Language, unpurified, unrefined.
Unblunted shafts of color that stab.
Friends of my father.
Attempting gallantry when I come to work.
It's G Man's daughter.
Watch your mouth.

Meander 2 - Winter weather - It's cold and the pipes beneath my kitchen sink often freeze allowing no water to flow through. Must remember at night to keep the water dripping. Such a waste but it's better than having to haul water from the downstairs bathroom or worse, having to hand wash dishes since the disher won't work. Though when summer heat arrives, we wish for some of that cold. Shame there's not a storage locker where we could store a blast of winter or a trace of summer to be used on demand.

Meander 3 Writing - The rough draft is finished and I'm moving the last five chapters up the line toward final draft. So little time but I think I'll manage to complete the book.



Sunday's Book - Seducing the Doctor #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishingLTD #Romance #medicine

Seducing the Doctor (At First Sight Book 4) Kindle Edition

“You’re next.” 

Those words send Matt Blakefield fleeing his brother’s wedding. Marriage or even falling in love is the last of his desires. What he wants to learn is the identity of the owner of the house he wants to use as a make-over for the magazine he edits, Good Livin’. A fall rainstorm and a pine tree sends his motorcycle into a spin and into the arms of an old acquaintance, a girl he hurt in high school.

Cassie Moore has borrowed a cabin from one of her partners in a cardiology practice to come to terms with a broken engagement. The news came via an email. Her fiancée had married another woman just weeks before their scheduled marriage. The appearance of Matt at her door brings an old attraction into full bloom. She realizes love is lurking but he’s a player and she needs to forget the connection.

Is it possible that a weekend of love can become a lifetime? 


June 2, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

A K/U book.

This is a cute story. I loved Cassie and Matt's characters and I loved how his family
couldn't keep their noses out of their business.

Matt has sat around long enough and watched everyone pair off and get married. No matter
who is getting married, Matt always finds himself getting set up with someones co-worker or
friend. The last thing that Matt wants is to settle down and get married, but his family has other
plans. Going away for the weekend to one of his families cabins seems to be just what he needs
right now.

Cassie is a doctor and up until a couple of weeks ago, she was engaged to Tim. Much to her
surprise, Tim marries the office nurse, all of a sudden, out of the blue and on a Thursday no less.
Needing to escape, Cassie borrows one of her Senior Partners Cabins for a much needed get away.

This book is filled with surprises, some more pleasant than others.



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Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by PE Kavanagh #MFRWauthor #Friends #Secrets #Politics

Collecting Secrets (Friends & Lovers Book 1) by [Kavanagh, PE]
Collecting Secrets:

When Camille first met Jackson she was too young. Too innocent. Too traumatized.

Friendship was less than what she wanted, but all she could handle.

Ten years later and she’s strong, independent, and successful. A woman equal to the formidable Jackson King, psychologist to the stars.

At exactly the wrong moment, Jackson crosses the line, jeopardizing the friendship it had taken a decade to build. He refuses to wait one more minute for the woman who had long given up the fantasy of his love.

With each step forward, the ground beneath them cracks under the weight of a lifetime of secrets. The entangling of their families, their past relationships, and an unwelcome connection keeps their journey on a rocky path.

Jackson and Camille are forced to face what has been hidden for too long. Will the relationship survive?

Coming Home:

Home means many things to Ramona Barrett and none of them are good.

A family mired in politics and ample amounts of bad behavior have kept her happily far away. Even after her enraged mother escapes, her drunk father sobers up, and her tyrannical grandfather dies, she has no interest in re-connecting to those rotten roots.

Fifteen years later, a steamy encounter with her childhood friend leaves her swooning like a schoolgirl. He’s become a man who dissolves her logic, foils her plans, and buckles her knees.

Too bad he’s engaged to someone else. And that’s not even the full extent of his secrets.

Can the home she fled be where her new future begins?

Claiming Power:

A buttoned-up politician.
An ambitious rebel.
The hard choice between love and power.

Connor Barrett has built a life based on doing everything right. He’s honest, idealistic, and completely buttoned-up. Continuing his family’s political legacy is a no-brainer. Next stop… US Senate.

Jenna King likes her men tough, tattooed, and as wild as she is. Clean shaves and navy suits hold no appeal. When she ends up working on Connor’s campaign, all her free spirit gets tucked away to create a professional image.

The couple work hand-in-hand without crossing any lines.

Until Jenna gets a glimpse of the man underneath the nerdy glasses and crisp, white shirts. And Connor urges her to let her hair down.

With the election approaching, right and wrong blur in the power of their connection.

In a world where image is everything, the unlikely couple must choose between their principles, their secrets, and the possibility of having it all.

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Friday PE Kavanagh is telling Who She Was Before #MFRWauthor #Romance contemporary #Suspense #Mythical elements

1.What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

I’ve lived what I like to call a ‘buffet’ life – lots of varied flavors and experiences. I’ve been a professional dancer, chemical engineer, biotech executive, chef, and founder of yoga studios and a children’s school.

Presently, I also work as a spiritual counselor and creativity coach. My clients come to me to recover after life has knocked them down and find the joy in creative expression.

All these flavors influence every part of my life, including the fictional worlds I create. My interest in resilience and personal transformation leads me to designing characters who go through rough times so they can discover their own strength. My technology background shows up in my characters’ careers, and my love of food and dance gives them wonderful hobbies.

It’s important that I create smart, well-rounded characters who reflect the three-dimensionality I strive for.

2.Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above. 

All my novels are high heat contemporary romances, but I also like to explore twists on that theme. I sprinkle in psychological intrigue, mythical and magical elements, and suspense. My most recent series involves a group of interconnected families and relationships that move from friends to lovers.

I love romances and am very happy to make that the primary thread of my work. I also love weaving in the various ways a love relationship can manifest in real and imaginary worlds. The only thing I can guarantee is that I will follow where my characters take me, whether they’re stockbrokers, chefs, or witches.

3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres? 

I have always been enamored with literary fiction, women’s fiction, and romance. When I started writing, those were the forms with which I was most familiar. Those are the stories that resonate most deeply with me in both reading and writing.

4. What's your latest release? 
December is a busy month! Consenting Adults, the fourth book of my Friends & Lovers Series, is releasing in one week. This is my most ambitious work, and pulls together not only characters with rich life experience, but also many of the current social and political events that are interesting me.

I also just released the Boxset of the first three books of that same series and the audio version of Coming Home (Book Two) is coming soon.

5. What are you working on now? 
I'm involved in a few multi-author projects, which are firsts for me and very exciting. The anthologies will include novellas and a short story that are more action oriented. One involves dueling assassins and the other a military hero finding his way to trust and healing.

Keep an eye out for more information on those!

6. Where can we find you? 

Here are all my links:

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