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Sunday's Book The Cancer Capricorn Connection #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishing #Romance #Medical

The Cancer Capricorn Connection (Opposites in Love Book 4)

She’s a Cancer and he’s a Capricorn. She has a secret she wants to keep but moments after they meet again, he knows the secret. Her daughter is his and he wants to be part of her life.

Memories of the past and her hurt brings Cate’s old anger with Rick to the surface. Rick realizes what a fool he’d been in his single-minded desire to follow his dream. He now has the medical degree he desired enough to set his love for Cate aside. His guilt and her anger clash while they try to find ways to show their daughter how much they love her


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Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by McKenna Dean #paranormal #MFRWauthor #romance

The PantherĂ¢€™s Lost Princess (Redclaw Security Book 1)

At the moment, I only have one book available: The Panther’s Lost Princess
Blurb: Ellie West has always known there was more to her story than being abandoned at birth. A child of the foster-care system, she didn’t get many breaks, but the one thing she can do is sing. It’s her only ticket out of poverty and obscurity. Nothing else matters, not even the nagging sense that she’s different. She's headed for great things. She only needs a chance.
Jack Ferris couldn’t agree more. His firm, the elite paranormal agency Redclaw Security, has been hired to find a missing princess and return her to her family. Discovering that Ellie, a waitress in a hole-in-the-wall diner, is both the princess and his fated mate is like being hit with a sledgehammer. Ellie West can't be his mate. She's the mission.
The sooner Jack completes this job, the better, only Ellie has no intention of throwing her dreams away for a kingdom she's never known. With hired assassins on their trail, Ellie might not have a choice. They must do whatever it takes to stay alive.

Coming sometime in July 2018: Ghost of a Chance
Blurb: At sixteen, Sarah Atwell walked away from her love of horses and a promising career as a competitive rider after discovering she’d inherited the family curse. Years later, her grandmother stunned everyone by leaving Sarah her horse farm—worth millions—but with conditions Sarah might not be able to meet.
A former Redclaw agent, Casey Barnes retired when a security assignment went bad, killing his partner and leaving him as a partial amputee. His inner wolf is in hiding. He’s been living quietly as a horse trainer, but June Atwell’s death now pits him against her granddaughter for rights to the stable.
With both of them snowed in at the farm, a series of increasingly serious accidents draws Sarah and Casey closer together, but they both harbor secrets that might tear them apart.

And if you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll get a free short story set in the Redclaw universe, Snowfall.
Blurb: The storm of the century. That's what the forecasters called it. No problem. Peyton Grant was ready: books, food, wine, and a wood stove. The only thing she could have wished for was a little company. With heavy snow on the way, that was unlikely.
The last thing she expected was to run into celebrity, Nicholas Lang, stuck in a ditch near her house. What could a small-town veterinarian and a movie star have in common? The answer just might make all Peyton's fantasies come true.

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Friday's Guest -McKenna Dean #MFRWauthor #Paranormal #romance

1. What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?
I’ve been an actress, a vet tech, a singer, a biologist, a teacher, and a dog trainer. What I love about this background is I have so many things I can write about with some personal experience! Because I work with animals, I tend to have animals in my stories—probably what attracts me to writing shifters.  I have several degrees in biology and science, so I love writing sci-fi. But I love performing, too. I can bring authenticity to stories about community theater and large choirs. A varied work experience is fertile ground for writing.
I used to wonder why I couldn’t stick to one career and make a go of it. I used to envy people who had a calling and followed it passionately. Now I know it was all preparation to be a writer.

2. Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above.
I wrote for many years under another pen name, and while they were all romances, they fell into a wide number of subgenres: contemporary, paranormal, urban fantasy, historical, science fiction… These are all subgenres of romance I enjoy reading, so the pull to write them was strong.
I realized having so many different subgenres made it hard to have an identifiable brand, so when I created the McKenna Dean pen name, I decided to limit myself to paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres?
Definitely! While I enjoy a good contemporary romance, most of the time, I want something that’s going to have an extra element to the story—I love world-building, and certain subgenres, such as paranormal and sci-fi, lend themselves to political and social commentary. I love mysteries, so I’m looking into doing a series of paranormal romances that are centered around a Shifter Crimes division within my Redclaw Security agency.
I love romantic suspense as well, hence the creation of the Redclaw universe—a series of standalone stories centered around an elite paranormal agency that retrieves alien artifacts and deals with shifter issues. Think X-Files meets Warehouse 13.

