Thursday, August 27, 2020

Thursday's Fifth Scene -- Heartthrob #BWL:Author #MFRWAuthor #Romance sensual #Contemporary

Damon fisted his hands and stared at Magda’s door. He took a step, then a second
and raised a hand to knock. Drawing a deep breath he moved back. He wanted her now.
If she hadn’t slipped away he would have taken her against the wall. His cock throbbed
and was primed for action. He liked the way she moved. He liked the way she smelled.
Her response to him had danced along his nerves like an electric current.
     He growled. Her subtle scent lingered, teased and pushed his need to taste her
skin. During their brief encounter he’d waged a battle to keep from grabbing and
ravishing. He wanted to capture her taut nipple in his mouth and lick salt from her skin.
He’d wanted women before but his lust had never come close to slipping from his
     When her tongue had slid along his finger he’d nearly lost his mind. Not a good
sign. He’d always set the boundaries of each affair. He couldn’t let lust become an
obsession. Never happened before. Couldn’t now.
     Good thing he’d begged off dinner with Lin, Ben and the woman they’d wanted
him to meet. He’d escaped a boring evening and a trap with jagged teeth to snare him. He
dashed to his apartment before he made a fool of himself. He strode through the living
room. How could he find a way to extend the dinner and what followed into a weekend
spent in the bed of his sexy neighbor?
     A quick check of the medicine cabinet and his dresser drawers showed he needed
some essential supplies. Call him cautious but he always wore condoms. He’d seen the
results of carelessness. Not for him. He hoped Magda felt the same. He grabbed the car
keys from the dresser.
     The cell phone chimed with the opening notes of Beethoven’s Fifth. “Yeah,” he
     “Ben here. There’ll only be three of us at dinner. Do you mind?”
     Guess he hadn’t talked to Lin. “So what happened to the woman you think is
perfect for me. The one so eager to meet me?”
     “She said no.”
     “Really.” Any other time that would have bothered him. Not tonight. “Did you
forget to mention I am a doctor?”
     Ben laughed. “She knows. That was her main reason for saying no. She doesn’t
do doctors. Not to mention you’re too young and she doesn’t play where she worked.”
     Damon chuckled. “Her loss. Doesn’t matter. I can’t come. Something interesting
came up.”
     “As in female?”
     “What else?”
     Ben groaned. “How long have you been in town?”
     “Five, maybe six hours.”
     Damon strode toward the door. “Just lucky.”
     “Are you at the house?”
     “Found my own place complete with a hot woman.”
     “Is it wise to move in with someone you don’t know?”
     Damon closed the door and juggled the phone to lock up. “I’m not. Bought a
condo unit. Met the woman maybe fifteen minutes ago.”
     “What’s she like?”
     Damon heard the interest in Ben’s voice. “Tall, long legs, great body.”
     Damon laughed. “No way, buddy. I won’t give you a chance to warn her about
your cousin-in-law’s rule of life.”
     “Imagine she’s beautiful.”
     Damon frowned. Was she? He pulled her image into his thoughts. Her features
weren’t classic. Pouty lips that cried for kisses. Brown hair and brown bedroom eyes.
Beautiful, no. Still, something about her hand hit him with hurricane force.
     “Is she?” Ben repeated.
     “Let’s just say she’s intriguing.”
     “Where’s the condo? I can stop by and we can discuss the practice.”
     Damon laughed. “No way. What could have changed since the last time we
talked?” He started downstairs. “You know what they say about curiosity.”
     “Caught me. Give me a buzz tomorrow. Want to go over the on-call schedule.”
     “If I surface.”
     Ben chuckled. “You’re incorrigible. Come for brunch on Sunday and bring this
hot woman.”
     “Don’t count on it.”
     “Is now a better time?”
     Damon clattered down the stairs. “No time. Need to run to the store. In case we
don’t talk before I’ll see you Monday morning at the hospital.”
     “Be there by eight. I’ll introduce you and we’ll make rounds.”
     “Will do.” Damon disconnected and slid into his car. He glanced at Magda’s
windows. One hour and counting.

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