Monday, September 8, 2008

A villainess

Today I'm introducing the villainess from The Temple of Fyre published by NCP and a finalist in the Dream Realm awards this year.

What should I call you?

Tell me about yourself.
I am the chief priestess of the Temple of Fyre and thus the most powerful woman in the land. I can use the red fyrestone something few people can. I am beautiful and men want to worship me. I allow them to touch but they cannot go beyond that.

What do you want?
Power. Is there anything else to want. I would like to find the fabled blue fyrestone for then I would be invincible. I would also like to see Ria punished for daring to disagree with me. When I wanted her to destroy a village, she refused. Her very poser frightened me but I prevailed and ordered her stoned. There is also Ari, a stone seeker. He refused to worship me as I should be worshiped.

Do you have a good reason for your actions and if so, what is it?
I am the chief priestess. There is no other reason. Because I have the power I should keep it.

Do you have a family and friends?
A priestess in the Temple of Fyre has no family. Once a woman enters the temple, her family is nothing to her. As for friends, why should I need any. Other priestesses envy me. There are those who pretend to be my friends but I know they only believe I can elevate them.

Why would you be called a villainess?
Someone like Ria might believe that is what I am. I do not believe I have ever acted against making sure the temple rules this land. A villainess, never.

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