4. What's your latest release?
I am so close to being able to provide a buy link for my newest release, Ghost of a Chance, but it looks like I’m not going to get it published until the second or third week of July. It’s the second standalone in the Redclaw Security series.  Here’s the blurb:
At sixteen, Sarah Atwell walked away from her love of horses and a promising career as a competitive rider after discovering she’d inherited the family curse. Years later, her grandmother stunned everyone by leaving Sarah her horse farm—worth millions—but with conditions Sarah might not be able to meet.
A former Redclaw agent, Casey Barnes retired when a security assignment went bad, killing his partner and leaving him as a partial amputee. His inner wolf is in hiding. He’s been living quietly as a horse trainer, but June Atwell’s death now pits him against her granddaughter for rights to the stable.
With both of them snowed in at the farm, a series of increasingly serious accidents draws Sarah and Casey closer together, but they both harbor secrets that might tear them apart.
This story has a lot of personal meaning for me. Like the heroine, I’m a fangirl who loves cosplay, and I also used to compete horses.
At the moment, I just have one story out, the first book in the Redclaw series: The Panther’s Lost Princess.
As part of the run up to releasing Ghost of a Chance, The Panther’s Lost Princess is only 99 cents!
In the Panther’s Lost Princess, Ellie is a waitress seeking to change her future. What Jack knows about her past changes everything.
5. What are you working on now?
I’m just putting the final touches on Ghost so I can format it and get it published. I’m also working on the first in a series of stories about the origin of Redclaw, set in the 1950s and featuring a pair of agents who find themselves in over their heads when they agree to work for Redclaw. Bishop Takes Knight should be released in early 2019.

6. Where can we find you?
If you check out my blog, all my contact information is right there in the sidebar, including my Bookbub page.
Following my blog or signing up for my newsletter is probably the best way of finding out the latest about book releases and sales.

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Thursday's Third Scene The Gemini Sagittarius Connection #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishing #romance #medical

