Thursday, August 6, 2020

Thursday's Fifth Scene Choices #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Medical #Hospital politics

DYLAN PLACED TWO GLASSES of wine on one of the window tables. Instead of returning to the bar, he watched Johanna walk away. When she waved, he grinned.
            Why had he promised to phone? What he knew about Johanna Gordon came from his niece. Bridget admired the older woman, and often spoke about her fairness to the nurses and her uncluttered life, a thing Bridget’s certainly wasn’t. His niece worked full-time to support four children and a husband who tossed his shoes beneath any woman’s bed.
            The strength of his attraction to Johanna rocked Dylan. Though there was no logical reason, he knew he would call and invite her to dinner.
            Since Maureen’s death, he’d had no desire to become involved with another woman. If he could find one like her, he might reassess his notion that the coupled part of his life had ended. Maureen had met his passion, his laughter and his temper with her own.
            Johanna Gordon was nothing like Maureen.  There’d been shadows in the depths of Johanna’s  brown eyes. The sadness had stirred a need in him to see them gone.
            “Nice going, old man.” Dina poked his ribs with a finger. “Glad to see you haven’t lost your touch with the ladies.”
            “Get out of here with your nonsense. I was only being the gentleman.”
            “Looked to me like she got to you.” She danced away and collided with her sister-in-law. “Your father invited a lady to lunch.”
            “And I missed it,” Colleen said. “What’s she like?”
            “In her forties. Tall, slender, brown hair. Kind of stiff, but she had a sweet smile. He saved her life.”
            Colleen giggled. “My dad, the hero. What happened?”
            Before Dina had a chance to answer, Dylan put his hand on her shoulder. “Get to work, the pair of you.”
            Dina laughed. “This is for the way you teased Patrick and me. Payback’s a—”
            He put a finger on her lips. “Watch your mouth. If music can effect the unborn, just think what that kind of language can do. I don’t want my grandson arriving with a sewer mouth.”
            “What if he’s a girl?”
            “You’re having a boy. I’ve the second sight. It’s a family trait.”
            Patrick’s loud guffaw interrupted the verbal sparring match. “My lovely wife, you’ll never win a battle of words with Dad. Who do you think this place is named for?”
            Dylan winked at Dina and walked to the bar. He pushed Patrick to the opening. “Get out there and give your wife and sister a hand with the tables.”
            “On my way. I liked her looks. You know, I’m amazed an old man can move so fast.”
            “I’ll give you old. Three rounds in the backyard in the morning.”
            Patrick chuckled. “Be sure to call her. You need more of a social life than family gatherings and watching Colleen’s boys.”
            “Hey, he volunteers to babysit. Just wait ’til Dina pops and we’ll see who calls Dad.” Colleen patted Dylan’s arm. “I’ll add my vote for the lady.”
            Dylan laughed. Even thinking about Johanna made him eager to see her. He filled four mugs with beer and slid them down the bar. Tomorrow, he thought. Let her get used to life with a kitten.

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