Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rowena Cherry here with another villain

An on-line friend gives us this villain. MATING MATERIAL by Rowena CherryDorchester Publishing - Online Bookstore for Romance, Horror and Western NovelsDorchester Publishing/ LoveSpell

1. What should I call you?
The god-Prince Django-Ra: To my face, Earthling, you should call me "Your Highness" or "Sir". Behind my back, I presume you will call me "Django" .... pronounced "Jan-GO"...

2. Tell me about yourself, Your Mightiness.The god-Prince Django-Ra:
My talents are many. I am exceptionally gifted and exceedingly dangerous. I can read or wipe minds with ridiculous ease. Consequently, I play god-level chess, and am one of the most formidable Duplicate Bridge players in all the galaxies. In my day, I was a superb star-fighter pilot with many kills to my credit... and to my discredit. Friendly fire is such a useful expression, isn't it?I am misunderstood. I daresay I have bad genes. I enjoyed a deeply disturbing childhood. My twin brother died in what you would call his crib. His cot. I had nothing to do with his demise. It would have done me no good to expedite his departure from this life. We had vigorous, older half-brothers who were first and second in line to the Imperial throne, and it was beyond my strength and powers to remove them from my path.Indeed, I was obliged to feign an interest in lesser-being members of my own sex in order to enjoy my big brothers' tolerance. As long as they thought me "peculiar", they did not see me as a threat to their male dominance. Eventually, as you see, I...ah... outlived them.

3. What do you want?
The god-Prince Django-Ra:I want to experience the Great Djinn mating frenzy known as the rut-rage. I want to fuck myself silly with the scent-love I never was in a position to claim. My muscular half-brothers had her, consecutively. I, alas, would have gladly stood in line but Djohn Kronos and Devoron-Vitan made war over her.By All the Lechers of Antiquity, I tried to experience the rut-rage with other Princesses and even my nephew's Empress, but met only with frustration. At first, I did not harm the females. One does not blatantly soil ones own nest. I beDjinned them, and took them by stealth. They survived, with no memory of my attentions. Although, my offspring might have been a reminder... It pleases me very much to think of the cuckoos (as I think you'd call them) that I have foisted on my unwitting half-brothers' heirs.

4. So you have a good reason for what you do. What is it?The god-Prince Django-Ra:Earthling, do you not understand what the rut-rage is? It is more than a drive and an obsession. It is a sexual madness. Pure Great Djinn males, such as myself, possess saturniid glands of such sensitivity that we can smell a full-Djinn female who is approaching oestrus from as many as fifty of your miles away. We then fixate upon that "scent love" sight unseen, and become obsessed with possessing and impregnating her.It is inconvenient to be thwarted. However, I have relatively few enemies left, so annoyances are few and far between.
5. Do you have a family and friends?
The god-Prince Django-Ra:Hah! No. I am something of a rogue. I hesitate to describe those with whom I associate (when convenient) as friends. They have their uses, but they seldom outlive their usefulness. I've been known to eliminate my bastards if they become embarrassing.

6. Why would you be called a villain?
The god-Prince Django-Ra:Is it possible that you have been so dazzled by my presence and alien Royal glamour that you did not comprehend what I have told you, my dear? Possibly, your mind is not worth the slight trouble of wiping! You may read my great nephew's love story, Forced Mate, and also Insufficient Mating Material for a less subtle view of my exploits.Hmmmm. I believe I smell blood not too many of your miles away. Someone is in pain. You will excuse me....-----------------------------------------------------------------

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