"Mom, help," Brandon yelled.
     Liz grabbed one of the paper bags he held and reached for the other. "Where's your brother?"
     He shrugged. "Around."
     "Justin. Come help unload the trunk." She carried the bags toward the house. Brandon followed with his backpack and her overnight case. "Take them upstairs."
     As she passed the living room to enter the hall beside the stairs, her father-in-law sat up. "I can help you with those."
     "You could track Justin down."
     "Impossible. He's so like Derek was. Never could find that boy when there was work to be done."
She wished he would stop comparing Justin to his father. That seemed to give Justin license to behave erratically. The constant comparison also hurt Brandon. Still, she was fortunate to have Pop's help with the boys. Working would have been nearly impossible if he hadn't moved in and taken over the child care.
     Liz put the bags on the counter and unpacked the tea kettle and a canister of sugar. After putting water to heat, she checked the refrigerator. Milk, butter, and eggs stood on the shelves. In the freezer, the ice bin was full, and two bags of ice lay on the lower shelf. Thanks, Laurel, she thought.
     She looked around the room and admired the efficient use of space and the features she hadn't found in an apartment kitchen. The counters were marble with streaks of green that were echoed in the painted walls and the curtains. The stove had double ovens and a rotisserie. A microwave hung beneath one of the green cabinets. The large window above the sink overlooked the backyard.
     Justin emerged from the basement. "Mom, there's a big freezer down there with food and ice cream. Can I have some?"
     She handed him an orange. "Here . . . . It's good for you."
     "Ice cream tastes better. One for Bran." She tossed him a second, and he ran off.
     By the time she had two pitchers of lemonade and two of iced tea cooling in the refrigerator, the first of her guests arrived. Laurel strode into the kitchen. Her long brown braid slapped against her back. "Left Johnny with your boys. Did you find the stuff in the freezer?"
     "Justin did." Liz hugged her friend. "You're looking good. Marriage must agree."
     "Sure does." Laurel stepped back. "Like the curls.Reminds me of Megan's."
     "Unlike hers, mine are induced. Decided a new job deserved a new style." She reached for two glasses. "About the food. You didn't have to. I plan to shop tomorrow."
     "Welcoming present."
     "Sorry I missed the wedding."
     "So am I, but I didn't want to give Alex a chance to change his mind. Was a small simple ceremony. Sue Lee came. She won Johnny's heart."
Liz raised an eyebrow. "She the next recruit?"
     Laurel laughed. "Why not? Eastlake needs a good nurse manager for Peds."
     "Will she come? Isn't she working toward becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner?"
     "Shouldn't keep her from being nurse manager. I've enrolled for my Master's, and Jen's nearly done."
     "The Grantley gang rules."
     "Where else can you find the best nurses? Our clinical group took top honors."
     "Liz, where are you?" Megan called.
     "In the kitchen."
      Moments later, Megan rushed in and nearly knocked Liz down. "It's good to see you again."
     Liz laughed. "Hasn't been that long." Her friend's blonde curls always made her think of dandelions.
     "Saw the boys. They've grown. Eric and Alex are organizing the unloading."
     "Where's Jenessa?" Liz asked.
     "Where else but outside trying to take charge?" Megan said.
     Liz groaned. "Let's go before she accuses us of slacking off." She headed down the hall, and the others followed.
     "Glad to see you've decided to work." Jenessa stood with her hands on her hips. "Welcome. Eric and Alex are in the truck."
     "Then let's begin," Liz said.
     With laughter and teasing, the truck was soon unloaded, and the boxes and few pieces of furniture were delivered to the rooms where they belonged. "Let's have a competition," Jenessa said. "Laurel and Alex can have the kitchen. Eric and I will take the living and dining rooms. Megan, you and Liz can work in the study. The first group to empty their boxes gets a prize."
     Justin bolted up the stairs. "Bran, Johnny, let's do our room and the bathroom stuff. What's the prize?"
     "I'll think of something. Eric, help."
     He laughed. "Was your idea."
     Megan joined Liz in the study. She looked at the boxes. "These all books? I suppose you want them in alphabetical order."
     "Why? On the shelves is fine. This is a competition, remember."
   Megan ripped open a box. "Mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, romance. When do you find the time?"
     "Little or no social life. The job and the boys take most of my time. These represent my escape."
     "What about yourself? Love . . . romance?"
     "No time."
     Megan grinned. "Invited my dad to come and help. He turned me down."
     A chill rolled along Liz's spine. Did Megan suspect the infatuation? Did her friend have matchmaking in mind? An impossible mission. Liz recalled the day of her interview and Laurel's housewarming. Jeff Carter had been completely uninterested. "A wise choice on his part." She emptied a box of nursing texts and opened a second.
     "Probably a good thing for us. He was in a foul mood."
     Liz frowned. "Why?"
     "A med error on one of his patients." Megan shoved books on a shelf. "Your new unit is a mess. Four nurse managers in three years. There’s been some resistance to having computers. Your unit is the last one. Hope you're not going to throw up your hands."
     "Does it look like I plan to leave in a hurry? As for the computers I’ll push for them to arrive." She placed two thick medical texts on the oak desk that had been her father's. She was glad Dr. Carter had opted out. Monday would be soon enough to face him.

