Saturday, September 27, 2008

One of Jane Toombs' villains.

Jane and I have been friends for years and have even written a book together. Becoming Your Own Critique Partner. Glad to read about her villain.

This villain is from Let My Bones Rest, one of the stories in the NORTH OF NONESUCH ANTHOLOGY by Jane Toombs, out in November from Whiskey Creek Press.

Today we're interviewing a man who prefers to be called Number One Ghoul. Why is that, sir?

Ghoul: Not because I chose the name, you blockhead. I'm obviously as human as you. What I told you was that those two who seek to thwart me refer to me in that way.

Interviewer: You feel they misjudge you?

Ghoul: Those university types never understand those of us who are business men.

Interviewer: Business men?

Ghoul: Certainly. I know a demand when I spot one and so I find a way to become the supplier.

Interviewer: By using force to obtain your product?

Ghoul: Whatever it takes. Look, they weren't supposed to be there yet. It's their own fault for getting in my way. I don't allow anyone to keep me from what I want. Ever.

Interviewer: You sound like a dangerous man, sir.

Ghoul: In spades. I've wasted enough time with you. My helicopter's waiting to fly me back to the site.

Interviewer: Thank you for being--"

Ghoul: Knock it off. If coming here causes me to fail in this project, you can bet I'll be back. Uninvited. In spades.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rowena Cherry here with another villain

An on-line friend gives us this villain. MATING MATERIAL by Rowena CherryDorchester Publishing - Online Bookstore for Romance, Horror and Western NovelsDorchester Publishing/ LoveSpell

1. What should I call you?
The god-Prince Django-Ra: To my face, Earthling, you should call me "Your Highness" or "Sir". Behind my back, I presume you will call me "Django" .... pronounced "Jan-GO"...

2. Tell me about yourself, Your Mightiness.The god-Prince Django-Ra:
My talents are many. I am exceptionally gifted and exceedingly dangerous. I can read or wipe minds with ridiculous ease. Consequently, I play god-level chess, and am one of the most formidable Duplicate Bridge players in all the galaxies. In my day, I was a superb star-fighter pilot with many kills to my credit... and to my discredit. Friendly fire is such a useful expression, isn't it?I am misunderstood. I daresay I have bad genes. I enjoyed a deeply disturbing childhood. My twin brother died in what you would call his crib. His cot. I had nothing to do with his demise. It would have done me no good to expedite his departure from this life. We had vigorous, older half-brothers who were first and second in line to the Imperial throne, and it was beyond my strength and powers to remove them from my path.Indeed, I was obliged to feign an interest in lesser-being members of my own sex in order to enjoy my big brothers' tolerance. As long as they thought me "peculiar", they did not see me as a threat to their male dominance. Eventually, as you see, I...ah... outlived them.

3. What do you want?
The god-Prince Django-Ra:I want to experience the Great Djinn mating frenzy known as the rut-rage. I want to fuck myself silly with the scent-love I never was in a position to claim. My muscular half-brothers had her, consecutively. I, alas, would have gladly stood in line but Djohn Kronos and Devoron-Vitan made war over her.By All the Lechers of Antiquity, I tried to experience the rut-rage with other Princesses and even my nephew's Empress, but met only with frustration. At first, I did not harm the females. One does not blatantly soil ones own nest. I beDjinned them, and took them by stealth. They survived, with no memory of my attentions. Although, my offspring might have been a reminder... It pleases me very much to think of the cuckoos (as I think you'd call them) that I have foisted on my unwitting half-brothers' heirs.

4. So you have a good reason for what you do. What is it?The god-Prince Django-Ra:Earthling, do you not understand what the rut-rage is? It is more than a drive and an obsession. It is a sexual madness. Pure Great Djinn males, such as myself, possess saturniid glands of such sensitivity that we can smell a full-Djinn female who is approaching oestrus from as many as fifty of your miles away. We then fixate upon that "scent love" sight unseen, and become obsessed with possessing and impregnating her.It is inconvenient to be thwarted. However, I have relatively few enemies left, so annoyances are few and far between.
5. Do you have a family and friends?
The god-Prince Django-Ra:Hah! No. I am something of a rogue. I hesitate to describe those with whom I associate (when convenient) as friends. They have their uses, but they seldom outlive their usefulness. I've been known to eliminate my bastards if they become embarrassing.

