Monday, August 17, 2020

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Reading #Writing #Thoughts #Post Office

Meander 1 Reading A mishmash of reading this week. Books for a contest was first on the agenda. Then I'm upto and finished the 10th book in Cherryh's Foreigner series. Once again learned things I hadn't found the last time I read these books. Also read Carly Philips latest story. She's a former critique partner and I've watched her career grow and flourish. Also read a book by Christina Lynn Lambert and found the story well written and interesting. I haven't read many shifter books but she had a new take on this kind of story. Exciting and full of action and romance.

Meander 2 - Thoughts - About wht's happening to the post office makes me ill and the reason given for this action by a certain man I won't name makes me want to slap him upside the head. The post office keeps this country together. I use the post office, not as much as some people, but I pay my bills this way and I have horrid thoughts about being given late charges because my bills don't arrive on time. But I also think of the elderly who receive their SS checks in this manner and those who receive medicine. I would think someone I won;t mention could be sued for doing this. I'm not a lawyer but at least he could be shamed. The other thing is not having the mail won't keep me from voting and if I have to go to the voting place and should something happen to my health because of this, I would hope to consider a suit against, not the post office but to the man who dreamed this up in hopes this would keep people from voting.

Meander 2 - Writing. Three scenes to block in and the rough draft of Moon Rising Incal will be finished. There is one more draft of writing to do and then it's revise, revise, revise. I'm pretty much on schedule.

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