Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday - The Retreat that wasn't #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor Spa #Hudson Valley

Usually on Friday, I have a guest but since I was supposed to be on a writer's retreat, I didn't schedule anyone. I'll talk a bit about the retreats we've had. The first one was very long ago and the Hudson Valley Chapter had people who no longer return. This was held at a spa and we did have a great time and spent a lot of time talking out ideas and brainstorming. Later we began the retreats again and what an interesting time they've been. We returned to the spa and had some interesting sessions but I'm not comfortable with sitting in a room where other people are writing on their computer. I write by hand.

One thing I recall most about the Jersey shore times was reading for critique in the only space they could give me. The bar. Not a particularly busy one but one where people came and went. The other thing here was the restaurant that assured us they would do individual checks but then they wouldn't. Figuring out each person's contribution was interesting.

Then we moved to a place not far from home. The first time was fun but again the room where each person worked on their computers. Our evening meals were interesting. The first a not so good Mexican restaurant and the second a great Italian. We returned to this venue the next year but things had gone downhill there. At least our meals were good.

This year we were going to a place upstate. A town where I'd been once before and had really enjoyed my weekend there but alas the corono virus struck and there is no retreat. We've rescheduled it for fall and have hopes it will come about.

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