Friday, September 12, 2008

Another interview

Kate Hill is an online friend. Here's a bit about her and her interview with a villain.

Kate Hill is a thirty-something vegetarian New Englander who likes heroes with a touch of something wicked and wild. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in publications both on and off the Internet. When she’s not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out, and researching vampires and Viking history.
Sir William is the villain in The Chieftain's Bride. Marion of Ravenhill is promised to the Viking raider, Wyborn, for his fierce protection of the British shoreline. She vowed he will never have her heart, but from the moment they meet, the attraction between them is nearly overwhelming. But before they can find happiness, will they be destroyed by bitter enemies, including Sir William Blackridge?
Later, Sir William becomes a hero in The Mad Knight's Bride:
Hatred made the outlaw William Blackridge untamable, until Rockland's warrior woman claimed his heart.
Inspired by his angelic face, Elaine of Rockland calls the injured man she has plucked from the sea and nursed back to health Gabriel. With no memory of who he was before, Gabriel has nevertheless retained his skills as a healer and a warrior and uses both to aid the people who saved his life, building a new life for himself in Rockland. But despite the irresistible passion that ignites between him and Elaine, and the love that neither can deny, his past catches up with both of them and threatens to destroy them.

1. What should I call you.Sir William.

2. Tell me about yourself.I live for battle and the thrill of my blade clashing with that of a worthy opponent. Truth be told, I prefer an honest fight. There is no honor in raiding, but honor itself is an illusion. Long ago my vision cleared and I learned that in order to survive one must often abandon honor and become as despicable as one's enemies.

3. What do you want?Vengeance and the respect I fought for and was denied.

4. So you have a good reason for what you do. What is it?Not that it's any of your business and not that I care what anyone else thinks, but my reasons are hatred and revenge.

5. Do you have a family and friends?My family was slaughtered. Friends are a hindrance.

6. Why would you be called a villain?Because I was intelligent enough to realize that abiding the law and following "proper" procedure is useless when faced with enemies who possess wealth, power, connections and a lack of integrity. The only way to defeat them is to become worse then they are, and that is exactly what I have done.

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