Thursday, May 2, 2019

Thursday's Fourth Scene Romancing the Nurse #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Romance #Medical #Contemporary

Ginny entered the coronary care unit and strode past the central desk where a bank of screens monitored the condition of the patients in the rooms surrounding the nurses' station. She tapped on the door of Dr. Marshall's room.
     He looked up. "Good morning, Ginny."
     She smiled. A healthy color infused his skin. The worry lines had vanished from his face. "Good morning, Dr. Marshall. You look wonderful."
     "And you look rushed." His blue pajamas matched his eyes. "Though I'm always glad to see you, you don't have to visit every day."
     "But I want to," she said. "I've brought the final schedule for the classes and the tests for my lectures. Could you look them over and make comments?"
     "Be glad to. As you can see, there's nothing for me to do but read and look forward to visitors to ease my boredom."
     "You'll be out of here soon."
     "So they say."
     "Then what?" She wanted to ask him to hurry back. The undercurrents she had noticed between Blake and Greg Simon this morning troubled her. "When will you be back?"
     "That, my dear, it up to my doctor. Would you mind if my son taught my sessions?"
     "Will he?"
     "With a little persuasion. I want this program to succeed."
     "So do I." But she wasn't sure the arrogant Blake Marshall would agree, even for his father.
     He winked. "My son's an excellent surgeon and a good teacher. I've sat in the gallery on several occasions to watch him."
     "I'm sure he's everything you say, but when you watched, he was teaching other doctors, not lecturing nurses."
     Dr. Marshall leaned forward. "Blake's made surgery his whole life. He needs to be jolted out of his rut. I think you're the woman to do it."
     Ginny shook her head. "Not me." She wouldn't tell Dr. Marshall the reason she disliked his son. She wasn't sure the older doctor would believe Blake had been so rude and uncaring.
     "Why not?" His eyes twinkled and his grin made her think of a mischievous boy. "If I were a younger man, I'd leap from this bed and carry you away. I don't see how even my hard-hearted son could resist you."
     "Thanks for the compliment." She bent and kissed his cheek. "Unfortunately, a relationship is not in my future plans. You know that."
     "We'll see."
     "Don't set your heart on the impossible. I've too much on my plate already." She backed from the bedside and collided with a solid body.
     "Sorry." The voice was rich and deep.
     Arms circled her waist and kept her from falling. She turned and found herself toe to toe with Blake Marshall. Dr. Marshall chuckled. The presence of the son made Ginny flush. How much had he heard?
     For a moment, the temptation to remain in his embrace overwhelmed her. Then she saw a flare of anger in his eyes. "Excuse me." She slipped past him. "Dr. Marshall, I'll stop by tomorrow for those papers."
     "I'll be waiting."
     She heard laughter in the older man's voice and was glad someone had found the situation amusing. She certainly hadn't.



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