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Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Pacing at the End #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Pacing #End of Book

The end is in sight. There are two problems with the pacing that can occur. One is to finish in a rush and the second it to keep ending and ending.

The rush job. Going from the Black Moment to the Resolution to the end is done as quickly as the writer can manage. This may leave the reader breathless but also unsatisfied. The black moment should be played out to the end when the character fears all is lost. Then comes the resolution when they decide what they must do to grasp the satisfactory ending. Then the end can come.

The not wanting to say good bye. Here the writer has become so enamored of the characters, they don't want to let go. Sometimes they might write several endings telling the reader what happens next beyond the solving of the problems. Some times In romances, I've seen endings that are a chapter or more in length. The reader might close the book and thing, glad it's over.

So finding the right way to end a book leaves the reader reaching for the writer's next book.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Poem #Writing

Meander 1 - Poem -  Book Jacket

I face you and i smile.
Naked surrounded by air.
A gleam of mischief
Lights my eyes.
Glasses slightly askew
And while you see my flesh
My core is hidden under words..
You must puzzle what they mean.
Yet they expose
More than naked skin.
In my hand a clay pipe.
It ends an air of dignity.
Don't you think
The sweater, holes in sleeves
Tied round my neck.
Should have leather patches.
But I don't sew.

Meander 2 - First person stories - I do like stories in the first person, mostly. They're great for mysteries, horror and other stories. But I find reading love scenes in the first person makes me feel uncomfortable. What happens is a feeling of eavesdropping on someone's personal space. I always feel I shouldn't be in the person's room. Third person love scenes, I enjoy and I read them sometimes with interest and sometimes less so. But love scenes written in first person, I usually skip and pray the resto f the story was worth the buy.

Meander 3  Writing - Moving slowly forward. This time of year with the holidays makes finding writing time a bit harder than other times. Because of my husband's dialysis, my time is fragmented any way. So I plug along and manage to get six hundred to a thousand new words every day.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday's Book Toth's Priest #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Alternate world #Romance #Egypt

Toth's Priest (An Alternate Egypt Book 3) Kindle Edition

Amara faces trouble and she uses a phone number given to her by a friend who has vanished. When she is offered the chance to be sent to an ancient Egypt, she accepts even though she must perform a task and risk losing her life. But here, she faces the same fate. She arrives and there is much she must learn before she can rescue a young man held by the priests of Aken Re.

Namose was taken prisoner by Hebu, beloved of Aken Re, and forced to translate ancient scrolls giving Hebu some of the powers given to the priests of Toth by the Three of the Two Lands, Toth, Bast and Horu. After his rescue, further troubles arise. He and Amara must join their powers to save their land and friends from the evil Hebu.


February 10, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

February 13, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

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Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Christina Lynn Lambert #MFRWauthor #Fantasy #Shapeshifters

Wolf's Challenge (Stranger Creatures  Book 1)

Blurb for Wolf’s Challenge (Stranger Creatures book 1)

When Sydney left Seattle two years ago, she was scared, traumatized, and done with men for good. Now she has a good job, a hobby that's fast becoming a second career, and best of all, she's adopted a little girl named Angel. Life is good and Sydney's not about to let charming lawyer Derrick mess that up, no matter how sexy he is, or how sweet he seems. 
Things aren't always as they appear in the town of Great Oaks, Virginia. Derrick isn’t the ladies’ man Sydney thinks he is, but he does have a few secrets, such as his ability to transform into a powerful wolf at will. 
Can Derrick convince Sydney to give him a chance, something more than her elusive maybe? More importantly, should he? He's still trying to forgive himself for being at the wheel during the accident that killed his son. Losing Sydney when she learns the truth might break him, but he's pretty sure not having her in his life would be just as bad.
A troubled woman running from her guilty conscience has Sydney and Derrick in her crosshairs, and she’ll do whatever it takes to win her game. Will Sydney and Derrick survive long enough to be together?

