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Saturday's Blurb is Book by Andi Ramos #MFRWauthor #Mystery

Gumshoe Girl

Sheagan OHare got more than she bargained for when her newly inherited detective agency lands its first case; a missing person, embezzlement, and murder. Sheagans out to prove she can hang with the pro's, despite the constant reminder of her amateur status from an annoyingly attractive FBI agent, Colin 'Mac' MacEvine, whos forced himself into her life.

How does she feel when an old high school friend hopes to ignite a new romance?

Will she be able to discover if detective work and love can mingle before someone gets hurt?

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Sheagan made a split-second decision to head back to Kinney, Kelley, and Wellstood. It was a long shot, but she felt she had to move on it since there was nothing else to go on.
It was past business hours by the time she parked. She tried the door; it was locked. She peered through the window and saw Ernie collecting his things, so she knocked and watched him shuffle to the door.
“Hi Ernie," Sheagan said, as he unlocked the door.
“Little Miss, are you back so soon?”
“I forgot something upstairs this morning.”
“They are just about closed up. Most everybody is gone. I was just leaving myself.”
“I’ll just be a minute,” Sheagan charmed.
“You promise you won’t be long now?”
“I promise.”
He nodded. “Okay.” He stepped aside and let her in. Ernie looked tired.
“Long day?” she asked.
“They get longer every day.” He managed a weary smile.
She nodded sympathetically and made her quickly way to the elevator, dreading what to say to the receptionist. The doors dinged opened, and Sheagan peeked out from inside the elevator. She didn’t see anyone. Perfect!
She slipped out of the elevator and crept around the corner, then eased her way back to Mary’s cubicle and breathed a sigh of relief as she shook the first file cabinet drawer open. It was full. She took a photo so that she could investigate any company names later, and did the same with the second and third drawers. The fourth was full of office supplies – a box of staples, and full boxes of paper clips, pens, Scotch tape, and more sticky notepads.
She turned her attention to the second file cabinet. It was the same arrangement as the first, with files in the first three drawers. She opened the last drawer, thinking it would also house supplies, but was surprised to see a picture of Mary’s husband and a small, fabric printed handbag.
Sheagan heard a loud voice come from the conference room. She felt a knot in her stomach and slipped the purse on her shoulder, concealing it as best she could with the thick strap of her bag.
The voice grew louder, and there was heavy banging, like someone was pounding on a desk. Nerves got the best of her and Sheagan ducked out of the cubicle and crept down the hallway towards the reception area. Just as she rounded the corner, she crashed into the cleaner, Lewis. A hot chill ran up her spine as he grabbed her shoulders.

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Andi Ramos is Friday's Guest #MFRWauthor #WhoSheWasBefore

1. What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?

Before I became a writer I was a school secretary; I loved working with all the kids. Unfortunately, the 7-3 extremely busy, but tedious day tasks didnt give me much time to think, never mind create. While my past position didnt influence me in my stories, it did give me push to spawn my creativity on the weekends. It was very much like a shaken bottle of soda, by the end of the week my creativity was pent up and on the verge of exploding!

2. Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy, etc. There are many subgenres of the above. 

I have been trying to write outside my genre of romantic suspense, but as I write, I inadvertently weave bits of mystery or suspense throughout the romance story. Someday I will succeed in writing outside my genre.

3. Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres? 

My leisure reading absolutely influenced my writing, which is probably why I have a hard time writing outside of romantic suspense because that is what I like to read. My writing is very self-indulgent, they are the types of stories I love to read myself.

4. What's your latest release? 

On May 30th I just released my debut novel, Gumshoe Girl. It is a romantic mystery about an amateur sleuth and how she fumbles her way through her first case while trying to prove herself to an attractive FBI agent.

5. What are you working on now? 

 I have a couple of works in progress including the second in the Gumshoe Girl Series. Sheagan will have her work cut out for her as she tries to discover the truth behind alleged serial murders. I also have a new series I am working on called the Escape Series. The first book will be called The Pina Colada Catastrophe.

6. Where can we find you? 

I have a website where you can see my trailer for Gumshoe Girl or check out my blog.