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Wednesday Moon Pool #MFRWHooks #Jane Toombs #Janet Lane Walters #paranorman #Novellas

Moon Pool by Toombs, Jane, Walters, Janet Lane (2011) Paperback

Join me along with some other great authors #MFRWHooks   If you visit, you'll find the way. Moon Pool is a series of paranormal romances written by Jane Toombs and Janet Lane Walters   

BLURB In the center of the maze at an Adirondack resort lies a spring-fed pool. Legend says that if you look into the serene depths under a full moon, you’ll see the face of your true love. In this collection of four novellas, the magic of the Moon Pool touches the lives of eight people for whom love seems to be a dream that can never be reality:
Thea — who lost her one true love because she couldn’t bear the scorn of others.
Faith — who has given up on love in the face of responsibility.
Lynn— who settled for practicality when she yearned for poetry.
Cynthia — whose reputation for selfishness was no match for love.


Blue Moon
Chapter 1

July 1994
            The full moon dappled the shadows beneath the massive oak with patches of light.  Thea caught Luke’s hand.  He spun her to face him.  Their gazes locked.  His dark eyes mirrored her eagerness to be together, to make love.  Thea wanted to laugh at the joy flooding her spirits.
            His lips found hers.  He pulled her into a tight embrace.  She felt the hardness of his erection and opened her mouth to his questing tongue.  His touch, his taste, the aroma of his skin made her desire blossom.  There wasn’t time for what they craved.  With a sigh she broke the kiss.
            Luke slid his hands to her waist.  She sighed.  “I want to be like this with you forever.”
            He kissed the corner of her mouth.  “I’d rather be skin to skin.”
            “That, too.”
            He groaned.  “I’d better head back.  My turn to set the tables for tomorrow.”
            “And I’ve beds to turn down.”
            “Meet me at the reflecting pool in an hour.”
            “I’ll be there.”
            He tugged her closer.  Their mouths met in a searing kiss.  “You’re driving me crazy.”
            She nodded.  “An hour will seem like forever.”
            He released her and dashed toward the kitchen entrance of the sprawling inn.
            Thea leaned against the tree.  What a wonderful summer.  Until now she’d never thought she would find love.  Luke was wonderful and he was hers.  For longer than the summer, she prayed.
            She glanced at her watch.  The luminous dial showed she had a few minutes before she needed to be at her duties.  The moon gleamed like a golden coin.  She had time to test the legend of the reflecting pool.  The words the hostess had said to each group of arriving guests flowed into Thea’s thoughts. 
            Should a man or a woman come to the pool on a night when the moon is full, the face of their true love will be revealed.  Should they reject the vision, a life of lonely sadness will follow.  There is a second chance to find this love.  If the seeker returns to the pool when the moon is full and blue, true love will be recovered.
            Thea ran to the garden.  She paused beneath the trellis entrance and listened for voices.  When she heard none, a wave of relief made her smile.  She stepped into the boxwood maze and quickly made her way along the gravel path to the pool.  She knelt and stared at the water.  Dancing beams of moonlight coalesced.  Thea stared at the unfolding pattern.  When Luke’s face appeared, her laughter pierced the silent night.
            Holding the promise close, she hurried to the Lodge.  Wait until she saw Luke and told him.  Happiness threatened to erupt.  Thea, grind, nerd and all those other names her peers called her, had found her true love.  Thea who had never had a date until this summer had found her perfect mate.
            Luke was the best-looking of the Lodge’s summer employees.  Tall, dark-haired Luke was hers.  They had so many common interests.  When they weren’t making love, they talked and seldom disagreed.
            She thought of the way the other female employees and some of the younger guests had flirted with him.              Thea laughed.  From the moment their eyes met, they had been a couple.
            Thea hurried back to the inn.  She arrived on the second floor and began her evening routine.  She opened the first of her assigned rooms, folded down the covers and placed a chocolate on each pillow.  She entered the bathroom to make sure there was a good supply of fluffy towels.
            She walked to the door.  Her friend leaned against the wall.  “You finished already?”
            “Just.  You’re running late and I know why.”  Sue giggled.  “Saw you and Luke sneak off.”
            “For ten minutes.  No big deal.”
            Sue cocked her head.  “I wanted to catch you before you two disappeared to make-out.”
            The knowing look in Sue’s eyes caused Thea to stiffen.  They had been friends since grade school.  Thea had often wondered why the friendship had continued through high school and into college.  Sue was pretty and popular.  Her attention was flattering and brought Thea into the center of events.  Thea still helped Sue with her studies.  She’d even written papers for her friend.  Sometimes Thea wondered if being on the fringes of the in-crowd was worth the effort.  If she dropped Sue, where would another friend be found? Thea smiled.  There was Luke.
            Thea closed the door and walked to her next room.  “Luke and I do more than make-out.  We talk about serious matters.”
            “Sure you do.”  Sue grinned.  “Just wanted to let you know there’s a party in the guest lounge to celebrate Luke’s birthday.”       
            “He never mentioned one to me.”
            Sue’s smile turned sly.  “For good reason.  Guess he didn’t want you to know today he turns seventeen.  Surprised me when I learned.  He looks and acts our age.”

