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Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Roberta Grieve #MFRWauthor #Books We Love lTD

Song of Memories

Song of Memories

Returning to her Moscow apartment one bitterly cold day in 1937, Natalie Fisher finds the place trashed and her family gone. Like so many in Stalin’s Russia they have been arrested and probably killed. She has fallen in love with her second cousin Stephan, a talented violinist. She has just discovered she is pregnant and in despair goes to the British Embassy for help. There she meets diplomat, Lawrence Sinclair, who proposes marriage as the only way to get safely back to England. She accepts, convinced that Stephan is dead and worried about the future of her baby.

Back in England she tries to be a good wife to the much older and rather old-fashioned Lawrence and mother to daughter Stephanie. But after being injured when they are trapped in a bombed house, Lawrence discovers that he is not Stephanie’s father and he and Natalie become estranged.

Over the years, Natalie finds consolation in her daughter and her piano, often playing an old Russian folk song - her ‘song of memories’. Stephanie inherits Stephan’s gift for music and dreams of being a concert pianist.

Meanwhile Stephan has survived incarceration in the Siberian gulag, escaping to America. After the war, he returns to England and, unable to continue his career as a violinist due to his sufferings in Siberia, he becomes a music teacher and composer.

Each holds on to the dream that the other has survived and that one day they will be reunited.

More Precious than Jewels

Due to a family feud, Grace has been separated from her childhood sweetheart, Adam, a poor fisherman. When he joins a team of deep sea divers and goes away, Grace, thinking he has deserted her, marries the man chosen for her by her parents. She accompanies her new husband to India but soon learns that there are secrets in his past. Adam also travels to India with the diving team and hopes he will be able to reassure himself that Grace is well and happy.

But she is in trouble. Will Adam arrive in time to help her?

Farewell Innocence

Orphan Ruby knows no other life than the Foundling Hospital where she was brought up. Sent to work as a kitchen maid for the wealthy Preston family, her life hardly seems to have changed until she meets handsome policeman Jeremiah (Jerry) Locker.

They fall in love, but when she is assaulted by her employer’s son and finds herself pregnant it seems there can be no future for her with Jerry. It seems things cannot get any worse for her. But then she is accused of involvement in the spate of burglaries in the neighbourhood.

Can jerry prove her innocence and can Ruby overcome the stigma of an illegitimate pregnancy?

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