Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - O is for Organize #MFRWauthor #Writingtips

There are a lot of writers who might disagree with me about this. O is for Organize. These are the writers that don't do an ounce of planning but sit down and let the characters take over. But do they really not plan. I think they don't put their plans or organize their books on paper but they do in their heads.

Or they don't. Then they end up with a draft that goes every which where and they have to sit down and look at the book from the beginning and try to decide what works and what doesn't work. Why not try to organize?

Organizing a book isn't hard and doesn't take much time. First you need to know what kind of book you're writing. Say you decide on romance but there are many kinds of romance. Is this a  contemporary, historical, paranormal or other kind of romance. Say you're writing a romantic suspense and then you decide if it will be a sensuous or a sweet kind of romance.

Next comes the characters and if you've chosen the romantic suspense sensual or the sweet, you know you'll need a hero, a heroine and a villain. Once you know their names and their motivations, you're well organized but you need a bit more to be organized

You need a setting and this includes time, season as well as the place.

Your organization is nearly done. You need to know how the story begins and how it ends. This is important, al least it is to me. When you have both of these, you can sit down and write remembering that you need to stay on the road that takes you to the end.

So organize whether on paper or in your head and you'll find you won't be tearing up page after page.

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