Saturday, January 7, 2017

Saturday's Blurbs features Books by Priscilla Brown #MFRWauthor #sweetromance #contemporary

Where the Heart Is
Men are off recently-divorced Cristina’s essentials list, so no way does romance figure in her expectations of her working holiday as English/Italian interpreter for a conference at Lovers’ Lagoon, a luxury Caribbean resort. She wants to discover why the resort has not settled a huge three-year outstanding debt owed to her father, previously its Australian representative. Meanwhile, she’s fighting attraction to the resort’s pilot, who aims to put himself at the top of her list. Can this zany charmer break through lovely Cristi’s defenses and set free her warm and funny persona? But is flying merely to pass the time between his activities as a playboy holding secrets?

Hot Ticket
What kinky no-hoper would attach his business cards to the sexiest bras in a luxury boutique? Ambitious Sydney lawyer Olivia, seconded to Darwin for six months after ending a toxic affair with her boss, looks forward to a rest from men. Yet curiosity leads her to investigate the guy at the café identified on his card. Expecting the tropical climate to be the steamiest aspect of her new life, she’s shocked by the kick of heat when Callum serves her coffee topped by a chocolate heart. Surely such a charmer would not be so romantically challenged he needs to use his cards as date bait. Callum doesn’t have time or inclination for a relationship, but he might make an exception for this classy blonde.
Resolving the enigma of the cards, Olivia learns Callum is not only the waiter she’d assumed. He learns she’s a PhD, out of his league for a boy who left school at fourteen. While the friendship they’d both intended blossoms into love, her departure looms. He knows she’s in line for a law partnership; if he begs her to stay and she does, she may regret this opportunity. Stay or go—her decision.

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