Wolf’s Challenge buy links

Blurb for Bear’s Edge (Stranger Creatures book 2)
A boss can't date her employee—simple as that. No matter how much Shayla wants to unravel a few of Grant's mysteries and take her friendship with the shy, sarcastic man to the next level, she's determined to keep her fantasies of him to herself. 
After bear shifter Grant lost his girlfriend and three best friends in a fire, he did his best to shut himself off from everyone around him. Falling for Shayla wasn't part of his plan, but after a kiss that leaves them both speechless and hungry for more, Grant can't keep his desire for his boss under wraps any longer. 
When things between the two of them get hotter than he could have imagined, Grant wonders if some of his darker desires will be too much for Shayla or will she embrace the needs he’s kept hidden for so long?
An obnoxious reporter and Shayla's bitter ex have teamed up to chase down conspiracy theories that could destroy Shayla's business and worse, put her life in danger. To find their happily ever after, Shayla and Grant will have to trust in each other and find a way to crush all the obstacles standing in their way.
Bear’s Edge buy links
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Friday's Guest featuring Christina Lynn Lambert #MFRWauthor #Paranormal romance #Suspense

1. What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

I didn’t originally plan on being a writer. I went to school for psychology and then got an MBA. I worked in sales, then as a case manager for people with disabilities. I was also a running coach and a personal trainer. I liked to write poetry and short stories in my spare time but considered any writing I did just a fun hobby, not something to ever share. When I was studying to take a certification in personal training, intending to take my small business to the next level, I had this idea for a story. The idea wouldn’t leave me alone until I began to write it out in my composition notebook. As it turns out, studying psychology helped me immensely with the development of my characters. Working in sales and other hectic jobs helped me see the uglier side of human nature. The greedy, lost, warped out villains I create are often caricatures created from different interactions I’ve observed.

2.  Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy etc. There are many subgenres of the above. 

I prefer writing paranormal romance with a major suspense element. I like the paranormal genre because I can bend reality to create a strange, extraordinary version of reality. I add a dose of suspense to everything I write because I have always loved to read stories that keep me wondering what will happen next.

3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres? 

Science fiction and fantasy have been my favorite genres ever since I was a kid. In middle school, I started reading Philip Pullman, Tom Deitz, and Mercedes Lackey. A little later, I discovered Stephen King, Dean Koontz, George Orwell, and Ray Bradbury. As I began to think about writing in the romance genre, I discovered the wonderful fictional world of shapeshifters and people with unusual abilities, and that’s where my scattered ideas fell into place. I write characters who, despite their flaws and past mistakes, find the courage to love and accept love.

4. What's your latest release? 

My latest release, a re-release actually, is Bear’s Edge, which is the second book in the Stranger Creatures series. I’m fairly new to writing and not long after my first two books were published, my then publisher closed. Thankfully, they gave all of us authors back the rights to our books and Decadent Publishing was willing to re-release both of my books so that I can work on writing more in the series.

5. What are you working on now? 

I’m working on book 3 in the Stranger Creatures series. In book 3, Detective Nikki Jackson isn’t looking for love. She has a great job and some other side work that keeps her busy. When a strong, quiet, dark-eyed man arrives in Great Oaks to assist Nikki on a case, she’s determined to keep things professional. So is he. And yet…

6. Where can we find you? 

If you want to find me on social media to get the latest updates on new releases, contests, and more, I’m at:

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Thursday's Fourth Scene Horu's Chosen #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Egypt - ancient #Alternate world fantasy