6. Why would you be called a villain?
The god-Prince Django-Ra:Is it possible that you have been so dazzled by my presence and alien Royal glamour that you did not comprehend what I have told you, my dear? Possibly, your mind is not worth the slight trouble of wiping! You may read my great nephew's love story, Forced Mate, and also Insufficient Mating Material for a less subtle view of my exploits.Hmmmm. I believe I smell blood not too many of your miles away. Someone is in pain. You will excuse me....-----------------------------------------------------------------

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another villain

Today I'll be talking to the villain from The Henge Betrayed -- Flight published by Mundania.

Sir, what should I call you?

I am Dom Senet and would be called the ruler of all.

Tell me about yourself.

I am the master of the elements and am able to use Earth, Fire, Water and Air to control and rule lesser people. My affinity with the elements is strong. In fact I have never met anyone who has a stronger talent. I travel between Wesron, one of the princedoms where I am considered an advisor and the highlands where my allies abide.

What do you want?

"What do I want?" Laughter sounded. What all men of great power wants. To rule and to control others. I have seen the Henges destroyed and once I find the four halflings who have but one affinity each, I will train them to my purpose. I am seeking other halflings and have sound several who will do as I will.

Do you have a good reason for what you do?

Why should I worry about reasons? I do what I do because I can. There are those who believe the advice I give is helpful. They don't understand in the end the usefulness is to me.

Do you have family and friends?

Who needs friends. There are syncophants who gather around me but they are not friends. As to family, I once had a son and daughter, twins. The son is being trained in the highlands by one of my followers. The daughter has been lost but since her brother has a great affinity I am sure she has none.

Why do others call you a villain?

There are four children and their friends who think I am evil. One of them is the son of the prince of Wesron, but he has vanished and perhaps is dead. Anyone who wishes the power to rule can be called a villain by someone. I am no different.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Margaret Carter's villain

Margaret and I are part of the same promo group, Jewels of the Quill. Janet

Interviewing Dr. Hugh Lange from WINDWALKER'S MATE, a Lovecraft-inspired paranormal romance by Margaret L. Carter (published by Amber Quill Press,

What should I call you?Just call me Hugh. After all I've been through, my title doesn't mean much anymore.

Tell me about yourself.I was a professor of anthropology before getting sentenced to prison on tenuous charges of producing designer drugs. I wasn't a drug pusher. I used carefully calibrated doses of certain rare substances to enhance the psychic abilities of my son, Nathan, and his girlfriend, Shannon—who, by the way, I rescued from the streets of Baltimore when she was running away from an abusive stepfather. The criminal charges were instigated by Shannon's mother in revenge for luring her daughter into a cult, as she saw it.

What do you want?I want my four-year-old grandson, Daniel, to embrace his true heritage. The Windwalker, a deity from another dimensional plane, used my son's body to beget a child who would have vast powers, including the ability to open the gate between universes to invite the Windwalker and the other Ancient Ones into our world. Nathan and Shannon are determined to keep me away from Daniel. They don't understand the importance of allowing him to develop his gifts and fulfill his destiny.

So you have a good reason for what you do. What is it?To welcome the inevitable return of the Ancient Ones to rule our universe. All who resist Them will be exterminated or treated as mere livestock. Those who serve Them, on the other hand, will receive unimaginable rewards. When the earth becomes transformed into a realm fit for the Ancient Ones' habitation, I want my grandson to share in that glorious future in accordance with his birthright. If possible, I would like Nathan and Shannon to enjoy those rewards, too, instead of suffering the doom of most of the human species. I wish they could grasp the fact that I have only their welfare and their child's at heart.

Do you have a family and friends?Not anymore. I forsook my academic career to serve the Windwalker. My only friends, the other young people who belonged to my so-called cult, vanished from my life after I was imprisoned. My son, Nathan, betrayed me by testifying against me at my trial. He and Shannon refuse to let me become part of my grandson's life. If I achieve my goal, though, Daniel will join me in ruling the transfigured world of the Windwalker's triumph.

Why do others call you a villain?Because they don't understand the inevitability of the Windwalker's reign. The only choices are to worship It or to suffer at Its mercy—of which It has none.

Margaret L. Carter has written numerous novels, novellas, and short stories in horror, fantasy, and paranormal romance. She specializes in vampires and has had several books and articles published on vampirism in literature, including THE VAMPIRE IN LITERATURE: A CRITICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY and DIFFERENT BLOOD: THE VAMPIRE AS ALIEN. Her vampire novel DARK CHANGELING won the 2000 Eppie Award in the horror category. Visit her website at

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rowena is here with her villain

Rowena is another online friend who also shares a publisher with me. Janet

Make sure you send me book title and publisher so everyone who reads the blog can know where to buy. Here are the questions

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MATING NET (e-book, short)
New Concepts Publishing

1. What should I call you?The god-Emperor Djohn Kronos: My dear little inferior being, you should call me "Your Mightiness" the first time I invite you to speak, Sir after that, even in bed--if I am pleased to take you to bed-- and Sire if... ah, become pregnant.