            Thea swallowed.  Luke was only seventeen.  She’d be twenty-two in November.  “But he’s a junior in college.  He’s pre-med.”



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Tuesday's Writer's Tip The Black Moment #MFRWAuthor #Black moment

Just what is the black moment? this is the time when a character realizes all is lost. The hero knows he will never win the girl. The heroine sees her dreams for happiness evaporate. The villain realizes he will be found out.

The key word is believes and this can be hard to make clear. If you're writing a romance, you know there should be a happily ever after or a happy for now moment. In a mystery, you know the villain will be unmasked. In any genre the time needs to come for one of the characters to realize all is lost. In a science fiction story the hero or heroine might believe the plague will never end. In fantasy, the wizard believes he or she ahs lost their powers. A bit of note for the horror genre. The black moment may become the end of the focus character, What could be blacker than that.

Is it possible to have more than one black moment in a story? Skillfully done, this can be achieved. The character may believe all is lost. Then he or she decides to go on from there. Then, during the new path he or she has taken there comes another time when all can be lost.

Next week, we'll look at how to build a black moment so it's really black.

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Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishing #Poem #Writing

Meander 1  Poem  Silence

The silent stars are watching.
Full moon is motionless.
I hesitate upon the brink
Of stillness andof peace.
I hear the murmuring voices
Calling out to me.
And yet I must find silence
Before I can leave my room.
The tears I shed are healing.
Myself is all right now.
I must retreat in silence
And go to fine my peace.

Meander 2 Puzzles. I love to do crossword puzzles. I do them while I'm eating my lunch. One bite of salad and fill in several blanks. I've learned some interesting things doing these puzzles and I'm always amzed by how much I know and how sometimes a letter in the middle of a word will give me the word. Sometimes you need to think outside the box and I do. Puzzles keep my mind fresh and refreshed.

Meander 3 Writing - Am working hard on Pisces Virgo and will one day finish this second draft. Hopefully the book will be long enough. I'd like to finish somewhere in the 40,000 but we will see. Depends on how the last bit works out simce the chapters are more sketched in than filled out.

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Sunday's Book The Gemini Sagittarius Connection #MFRWauthor #BWL Publishing #romance #medical #Gemini #Sagittarius

The Gemini - Sagittarius Connection (Opposites in Love)

Gemini Liz seems to be following her sign. She's the mother of twin boys, she'd returned to Eastlake for the second time and she's taking her second position as a nurse manager. She feels moving from the city will be good for her sons who sometimes choose the wrong friends. What Liz doesn't want is a second husband. The death of her fireman husband made him a hero but devastated her life. She had to return to work and become a single mother. Fortunately her father-in-law has stepped in to care for the boys but he wants to retire to Florida. Though she's attracted to Jeff she wants to deny the attraction. Jeff is a Sagittarian who often suffers from the foot in mouth disease. His wife died years ago but she was the perfect wife and he has no desire to fall in love or marry again. As a neurosurgeon he sees Liz a lot since she is the nurse manager of the ortho/neuro unit at the hospital. He also wants to deny the attraction and finds it harder and harder. Can a pair of mischievous boys find a way to help their mother and the doctor find love again?

