Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Now To The How #MFRWauthor #BooksWeLoveLTD #How

The Who, What, When and Where have been explored. Now to the How. How may mean something different to some people, but to me, How is the road map of the way the writer moves from the opening to the end. To do this the writer has to write scenes. Scenes mean interaction between the characters. This could be the main characters with each other or a main character and a secondary one. During scene things have to happen. A scene isn't a static event.

What does have to happen in a scene. There are three major things. One is showing character development. Two is setting the scene or showing where the events occur. Three is providing the reader with information.

When writing a scene fulfilling one of the elements is necessary. Fulfilling two is good. Fulfilling three is great. So when you're writing a scene, you need to think of what you are showing the reader. Showing is also important. Just telling doesn't provide the action and tension needed for a good story. So in each scene show some action. This doesn't have to be knock down drag them out kind
of action but some interaction between two characters or between the character and him or herself.

So that what one has to think about. In the next few segments, I'll look at several of the important scene a book needs.


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