Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesday's Inspiration - A New Year #MFRWauthor #inspiration #newyear

Does the arrival of a new year inspire you? I always feel gung ho when the calendar changes to a new and unexplored year. What will happen? Will I have a best seller? Will I garner lots of reviews? Will I manage to keep my writing schedule and complete new books?

Starting a new year is like heading off into uncharted waters. One has to think of the snags and barriers to a forward motion that may occur. One must think of the smooth water carrying one to a new and unexplored land.

Each stor that flows from my keys is a new and unexplored land and I eagerly try to discover the hidden treasures lurking, perhaps in murky water, or in vast forests. So I always look on each new year with joy and always expect the unexpected.

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