2. Tell me about yourself, Your Mightiness.The god-Emperor Djohn Kronos: As you see, I am a tiger's length tall. In other words, I am seven of your standard, large, male feet tall. I am also very well developed. You have no idea, because you are small, sweet smelling and pleasing to my senses, how truly terrifying I can be to those who displease me.You see the rings on my fingers? They are Rings of Power.... also known as Rings of Imperial Authority. This one, on my forefinger is the Firestone. It focuses and directs my power somewhat like one of your lasers. I can incinerate an enemy from forty of your paces, simply by pointing and willing him --it's usually a him-- to catch fire.That is all you need to know, I think.

3. What do you want?The god-Emperor Djohn Kronos: I want for nothing. What I want, I take. I desire much. It would, for instance, be very agreeable to be loved.

4. So you have a good reason for what you do. What is it?The god-Emperor Djohn Kronos: (Raises eyebrow) Have you not asked that? And have I not answered? You cannot possibly imagine that I am going to reveal how I managed to mate with the lovely Helispeta without her realizing that she was giving herself to the "wrong" god? I needed a replacement. My first Empress died.

5. Do you have a family and friends?The god-Emperor Djohn Kronos: I have a small and dwindling family. Unhappily, we alpha males tend to fight to the death for mating rights. There are so few virgins of the blood royal left that we must compete fiercely. As for friends, gods and Emperors do not have friends.

6. Why would you be called a villain?The god-Emperor Djohn Kronos: Your sub-species...humankind.... would call me a villain because you are incapable of understanding that lesser beings exist for my entertainment, my pleasure, and to satisfy my needs. I do not rule you Earthlings. I have never taken any of your virgins as tribute. Yet, you view my behavior according to the inflexible rules of your own distant world. You call me a villain because you are incapable of understanding why I killed my father, took his throne, appropriated my twin brother's contractually betrothed mate-to-be, and took her for my own Empress. Alas, many of my own subjects feel as you do, and thus I remain misunderstood.You see, my dear, a Great Djinn never apologizes, never explains. And now, I believe that you have delighted me sufficiently with your questions. You may kneel.....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Villains of Moon Bright; Moon Dark

Moon Bright Moon Dark is a fantasy romance with three heros, three heroines so there had to be three villains. The book was published by New Concepts Publishing.

Gentlemen, would you answer the questions one at a time.

What should I call you?

I am Sargon the Gladius, a man of arms and the best fighter of the priests of Midran.

I am Gamish the Thamaturg and the best in the use of herbs and poisons of the priests Midran.

I am Lugal the Cabal and a seer of great renown of the priests of Midran. In time I will be the greatest priest of Midran.

That is what he thinks," Sargon and Gamish said.

What do you want?

Power, Sargon said.

Worship from the masses, Gamish said.

To rule supreme," Lugal said.

What is your reason for what you do?
Sargon. To defeat those women who worship Midra, especially Dian who seeks to take Kobe my follower from me.
Gamish To see Midran rule the four nomes. Keltoi is the last. To have Egeria under my power and to use what she has for my ends.
Lugal. Midran is the master and his Dark Queen must be at his side. I would see Ashiera in that role when I defeat the other two of my triad.

Do you have a family or friends?
All three answered the same. They feel they need no one but themselves and Midran.

Why would you be called a villain?
Lugal. A villain. I am the Cabal of Midran and a hero in his service.
Gamish. As my fellow has said. I am the Thamaturg of Midran. To call me a villain is blasphomy.
Sargon. Those who worship Midra would look on me as a villain but those fools know nothing.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another interview

Kate Hill is an online friend. Here's a bit about her and her interview with a villain.

Kate Hill is a thirty-something vegetarian New Englander who likes heroes with a touch of something wicked and wild. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in publications both on and off the Internet. When she’s not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out, and researching vampires and Viking history.
Sir William is the villain in The Chieftain's Bride. Marion of Ravenhill is promised to the Viking raider, Wyborn, for his fierce protection of the British shoreline. She vowed he will never have her heart, but from the moment they meet, the attraction between them is nearly overwhelming. But before they can find happiness, will they be destroyed by bitter enemies, including Sir William Blackridge?
Later, Sir William becomes a hero in The Mad Knight's Bride:
Hatred made the outlaw William Blackridge untamable, until Rockland's warrior woman claimed his heart.
Inspired by his angelic face, Elaine of Rockland calls the injured man she has plucked from the sea and nursed back to health Gabriel. With no memory of who he was before, Gabriel has nevertheless retained his skills as a healer and a warrior and uses both to aid the people who saved his life, building a new life for himself in Rockland. But despite the irresistible passion that ignites between him and Elaine, and the love that neither can deny, his past catches up with both of them and threatens to destroy them.

