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Seducing the Photographer (At First Sight Book 2) Kindle Edition

Join the great writers at #MFRWHooks here  to read some interesting excerpts and find your next read. Mine is Seducing the Photographer.

Meg is sure she’s made a mistake when she agrees to pick up and Injured Steve, the magazine group’s photographer from the airport. The first moment she saw him, the Blakefield Curse took effect. She fell in love and she was a forever woman. He wasn’t. Spending time with him over the weekend only cements her feelings. She has rules of life and she breaks everyone of them even the new ones she added that weekend.

Steve has been intrigued by Meg and he enjoys her blushes. He’s found ways to raise them but something more is happening here. When she leaves abruptly, he wants to track her down but his broken leg makes pursuit difficult. Now he must find a way to win her over and that takes some time and clever moves.


Steve sank into the wheelchair with the attendant’s help. His leg throbbed and the bruised and abraded shoulder, back and arm ached. Since the accident had left him with a broken leg and the other injuries he’d had little sleep. A week had passed before the doctors had cleared him for travel.
The airline employee wheeled him past shops and a food court to the elevator. “You being met?”
“My boss.” They exited the elevator and turned to the baggage claim area. He saw her and groaned. “No.” He blinked but she didn’t vanish.
The attendant whistled. “That your boss?”
“His sister.”  Steve’s hands clenched. Pain shot along his left arm.
“Man, she is one hot babe. Shame you’re helpless.”
Steve grinned as several X-rated thoughts arose. “Hardly helpless but I’m not touching her.” He wanted to do more than touch. Meg Blakefield was trouble. She was one woman who could make him forget he liked his freedom.
“You dead or is she taken?”
“Neither. It’s complicated.” That was the truth. She was a forever woman and he was a today man. There was a new place to photograph and a new woman to explore.
Have camera. Willing to travel. His way of life.
Steve shifted his camera. Much as he denied the attraction, Meg was able to make him stand at attention in less than a second. She also brought out the rudeness of a teenager with his first crush.
“Steve,” she said.
He loved the prim precision of her voice. “Meg, you’re looking good,” he drawled. Slowly his gaze moved from her short blonde curls, over her breast and drifted lower before returning to her face. As usual she blushed. “Get a bit too much sun?”
According to her sister, Meg had elaborate rules of life, a large dose of curiosity and a penchant for leaping before looking. Could he push her into a more intimate situation?
His gaze lingered on her mouth. He wanted to taste her full lips and taste her. He wanted to inhale the fragrance of her passion.
Wouldn’t happen. She would jump to the wrong conclusion the way she had when she had shouted her suspicions about the stolen exclusive. When her voice took on a cool tone his interest had peaked but his anger about the accusation had won.
Sure Simone had been his lover and boss for a short time. Once he’d stopped working for her their affair had ended. He didn’t give secrets away. The truth appeared and Meg had apologized. He’d told her the next time she jumped she’d better aim her delectable body into his bed. Scarlet had been the skin tone of the day, plus the glacial glare in her blue eyes. Did she remember what he couldn’t forget and fantasize about?
The attendant dropped a duffle on the floor. Steve slipped him a tip. With the man’s assistance Steve transferred to the wheelchair Meg held. She fitted the duffle straps around the handles and pushed him outside. As they crossed the street and down a ramp her grunts and groans made him grin.
“A bit out of condition are you? I can show you some stamina building exercises.”
“Not needed. You’re riding in a relic from the days when my brothers were involved in sports. Casts generally weigh a ton.”
“Hardly. It’s fiberglass.”
“Who’s taking care of you when you arrive at your apartment? You’re an invalid.”
“Care to see how much of one I am.” He imagined her rosy cheeks. “Are you driving back to the city tonight?”

“No. I left a message for Allie. I’ll bunk on the couch at their apartment.”

December 27, 2016
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Daryl Devoré said...

Good excerpt. I think he should take the stamina advice - he might need it later ;-)

Unknown said...

I enjoyed this and so glad the excerpt starts with the photographer in a wheelchair. Those who are physically challenged are ABLE, as in taking a trip. This is romance and Oh! The things we put our characters through.

Lisabet Sarai said...

“You dead or is she taken?”
“Neither. It’s complicated.”

Great lines!

Who is seducing whom?

Kate Hill said...

Nice chemistry between them.