December 1, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

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Saturday's Blurbs feature Books by Katherine Pym #MFRWauthor #Historical #Highwayman #BWL Publishing

Highwayman: A Boisterous, Bawdy Tale

Highwayman, a Boisterous, Bawdy Tale, (London 1666)
It is London 1666 and the plague is waning. The 2nd Anglo/Dutch war rages at sea. Lord Pilcher, a staunch Cromwell man, hates his grandson who followed King Charles II into exile. When Geoffrey returns to England, bereft and weary, he hopes for succor and support from his grandfather but Pilcher does everything he can to deny Geoffrey his inheritance. As a result, Geoffrey resorts to deceit. He steals goods and money from his grandfather that, by right, should be his.

After the death of their parents, Erasmus and Desiderius find Gentleman Jack and are welcomed into his gang of fellows. They learn sleight of hand, transfer stolen goods to cunning hidey-holes. They learn how to be nefarious and follow their leader’s skullduggery. Dodging the constables and the sheriff, will they be caught and hanged for highway robbery?

Erasmus T. Muddiman, A Tale of Publick Distemper (London 1665)
It is London 1665, a year fraught with strange and unearthly events. Comets fly low in the sky while merchants clamor for war.

Eleven year old Erasmus T. Muddiman attends St Paul’s School with his younger brother. He enjoys Latin but hates to create Latin verses, preferring the new sciences as seen at the Royal Society. He plays football with the lads in Paul’s Yard, shimmies up the drainpipe outside his bedchamber window and he saves his brother, Desiderius, from all sorts of scrapes.

Soon, Erasmus cannot avoid the rumors of war. Men and boys are pressganged, taken to ships or the dockyards. Plague enters the city. As school fellows disappear, Erasmus and his family meet a terrible fate of survival. Who will live and who will die?

Pillars of Avalon (Newfoundland) by Katherine Pym and Jude Pittman (London & Newfoundland, New France, 17th century)
David and Sara Kirke live in a time of upheaval under the reign of King Charles I who gives, then takes. He gives David the nod of approval to range up and down the French Canadian shores, burning colonies and pillaging ships that are loaded with goods meant for the French.

When Louis XIII of France shouts his outrage, King Charles reneges. He takes David’s prizes and returns them to the French, putting David and his family in dire straits. Undeterred, David and Sara will not be denied. After years, the king relents. He knights David and gives him a grant for the whole of Newfoundland and Labrador. There David and Sara build a prosperous plantation. They trade fish and fish oil with colonies down the American coast, Barbados and ports of call in the Mediterranean. They thrive while England is torn in two by the civil wars. Soon, these troubles engulf his family. David is carried in chains back to England to stand trial for being a malignant, a follower of Laud's high church. He entreats Sara to manage the Ferryland plantation, a daunting task but with a strength that defies a stalwart man, she digs in and prospers, becoming the first entrepreneur of Newfoundland.

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Friday's Guest - Katherine Pym #MFRWauthor #BWL Publishing #History #research

    What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

I was a normal every day person who went to school, got married, had children, then was divorced, went to work, took the kids to daycare, and because I could not afford to go anywhere or do anything, I started reading historical romances. My sister and I, who were intellectual snobs, said over a night of drinking a few wines, we could write one. How hard could it be? Well…

It was harder than we thought, the research daunting. My sister bailed after a while but I was hooked. Research took me away from historical romances into real life history. Often regular people are more interesting than fictional, or in my usual cases, real life events are more interesting than fictional events.

2.    Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above. 

For the most part I am genre specific, even as I’ve written a YA fantasy and an alternative historical fiction. My YA fantasy, The Salt Box, was researched, especially the use of a ‘god-door’ that appears on the side of a hill, and has a lot of ancient Celtic mystical lore. The alternative story, Miri’s Song, the love story of Joshua & Magdalene, has no research behind it. I just sat down one evening and started to write it without prep. I was surprised by the outcome.

The rest of my work is based on intense historical research, down to the everyday life people led. I want the reader to ‘feel’ as if they had walked the streets of Paris and London.

3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres? 

