Saturday, August 15, 2020

Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Caroline Clemmons #MFRWAuthor #

Desperate In Delaware (Yours Truly:The Lovelorn Book 11)

DESPERATE IN DELAWARE is my July release exclusively at Amazon and also enrolled in KU. The heroine’s first name is after my friend who just died, Mina Faye. Writing made me so sad that I had to use another name and then replace it after I’d finished. The heroine goes to Texas and marries—you guessed it—a rancher. Here’s the blurb:
I will wait no longer! Since my parents’ death I’ve been living with my sister’s family. I help care for her home and her adorable children. But, when will I have my own husband and children? There is not even one eligible man near my age in our small town. I hear the snickers and hurtful remarks—old maid, spinster, on the shelf. My cousin sent me a newspaper clipping from a Yours Truly: The Lovelorn’s column. Imagine my surprise when the letter to the columnist read as if I had written it. I’ll do it—I’ll follow the Lovelorn’s advice and change my location. I’ll go to Texas to visit my cousin. I refuse to watch my life disappear until I’m left with only regrets!
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Released August 4 is a fun box set of 14 short stories for only 99 cents that includes USA and NYTimes and award winning authors. Each of the stories takes place on Last Chance Beach, an island wherever the reader wants it to be. The title is LAST CHANCE BEACH: SUMMER’S END. My story in this set is THE MAN IN GULL COTTAGE. I’m thrilled to be included with these amazing authors. This is also exclusively at Amazon and will be in KU. It will only be available for a short while!  Here’s the short blurb for my story:
Zara Webb has worked diligently to achieve her success. When she’s offered a major promotion that will change her lifestyle, she is given her two weeks’ vacation to decide her future. Should she chase success or follow her heart? Should she listen to the advice of the handsome beach bum from the cottage next door?  
A release I enjoyed writing is AN AGENT FOR JUDITH, book 77 in the Pinkerton Matchmaker series. You can tell this is a popular series by the number. This is my third book in the series. The Universal Amazon link is
The blurb is:
Judith has vowed to rescue her brother. Peyton is determined to protect his group. Together they must outwit a cruel and powerful man.

Judith McAdams’ brother in New Mexico hasn’t been heard from since a letter saying he was being bedeviled by a neighbor who wanted his ranch. Judith wires the marshal to check on her brother. When he refuses, she goes to the Pinkerton Detective Agency in Denver. There she learns that as a civilian she can’t accompany a Pinkerton agent on a case. However, if she marries a Pinkerton agent she can become an agent.
Peyton Knight values his job as a Pinkerton agent and is good at being a lawman. To keep the job he reluctantly agrees to a marriage of convenience with Judith. Together they will go to her brother’s rescue. Peyton is impressed with the beautiful and spirited redhead—if only she would admit he knows best. He even admires his mother-in-law but how did he end up with her on their trip? At least he’s found three men he trusts to help him rescue the brother.
Their journey is filled with obstacles. Will Judith’s brother still be alive by the time they reach him? When they resolve the ranch issue, will Judith and Peyton part ways?
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