Saturday, August 22, 2020

Saturday's Blurbs Feature Books By Ashlyn Mathews #MFRWAuthor #YA #Romance

Beautiful Defiance: Cambridge High Mayhem (Kiss Starter: Cambridge High Book 1)

My current book release: Beautiful Defiance
She’s no damsel in distress.
I’m not an optimist. Or a pessimist. I’m a realist. After catching the unwanted attention of Seven Shanahan, the school bully and jock at the upper echelon of high school royalty, I prep for a battle of wills and aim to win, even at the cost of getting my heart broken.

He’s the wrong guy to mess with.
The new girl, Leigh Kim, should cool her temper. Be less defiant and a pain in my ass with this push-pull of me saving her life and she evening the score by stealing the things that matter to me.

Because the more Leigh challenges the status quo, the hotter I burn with the need to bring her to her knees. For her to worship me like the other girls do. For her to be mine and no one else’s until I’m done toying with her.

I expect this and more. I am the almighty ruler at Cambridge High and won’t be overthrown by a girl with enough attitude to light up a stadium. What I’m not expecting is for Leigh to threaten the one thing I’m unwilling to give to any girl—my damn heart.

My new adult romance: Kissing Game
Sworn enemies
Asher Tran has disliked Ezekiel Harrington since the day he yanked on her ponytail and stuck his tongue down her throat on a dare. That was in grade school. Fast forward to their last year of college and Asher is confident she’s changed for the better. Ezekiel? He’s the same. Rich. Cocky. Couldn’t care less whose feelings he’s hurt. Has a following of love-struck coeds.

So he plays rugby and has a super fine body? Big deal. A jerk is a jerk is a jerk.

A dangerous proposition
When Ezekiel asks for her help—he’s failing one of his classes (no surprise there)—Asher counteroffers with a dangerous proposition. It’s time someone reforms the bad boy.

Putting their hearts on the line
But when their arrangement brings them closer than they’ve ever let anyone in, Asher and Zeke are left wondering if their differences will keep them together or…tear them apart.

My new adult romance that is currently 99 cents: Wicked
“She’s mine. She will always be mine. You want her, you fight for her.”

Nail and bail, that’s me, Ryker Conway. A relationship is a complication I don’t need, the last thing on my radar. I’m too close to making my dream of playing ball professionally come true.

When a bet is thrown down—nail and bail on a girl I wouldn’t look at once, much less twice, and I’ll get my chance with the coed of my wet dreams—I readily agree.

What I’m not expecting is to get tangled in Harper Garrix’s messed-up life. Or for her to get under my skin in this hot and dangerous way no girl’s done before.

But the bet and my football dreams are the least of my worries. Something wicked from Harper’s past is coming for her, threatening my place at her side. I’m not having it. To get to her, the wicked of the world will have to go through me.

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