Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - U is for Unexpected #MFRWauthor #writing

In the food world U stands for unami ( I may not have spelled this right ) but I've heard the term said to be a mysterious extra flavor to the food. In writing U is for the unexpected. There's something that happens when you're writing and something suddenly flavors the story. You can sit back and say aha, or isn't that interesting. This has happened to me a number of times. I'm writing away and suddenly I see something that has multiple connections I didn't realize I'd made. The very unexpected feeling makes the story zing.

The unexpected doesn't happen in every story and it's not something you can plan to occur. Suddenly there's this gut feeling and you know something mysterious has happened. Have you ever had one of these moments? Wouldn't writing be more wonderful if the unexpected popped in every story?

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