Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Interview

Hi Janet. Thanks for doing this interview for me on your blog. My third book in THE SOLONIAN CHRONICLES is coming out this December from NCP. The futuristic romance is called A RUTHLESS GOOD. I've been reading your blog and wondered if you would mind if I put a link on my blog to yours. Could you let me know when you put this up so I can promote it. Thank you again.

Sue Kelley/Gourley

1. What should I call you?
Please call me Father Morda as all my followers do. It's a title of their love and devotion for all I've done for this great city of Parlania.
2. Tell me about yourself.
I've saved this colony from extinction with my intelligence and clever planning. Some might think my methods ruthless and sexist but I've only done what was necessary.
3. What do you want?
I want nothing but to preserve mankind. To do so, I've instituted some strict laws controlling the breeding of children and way our society must run. Women have learned their place in this peaceful, safe city because of me.
4. So you have a good reason for what you do. What is it?
Of course I have a reason. Men are the stronger gender. The women who led us before almost took us into oblivion. I've reversed the effects of their poor attempts to subvert the natural order.
5. Do you have a family and friends?
I once had a great, true friend. He betrayed me but I intend to bring his son back into the fold. Or kill him. As for family, all are my children in Parlania.
6. Why would you be called a villain?
There are those who would rebel against the order I've created. Some think I've gone too far in my endeavors to help Parlania survive. Most of those don't remember the dark days when the enemies from the wild almost destroyed us. Everything I do is necessary. Without me, humans might have gone into the night of extinction. I'm a very good person. In fact, some of my more loyal followers see me almost as a god. Perhaps they're right. I saved them when all their gods left them to die.

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