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Thursday's Third Scene The Amber Chronicles by Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BWLpublishing #fantasy #shortstories

Emme felt the call in every cell of her body. Resisting made every inch of her skin itch. The call spread to her muscles and they burned. Her bones ached. With tears dripping down her face, she fought until her head throbbed. If she didn’t’ move she feared the center where her powers lodged would ravel. Would the end of her being a witch be her punishment?
     She rose and made her way along the dark tunnel using her fingertips to guide her path through the unlit area.
     When she reached the stairs the pain eased though she moved like a wizened crone.  Steadily she made her way to the throne room where her parents waited. The moment she knelt before the pair the remnants of the pain vanished. Anger pounded as steadily as the beating of her heart.
     Emma raised her head. “I did what I needed to do. He chose her when he should have been mine.”
     Ludena nodded. “He was defective. Like the three before him he chose your sister for her weaker power. If you had searched his mind the way you should have you would have seen and rejected him allowing us to summon another.”
     “There were no more.”
     “Not here.”
     “He was my last chance for love. There will never be a man who loves me.”
     Soldar rested his hands on his thighs. “You are our oldest. In you the power to maintain the world is strong. You are the heir but you let envy, jealousy and anger rule.”
     Emme started to rise but her father gestured her to remain on her knees. "So this world called Amber will die when you and mother fade. What about the people?”
     “As yet they are no concern of yours,” Ludena said. “The punishment for what you have done is banishment. There are lessons you must learn and we send you to a place where they may be learned.”
     “You must conquer your anger,” Soldar said. “Anger has been your downfall. Arrogance is another fault. You must learn to give and not to take. You must realize the meaning of duty.”
     He was right. Emme knew she had used anger as a way of dealing with her sisters. Anger was her friend and how she acted. How could someone change their nature?
     Ludena nodded. “You embrace envy and jealousy as though they were your chosen companions. Such emotions do not a good ruler make.”
     Her father nodded in agreement. “So we must send you away until you learn.”
     For the first time since her summons Emme met their gazes. “Where?”
     “To another world,” Ludena said.
     “I don’t want to go. All I want is a prince to love me.” Anger filled Emme’s voice.
Her father left his chair. “To love you. What about finding a prince you can love?”
“If he loves me I’m sure in time I’ll learn to love him.”
     Ludena shook her head. “To love another doesn’t necessarily mean he will love you. Haven’t you seen what holding yourself aloof has done? You must learn to give.”
     Soldar nodded. “Loving another may mean letting him go.”
     “Love cannot be demanded or commanded.” Ludena’s gaze turned to her spouse.
     In her father’s gaze, Emme saw something that raised envy in her thoughts. Would a man ever look at her with such emotion in his eyes? What she saw in her mother’s confused her. The same light shone there.
     She sighed. “You ask the impossible.”
     “You are a powerful witch,” Ludena said. “Impossible is not a word you should use.” She turned to Soldar. “The time has come.”
     Her parents walked to where she stood. “This is your fate. You leave this world called Amber to seek your love. Every hundred years a portal will open.”
     “What is this portal?”
     “The way to another world,” Ludena said. “If you enter the amber orb of the day of the summer solstice when the moon is full in company with your love, you will return here.”
     Soldar nodded. “If the chosen prince enters alone, the portal will take him to a companion world.”
     “Is there no other way?”
     “Finding the man you love and who loves you is the answer.”
     “As the years pass and I fail will I forget my purpose?” Emme asked.
     “You will remember,” Ludena said.
     “I pray you learn the meaning of love. I pray you find your prince. And if you discover how to love and be loved during one of your awakenings, you can return to the Amber World.” Soldar clasped Ludena’s hand.
     Emme opened her mouth to protest. Her throat muscles tightened making speech impossible.
     Her mother handed her the amber orb. “Take this. Use the power of the gem wisely.”
Emme grasped the gem in her hands. A golden haze encased her. The glow darkened until her parents and the throne room vanished.


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Wednesday Affinities Searches #MFRWHooks #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #Fantasy #Young adult

Searches (Affinities Book 3 - Young Adult Fantasy, Books We Love)

Join me and other authors and read about some interesting books.
Mine is book 3 of the Affinities series.

Having found a safe place in a tower fortress, the four and their companions set out to find what they need to defeat Dom Senet and He Who Walks With Evil. They divide into three groups. The first group seeks the focus stones that enhance their affinities. The second group looks for the remaining artifacts, the swords, the staffs, the flutes and the scrying bowls. The third group sets out to find those with their affinities to round the groups to four of earth, four water, four air and four fire. Their strength will be needed in the final battle.



