Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tuesday's Writer's Tip Pacing in the Middle #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishing #Pacing #Middle

The middle of the book is the longest part and the one where pacing is important. Going too slow will cause the reader to lose interest. Going too fast will confuse the reader. In both cases, the reader could be lost.

I read a lot of books for contests and one thing I've found is the writer is off to a good start and them bogs down in the middle. I find myself skip reading trying to find something interesting. I've also read books where there is so much action in the middle I feel breathless.

Pacing is the answer. I sortof look at the middle as being that part on a rollercoaster where the car goes up to a peak and then down and up again with each peak higher and each downward plunge varying in depth. This way the reader is pulled along and as the stakes are higher knows the end is in sight.

Always consider how much is happening without a break for the reader to take some breaths and also to gain curiosity as to what is coming next.

Make sure you're showing the advancing action rather than telling. There's nothing more boring to a reader than long passages of tell. Sure they're being informed about what's happening but they're being told, not shown and not being drawn into the action.

Another problem with pacing in the middle is repetitive scenes that go over and over with the same material. The reader may cry enough and toss the book aside. Each scene should advance the plot, show characterization or give information by showing not telling and not repeating what's already been said.



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Unknown said...

Thanks for the reminder to move the plot forward and not look back. I know I'm guilty of repeating something in a new chapter that was already resolved in a past one.