Monday, September 15, 2008

Rowena is here with her villain

Rowena is another online friend who also shares a publisher with me. Janet

Make sure you send me book title and publisher so everyone who reads the blog can know where to buy. Here are the questions

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MATING NET (e-book, short)
New Concepts Publishing

1. What should I call you?The god-Emperor Djohn Kronos: My dear little inferior being, you should call me "Your Mightiness" the first time I invite you to speak, Sir after that, even in bed--if I am pleased to take you to bed-- and Sire if... ah, become pregnant.

2. Tell me about yourself, Your Mightiness.The god-Emperor Djohn Kronos: As you see, I am a tiger's length tall. In other words, I am seven of your standard, large, male feet tall. I am also very well developed. You have no idea, because you are small, sweet smelling and pleasing to my senses, how truly terrifying I can be to those who displease me.You see the rings on my fingers? They are Rings of Power.... also known as Rings of Imperial Authority. This one, on my forefinger is the Firestone. It focuses and directs my power somewhat like one of your lasers. I can incinerate an enemy from forty of your paces, simply by pointing and willing him --it's usually a him-- to catch fire.That is all you need to know, I think.

3. What do you want?The god-Emperor Djohn Kronos: I want for nothing. What I want, I take. I desire much. It would, for instance, be very agreeable to be loved.

4. So you have a good reason for what you do. What is it?The god-Emperor Djohn Kronos: (Raises eyebrow) Have you not asked that? And have I not answered? You cannot possibly imagine that I am going to reveal how I managed to mate with the lovely Helispeta without her realizing that she was giving herself to the "wrong" god? I needed a replacement. My first Empress died.

5. Do you have a family and friends?The god-Emperor Djohn Kronos: I have a small and dwindling family. Unhappily, we alpha males tend to fight to the death for mating rights. There are so few virgins of the blood royal left that we must compete fiercely. As for friends, gods and Emperors do not have friends.

6. Why would you be called a villain?The god-Emperor Djohn Kronos: Your sub-species...humankind.... would call me a villain because you are incapable of understanding that lesser beings exist for my entertainment, my pleasure, and to satisfy my needs. I do not rule you Earthlings. I have never taken any of your virgins as tribute. Yet, you view my behavior according to the inflexible rules of your own distant world. You call me a villain because you are incapable of understanding why I killed my father, took his throne, appropriated my twin brother's contractually betrothed mate-to-be, and took her for my own Empress. Alas, many of my own subjects feel as you do, and thus I remain misunderstood.You see, my dear, a Great Djinn never apologizes, never explains. And now, I believe that you have delighted me sufficiently with your questions. You may kneel.....

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