1. What should I call you.Sir William.

2. Tell me about yourself.I live for battle and the thrill of my blade clashing with that of a worthy opponent. Truth be told, I prefer an honest fight. There is no honor in raiding, but honor itself is an illusion. Long ago my vision cleared and I learned that in order to survive one must often abandon honor and become as despicable as one's enemies.

3. What do you want?Vengeance and the respect I fought for and was denied.

4. So you have a good reason for what you do. What is it?Not that it's any of your business and not that I care what anyone else thinks, but my reasons are hatred and revenge.

5. Do you have a family and friends?My family was slaughtered. Friends are a hindrance.

6. Why would you be called a villain?Because I was intelligent enough to realize that abiding the law and following "proper" procedure is useless when faced with enemies who possess wealth, power, connections and a lack of integrity. The only way to defeat them is to become worse then they are, and that is exactly what I have done.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Interview

Hi Janet. Thanks for doing this interview for me on your blog. My third book in THE SOLONIAN CHRONICLES is coming out this December from NCP. The futuristic romance is called A RUTHLESS GOOD. I've been reading your blog and wondered if you would mind if I put a link on my blog to yours. Could you let me know when you put this up so I can promote it. Thank you again.

Sue Kelley/Gourley

1. What should I call you?
Please call me Father Morda as all my followers do. It's a title of their love and devotion for all I've done for this great city of Parlania.
2. Tell me about yourself.
I've saved this colony from extinction with my intelligence and clever planning. Some might think my methods ruthless and sexist but I've only done what was necessary.
3. What do you want?
I want nothing but to preserve mankind. To do so, I've instituted some strict laws controlling the breeding of children and way our society must run. Women have learned their place in this peaceful, safe city because of me.
4. So you have a good reason for what you do. What is it?
Of course I have a reason. Men are the stronger gender. The women who led us before almost took us into oblivion. I've reversed the effects of their poor attempts to subvert the natural order.
5. Do you have a family and friends?
I once had a great, true friend. He betrayed me but I intend to bring his son back into the fold. Or kill him. As for family, all are my children in Parlania.
6. Why would you be called a villain?
There are those who would rebel against the order I've created. Some think I've gone too far in my endeavors to help Parlania survive. Most of those don't remember the dark days when the enemies from the wild almost destroyed us. Everything I do is necessary. Without me, humans might have gone into the night of extinction. I'm a very good person. In fact, some of my more loyal followers see me almost as a god. Perhaps they're right. I saved them when all their gods left them to die.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A villainess

Today I'm introducing the villainess from The Temple of Fyre published by NCP and a finalist in the Dream Realm awards this year.

What should I call you?

Tell me about yourself.
I am the chief priestess of the Temple of Fyre and thus the most powerful woman in the land. I can use the red fyrestone something few people can. I am beautiful and men want to worship me. I allow them to touch but they cannot go beyond that.

What do you want?
Power. Is there anything else to want. I would like to find the fabled blue fyrestone for then I would be invincible. I would also like to see Ria punished for daring to disagree with me. When I wanted her to destroy a village, she refused. Her very poser frightened me but I prevailed and ordered her stoned. There is also Ari, a stone seeker. He refused to worship me as I should be worshiped.

Do you have a good reason for your actions and if so, what is it?
I am the chief priestess. There is no other reason. Because I have the power I should keep it.

Do you have a family and friends?
A priestess in the Temple of Fyre has no family. Once a woman enters the temple, her family is nothing to her. As for friends, why should I need any. Other priestesses envy me. There are those who pretend to be my friends but I know they only believe I can elevate them.

Why would you be called a villainess?
Someone like Ria might believe that is what I am. I do not believe I have ever acted against making sure the temple rules this land. A villainess, never.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bade is the "almost" villain in the first three books of my werewolf hunter series. I say almost villain because there are worse things in the night than Bade ... but few are better looking or more interesting to talk to. I've always loved bad guys and Bade is certainly bad.

I've been published a little over a year now. The first three books in my series are published with New Concepts, along with a fourth book unrelated to the series called Brain Dead. Brain Dead was just released this Wednesday and I'm really excited about that. I've also just signed contracts for three more books, one of which is the fourth in the Werewolf Hunter Series.