The midday sun of the late summer day beamed on the caravan consisting of three Rover wagons, several extra coursers and eight riders. Val tugged off his neck cloth and wiped his sweaty brow. Today he rode as rear guard and used his affinity for Water to search for emotions that spoke of strangers. As yet, the group seemed to be the only travelers for miles.
     He scanned the horizon. The grassy plains stretched to the east and the west of the old rutted road leading toward a distant grove of trees. The forest could hide attackers, but as yet he sensed no unknown enemies.
     The heavy loads stored in the wagons caused the slow progress. Val had to admit Doma Jandia was the best trader he had ever encountered. Not only did they have extra mounts there was enough food and grain to last a month or more along with the tools they needed to repair the abandoned keep. He grinned. They still had credit with the Rovers.
     An outburst of angry emotions impinged on his peace. Val’s hands clenched. Four days of travel beneath a hot sun had brought tempers to the fore, especially from those whose affinity for Fire guided their actions.
     Ky and her courser tore toward him. With one hand she held the reins. The other hand held a raised sword that blazed with flames. Behind her, Zand galloped. His sword showed a plume of fire. “Take that back,” he shouted.
     Val rode toward the pair. “Enough,” he cried. “Dampen those flames. Do you want to set the grass aflame and endanger us all?”
     “She called me a baby,” Zand said.
     Val sucked in a breath. “What did you say to her?”
     “That I was better with a sword.”
     Val nodded. “Since you have been practicing with one since you could hold a blade, how else could you be? I say you’re both acting like children.” In some ways they both were, not only in age but in experience. “Why don’t the pair of you spar after evening meal when Dragen can watch and comment?”
     The flames on Ky’s sword died. She turned to Zand. “A good idea.”
     “Just blades. No flames,” Zand said.
      The pair wheeled and rode off. Val watched them go. Sometimes he wished he could use his affinity for Water to empty a cloud on his friends’ heads. A longing for shade and coolness arose. Would they reach the trees in time to make camp for the night?
     Why were there no farms or villages in this area? Was this part of the highlands? He knew the Rovers’ camp was in the neutral ground between the lowlands and the highlands. How much further must they travel to reach the deserted keep Dragen knew? The abandoned dwelling was to be a refuge where they could learn to use their affinities. This meant another change in his life.
     His thoughts slid to the many times his life had undergone an upheaval. He had no recollection of his mother’s death and few from the years he and his father had lived off the land before joining the Rovers for several seasons. Those days had been ones of learning and of belonging.
     Then his father had been drawn to Cedris. Flashes of memories from the day his father had died at the hands of Dom Senet made Val’s hands shake. He pushed his grief aside and tried to smooth the raw places.
     One area remained abraded. He knew the children who had lived with him in Cedris were safe with the Rovers. They had been his family until his affinity had forced a chasm to separate them.
A shudder rolled through his body. A member of his adopted family had envied his talent. Had that been the reason for Larkea’s betrayal or had her dislike of Geni spurred the angry reaction? Larkea’s actions had resulted in his and Geni’s capture by Dom Senet and had placed all their friends in danger. When he recalled the coldness of the dom’s green eyes, Val felt ill.



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Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Dialogue Outer #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #dialogue

 Dialogue in fiction must serve a purpose. There are also several things to be aware of The choice of words, the pacing of what the speaker is saying and the tone. How do people choose their words in real life conversations. Take time to listen to people as they talk.

Different career choices bring certain words to a dialogue. Medical people choose words the average person might not. Cops have a distinct vocabulary. So when you're writing two people talking think of who they are, and what they are.

Men and women tend to speak differently. Women often use longer sentences and men shorter ones. This isn't always the case but be aware when you're doing dialogues.

Some characters use flowing sentences. They almost sound like poets. Others use terse remarks. Also what is happening will add  to the tempo of a sentence. Danger can cause terseness. Making love can evoke longer sentences. Dialogue is a good wat to show what the person is feeling.

Tone is part of dialogue and can be difficult. Sure adding an adverb like seh said lightly. He asked angrily. These give the idea but sometimes when writing dialogue putting those adverbs in can be intrusive. This can be done by putting a bit of action. For example "What are you doing here?" Mary asked angrily.  or What are you doing here?" Mary's hands fisted on her hips. Both set a tone but the second one brings the reader's imagination into the story.

