Monday, September 22, 2008

Another villain

Today I'll be talking to the villain from The Henge Betrayed -- Flight published by Mundania.

Sir, what should I call you?

I am Dom Senet and would be called the ruler of all.

Tell me about yourself.

I am the master of the elements and am able to use Earth, Fire, Water and Air to control and rule lesser people. My affinity with the elements is strong. In fact I have never met anyone who has a stronger talent. I travel between Wesron, one of the princedoms where I am considered an advisor and the highlands where my allies abide.

What do you want?

"What do I want?" Laughter sounded. What all men of great power wants. To rule and to control others. I have seen the Henges destroyed and once I find the four halflings who have but one affinity each, I will train them to my purpose. I am seeking other halflings and have sound several who will do as I will.

Do you have a good reason for what you do?

Why should I worry about reasons? I do what I do because I can. There are those who believe the advice I give is helpful. They don't understand in the end the usefulness is to me.

Do you have family and friends?

Who needs friends. There are syncophants who gather around me but they are not friends. As to family, I once had a son and daughter, twins. The son is being trained in the highlands by one of my followers. The daughter has been lost but since her brother has a great affinity I am sure she has none.

Why do others call you a villain?

There are four children and their friends who think I am evil. One of them is the son of the prince of Wesron, but he has vanished and perhaps is dead. Anyone who wishes the power to rule can be called a villain by someone. I am no different.

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