Saturday, September 27, 2008

One of Jane Toombs' villains.

Jane and I have been friends for years and have even written a book together. Becoming Your Own Critique Partner. Glad to read about her villain.

This villain is from Let My Bones Rest, one of the stories in the NORTH OF NONESUCH ANTHOLOGY by Jane Toombs, out in November from Whiskey Creek Press.

Today we're interviewing a man who prefers to be called Number One Ghoul. Why is that, sir?

Ghoul: Not because I chose the name, you blockhead. I'm obviously as human as you. What I told you was that those two who seek to thwart me refer to me in that way.

Interviewer: You feel they misjudge you?

Ghoul: Those university types never understand those of us who are business men.

Interviewer: Business men?

Ghoul: Certainly. I know a demand when I spot one and so I find a way to become the supplier.

Interviewer: By using force to obtain your product?

Ghoul: Whatever it takes. Look, they weren't supposed to be there yet. It's their own fault for getting in my way. I don't allow anyone to keep me from what I want. Ever.

Interviewer: You sound like a dangerous man, sir.

Ghoul: In spades. I've wasted enough time with you. My helicopter's waiting to fly me back to the site.

Interviewer: Thank you for being--"

Ghoul: Knock it off. If coming here causes me to fail in this project, you can bet I'll be back. Uninvited. In spades.

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