Very much so. I like history but as taught in school those heavy tomes rarely tell you how technicians reacted to the new x-ray machine in hospitals (early 1900’s), how they eventually died of radiation poisoning.

How often have you had a history teacher say due to the 2nd Anglo/Dutch war (1665-1667), when King Charles II’s cousin, Louis XIV, sided with the Dutch, Charles disavowed everything French. He changed his fashion to what everyone considers the norm of the 18th century with the long coats and tight breeches.

Generally, historical texts focus on government decisions and the wars they brought. Often the discussion is about endless battles, their names and dates, the generals. It does not tell the reader true people stories, their thoughts, their fears.

I went another way and received a degree in Literature where one can peruse what people of different eras thought and felt. After all, they wrote of their trials and tribulations and how big events and government decisions affected their lives. Their tales told of tragedies and comedies, exploration of the world, the mind, and the body. Theirs were the human interest stories I craved while studying history but could not find.

4. What's your latest release? Highwayman, A Boisterous Bawdy Tale, May 2018

5. What are you working on now? A story for an anthology. All of our submissions will deal with the Bubonic Plague. Light reading, huh?

6. Where can we find you? 
twitter: @KatherinePym

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Thursday's Third Scene The Taurus Scorpio Connection #MFRWauthor #BWL Publishing #Medical Romance #Taurus #Scorpio

The next morning she headed to the offices of IHRM. Within thirty seconds of her arrival she had typed a letter of resignation and carried it to the director’s office.
     The gray-haired woman looked up. “Lauren, you’re not due for a week.”
     A bout of coughing left Lauren weak. “Resigning. A family emergency.”
     "You sound beastly. Let me ring a doctor.” The director reached for the phone.
     “Can’t take the time. Have a flight. Have to go home.”
     The woman shook her head. “You’re ill. How can you handle an emergency when you’re the one who needs care?”
     “I’ll see a doctor as soon as I reach hom
     The director walked to the door with Lauren. “I’ll hold your resignation. When the emergency ends, come back.”
     “I can’t.” In the distance a clock chimed twelve times and brought a fear she wouldn’t reach Heathrow in time for the flight. She hoisted the duffel and waved down a taxi. They arrived at the airport with time to spare. She collapsed in her seat in first class. As the plane rose from the end of the runway, she fell into a fevered dream scrambling her thoughts.


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Wednesday Affinities Confrontation #MFRWHooks #Fantasy #Earth #Air #Fire #Water #BWL Publishers

Affinities: Confrontations

Come and join me along with the other authors showing off their wares  Confrontations is mine and is the fourth of the Affinities series. Here is the addy


Ash, Bran, Ky and Jay along with their friends have now mastered their affinities. They now control their ability to use Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The time has come for them to face Dom Senet and He Who Walks with Evil. They have learned a disturbing fact. He Who Walks With Evil is able to exchange an old body for a new one. Dom Senet wishes to obtain the secret and he is willing to sacrifice even his own son to gain this power. The four sets of companions set off to rid the doms and domas of Dom Senet’s bonds and to defeat the two evil men. Can they or will they become pawns to evil?

Affinities Book 1 – Escape
Affinities Book 2 – Havens
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Affinities Book 4 – Confrontations