Readers might also be interested to know that 10% of all my royalties will be donated to St. Jude Children's Hospital. This goes for every book I will ever write.

1. What should I call you? The name's Bade Garren, but you can call me Bade.

2. Tell me about yourself. I'm an alpha werewolf for one thing. I'm also next in line to inherit the local wolf pack if anything happens to its current leader Marco Barak. But that might never happen and quite honestly, love, I don't want to wait that long.

3. What do you want? I want the wolf pack. But I also want what Marco is afraid to claim. Her name is Lilith Mercury and she's part werewolf herself. I believe there is enough of the wolf in her to appreciate what I have to offer.

4. So you have a good reason for what you do. What is it?

My reasons are my own. No offense, love, but I do think the end will justify the means.

5. Do you have a family and friends? I have a few friends, but no living family. At least, not that I'm close to. My mother died several years ago. She was a nurse, working at a clinic in our hometown of Sydney. They treated werewolves secretly. Lycanthropy is much more wide spread in Australia than most people are aware of. She was attacked by one of her patients. I found her. I was eighteen. Her car was in the shop, and I¢d gone to pick her up that night. The same wolf attacked me, only I survived.

6. Why would you be called a villain? I suppose people who disagree with my motives might call me that. Perhaps those who are afraid to accept their own beast, their own dark side might do the same. To each his own. I make no apologies for what I am.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another villain from Greyson Reyes-Cole

We're here with Greyson Reyes-Cole author of Bright Star to be published by Lyrical Press in October 2008. This is Grayson's second novel. The Chemist was the first in her Delicious Dark Side series. Now let's hear from her villain.

1. What should I call you?

Please call me Bright Star. I was born Elizabeth, people have confused me with the goddess Burn, but I am just Bright Star.

2. Tell me about yourself.

There is nothing to tell about me. There is nothing to know. Jacob Rush would argue that my name is Elizabeth and I was born almost twenty-five years ago. He would tell you that when my High Energy manifested and I was given to visions, I became a charlatan, a psychic for money, until my visions led me to him. I would tell you that I was born the day he dragged my dying body from a fountain and breathed life into me.

3. What do you want?

I want Rush to save the world.

It's what he was born to do. You can't imagine how much Talent he possesses. You can't imagine what he can do. But I have seen it. Just last week he saved a train full of the faithful from certain death, all from a distance, all with just a tiny bit of the High Energy he possesses. No one in this world or the next can do that. No one.

4. So you have a good reason for what you do. What is it?

I do what I must to get Rush to realize that he has to share his gift with the world. If one has the power to save each man, woman, and child on the planet, one's duty is to use that power. Is it not? I do what I do to force Rush to take responsibility.

5. Do you have a family and friends?

My family in Rush. My family are the Followers that believe in him the way I do. I find I am closest to Point and Monk and even Jackson when he is not trying to change me.

6. Why would you be called a villain?
I don't know why anyone would consider me a villain. Who told you that's what I am? Was it Rush? He cannot deny me. I'm not a villain--I'm not. I am a believer. I am a Follower. Do you hear me, Rush? I know you do. I am your Follower.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Interview with the villain from Obsessions

I'm here with the villain from Obsessions by Janet Lane Walters published by Hardshell Word Factory. Sir, what is your name?

I'd rather not say. I don't want those people to know.

Though I can understand your desire for secrecy, I would like to call you something.

Then Fred. Mommy called me her delight and her sweet boy. It's because of her that I have to do these things.

And why is that?

When I was a boy, my daddy died in a hunting accident. He was not a nice man. Then the neighborhood bully died and a man who was nice to Mommy but mean to me. Mommy liked the gifts I gave her. She gave me a promise.

And that was?

"I will never leave you. They'll have to kill me first."

Who are they?

Mommy was in the hospital. She coded. Before they chased me I saw them gathered around her bed. They killed her. Her doctor didn't come. He sent his nephew. Mommy didn't like them. There were a lot of other people there. They killed Mommy.

Did they?

Yes. If they hadn't she would be alive. She promised she would never leave me. They would have to kill her first. The practical nurse stole the bracelet I gave Mommy. Everyone at that code was responsible for her death.

Even Susan?

Yes, though she was Mommy's favorite nurse she didn't keep Mommy alive. I liked Susan, too but I had to act.

How many people did you kill?

I'm not sure. But they all deserved to die. For a long time, no one suspected the deaths were murders. They looked like accidents, except the first one but then I just happened on her.

Do you have anything more you'd like to say?

They had to die. "I promise I will never leave you. They'll have to kill me first." That's what Mommy said.

To learn how many deaths Fred caused, check out Obsessions.