Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Developing the Black Moment #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishing #Writing #black moment

The black moment for your character or characters doesn't just pop up. The moment has to be developed so the reader believes this is for real. Remember during the black moment, the character must believe all is lost. The reader must believe this as well. So how does this moment happen?

First comes the building of steps. These steps are found in the character's motivations, goals and secrets.There are also the stumbling blocks. What the character wants and why he or she wants it? This may or may not be the character's initial goals but ones that have changed and developed. The character's secret is important. He may be hiding something from others and even from himself. For that secret to be revealed is often the trigger for the black moment. Stumbling blocks belong to the other characters and they have their own reasons for the character not to reach his goal. These can also trigger the black moment.

The moment of realization is the next point in the black moment. The character must really believe all is lost. Don't resolve this moment in a sentence or two but show the character really suffering from the realization.

Then comes the resolution. Here the character must give up or find a way to fight. Play the scene out fully as this adds to the drama of the scene. Even if he or she gives up this must be made to look like the right decision for the character. If he or she decides to fight, this will lead to other scenes.


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