The time has come. Ash bolted upright. Her heart pounded with a beat reminiscent of one created by a mad drummer. Her gaze swept the room. She saw the other young women slept. Had someone spoken on the winds or had the words been part of a dream she couldn’t remember? When her racing heart slowed she cautiously opened her senses to read the winds of the keep. Using her affinity for Air she searched. The only person awake was the doma and the cry hadn’t arisen from the elderly woman.
Fingers of moonlight slid through the shuttered windows. She moved to the edge of the bed and pushed her feet into her house boots. Ash crept to the window to peer outside. She knelt on the stone bench and opened the shutters a crack. A gasp pushed past her lips when she saw the birds, one light and the other dark. The pair circled the keep.
She rubbed her arms to banish the chill of the late winter night. “Mama, Papa,” she whispered. “What does your arrival mean?”
Since the destruction of the Wesren henge the birds had appeared at auspicious moments. Sometimes the pair signaled safety and other times they brought a warning of danger. What was the meaning of this sighting?
“The time has come.” Softly she whispered the words. Like a jolt of lightning a thrill of excitement swept through her. Did that mean her and her halfling companions were ready to leave the safety of the keep and venture forth against their enemies? There were more opponents than she cared to face. She considered the number of doms and domas who followed Dom Senet, the four halflings he’d trained plus Zand’s former step-mother and her two sons. A shudder rolled through her body. There was also the voice of evil she’d heard on the winds.
Two years and a season had passed since the return from the quests for the remaining halflings, the heirs and the talismans. The sixteen companions had worked hard to gain mastery of their affinities of the elements. Four whose element was  Air, four Fire, four Earth and four Water united in four mixed quartets. A sliver of fear stabbed. Were they ready? She fought a desire to return to her bed and pull the covers over her head.
As the edge of the sun appeared above the distant mountains Ash closed the shutters. She thought about the birds and knew hiding was as impossible as a return to sleep. Not while her emotions rose and fell in waves. Should she wake the others and tell them about the birds? She frowned. If she did Ky, her younger sister, would scold and rouse everyone in the keep.
Ash grabbed her clothes and dashed to the necessary to wash and dress. Before she stirred the others into action she had to speak to Doma Jandia. Perhaps their teacher could interpret the meaning of the words and the arrival of the birds.
As she hurried down the stairs she quested for the doma. The elderly woman wasn’t in her room on the fourth level of the keep. The doma’s mind scent rose from the stillroom. When Ash dashed from the third level to the second she heard stirrings from the chamber where her brothers and the other male halflings slept. Since she wanted advice before those with affinities plied her with questions she grasped the railing and sped downstairs.
On the first level she scurried along the hall and opened the door of the stillroom. Shelves on one wall held jars of various herbs, spices and flowers. Ash tasted the air as she’d been taught and isolated attars of roses, lavender and the scent of rosemary.
The elderly woman who had taught Ash and her siblings since the day they’d found refuge with her sat on a bench at a stone table. She rested a pestle in the mortar, turned and smiled. Hair turned to silver by age framed the doma’s lined face. The gaze from her brilliant green eyes met Ash’s. In contrast to the copper-hued skin of the halflings, Doma Jandia’s was as pale as linen bleached by the sun. Until this moment Ash hadn’t realized how much the doma had aged.
“You’re astir early,” Doma Jandia said.
Ash nodded. “I heard a voice and saw the birds.”
The light of knowing flashed in the elderly woman’s eyes. “Tell me the entire story.”
In a few words Ash spoke of her awakening. “Do you think the time has come for us to leave the keep?”
The doma nodded. “I believe so. Though I would rather keep you here and safe you young people have a destiny. You have learned all I can teach you and more since you aren’t afraid to try new approaches. Yes, you’re ready to begin cleansing the princedoms. Once that is accomplished you can confront Senet and his allies.”




Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Check List for Dialogue #MFRWAuthor #BWL Publishing #Dialogue #Checklist

A lot has been said about Dialogue. Don't expect to get it right during the first draft. I know I don't. First or Rough Drafts for me are getting the story down and I often found there are many problems with the dialogue. Not so many as there were when I began writing. I have a checklist of things I do when I'm in the revision stages of a manuscript.

!. Check each character's words forindividuality. Do they sound different from every other speaker?

2.Check each speech for emotional impact. Is the way someone says something have an impact on the reader and is it the one you want?

3. Make sure the characters words are in character. Do they show his social status, his education, his age and all the other things that make up his character?

4.Check the tag lines. Get rid of adverbs. Find ways to use action to identify the speaker.

5.Ask your self these questions. Does the dialogue help bring the character to life? Does the dialogue give the information a reader needs? And does the dialogue advance the plot? Is this bit of dialogue necessary or is it a throwaway? Does the internal dialogue serve the purpose you intend?