The early morning sunlight glinted on the sand and bounced off the rocks rising in erratic patterns from the ground. Merin gripped the saddle with one hand and the reins with the other. The swaying rhythm of the camel lulled her into a fugue state. Her eyes drifted shut and her thoughts wandered to the past. Once again she stood in the courtyard of the women’s court of the temple the priests of Aken Re had stolen from the priests of Toth.
The fat priest raised his hands. The strange words he chanted rose in pitch. Dark clouds gathered. Bast Ka, sacred cat of the goddess, grew larger and attacked. Merin screamed.
A soft meow and a rumbling purr pulled her from the scene that had haunted her for days. How much longer would she continue to see that incident on the day of her escape? That had been the moment she deserted Tira. Merin’s stomach lurched. She swallowed again and again to keep from spewing all she’d eaten and drunk during the long days of aimless flight.
Was Bast Ka an avatar of the goddess? With one hand she stroked the cat’s silky gray fur. With each touch she repeated the command she’d been given. “Go to the delta. Find the pharaoh-to-be.” Would finding him complete her task or was there more?
She glanced at the rising sun and knew midday would soon arrive. Shelter was needed. She scanned the horizon for a refuge from the sun’s hot rays. Did those distant rocks promise shelter? Were they really there or was this a vision caused by the bright light?
She touched the nearly empty water sack. What would she do if she couldn’t find a source of sweet water? Even with the water, her remaining food supply had dwindled and she had no coins to buy more. Once again she regretted the spooked flight,
She neared the jagged rocks and saw an order to their placement. Merin urged the camel forward. Bast Ka leaped to the ground and dashed away. When the camel reached the fallen stones she found a pool of clear water shaded by a rocky overhang. She tapped the camel and dismounted.
As she explored the rocks she realized this had once been a temple of Bast. Broken statues of the goddess and felines littered the ground. Who had done this? Had the priests of Aken Re and their guards murdered the women and men who served the goddess?
Before setting camp, Merin prowled the ruins. She found no bones of humans or sacred cats, only the shattered images. Though she wanted to blame the enemy for destruction there was no proof. The temple could have been laid waste during the war that had occurred in the year of her birth. She would never know the answers.
She hobbled the camel in a patch of grass beneath a palm tree. This done she set her camp. Bast Ka brought a huge lizard. Merin skinned the creature. She seared some of the meat in a small fire and added the rest and the last of the lentils to water and set it to cook beneath the sun’s heated rays. With a sigh she curled on her blanket beneath the wide overhang. The cat lay beside her.
Merin’s thoughts churned with questions. Would she ever learn what had happened to her friends? Were Namose, Tira and Kashe safe? Had they delivered the symbols of the rule to a safe place? Why had Bast Ka deserted Tira? Not that Merin disliked the cat’s companionship. Did the avatar’s presence mean she was now the focus of the goddess’ power?
A shudder racked her body as images of the death of Pian and the fat priest surfaced. The screams had deafened her and sent her into panicked flight, only pausing long enough the grab the packs she had prepared. The arrival of a saddled camel driven from the animal pens by a jaguar had seemed welcome. She had planned to stop at the temple for the queen’s jewelry but the animal had bolted through an opening in the gates.

Merin wasn’t sure how many days had passed since the escape. She’d succumbed to the panic and days had flown past before she’d thought to count. She shifted position and finally slept.



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Wednesday Seducing the Chef #MFRWHooks #BWLPublishing #Chef #Food Magazine #Hudson Valley

Seducing the Chef (At First Sight Book 1) Kindle Edition

Join the writers at #MFRWHooks here   http://mfrwbookhooks.blogspot.com   to read some great excerpts. My offering is found at http://wwweclectricwriter.blogspot.com and is the first of the At First Sight series.

Seducing the Chef - Allie Blakefield, editor of Good Eatin' wants to do a feature on Five Cuisines a restaurant across the river from NY City. Her father forbids the feature and won't say why. She's not one to sit back and be ruled by someone. She borrows a friend's apartment. 

While leaning over the balcony she sees a handsome dark haired man doing a Yoga routine. He looks up and she is struck by the Blakefield curse. Love at first sight. 

The pair start a hot and heavy romantic interlude. She visits the restaurant and is recognized by Greg, the chef's mother. The woman goes ballistic and the affair is broken. Can Allie learn what's going on and rescue her love?

July 11, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition