Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thursday's Fourth Scene from Seducing the Attorney #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Custody #OT #Law

The chill in her voice puzzled Tony. He had proposed a plan to benefit them all. She wouldn’t need to ply her trade with anyone but him. The baby would have a nanny he liked.
Tony retreated to the couch so he could watch her and the boy. There had to be a way to seduce her into his arms for the weekend. This thought raised expectations and part of him throbbed with energy.
He drew a deep breath. Earlier his approach had been a bit crude unlike his usual smooth approach. Something about her raised an urgent need to possess. This evening he needed to slowly reel her in.
Lauren finished feeding the child and handed him what looked like a hard biscuit. She returned to the small kitchen and ladled soup from a deep plastic bowl into a pan.
“Are you eating here or going out?”
“Here.” He said.
She put two bowls, two plates and two mugs on the counter. After programming the coffeemaker she assembled two sandwiches with slices of chicken and Swiss cheese and placed them in the skillet. Once she flipped the pair she heated the soup, filled bowls with coffee, slid the sandwiches onto the plate and filled the bowls.
Tony carried his food to the dining room table and returned for hers. Lauren pulled the highchair to the end of the table and slid her plate to the side.
Tony wished she had taken the seat beside him the way he’d planned. A woman like her would respond to touch and he could convince her to spend the weekend in his arms. With this thought he slipped off a loafer and stretched until his foot caressed her leg.
She edged her chair back and attacked her food like a starving prisoner of war at a banquet.
“Be careful. You might choke.”
“You,” she snapped.
“Not any idea of fun. I’m not into choking games.”
“Neither am I. I wish you would take your innuendos and head to the city.”
“Not without the child.”
“His name is Jamie or James if you’re being formal.”
He could almost see sparks shooting from her hazel eyes. He looked forward to more intimate encounters. “I hear you.”
She gathered her dishes and carried them to the kitchen. She returned for his. The clock chimed six times. She wiped the baby’s face and hands. After popping a video into the player she sat on the couch with the baby on her lap.
Nothing he wanted to watch. Children sang and danced to silly songs. Tony went to the car for his bags.



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