There will be something next week on how to use dialogue in your story.


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Meandering on Monday With Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #Poem #writing

Meander 1  Poem

Stolen moments from my day
Are ones i spend with thee.
I eagerly await those hours
When reality becomes fantasy.

To your deep and steady words
I listen with soft ear.
Entranced, I cannot move
All I can do is hear.

nd wish i could become a stone
To be a statue in your garden
Where I could look on you
And whisper sweet amen.

Meander 2 - Father's Day - Comes and children will be calling my husband. Even the grandchildren will call. Since out oldest granddaughter isn't here this year, I've decided to bake the cake she would have baked. Chocolate with chocolate icing. His favorite.

Meander 3 Writing. Finally finished the rough draft of Virgo Pisces. It's really rough and some of the scenes are really unfinished. In the next month, I'll finish them and then get on to the revisions. I'm sure some of the chapters will need no work and others will need to be re-written. September isn't that long from now.


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Sunday's Book - The Amber Chronicles by Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #Fantasy #Amber

The Amber Chronicles

Amber Chronicles Collection: Emme, a witch and the heir to the throne of the world called Amber is banished from her home to find love. She believes she can command a man to love her but this does not work. Angry at being told no by the crown prince of Rivand she casts a spell on the Riva family. Every hundred years when the moon is full at the summer solstice she will call the crown prince. If he refuses to cede his love to her he will enter the amber orb and vanish. Four times she fails and the princes find adventure on other worlds. One turns an enchanted amber dragon into a princess. The second is imprisoned in an amber tower and must select a bride. The third must free the heroine from an amber cage. Emme slowly learns her lesson and returns to spend her childhood with the fourth prince. Hoping knowing each other will help. She has fallen in love with the crown prince and enters the amber orb in his place. Can Emme who is Cast in Amber be freed and gain the love she has sought for all those years?

FOUR STARS! The witch's curse of zapping princes into an amber orb is one of my favorites. This story is the fate of the very first prince. It reads much like a fairy tale, where at least one moral is to be learned. An enchanting fantasy. **** Detra Fitch

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Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by J. S. Marlo #MFRWauthor #BWLLTD #Mystery

Voted Out

Voted Out by J. S. Marlo

To unravel the mysteries in the election office and protect the integrity of the election, Liliane risks her reputation, her heart, and her life.

Liliane's mind is reeling, not from the ramifications of her secret love affair, but from the unethical behavior, the blackmail, and the extortion taking place in the election office.

Coaxed into exercising damage control and assuming responsibilities beyond her role as finance officer, Liliane longs to spend time in her art studio, but when election officers begin to vanish and die, she cannot dismiss the events unfolding around her and her lover.

To unravel the mysteries and protect the integrity of the election, Liliane risks her reputation, her heart, and her life.

Where to buy?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Salvaged by J. S. Marlo

The discovery of a submerged Model T blurs the line between dream and reality, exposing a young scuba diver's past and threatening her future.

Star Fisher refuses to let the scar marring her face dictate her choices or the dreams haunting her nights affect her life. A skilled scuba diver and underwater investigator, she assists in the salvage operation of a sunken Model T, but will it reveal its secrets?

Captivated by the feisty diver, captain Hauk Ludvikson struggles against his attraction as they explore the old automobile linked to the unsolved disappearance of a rich heiress. As past crimes create new ones, he must decide if he wants to protect Star or protect his heart.

With danger lurking under and above the water line, Star fights for her future — a future she may not salvage twice.

Where to buy?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Hot Water (Heart & Endurance #3) by J. S. Marlo

Can Agent Sullivan repress his feelings for the woman he secretly loves and use her as bait to catch a serial killer?

Nineteen-year-old varsity swimmer Maxime Tremblay is leery of the string of fatal accidents involving female athletes, but after she thwarts an attack, she can no longer ignore the connection between the victims.
Special Agent Ross Sullivan investigates the deadly events on campus only to discover they are not accidents, the athletes are not targeted at random, and the killer is only warming up.
To protect his only witness, he goes undercover as Maxime's boyfriend, but as pretense and reality begin to blur, Sullivan faces the dilemma of putting her in harm’s way to stop the killings.
Where to buy?