Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another villain from Greyson Reyes-Cole

We're here with Greyson Reyes-Cole author of Bright Star to be published by Lyrical Press in October 2008. This is Grayson's second novel. The Chemist was the first in her Delicious Dark Side series. Now let's hear from her villain.

1. What should I call you?

Please call me Bright Star. I was born Elizabeth, people have confused me with the goddess Burn, but I am just Bright Star.

2. Tell me about yourself.

There is nothing to tell about me. There is nothing to know. Jacob Rush would argue that my name is Elizabeth and I was born almost twenty-five years ago. He would tell you that when my High Energy manifested and I was given to visions, I became a charlatan, a psychic for money, until my visions led me to him. I would tell you that I was born the day he dragged my dying body from a fountain and breathed life into me.

3. What do you want?

I want Rush to save the world.

It's what he was born to do. You can't imagine how much Talent he possesses. You can't imagine what he can do. But I have seen it. Just last week he saved a train full of the faithful from certain death, all from a distance, all with just a tiny bit of the High Energy he possesses. No one in this world or the next can do that. No one.

4. So you have a good reason for what you do. What is it?

I do what I must to get Rush to realize that he has to share his gift with the world. If one has the power to save each man, woman, and child on the planet, one's duty is to use that power. Is it not? I do what I do to force Rush to take responsibility.

5. Do you have a family and friends?

My family in Rush. My family are the Followers that believe in him the way I do. I find I am closest to Point and Monk and even Jackson when he is not trying to change me.

6. Why would you be called a villain?
I don't know why anyone would consider me a villain. Who told you that's what I am? Was it Rush? He cannot deny me. I'm not a villain--I'm not. I am a believer. I am a Follower. Do you hear me, Rush? I know you do. I am your Follower.

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