Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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Just what is a cliched book? There are only so many plots so how can a book not be a cliche.  Much depends on how an author presents her material. I read a lot, and I tend if i find an author I enjoy to read more than one of their books. There are some authors who I can read every book they write. Some of these are friends so I don't count them as either cliched or not. I've started to read say author X and really liked the first of the books she's written. So I buy another book and I also like that. This leads to a third. My passion begins to lessen. Still I buy a fourth and start to read and I find it painful to finish the book and I never buy another of that author's books.

Why? What I found is this. By the fourth book, I know the writer's pattern. Certain things happen in the same place in each book. The scenes while take place in different locations all have the same crisis, actions and reactions. The books have been cliches.

This isn't plagiarism. This is a pattern the reader has encountered time and again. To keep a book from becoming cliched, the pattern must be broken. This can be difficult since the familiar is always easy. This is done by adding twists to that tired old plot and finding that spark.

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