Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - Q is for Quests #MFRWauthor #Quests #Writing

One usually thinks of quests in stories as belonging to the world of fantasy. I've had friends tell me I'm great with these kind of stories. But there is more to quests than fantasy.

A quest is a search for something. In romance the hero or heroine is questing for love and a happy ever after. In mysteries, the hero or heroine seeks to find the criminal and the villain is seeking to avoid capture. In science fiction, the space crew is searching for a world or there are many other things they can be searching for, In historical novels, the quest can be the search for many og the above seekings.

So when writing, think of what the characters are seeking and know that the quest is the journey to reach the place they are seeking.

What's your take on Q as far as writing goes?

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