Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Edward Yatscoff #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Smuggling #Fire #Dream

The Rumrunner's Boy: Arthur Ellis Award Finalist

THE RUMRUNNER’S BOY - all ages - (BWL Publishing - available everywhere)
               Jarrod Hooker, 17, steps in for his injured father on a rum running crew smuggling liquor across Lake Erie.  Canadians are only too happy to supply liquor to thirsty Americans during U.S. Prohibition and the smuggling is a lucrative job they cannot afford to lose.  Jarrod’s young age is resented by the rumrunners and they set out to sabotage him and confiscate his father’s boat.  Carving out respect for himself among rough men will take a mighty effort.  But Ill winds begin to blow across the lake when money from liquor shipments goes missing and the U.S. Coast Guard steps up smuggling patrols.  Worse yet, an American gangster, a rogue from the notorious Purple Gang, tries to seize control of the operation.
Whatever happens on the next run will change everything for everyone.  Amid sabotage and bullets flying, Jarrod must put his trust in a very dangerous man.  Although Canada is only a few miles offshore, it may as well be a world away.

Fire Dream (Firefighter Crime Book 1)

Fire Dream
Vancouver Fire Captain Gerry Ormond is inadvertently thrust into the spotlight while rescuing a child which results in more complications than he ever imagined.

Honored with a Governor General’s Medal of Valor, Ormond accepts the award in Ottawa and while in Ontario returns to his hometown to visit his elderly father. His presence unleashes a series of events that bring old crimes and deeds back into the light of day. Old enemies, old friends and family dynamics spin Ormond into a maelstrom of memories and emotions, some better left buried.

Add into the mix a vengeful arsonist and a fire investigator whose inquiries are coming far too close to the truth for Ormond’s comfort and he finds his obsessive need for control is sliding through his fingers. Fire, death and mayhem span the decades, time and guilt coalesces into a vise closing irrevocably on the decorated fire captain.

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