Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday's Scene - Seducing the Blakefield Brothers #MFRWauthor #contemporary romance #medicine #innkeeper

Mark pulled his luggage down the hall. One door led to a room with three sets of bunk beds. The second revealed a bathroom with a shower stall. The third door opened into a spacious bedroom with chest, dressers and a king-sized bed. The bathroom had a Jacuzzi. He opened a suitcase. As he unpacked he wondered how he could lure Christa into the bed.

Plans for a second seduction simmered in his thoughts. As the scheme unfolded his body reacted. He released a long held breath. He felt as hard as he had the first time he’d seen her. Scenes from their weekend of love-making flowed. They had spent more time in the raw than clothed. For four days they’d made love in every room of the apartment.

When he found his hand hovering over the zipped of his slacks he groaned. Though he ached for satisfaction he had to be subtle and cautious. Years ago there’d only been Christa. Now there was his son.

That thought shattered his erotic daydream. He put sweaters and underwear in drawers and hung slacks and jeans in the closet. He left his robe on the foot of the bed.

With unpacking completed he set up his computer in the dining alcove and plugged in the charger for his phone. He needed to check emails, call his brother to cancel their weekend plans and start his attorney searching for information.

There were no voice messages. As he started to leave one for his brother, Matt came on the line. 

“What do you mean you’re out of town indefinitely?”

“Exactly what I said. Something I need to deal with barged into my life.”

Matt laughed. “Something or someone?”

“You could say both.”

“Interesting. Thought you were a love them and leave them kind of guy. Want me to join you and aid in the hunt?”

“Leave off, bro. I’ve found her and this time I plan to keep her.”

“Whoa. You’ve gone weird.”

“I’m serious.”

“Then good luck and be careful. Remember hunts can be traps.”

“Not this time. I’m doing the trapping and I’m always careful except once.” Years ago he had been captured. After that weekend he’d been granted immunity to the women he’d dated. “How’s the Home Make-Over contest going?”

“One more place to check. I’ll head there next weekend.”

“Have fun.” Mark laughed. “Maybe this time instead of a house you’ll find the woman of your dreams.”

“Doubtful. I’ll leave love and marriage to our sisters.”

“Don’t count us out. You never know when the Blakefield Curse will strike. Ciao.” He hung up and hit speed dial for his attorney.

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