Saturday, April 11, 2020

Saturday's Blurbs Feature Books by Eileen Charbonneau #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Historical #Romance #Civil War, Brides

Mercies of the Fallen (American Civil War Brides Book 2)

Mercies of the Fallen coming April 2020!

Plantation heiress Ursula Kingsley is content with her secluded life in a convent, until the bloodiest day of the Civil War. Blinded Rowan Buckley is in deep love with the woman who pulled him off the battlefield.  He knows she’s full of secrets, but is treason one of them?
The two negotiate the crucial times and battles. Treachery meets them at every crossroad. Will their love survive? 

Seven Aprils
In April 1860, Dr. Ryder Cole returns home from his studies, sure of his abilities and on fire to serve his country and preserve the Union.  A panther attack threatens to cut his life short until a young woman with a rife and a sure-shot eye appears out of the mist.  Then she disappears, returning as Tom Boyde, his comrade throughout America’s Civil War, and as Diana, met in a Washington D.C. whore house.  The seven Aprils from 1860 to 1866 tell their tale of love and war, sex and friendship. And the price of crossing gender lines.

Watch Over Me
It’s the summer of 1942 in New York City. War widow Kitty Charente’s night on the town with a man she thinks is her company’s visiting salesman turns into a hunting ground.  Luke Kayenta is a Navajo code talker, and a Nazi agent is in pursuit.  American isolationists are searching for Luke too.  And his superiors at the the U.S. Office of Strategic Services want to know if he’s cracked under torture in Spain. Kitty and Luke must evade capture from one enemy and death from another as they race from the Lower East Side to the Savoy Ballroom to Coney Island, aided by unlikely allies in the Canadian and French spy networks, a Harlem baker, and even Weegee, the city’s most famous tabloid photographer. 

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