Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Villains of Moon Bright; Moon Dark

Moon Bright Moon Dark is a fantasy romance with three heros, three heroines so there had to be three villains. The book was published by New Concepts Publishing.

Gentlemen, would you answer the questions one at a time.

What should I call you?

I am Sargon the Gladius, a man of arms and the best fighter of the priests of Midran.

I am Gamish the Thamaturg and the best in the use of herbs and poisons of the priests Midran.

I am Lugal the Cabal and a seer of great renown of the priests of Midran. In time I will be the greatest priest of Midran.

That is what he thinks," Sargon and Gamish said.

What do you want?

Power, Sargon said.

Worship from the masses, Gamish said.

To rule supreme," Lugal said.

What is your reason for what you do?
Sargon. To defeat those women who worship Midra, especially Dian who seeks to take Kobe my follower from me.
Gamish To see Midran rule the four nomes. Keltoi is the last. To have Egeria under my power and to use what she has for my ends.
Lugal. Midran is the master and his Dark Queen must be at his side. I would see Ashiera in that role when I defeat the other two of my triad.

Do you have a family or friends?
All three answered the same. They feel they need no one but themselves and Midran.

Why would you be called a villain?
Lugal. A villain. I am the Cabal of Midran and a hero in his service.
Gamish. As my fellow has said. I am the Thamaturg of Midran. To call me a villain is blasphomy.
Sargon. Those who worship Midra would look on me as a villain but those fools know nothing.

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