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The Virgo Pisces Connection (Opposites in Love Book 6)

Join the authors at #MFRWHooks for some great excerpts here  Mine is from the Virgo Pisces Connection. Finally Megan gets her romance

Pisces Megan experiences burnout. Her third witnessed death on the Oncology Unit in a week is too much for her to handle. Going to her apartment and being alone isn't to her taste. Of all the Grantley Gang, she is the only one not married. She tries to resign from the hospital and is persuaded to take a month of her accumulated vacation time first. Avoiding her five friends, Megan rushes from town, not knowing or caring where she is going. Escaping the ghosts of the dead is her primary goal. During a blinding snowstorm, she crashes into the life of Dave Malloy MD.

Dave is a Virgo a traveling doctor going from assignment to assignment over the country. He's decided two things. One is to settle and gather moss. The other is to find his sister lost years ago when they were sent to two different foster homes. He has found her and vows to rescue her from an abusive situation. When Megan lands against a tree at the house where he is staying, he finds her very attractive. But can he act on this attraction when he must care for her after the accident and his decision she is a patient?

Together, they must find his sister and hope they aren't too late.

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The alarm blared and pulled Megan from a dream she wished hadn’t ended. She had found him but she hadn’t seen his face. Another Prince Charming vanished like mist, just like the three men she’d been dating. But the hadn’t been right. She rubbed her eyes, slid out of bed and dashed into the bathroom to begin her morning routine.
Fifteen minutes later, she sat at the table in her apartment’s kitchen and turned the coffee mug in circles. One taste of the aromatic brew did nothing to jump start her enthusiasm for the day. Her eagerness to head across the street to the hospital had lessened every day for months. A year ago when she’d started on the Oncology unit, she had welcomed the challenge. Since that day, twenty of her favorite patients had died. The last week had been horrid with two deaths. With dread, she waited for the third.
These days she felt as though a sink hole had opened beneath her.
Move. Time to go. She had never been late to work a day in her life. Heaving a sigh, she stuffed pen holder, her keys and money in the pocket of her pink scrubs. With her jacket on, she rode the elevator to the ground floor. The town clock chimed the quarter hour. She’d make the seven AM start.
The brisk air of the February morning made her shiver as she trudged across the street. A pale sun shone through gathering clouds. She pushed open the door and entered the hospital by the side entrance and punched in.
Suzanna Winstone, her friend, dashed in and grabbed her card. “Megan, guess what.”
“You’re pregnant.” Like several others of the Grantley Gang.
“No. Caleb and I found a house. Lauren’s house is waiting for you.”
“Don’t expect me to move in. I’m happy in my apartment.” She rang for the elevator. Lauren’s house had seen four of the six members of the Gang finding love while living there. She stepped into the elevator.
Suzanna followed. “Lunch?”
“I’ll let you know.” On three, Megan left and waved.
When she reached the unit, she checked the assignment sheet before cornering the night nurse for a report on her four patients. Then she began her care. Death hovered in her thoughts. Mr. Phelps was going home. Though not cured, he had gone into remission. She took care of him first. Then on to Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Bowen. She quickly completed their morning care. Both responded to treatment.

Megan entered the room of her fourth patient and rubbed her arms to chase a sudden chill. The five year old girl looked so tiny and frail. Leukemia, of a virulent variety caused the child to linger. The little girl’s color nearly matched the white sheets. Megan drew a deep breath. Though the night nurse had assessed her condition as stable, Megan knew the woman had been optimistic.

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Daryl Devoré said...

Oh no. A little sick girl white as the hospital sheets and the optimistic diagnosis is wrong. Sad.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like this nurse is overdue for a change of jobs.

Holly Bargo said...

Encountering heartbreak on a daily basis is more than enough to merit a change of scenery or occupation.