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Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Frank Talaber #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Native Americans

Raven's Lament (Stillwaters Run Deep Book 1)

The Stillwater’s Run Deep Urban Fantasy Series, Set on Canada’s Wild West Coast

Book One: Raven’s Lament, Released By Books We Love Ltd

What if there really was a native prince trapped inside the Golden Spruce tree on Haida Gwaii and it was cut down. Releasing the prince and the reason he was trapped inside, Raven. What if Raven woke up and looked at the world it is today and didn't like it one bit and tried to change it back to the way it was?
Welcome to reporter Brook's day. So the question is; how do you stop a God from changing the world? Especially when Raven has captured the woman Brook has fallen in love with. You hire a Shaman, who is more whacked than a hockey player's slap shot and nuttier than a squirrel's winter stash. "Yeah, this is going to work, I'll get my lady back and we'll live happily ever after," Brook grinned while banging his head several times after realizing it’s like leading a charge of six drunken squirrels trying to storm the beaches of D-Day.


After being stranded twenty kilometers from the nearest road at the tip of Rose Spit, Haida Gwaii, and having to push Frank's spanking new SUV a few kilometers along the beach before the tide came in and we ran out of booze, my first reaction on being asked to write a back cover blurb was, “over my dead body." Some people will do anything to get an endorsement.
Susan Musgrave

Damn, Frank -- this writing is as tactile as a 1955 T-Bird. Very nice descriptions, good dialogue, a thinking man's book but one that can be read entirely for pleasure. Good work.
Michael Arkin/ Judicial Indiscretion
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Book Two: Vancouver’s Spirits, Released by Books We Love Ltd.

Vancouver’s mayor is found brutally slain in Stanley Park by Pauline Johnson's monument. His family is missing.
With no clues to either, an enigmatic old native, claiming to be a shaman, shows up swearing he knows the answers. Plays tag-your-it and disappears without a trace.
After a night of drunkeness a reporter wakes up in a part of town he’s never visited and begins investigating why he's having strange nightmares of a life not his.
Which begs him to question the validity of the urban myth, when you get drunk enough you don't remember anything you did? Could it be possible there's a place where spirits might take over to have a little fun on their own?
A slain Devils Spawn Biker returns from the dead seeking vengeance and he ain’t happy.
An ancient witch/succubus has been set free from her imprisonment and will stop at nothing to return to our realm. She never was happy.
The streets of Vancouver threaten to explode in gang war.
And for cavalry to the rescue, a boatload of ancient gods arrives. Only they've been out of action for over two hundred years and haven't quite grasped the concept of modern civilization.
So begins Carol Ainsworth’s first day on the job as a detective.


Paranormal fantasy, mystery thriller rolled into one. Vancouver’s Spirits is a well-crafted story that builds suspense through flowing narrative, life-like characters, and believable dialogue. If you're a fan of any of the above mentioned genres, or if you're just looking for a page turner to get lost in, Vancouver’s Spirits will not disappoint.
Cris Pasqueralle
 I loved “Vancouver’s Spirits” powerful imagery. It's beautifully written and very descriptive. I can picture all of it. Another thing I noticed was the "feel" of the story. It definitely "feels" like a crime novel. I definitely liked how you began the story and then rewinded time. It makes me anxious to find out what happens between now and then! Your writing is elegant yet it's not pretentious. The alliteration is great, too! 
 Ryan Holden HOMOCIDAL
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Book Three: Thunderbird’s Wake, Released by Books We Love Ltd.
Agatha Christie, roll over in your grave, new sleuths on the prowl.  Haida shaman Charlie Stillwaters convinces Carol Ainsworth, a Vancouver detective, to join him as he breaks his way into a high security prison. The duo are determined to find out who killed the previous native elder before all lightning and thunder breaks loose. They encounter deranged inmates, mystical beings, ancient serpents, wood sprites and someone who should have been dead long ago.
Not your usual crime/mystery!
Not your usual criminal investigators!
You thought Jack Nicholson was mad in The Shining
Wait until you meet Charlie Stillwaters in the Sweat lodge.


Just when I was beginning to wonder where the next great Canadian story teller would emerge from, Frank Talaber has written a modern crime mystery with a twist. In “Thunderbird’s Wake” Talaber weaves the richness of Canada’s west coast aboriginal spirituality into the science of modern forensics. CSI comes to Haida Gwaii as the shaman and the detective conduct an investigation that will take them and the reader on a journey to a place where murder, redemption and ancient mysticism intersect.
Michael G de Jong, QC Minister of Finance, Government House Leader, Province of BC.
There are many aspects true to First Nation’s beliefs. For example the transformation of animals and anomalies within our realm. Frank Talaber’s writing is clear and concise, leaving no grey areas. But his true talent as a writer is not only a sense of time, history and capturing First Nation’s humor, but going from the real to the surreal and the supernatural. A gift he plies very well.

Tom Patterson, Nuu-Cha-Nulth Artist and Master Carver

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