Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Cliched Scenes #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #amwriting #cliches

Now we come to something I often find when I'm finished a rough draft of a story. That is the cliched scene. I don't usually have this scene take place in the same place, but I have done this on occasion. What a cliched scene becomes is telling or showing the same facts bought out in a previous scene in the same manner.

Often this scene can take place in a restaurant. Two people meet for a meal. They talk over their food. They say the some new things the reader doesn't know. Then a chapter or two later, the scene takes place in the same restaurant with the same people saying the same things. The writer moves forward in the book and comes closer to the end. The characters appear at the same restaurant and say the same things. This is overkill. That's what a cliched scene comes to mean.

Another way scenes can become cliched is when a writer uses the same kind of scene in a new book on or about the same pages in the last book they wrote. Suddenly, the entire book becomes a cliche with first kiss on the same page as the prior book, the fight, the love scene. The story has become a pattern that worked once and maybe twice. But if a reader sits down to write a book that follows the same pattern as the last six or seven books, they may not read any more.

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